God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Change of Blood Lineage;
The Real Experience of Salvation by the Messiah

October 13, 1970
Seoul, Korea

W hat is the ultimate purpose of God's providence? It is the completion of salvation, which means complete perfection. No one seeks incompleteness in anything.

Human beings have fallen and have inherited a satanic blood lineage. Who is Satan? Satan is the enemy of God's love. Originally, God created Adam with the goal of making him the perfect substantial manifestation of God. Adam was to be God's substantial body. No one but God the Creator can have complete dominion over all things. That is because in order to have complete dominion it is necessary to have complete knowledge. Only God knows all things completely; therefore, complete dominion is possible only by God. Adam himself is a created being, and it is impossible for a created being to have complete dominion over the creation. Therefore, God made Adam in His image so that He might live directly in him. In other words, God intended to make Adam stand in the position of God's resonator and wanted to control the universe directly through him.

The creation of Adam

H ow could God work through the form of Adam? God created all things with forms, but the invisible God does not have any form. In terms of largeness, God is infinitely large, and in terms of smallness, God is infinitely small. Material things, no matter what kind of form they may have, cannot receive direct dominion from God. Therefore, in the created world of material things, God created man, who has personality or spirit, to be the master. God must have dominion not only over all earthly things, but also over the infinite spiritual world. Archangels and all other spiritual beings are invisible substantial beings. A certain central form is also necessary in order to have dominion over the invisible substantial world. Then where was that form available? It was only through Adam that God could have such a form. Accordingly, through Adam's form, God planned to have dominion over both the spiritual world and the physical world, with Adam as the center. That was the purpose of creation. Therefore, God had to have a substantial relationship with the substantial being, Adam, in order to have dominion over all things.

Adam's perfection would represent the perfection of God's Hyung Sang [visible, external form]. The body of Adam and his personality or spirit were the same type as that of God, who is the center of the incorporeal realm. Without a form, God could not have dominion over the world of form. With that idea, God created Adam.

God's second goal was to achieve perfect unity between Himself and Adam. What bonds them? Man is the horizontal representative of God the vertical being. The central point of their connection, which is called love, is the string which connects people to eternity. Human beings who have physical bodies are supposed to unite with God through love, and when they do, they have united with infinite love, enjoying the greatest happiness. The ideal world or the world of goodness is based upon that realm of happiness. There you observe the world feeling total unity with God.

Mankind is longing for the original ideal of creation, a world of harmony. This desire is centered on love. Therefore, in order to fulfill it, you must live in an environment of love. You must feel and experience love throughout your life. It is God's purpose for man to become united with God through love. It is through love that God and man can become united. That is God's purpose of creation.

Resurrection of love

G od wanted men and women to have the feeling of love for each other. He wanted them to perfectly fulfill the purpose of creation and to experience love in a free and natural way. That is the reason why He wanted to unite with man centering upon love. However, man took the opposite course through the fall, and the central point for connection was taken by the archangel. As a result, the whole universe became a mass of confusion. The central point, love, which should have been connected to God, was actually bound to Satan. The motivation for connection became opposite to God's motivation. Therefore, in man, the standard of the conscience and the standard of the flesh are opposed to each other. People have related to each other centered upon Satan's love, not God's love.

For that reason, mankind has been suffering through 6,000 biblical years up till now in order to be liberated from the bondage of Satan's love. God has been prevented from entering the inner mind of people directly to recover the necessary central point, so He has had to adopt an indirect method to penetrate their conscience. In history, therefore, God sent prophets, saints, and sages, hoping that through them fallen man would receive His love and truth. That has been the history of restoration up until now. God's providence has centered on the recovery of love. Its goal is to restore people whose conscience is indwelt by God. It aims at unity through God's love.

God created the sphere of the chosen nation of Israel and through 4,000 years of biblical history, He guided the chosen people. He then taught them to expect the Messiah, centering upon their faith, Judaism, which was in the position of Abel to the nation of Israel. Together the nation and Judaism were to erect the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. If unity had been made on the national level, based upon the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance, then the foundation for the Messiah would have been completed naturally. God suffered greatly for 4,000 years, hoping that the foundation would be laid. The chosen people of Israel, too, were seeking the national foundation.

