God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True Parents and Ourselves

May 7, 1972
Tokyo, Japan

F rom God's original ideal of creation, our ancestors, Adam and Eve, were supposed to inherit the blood lineage of goodness through their unity with God, and hand it down to all generations. However, we have learned from the Principle that an unexpected result came about due to the fall of man. We now belong to the satanic world and are completely separated from the lineage of God.

We were supposed to be born from parents of goodness but instead our first parents were parents of evil. We have therefore established a family, clan, society, nation and world centered upon evil. This has to be restored and indemnified. God cannot restore everything at once; restoration has to be dealt with in stages. Since evil multiplied through history stage by stage, it has to be dealt with in stages in the process of restoring it.

Going through the age of servant, the age of adopted son, the age of true son and the age of the True Parents, God's providence has been to indemnify each stage from the evil side to the side of God or goodness. God has founded numerous religions, springing from the many different racial and cultural backgrounds of mankind, and has been working through these religions with the goal of restoring the ideal world.

As an analogy of God's work to create the ideal world, we can look at the way rivers flow. From the mountains to the valleys, streams and brooks flow in many different directions. Some flow from the west to the east and others from the north to the south. However, they all eventually join into a main river In the same way, God has established many different and various types of religions which have remained separate from one another before joining in the main current of religion. God has been working behind the history of mankind, inspiring the creation of many religions with many different directions. So too the cultures of the world, with religions at their center, have been developing gradually to support the goal of one main religion.

A great amount of indemnity — based on the indemnity course of Adam's family, as described in the Principle — is required to develop this through the ages.

Cain has always been opposed to someone who is close to God. He is the person who struck down Abel. It has always been Abel's position to be closer to God. The fruits of that relationship have been in existence since the fall and have affected mankind throughout history.

Even your own life is part of that legacy. If you examine your daily life, there are times when you are Abel-like and times when you are Cain-like. Between morning and evening of any given day, or even within one hour, the dynamics of the Cain-Abel relationship are working. All directions, back and front, right and left, up and down — have something to do with the Cain and Abel relationship.

One action is closer to God and another is in opposition to God. When you speak just one word, it could be examined as to whether or not it is from the position of Cain or the position of Abel. You can examine yourself and the words you speak according to this standard. If you are speaking today in a better way than yesterday, then you are standing today as Abel in relationship to yesterday. If you are speaking worse today than yesterday, then today you are standing in the position of Cain. In this kind of situation, God has been trying to guide people to be more Abel-like and to come closer to Him.

At the same time, Satan has been trying to pull people away from God. When we grow closer to God, we come closer to the Abel position and we find ourselves feeling happy. But when we become drawn in Cain's direction by the satanic domain, we feel sadness. Because of this dynamic of the Cain and Abel relationship there has been a constant fluctuation of joy and sadness since the beginning of human history.

Without knowing this point, happiness or sadness in our daily lives is simply a matter of whether we gain or lose some benefit. But ultimately happiness and sadness are determined by the Cain and Abel dynamic. When you move forward towards the position of goodness, you move one step closer to God. But if you retreat from God, sadness comes into your heart according to the degree of distance you retreat from God.

Individual Salvation

S alvation begins from the individual. One person is the beginning point of the family and families create the society; societies create the nation and nations create the whole world. All those different levels are interconnected. A society is made up of many individuals; the world consists of many nations. In order to liberate humanity from Satan, we have to begin by liberating one person, one individual. The liberation of the family, the nation and the world has to begin with the liberation of individuals.

God has been trying to do this through religion. The purpose of religion is to bring us closer to God and guide us in the direction of God's providence. Then, what is the final purpose of God's providence? People generally think that religion has the purpose of contributing to the welfare of the whole world or the benefit of all people of the world. However, religions tend to think only of their own situation and see everything within the context of their own particular faith. But from God's point of view, even the mission of making the whole world better is the secondary purpose of religion. What is its primary purpose? It is to create the True Parents on the earth. Without True Parents no salvation is possible. Those who are born of fallen parents have to be restored completely through rebirth by the True Parents. Thus the most serious issue for God is how to bring the True Parents of goodness to the earth.