Yet, from the principled point of view, God had to send Jesus to the earth when the time was right, even if the foundation was not completed. If Judaism and Israel had become one, Jesus could have taken the position of True Parents because he would have stood upon the substantial foundation for the Messiah. Since he could not take the position of True Parents, he could not accomplish the change of blood lineage centering upon new love. That is the principled explanation.

The necessity for the Messiah

T hen why do we need the Messiah? What is his purpose? He comes for the purpose of salvation. In order to be saved, man must go back to the point which connects us to God's love. How are we to accomplish that? People have inherited satanic blood and have become substantial beings who have nothing to do with God's blood lineage. We are completely opposite from the realm of God's love, and this must be indemnified. Man's original sin must be removed; the blood lineage from Satan must be changed. But fallen people cannot do it by themselves; therefore, the Messiah is necessary.

Who has to do the work of eliminating the satanic blood lineage deep within man, which was inherited through generation after generation? If there is anybody who can do that, it is the True Parents. True Parents must become one with the love of God, establish a good reciprocal standard with Him, and love the world as if it is theirs. Otherwise it is absolutely impossible to remove fallen nature and original sin. Therefore, parents of evil and parents of goodness have to struggle and compete with each other for love, but the love of the True Parents will endure. Satanic love will be removed from man; the blood lineage will be changed.

The way of Jesus

J esus wanted to establish that standard in his lifetime. In order to do this he proclaimed at the start his of three year public ministry:

'He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and he who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.' ( Matt 10:37-38 )

The Messiah may be able to remove the satanic blood, but you must obey and follow him so that he can do that.

Everybody has to carry his own cross. If you cannot fulfill that standard, you cannot be saved. You must be willing to face death itself. By establishing that absolute standard, your evil blood lineage can be cleansed. In order to have it cleansed, we must work and take action, not just talk about it or have feelings about it. We must do strong things, such as fasting and prayer, thus going through the boundary of life and death.

The first battle for Jesus was to go over this boundary, cherishing God's love more than his own physical life, and establishing the condition in which he could not be accused. He had to endure terrible persecution within Joseph's family and fast and pray for 40 days. Even though he still had life and feeling within him, the incredible course he went through led him to the brink of death. Always he had to maintain unity with God's love in the midst of that life and death battle. With total determination to leave nothing unaccomplished, Jesus endured that suffering. He established victory on his own individual level, but his challenge was how to connect this with all of human history and how to reenact all past situations and set a victorious foundation, resolving all past failures, in order to stand as the Messiah.

Foundation of love

W here is the change of blood lineage done? On the individual level, man has to go beyond the boundary of life and death. The individual has to go through life and death situations for the sake of God and the future dignity of man. That becomes the standard of faith.

God created man with His original ideal that man would unite with His love. Man must long for God's love, even forgetting about his own life. Unless you sense the heart of that love, you cannot cross the boundary of death. Therefore, a perfect religion starts not from affirmation but from negation. It is complete negation! We must consider life itself as something of little value if we want to confront Satan. That is what everybody is required to do in order to live a life of faith.

But in Jesus' case, it was not enough to stand on the individual level; he also had to stand on the level of history. For that purpose he had go through all the courses of history in order to reverse the direction of history. No past victorious foundation was offered to him. History could only be restored through his life of public ministry. For 30 years Jesus developed the standard of public heart to establish the foundation of love centering on God's heart in the world. He worked to reestablish the foundation of love lost since the time of Adam.

In history, love started from parents of evil. So the course must be reversed by going back to the original ideal family of True Parents centering on God. In order to do that, God chose certain representatives in history, in the stages of formation, growth, and completion, to represent history and the world. History had to develop in this reversal course.

Teaching of resurrection

W hat does that history mean? A person is born through a man's seed going into a woman. Where does the way of reversal begin? It is within the woman's womb. The condition must be established so that history is reversed in the womb. For complete restoration, the starting point is the seed which exists in the body of a male. The condition must be established in which the seed within a male is united with God's love. Without establishing that condition, complete reversal of the blood lineage cannot be established. For the conception of a pure child, God worked in history through certain families.

Religion must follow God's way. That is why a world level religion must teach the necessity for rebirth. Therefore, Christianity has become a world religion both in concept and in reality. It teaches that everybody must be reborn, just as Jesus told Nicodemus,

'Unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God.' ( John 3:3)

The foundation of resurrection has not been understood so far. You must establish the condition to inherit the heart of history; otherwise the start and motivation for resurrection is not fulfilled. You must understand that.

Then for the blood lineage to be reversed, conditions must be established so that the seed which is going to become a future child enters the bone marrow of Adam and connects with God's love. Otherwise, you cannot be born anew as God's child. This teaching is founded on the Bible, which is God's word.

Love for Jesus

Christians know that Jesus is Lord and that he is the source of love. They want to unite with him and receive that love. But they cannot do so by simply reading the Bible. It is only when they yearn and long for Jesus that they can become a part of him. If they are truly close to Jesus, then when he feels sad, they feel sad. The emotions or feelings of a man do have an influence upon the seed in his flesh. When a man feels happy, that feeling of happiness affects his own seed. Likewise, when he feels sad, that feeling of sadness affects his seed.

Then what does it really mean to believe in Jesus? Jesus is a man. He was like the original Adam before the fall. So after all, Jesus is the spiritual father. Without uniting with your father, you cannot be reborn. Christianity is the only religion that teaches people to long for Jesus and love him and welcome him as a bride welcomes her bridegroom. We should want to penetrate Jesus even to the marrow of his bone.

This teaching has a deep meaning, which has two dimensions. Because people in the world all came from the seeds of Adam, many people are anxious to go back to the original Adam. The Holy Spirit is the feminine aspect of God which is urging us to go back to Jesus, the unfallen Adam. Thus, all Christians must become part of the seed in Jesus' body in order to become his children, reborn through the Holy Spirit.

How many Christians have held this faith? They have never understood this, never even dreamed of it. It has been thought that just through believing in Jesus unconditionally, one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

But from the viewpoint of the Principle, restoration is much more difficult. Even if people say they want to go back to Jesus, they can't just idolize him, but must actually become part of his flesh and bone marrow. Think how difficult it has been for God to accomplish this in history.

There have been so many satanic realms, legions of enemies blocking God from accomplishing His will. God could not defeat the satanic realm all at once but had to make sacrifices step by step, going through many struggles. How many people have faith to the extent that they actually want to go into the flesh and body of Jesus? You cannot enter the body of Jesus except through heart and love. Only love can connect us with Jesus, not the truth nor righteousness. Before life there is love. Man is born through parental love. Without that love there is nothing that can connect us to God, but with love it is completely possible. Love goes beyond history, transcending time and space.

Why do I tell you these things so clearly? This is the time in the course of restoration when you have to take the first step toward a new world, centering on the heart of God. Therefore, it is a very important period, not only the period of changing the blood lineage, but the time of change in your life. You must take the first steps on the foundation of clear understanding; otherwise you will be accused by Satan, who will say, "Hey, where did you come from?" You should be able to say, "I came from the Garden of Eden before the fall, from God's own bosom." You must be able to give a testimony, saying, "By myself I am not worthy to stand here, but because of the approval of the person who stood here, I am standing here. The building was built by a world famous architect, but ownership can be transferred. I have been given the ownership." If you speak to Satan that way, he will have to surrender.

The way of rebirth

W e have to go into Jesus and connect with God's love, establishing the condition to unite with the flesh and body of True Parents. You have to follow the path of love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, loving and longing for each other. Otherwise you cannot be reborn. The Holy Spirit is in the position of the spouse of Jesus. The child must go through the love of the spiritual parents in order to receive rebirth. Only through the pathway of male female love can there be birth or rebirth. There is no question about it. For that purpose, you must be moved by the Holy Spirit to feel great love and affection for Jesus. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the bridegroom, and the Holy Spirit is the bride. Through the experience of joyful oneness, the original love which was lost can be regained and resurrection is experienced. This is a very important matter.

This has been God's purpose throughout the course of history; this is why Jesus bore the cross. Because of the great difficulty of restoration it has taken 6,000 years; otherwise, it would not have taken even six days. Man himself had to seek this truth and restore his personal authority in the world, based upon self-awareness. Otherwise, he could not return to God.