Looking at the world from this viewpoint, we can see that the fallen world has developed from the first fallen individuals to the family, clan, society, nation and to the world. In order for God to establish that kind of basic foundation, He has to first develop the sphere of servants or angels. Then He has to raise that level of servant up to the level of adopted son. From the adopted son realm, He has to bring it up to the level of the true son.

Even within the realm of the true son, there is the issue of Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel were born of fallen parents and they fought against each other as fallen children. In the era when the true son centered on God is restored, Cain and Abel must no longer struggle. We cannot surpass the fallen world until we establish complete unity between Cain and Abel. According to the Principle, only when we establish the foundation of substance can we go beyond the realm of the fallen world for the first time.

A person might be able to go beyond the fallen world up to the level of the formation or even the growth stage, but he cannot advance further than the growth stage unless he establishes a victorious foundation of substance. Even if he could enter the level of perfection, his lineage would not yet have been cleansed. Since the satanic blood lineage has been inherited and that lineage is not yet cleansed, we need the Messiah. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for fallen people to establish the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance as the foundation to receive the Messiah. Only through the Messiah is one able to change his blood lineage and stand in the position of a true child of God.

Since Adam and Eve fell, there was no way for Abel and Cain to be united in a vertical way. At the same time there was no tradition for Adam and Eve to be united in a vertical way, because of their fall. Only Cain and Abel stand in the position to restore the failure of Adam and Eve. All unity was lost at the time of Adam and Eve. Those who want to become the true sons and daughters of God have to establish the vertical unity of parents and children. You cannot reach perfection in the position of adopted son. You have to achieve the position of true son in unity with God.

Every person has to move upward through all these stages to be restored. Even though you may achieve the position of children, or even if Cain and Abel achieve unity, there is no way to go all the way vertically to God if there is no foundation of restored, unfallen parents. Therefore, God has been trying throughout history to establish the True Parents The True Parents will create for the first time the way to reach God Himself and for Cain and Abel to be united. In this process of restoration, the change of blood lineage has to take place. No one can establish this kind of thing by himself.

The Blessing

T he fall of man took place at the perfection level of the growth stage. In order to restore the fall, we have to go the reverse way of the fall. Adam and Eve fell through the temptation of love. As you are following the path of restoration, and as you come closer and closer to the perfection level of the growth stage, you will face the temptation of love and you will have to overcome it. The tendency to be tempted by fallen love has been inherited through generations of fallen parents. To overcome this, mankind must be connected to the love centered on God and the True Parents; otherwise we can never overcome the problem of fallen love.

Those who dwell in the realm of the fallen world who have inherited the blood lineage of the fallen parents need to welcome the True Parents in the final stage of restoration and unite with them vertically, in order to overcome the fallen world. This is the teaching of the Principle.

We cannot complete this process individually. It always takes a couple — a man and a woman — to restore this problem of love. This explains the necessity of the Blessing. The Blessing cannot be performed as we wish; it starts centered on the True Parents, who are the core of the vertical line. As a result of the victorious condition of the unity of Cain and Abel, the True Parents can conduct this Blessing. Only through this process can we completely overcome the fallen world.

No one advances through the stages of restoration by himself. By receiving the Blessing, we go over the perfection level of the growth stage and reach the formation level of the completion stage. From then on, the blessed couple or blessed family needs a seven year period of time to become perfectly one with God. The three stages of growth — that is, formation, growth, and completion — comprise 21 years. Therefore, the blessed couple has to go through a seven year course in the completion stage. No one went through this stage in the past.

Each one of you has to go through a seven year period, according to the standard of the Principle. Therefore, after you join the Unification Church, you have to go through a seven year period during which you have to restore everything that was lost due to the fall, as well as inheriting the true parental heart which was lost because of the fall of the first parents. As the consequence of the fall, we lost our legacy of lordship over all created things. Moreover, the body and heart of man were stained and claimed by Satan. All of these things have to be restored through indemnity.

Consequently, centered upon these points — gaining dominion over all things, becoming the substantial body of the truth, and restoring our hearts — we have to go through the period of the completion stage and restore them to God. This is our Principle. The time period of seven years needed to reach the standard of perfection is equivalent to the whole human history of 7,000 biblical years. The 7,000 years are calculated as the 6,000 biblical years of human history plus the 1,000 years of the millennium of the Lord's reign, as described in the Bible. Within this time period of seven years, we have to substantially accomplish the victorious standard by restoring those things we lost. Then we receive the Blessing and after the Blessing, the true standard of the family is begun.