Are you joyful that a man like True Father was born in such a world of despair? You may think so, but I am not so joyful. I have always been fighting at the risk of my life; you must not forget that. Difficult things in this world can usually be accomplished, if you just make effort. But what I have been doing can never be easily achieved; it cannot be done through physical power or by violence. It must be done in accordance with the Principle, which is an iron rule.

It is very difficult to aim at the one goal of restoration without deviating from the central point. Restoration is even more difficult than the original creation of heaven and earth. I have set up the condition of indemnity for an internal foundation which you have never dreamt of; there is a realm of peace now which you can acquire without being aware of it. In this respect, I have achieved a universal victory by sacrificing throughout my life.

The realm of total perfection cannot be achieved without a condition for restoring fallen Eve. The Holy Spirit and Jesus must give rebirth centering upon original love. In order for Jesus to be born, God in His providence prepared a certain historical foundation of heart. That providence must involve the womb of a woman. It is there that the solution to the problems of history must be found, so there must be a fight, a struggle. As a result of the fall, history started from struggle.

In Adam's family, Abel and Cain fought. For restoration Cain was supposed to take the position of younger brother Unless the elder brother becomes the younger brother, there can be no separation from Satan. So there must be a struggle for restoration. Esau and Jacob had to struggle in this way. They succeeded in setting up the proper condition of subjugation, but their struggle started when they were adults, namely, after they were 30 or 40 years old. God still needed a victory prior to adulthood. Thus the fight had to start from within the mother's womb.


I f you can understand about Tamar, you can understand the whole Principle. Whom did Tamar have a relationship with? Her father-in-law. How could a baby born out of such a relationship inherit the blood lineage of Israel?

Actually, the mother of King Solomon was Bathsheba, originally the wife of Uriah before King David stole her. Then how could the child from that union become King Solomon? Bathsheba was in the providential position of Eve in the Garden of Eden, before the fall. David was in the position of Adam, and Uriah was in the position of the archangel. The archangel distracted the spouse of Adam with love and stole her away, making her fall. A reversal course is needed in order to indemnify that; therefore a person in the position of the archangel's wife had to be restored to the position of Eve. Therefore, the child who was born on the foundation of that reversal could be born as a child of heavenly love, a child of glory. Solomon was such a child of glory.

The woman named Tamar had a relationship with her father-in-law, Judah. According to the law in those days, a woman who committed adultery had to be stoned to death. Tamar's first husband had died, and then her second husband had died also; but she knew God loved the blood lineage of her husband. She knew she had to protect and continue that blood lineage. For Tamar, her personal dignity was not a factor. She was only concerned about preserving the blood lineage which God loved. Since she loved that blood lineage, she stood in a providential position and she was able to establish the proper condition of heart. With such a heart, she had a relationship with her father-in-law. [Twins were conceived. At the time of birth, one baby's hand emerged, but was withdrawn. The two boys struggled, and the other baby was actually born first. See Genesis 38:27-30. This represented the younger brother gaining the victory over the older brother in the womb, even before birth.]

The standard of victory gained in the womb of Tamar was handed down from generation to generation through the tradition of Israel, the descendants who believed in Judaism. Why did they have to establish a foundation for the Messiah at the national level? Because there were already many nations in the satanic world, God had to establish a national standard with which to deal with them. God's side had to stand in the position of Abel on the national level. For that purpose, God guided the Israelites and helped them develop their victorious foundation on the national level.


T here was another girl who regarded the historical significance of her actions to be more important than her own dignity or her own social environment. She regarded God's will as the highest priority. That girl was Mary. Mary maintained the standard of victory and Satan could not accuse her. So on the foundation established by Mary, Jesus was conceived. It was that victorious foundation which qualified Jesus to be born from God. Without coming on such a historical foundation, nobody could be qualified to be the Messiah.

Therefore, Jesus said,

"I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me." ( John 14:6 )

Because he was born from that unique victorious blood lineage, he could be the only begotten son, beloved by God. This is logical. If you do not believe in Jesus, you cannot go back to God. That is the absolute truth, but so far, nobody has been able to understand the true meaning of this. There are many religions, but only Christianity can stand in the absolute position of true son. All other religions stand in the position of servants or adopted sons.