We have to restore all things, we have to restore the substantial self back to its natural, law abiding state, and we have to restore our hearts. From the horizontal point of view, all material things represent the formation stage, the substantial self represents the growth stage, and the heart represents the stage of perfection or completion. All of the vertical providence must also be fulfilled on the horizontal level.

Furthermore, the level of material things corresponds to the Old Testament era; the level of the substantial self corresponds to the New Testament era; and the level of the heart corresponds to the Completed Testament era. Therefore it is natural that we in the Completed Testament era are speaking about the world of God's heart. All these three have to be united in perfect harmony. During the era of the Old Testament, indemnity was paid through the things of creation. In the New Testament era, indemnity was paid through Jesus, the substantial Son of God. Now the standard of heart has to be established in the Completed Testament age, based upon the indemnity victoriously paid in the former ages. The true standard of the family can be established for the first time on the earth after all these things are restored. That is the level we are expected to have reached at the time of the Blessing.

The blessed families are to have their own physical children, but before that they are supposed to have their children of faith, their spiritual children. Spiritual children represent the embodiment of Jesus in the spiritual world. Your physical children represent the position of Jesus when he was alive and expecting to establish a victorious foundation on the earth. Thus, they also represent Christ of the Second Coming.

At this time, the Christian realm of the spirit world — called Paradise — is not united with Christianity on the earth. This situation is almost like Jesus being split into two. We are in the position to bring unity between these two disharmonious realms. We can set up the condition to bring about their unity through the unity between our own physical and spiritual children. Our spiritual children stand in the position of Cain, or the archangel; Abel, in the position of Adam, symbolizes the realm of the physical world, and is represented by our physical children. Unity between our spiritual children and physical children means unity between the spiritual world and the physical world. If your own spiritual children and physical children are not harmoniously united, the realms of the spiritual world and the physical world, particularly the two realms of Christianity, will not be united. Basically, the split between the spiritual world and the physical world came about as a result of the division within the original family. Therefore it has to be restored on the earth, by the unity of the spiritual and the physical children of the blessed families.

Position of parents

I t is only when Cain and Abel are united that the ideal parents can appear. This condition of indemnity can be fulfilled when the children of faith — both the spiritual children and the physical ones — become united in perfect harmony. By this condition, we can restore the unity lost between Adam and the archangel before the fall. If such a restoration can be accomplished, God can continually shower His love from His position as parent. If your spiritual children and your physical children are united into perfect oneness on the horizontal plane, you can be restored to the position of true parents, which is the position of the ideal love of God, for the first time.

It has been the path of the Unification Church to successfully indemnify horizontally the vertical historical path. In order to restore a result or consequence, you have to find out the cause that brought about the result and reverse the process. We absolutely need spiritual children. Adam and Eve had three archangels, who were supposed to attend them as their servants all of their lives. Adam and Eve could not become the perfected son and daughter of God without them. Thus, they are required in the restoration through indemnity. From this viewpoint, for men and women alike, three spiritual children are needed, representing three archangels. Those three archangels have to unite with you perfectly.

God first created the angels and archangels and then He created Adam and Eve with the help of the unity of the angels. We have to restore that standard ourselves. Before having physical children, spiritual children have to be born. Physical children are to be born only on the foundation of spiritual children, just as God created the angels first and then created Adam and Eve second. That is the Principle. At the time of Jesus, the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism were standing in the position of archangels and were supposed to have united with him. If that had been accomplished, all God's desires would have been realized.

The Unification Church finds itself in a situation similar to that of the time of Jesus. When Jesus was killed, everything on the physical plane was lost, and Christianity was born inheriting only the position of the spiritual archangel, not the physical archangel. One mission of the Lord of the Second Advent is to establish the unity of spirit and body. He has to establish the conditions of indemnity to unite these two spheres.