S ince Jesus was born in this way, could he be in a position to be accused by Satan? No, he could not. Therefore, both in heaven and on earth, angels were mobilized to welcome and attend him at his birth. From then, the new world was begun. On the internal, religious level, Judaism was in the archangel position, and on the external, national level Pontius Pilate was in the archangel position. If Jesus' family had fully supported him, and especially if John the Baptist had followed him, then Judaism could have completely united with Jesus, for John was known as a prophet. If they had all cooperated and if Judaism and the nation of Israel were united with Jesus, then influencing Rome would not have been a problem. If Jesus' followers had been able to establish a nation, they would have influenced the entire Roman civilization. The whole Mediterranean world could have been under the guidance of Jesus. If that had happened, the unification of the whole world would have followed.

Jesus wanted to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in that way, but he was given no foundation to do so. As a result, so many sacrifices had to be made during the past 2,000 years, and now the time has come for the Lord of the Second Advent to appear.

Christianity today is in the position of the second Israel, but it has no nation on earth. The Jewish people have also undergone persecution for the past 2,000 years. The Jewish people should have established a God-centered nation centering upon Jesus, but they did not. Therefore they were scattered all over the world and then they went through terrible persecution Part of my mission is to rescue them. Since Jesus was abandoned by 12 disciples, the Jewish people now have to achieve victory through confrontation with more than 12 Islamic nations of the world.

Jesus was born in the nation of Israel, but Christianity cannot claim any nation. God created the earth, but is there any nation which is God's? No. Everything that was built up by the first Israel fell apart and was lost. The Jews were scattered and driven away. Christians also had to be persecuted.

There are many political and cultural spheres, yet there are no unifying cultural values on earth. The Christian people were persecuted by governments and sovereignties in this world because there was no law to protect them. Religion came to be separated from politics. Originally, however, religion and politics were to be united. The separation between religion and politics became necessary in order to protect religion. Now there are many complicated problems to solve.

God wants to plant His footprints on earth. No matter how vast the universe is, one beginning point is essential. Therefore, He must start from some point, and now is the time to start. That is why I selected and blessed the Holy Grounds, where we go to pray and make offerings.

God created the earth through His absolute authority. Let's think about going back to the origin. This world was to be established in the name of God and True Parents; so all things started from Adam and Eve, who were to be the original True Parents and one with God. They were to have authority over the archangel and live forever in joy. Therefore, we must become one, centered upon True Parents.

You must register as a citizen of a restored nation centered upon God, but you don't have such a nation. There is no foundation upon which you can declare clearly against the satanic world that you have your own country. You must understand that. You are supposed to be registered as the citizens of Heaven. That sovereignty may be either big or small, but whether it is big like America or very small, the authority of one vote is the same.

Israelites without a nation

U nification Church members are like the Israelites; they are a chosen people without a nation. Therefore they have to suffer but no matter what, they have to overcome and occupy the original nation. We must establish one nation under God's sovereignty; for that purpose we have been passing through the course of suffering.

What is our hope? Our hope is to someday restore God's sovereignty and build a nation which we can be proud of and register ourselves as citizens of that nation. How soon can we achieve it? We must pour everything we have into the fulfillment of that purpose; that is the Principle. When we register as citizens, we want to offer everything we have to the nation. Our position will be determined by order of registration. Those who register first will stand in the position of the first ancestors; those who register second will stand in the position of the second ancestors, and so on. They will come to establish the authority in that restored sovereign nation.

Then what will a citizen of that nation be like? Will the Japanese people become those citizens? Will the American people become those citizens? You have to help the Unification Church develop. Japan is designated as the Eve nation, but she cannot become the Eve nation by doing nothing. Everybody must become united with a patriotic spirit in order to prosper. If that kind of foundation had been established at the time of Jesus, then would Jesus have had to die? If Jesus had come on the foundation which we now have in the Unification Church, he would never have been crucified.

Lord of the Second Advent

T ragically, Jesus died a miserable death. The seed within Jesus' bone marrow was connected spiritually to God and produced spiritual salvation, but from the Principle point of view Jesus must come again to fulfill his mission. The Messiah absolutely must come again into this world. The worldwide Christian foundation has been laid for that purpose. God has been working through history and now He is preparing the democratic world to be in the superior position in the struggle against the communist world.