At the time of Jesus, the position of spiritual archangel was filled by Judaism, while the physical archangel was the nation of Israel. If the archangels had united with Abel, who was Jesus, it would have been a completely different situation. But because Jesus was killed, the spirit world and physical world could not be fully united. Jesus, and all Christians, have been seeking the redemption of both spirit and body. Therefore, they must be connected with the realm of the flesh again.

By going the path of indemnity, we have to restore what has been lost on the earth and unite both the physical and spiritual worlds into one. Only through this process can the realm of Cain, symbolized by the two archangels, be born. At this time, when the Lord comes to the earth and establishes the individual foundation of victory on the earth, a victorious family foundation will be formed. The sphere of victory is not limited to one family, but that family represents world Christianity. If the clans of the Second Coming of Christ are restored, those clans will become clans on the worldwide level. Thus, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes to the earth, if Christianity does not persecute him, it would not be difficult to unite both realms and develop God's providence.

Time of victory

T his is a different age from the time of Jesus. Because of the lack of unity between spirit and body, the purpose of the Second Coming of Christ is to fulfill the course of indemnity to restore that disunity. The Second Coming of Christ has to achieve the victory in spirit world and then the victory can be gained on the earth. When he comes to the earth, he has to bring his victory from the spirit world to be fulfilled on the earth.

This is the same situation as when Jacob wrestled with the angel. He first had to gain the victory over the angel in order to win the victory over Esau, who finally surrendered to Jacob. Jesus subjugated the archangel in order to restore through indemnity the fact that Adam was improperly subjugated by the archangel. Jacob's subjugation of Esau was the restoration of Abel being subjugated by Cain. And Jesus' subjugation over the archangel was done on the earth again to reestablish the condition of Jacob's having subjugated Esau. We have to gain the victory in both the spiritual and physical realms.

If the people of Israel had united with Jesus, they could have inherited both the spiritual and physical foundations of victory. But because of the rejection and death of Jesus Christ, the spiritual realm and physical realm were split. Now the returning Christ, like Jacob, has to win victory in both realms. Established Christianity has opposed the returning Christ. The struggle between the Unification Church and traditional Christianity occurs parallel to the historical course of the spiritual development of Christianity. That same struggle has been the history of the Unification Church. Christianity was born due to Jesus' spiritual victory over Satan while on the earth, and Christianity was superior to any other religion, because of that spiritual victory over Satan. We have gained the spiritual victory in this new era. Although established Christianity may oppose us, they will soon be in the position of Esau, who finally welcomed Jacob.

We are living in a different time from that of Jesus. The providence was centered on the nation during the time of Jesus, but now it is centered on the world. The Lord of the Second Advent comes on the worldwide level and that is a larger level than the level of Jesus' era. Therefore, unless the world goes against him as one united body, he will easily establish the foundation for the nation.

Jesus sought to achieve the perfection of the individual and the perfection of the family, both spiritually and physically. Next he sought the victory of the clan and nation, both spiritually and physically. After he gained that victory on the national level, he was to start the substantial realm of victory through which Rome would surrender to him. Jesus' purpose was not only to restore the individual and family but also to unite the nation of Israel with the religion of Judaism. On that foundation, he was to overcome the Roman Empire. He came to earth with that purpose.

However, Judaism and the nation of Israel did not unite with him and he had to go the way of the cross; complete restoration could occur only at a later time. We ourselves have to restore the standard that was not achieved by the people at the time of Jesus. Although we may be able to gain victory spiritually on the worldwide level, the earthly foundation that Jesus did not establish must be realized by us; otherwise we cannot indemnify what Jesus did not do in the past. Jesus came in the position of parent and he came to stand on earth as the victorious parent of the world. Since he did not complete that role, this must be indemnified at the time of the Second Advent and the victory must be gained. Otherwise we won't be able to go beyond the victory of Jesus. That is what the Unification Church has been trying to do.

Centered upon the True Parents, we have gained the victory spiritually but we have been opposed by established Christianity; thus the failure has not been indemnified. Jesus went beyond Judaism and established the new teaching we call Christianity. Although it was only a spiritual victory, he started Christianity nevertheless. In the same sense, if established Christianity opposes the Unification Church, we have to recreate the foundation of Christianity, according to the new direction. Unless we do that, we won't be able to make the substantial foundation for the restoration by indemnity.