Within the democratic realm, Christianity stands in the spiritual position of the second Israel on the world level. That is the Principle point of view. Centering on the worldwide foundation of Christianity and the other religions including Judaism, God's foundation is being made.

The Christian foundation has come through three stages. The first was Catholicism, but Catholicism did not complete its mission, so Protestantism emerged as the development on the growth level. From the Principle point of view, Catholicism is relatively an Old Testament type faith while Protestantism is a New Testament type faith. Thus Protestantism insists on the importance of the words of truth. What is the central purpose of these words? It is to point to the Lord of the Second Coming. That is why the words have been taught on a worldwide foundation. But the substance of the truth has to be imbued with heart, otherwise it cannot stand in front of God. Those who occupy the central position within the Christian tradition at this time must have the Christian truth but also the content of heart. That is the Unification Church.

My mission

I n order for the Unification Church to establish the worldwide foundation, it must be welcomed by Protestantism, which has a New Testament type responsibility. If Protestantism welcomes the Unification Church and they are united, then the foundation is made from the formation stage, to the growth stage and to the perfection stage. If the Christian churches become united, it would be as if Israel and Judaism had united into one country. So if Christianity becomes united, the democratic countries will naturally become united. Then the world can stand in the sphere of salvation.

Fourteen years after World War I world communism became a problem. Why 14 years? If a solution is not found to a problem within 14 years, then there will be even greater problems and seven years of struggle. If you look at the political situation of the world from the Principle point of view it is very interesting, but I will not talk about it in detail.

By myself, I have the mission to establish the foundation of unity with Protestantism, but I could not do it in the past. Instead, it opposed me. Human history began with the elder brother hitting the younger brother. In order to receive the younger brother, the older brother must trust in God and know Him in the true sense. If you continue to cling to the traditional teachings with which you were raised, it will be difficult for you to accept a new expression of truth. I was put in the position to be opposed by the churches, so I was put in a position just like that of Jesus, who was persecuted by the religious leaders. I stood in the position to inherit Jesus' mission and had to follow the path of struggle for the sake of righteousness. For the past 20 years I had to fight to indemnify the history of the previous 2,000 years.

Going north

W here could I start to pay that indemnity? It could not be done in the southern part of Korea; it was necessary to go to the North. To go to North Korea means to go to the headquarters of Satan. I had to go to the communist world, the worldwide satanic realm, prepared to die. It was just like Christianity trying to penetrate and convert Rome. After the early Christians had been persecuted by the leaders of Judaism, they spread to Rome and finally dominated Rome after a struggle of 400 years. Christianity established the horizontal foundation for freedom in Rome.

In the same way, I had to go to the North and there struggle against communism. I established a foundation there and brought many people into the truth. I had to go through many difficulties, such as prison life. When I was imprisoned I knew my disciples must not be like the disciples of Jesus; they must not run away from me, no matter how terrible the communist government was. There had to be a certain number of disciples who were that determined.

When Jesus was arrested, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth was lost. Therefore I had to restore disciples from within the prison and establish the foundation to restore the mission of Jesus. Jesus' mission was not to restore only individuals; originally his disciples should have established their own families, starting with the three central apostles. So the purpose of Jesus' coming was not just to get individual disciples. The disciples were necessary in order to indemnify the conditions for the perfection of Cain in three ages, representing three ages of archangels opposing God's providence.

The position of the three disciples

J esus was in the position of Abel. Peter, James and John stood in the position of Cain and were supposed to indemnify the failure of Cain, who did not obey God. If those three disciples had offered their lives together with Jesus, then Jesus would not have had to die and go to the spiritual world so early; he could have continued to work on earth along with the Holy Spirit. If that had happened, then Christianity would have spread to the world level in 600 years. But Jesus died. If the husband goes into the spiritual world, the bride must pray with utmost seriousness; otherwise she cannot meet the bridegroom. If Jesus had not died on the cross and the disciples had united, then it would be like Cain and Abel uniting; together they could welcome God. It is the Principle. They could have established the horizontal foundation for God on the earth.

Jesus wanted to indemnify the pain of God, who had much grief at the time Eve was lost. Jesus came to restore that situation, centering upon Mary, but it was not completed. God lost the women of three generations: grandmother, mother, and spouse. If those three generations of women are not restored, then there can be no children who are truly united as Cain and Abel under True Parents. Therefore it is necessary to have three women in that position pay indemnity. Without establishing the horizontal foundation of the Eve nation, restoration is not done. Jesus had to die because that condition was not met. Japan also must fulfill that condition, otherwise its restoration cannot be accomplished soon.

Twenty years ago, I came back to the South with three women disciples and one young man, Reverend Won Pil Kim. At that time I made a new start with the Unification Church. The Principle is not something we simply have in our mind. It must be based on practice. I escaped from the communist sphere and started anew, establishing the foundation in the South. That is the way the Unification Church began and developed.

Since Jesus was opposed by the leaders of Judaism, the Unification Church had to follow the same path and achieve victory. Restoration must reverse past failure, so we have established the family foundation. The established Christian churches have opposed us. I wanted to establish the Abel position within the Christian sphere. The Unification Church was born second; therefore it is in the Abel position. Abel has grown up, and now he has an external foundation with which to meet the elder brother. The Unification Church is trying to unite with established Christianity and restore the unity of brotherhood which we lost 20 years ago. When the elder brother and the younger brother become united, their family becomes united naturally. Therefore I suffered a lot to establish the individual foundation of Abel.

I have been going the way of sacrifice and suffering. By successfully going through that process and safeguarding it, we have come to the point where we are recognized by our nation. Now, no matter how much established Christianity may oppose us, we stand in this superior position. The established Korean Christian churches are in the position of Judaism 2,000 years ago, and they are turning in a positive way. This symbolizes the Israelites centering upon Judaism becoming united with Jesus.

The Korean government has become more cooperative than before, so we are extending our hands in friendship. The Unification movement must promote the Victory Over Communism (VOC) activities. Korea must do VOC work. The Korean nation must be united with our movement in this way; otherwise, there is no way it can survive.

The change of blood lineage

I n the course of restoration I started from the position of servant of servants, like a beggar in prison. Restoration must start from the position of beggar or prisoner. From the lowest miserable position we have come up to this point. Until our position reaches the national level I will not appear officially in public places.

From the Principle point of view, I first have to lay the national indemnity foundation. I have become a man of victory, so from now on we will see the horizontal foundation on the national level. That horizontal foundation must be done through Japan; that is the Principle formula.

Many prophets and pioneers in Japan had to make sacrifices in the past. For what purpose did they do that? It is, of course, necessary to establish a nation in the masculine position, but their sacrifices were to establish an Eve nation. The Eve nation should be filled with gratitude to be suffering for the sake of the Adam nation. That is the historical task of Japan.

Who is qualified to change your blood lineage? Nobody else can do it; you must know that in order to do this, I have had to bear the cross of the heart, an incredible cross. But now that the foundation has been established, you can receive it without much suffering or effort. You are given the Blessing, which means you are given the way to the new blood lineage. You are standing on the foundation of thousands of years of God's suffering, as well as my own suffering. When you get married you become engrafted; by being engrafted you come to have a different blood lineage. This is what I have done so far.

Many people were born in the past and have already gone into the spiritual world. How much difference exists between those people and ourselves? There is a vast difference in terms of the standard of faith, like the difference between heaven and earth. Through the Blessing, you have been given the most precious heavenly grace, but if you misuse it there is no way to go; even Satan will claim a higher position than you.

Satan became Satan at the growth level. In your case, if you fall during the completion stage, Satan will tell you, "You must become my servants." That's how Satan will judge you. That's the worst situation, so it's very serious. Your marriage is not just an ordinary marriage of this world. Far from it. It is most precious, centering upon the heart of heaven and earth. You must perfect your heart within your family, centered upon God's love, and you must perfect your personality with glory and joy. Perfected man and perfected woman must unite to fulfill their responsibility and their purpose. In the process of fulfilling that purpose, everything you do should be done with gratitude. The original world would have been the world of heart and gratitude. If you stand on that foundation, there can be no chance of falling.