That is what the worldwide Unification Church and I have been doing until now. Unless we have the foundation for the clan, the family cannot be at ease; unless the clan surrounds the family with its protection, the family cannot dwell in peace.

Realm of freedom from Satan

O nly when Abel's family is within the protection of the victorious clan can it rest at peace for the first time. Satan cannot invade that family. Abel's family should not be invaded by Satan because it is in the position of the perfected Adam and Eve. Cain, who is in the position of the fallen archangel, has to establish a victorious foundation to win the victory over the satanic domain. Then the family is protected.

Satan is a fallen archangel, so he is not able to win the victory over an archangel who united with God and never fell. Thus an archangel who is on the side of God can subjugate Satan. Satan cannot invade the protection of a God-centered archangel. Thus the victorious Abel sphere cannot be born unless the victorious archangel is born. That means that Abel's family can be protected from Satan only when restored Cain's family is born.

During Jesus' life, if his family had protected him, he could have been at peace. If such protection had been given to Jesus, he wouldn't have been attacked. In the Garden of Eden, if the archangel had not fallen but had protected Adam, then Adam himself would have had no chance to fall. If there had been a person in Cain's position who united perfectly with Jesus, then there would have been no way for Satan to attack Jesus.

When we examine the situation in this light, we discover that Jesus' family did not unite with him. Mary and Joseph and his brothers and sisters, as well as his other relatives, had nothing to do with Jesus' mission. In fact, Jesus was a person who was virtually separated from his family and clan. The entire family and clan should have stood in the position to protect Jesus. If he were standing on that perfected foundation, he would never have had to go away from his own home, and there would have been no necessity for him to go through the three years of public life. If the family and clan had united with him and helped him, he would have been able to make the foundation of bridegroom and bride on the earth, with the help of his family and relatives. If that had happened, a new blood lineage could have been established on the earth, centered on Jesus. The new ideal family who did not fall and who were united with God could have been started.

However, Jesus did not have that kind of foundation and he went to the cross. Therefore, the family who could inherit the new blood lineage was not born at that time.

Jesus was to be in the position of True Parents. If the position of True Parents was lost, that means all the descendants that were to be born from the True Parents were lost because the position of the parents was invaded.

Those who are born from fallen parents cannot go over their fallen standard. Christians, although gathering underneath the cross of Jesus Christ throughout the world, are not able to go forward and consummate God's will for the whole world.

Once individuals are united completely with the returning Lord and attend him absolutely, then they have to create a special clan centered upon the Lord. That special clan has to have a higher standard than the clan which surrounded Jesus Christ. That clan could not fulfill its mission to shield Jesus. This special clan should create a heartistic foundation and be called the new Israel. The heartistic foundation is the prerequisite for the substantial foundation of the worldwide level. Restoration through indemnity can be accomplished through that foundation. At the time of the Second Advent Christ must create the standard of the family. In order for him to create that standard, the Unification movement has to create the clan who can risk their lives to shield his family from the enemy. Without that, the Lord won't be able to start his family.

This was the significance of the Holy Wedding in 1960. The Unification Church was born as a new religious organization, and even if the secular world and established Christianity itself oppose the Unification Church, our church has created the sphere of the clan to shield the family of the returning Christ.

When the condition was made for the creation of a clan able to shield the family of the Second Coming of Christ at the risk of their lives, then the true Holy Wedding could be conducted for the first time in history. Since the true family was created, it has gradually been expanded to the sphere of clan and society. Established Christianity has been declining at the same time the Unification Church has been moving up. As a result of Judaism not uniting with Jesus, he did not establish a family, clan, society or nation centered on God. The Unification movement has to restore all of those failures and develop far beyond what happened at the time of Jesus.

Three spiritual children

T hat is the history of the development of the Unification Church. What did we do next centered on the true family after 1960? If Jesus had established his own family, he could have formed his clan and tribe. Then, if Jesus' disciples had restored the same position that he stood on, they could have become members of his tribe. Therefore, if Jesus had married an ideal spouse and established a family, Jesus' disciples could have married their ideal spouses and established families. In this way, Jesus could have formed a new tribe within the nation of Israel and the religion of Judaism. The clan of true sons of God centered on Jesus' children that could have been established after Jesus' Holy Wedding is completely different from the clan of Christians that was in actuality established as God's adopted children in the fallen domain. When Jesus' children were to be born, there would have been the families of the 12 apostles who could perfectly unite with Jesus' children.