Those of us who stand on the foundation of restoration are required to go forward to fulfill the purpose of the world. In the days ahead you must experience God's feelings and the heart which God had before creation. You should go forward with gratitude toward the fulfillment of the purpose of creation. Although you may suffer, the suffering is not just for its own sake. You will receive more blessings, which are accumulated secretly in heaven, by going the way of suffering. Therefore, be grateful.

Husband and wife, united with hearts of love, must establish their family beyond any levels of the past, dedicated toward the goal for the future. Otherwise you cannot enter the eternal Kingdom of Heaven where God dwells. That is the ultimate goal and God's purpose of creation. It sounds like a dream, but it is attainable. Therefore, you must promise me that you will go toward that goal of the ideal family. Those of you who want to become like that, raise both your hands and pledge. Let us pray.

Father's prayer

H eavenly Father, we now realize what kind of original family You have been looking for. We also realize that from now on we are destined to work toward that ideal family with all our hearts and all our strength. Please guide us and bless us, so that we can live a pure life, with a purified blood lineage, to become people who are embraced deeply in Your eternal love. When we realize how much suffering You have been going through in the process of history in order to restore this heart, we have nothing to say to You. Father, please purify those of us who pledge ourselves in front of You, raising both of our hands, with the determination that we will offer everything to You. We are really grateful to You for the grace and love with which You have been protecting and guiding us so far.

We thank You, Heavenly Father, for having taught such a wonderful heavenly secret. We now stand in the situation which people in the secular world cannot even dream about, and we don't know what to offer You in return. Father, we now clearly realize that we must wholeheartedly offer ourselves to You on Your altar as substantial offerings. When we think of how much You have been suffering, we can never fully express our heart of gratitude.

Also, we are truly grateful to our True Parents for giving us such a blessing and grace. We pray that from now on we really will go forward with determination and gratitude. Please guide us and encourage us, so that we can help each other, knowing that without our spouses we tend to fail. We have to protect each other, pray for each other; we have to become truly the most intimate friends, intimate, closely related brothers and sisters, parents and children, so that we can become qualified to build the world of original love and great glory.

We have now heard about something very awesome, that is, the change of blood lineage. It is a fearful thing, when we think of how difficult the course of restoration has been. We have come here totally ignorant, but we have been following You. We have been going this way filled with a stubborn attitude, thinking that all the glory should belong to us. When we think of the past, how foolish we have been. The more we understand, the more we realize, and we feel ashamed of ourselves. We really don't have any place to hide; everything belongs to heaven, everything is True Parents. We need nothing more.

We now understand this, so we would like to deepen that faith, and we would like to become a husband and wife who can help each other establish the lifelong foundation of victory, leaving a foothold of glory for you. God, please remember us and embrace our children and embrace us as Your eternal children; feed us and embrace us as our parent.

Father, please bless us and guide us so that we can become a true man and true woman, and true husband and true wife, and establish a truly God centered four position foundation, centered upon Your love and heart. Father, we realize that how our spouse looks physically is not the point. His or her physical shape is not important. The important thing is how much we can be vertically connected in heart with You and how close we can get to You. That is what matters.

So even without our understanding, please guide us, Father; help us and guide us so that we can help each other, support each other, and save each other and pass through this satanic world of evil. Please purify both our hands with which we are now pledging. Please purify us as couples. Please sanctify us as those who are promised to enter the Heavenly Kingdom. No matter how much suffering there may be ahead, we will never forget how much You have been suffering, how many tears You shed, and we will help each other and comfort each other. Please guide us so that we can become true husband and wife. We will keep deep in our mind what we have heard today. Please bless us so that we can become true ancestors and fulfill our mission. If we cannot fulfill, then we will have to hand down our task to our descendants from generation to generation.

Father, once again we ask You to guide us and protect us so that we can become truly worthy to serve as pioneers of the creation of the world of heart, the creation of new ideal families. We know that without You everything will be in vain, everything impossible. We must not perpetuate a tragic history. Let us stand in the position to leave everything joyful behind us. Please protect us, Heavenly Father, and please bless us so that we can become a true family, a true husband, a true wife. We leave everything up to You. Please guide us, in the name of our True Parents we pray. Amen.