You joined the Unification Church at different times in your life. Some joined when you were 20 years old, some when you were 30 years old, and some joined even after the age of 50. Before that, you lived in the secular world, within the domain of Satan. According to the original ideal, Adam and Eve were supposed to have a certain innate foundation. In order to restore that foundation, all of you joined the Unification Church after you were already born and then you witnessed to restore spiritual children. As a result of this, you have created the foundation of Cain and Abel. In your case, there was no innate foundation made for you before you were born, so you have to restore it through indemnity. The way to do this is as follows. You must have spiritual children who attend and unite with your physical children even before their birth. Unless you are clear about this, you cannot understand the course of restoration at all.

When the spiritual children unite and serve the physical children of their spiritual parents, even while they are still in the womb, that is the restoration condition of the three archangels uniting with Adam, who was created by God. Thus you need more than just spiritual children; you need your own physical children as well. You joined the Unification Church when you were more than 20 or 30 years old, and established the horizontal foundation by witnessing and gaining spiritual children. But those are Cain and Abel relationships, on the level of the archangel. The foundation to be restored as parents is not indemnified yet. How can we indemnify that foundation? The foundation is indemnified when your three spiritual children serve your physical children even in the womb. In that way, you can restore the earthly foundation of the three archangels willingly attending Adam while he was being created. Unless you go through this course, the family of the perfection level will not be able to appear.

Therefore, after the Blessing you will give birth to your own children. By the time your children are conceived, you have to have three spiritual children willing to attend the child that will be born from your womb. Those who are born from blessed parents have to be protected by those spiritual children until they get married, or until they reach the age of 21. The spiritual children can never allow the blessed children of their spiritual parents to fall.

The archangels had the mission of protecting Adam and Eve and to help them become the ideal couple. The spiritual children have the same mission as the archangels. God has harbored deep grief and sorrow because of the fall of Adam and Eve. Spiritual children have to fulfill the archangelic mission of protecting the blessed children from falling. Otherwise there is no way for spiritual children to be restored to God’s side.

I am talking about the relationship between spiritual parents and spiritual children. Only when your spiritual children fulfill such a mission in relationship with you and your physical children can you finally restore the position of parents, centered on your children. That is the same thing as Adam and Eve being restored through Abel. Thus the blessed parents can perfect themselves through the second generation, their children, just as the fallen parents, Adam and Eve, could have been restored through their child, Abel. This is the way restoration by indemnity takes place.

Therefore you should not conceive your physical children unless you have your spiritual children. You are not qualified to give birth to and love your own children without three spiritual children. This is the way of the Principle. The principle of restoration is to reverse the direction of the fall to the original direction, with utmost preciseness, and to put it into the proper direction. That is why you absolutely need your spiritual children. In reality, you need them even more than you need the Messiah.

You are loved by God; still, to seek after God's love should not be your concern. If you are loved by God, you are standing in the position of Abel. Abel is in the position of Adam, so he must have three archangels supporting him. Only when three archangels completely attend Adam can the position of unfallen Adam be restored. If those three archangels dominate Adam and he fears them, the restoration of Adam before the fall can never take place.

The age of persecution

A fter you join the Unification Church and come to know the will of God and begin to experience the love of God, you are in the position of Abel and under the guidance of various good spirits. If you joined at 20 years old, you became an Abel at 20 years old. If you joined when you were 30, you became an Abel at that age. When you restore your spiritual children, you are allowed to restore the Cain and Abel relationship at the level of your age group. You cannot restore your past, so you must restore that in another way, by going through your children. Your three spiritual children must attend your physical children from the time they are still in the womb until they get married. Unless you establish this kind of tradition, perfect restoration cannot take place.

I myself have to follow that course and you must go that way too. If I have a mission on the worldwide level, you can take on the mission of the national level. I must fulfill one stage higher. I will create the victorious foundation on the worldwide level. The victorious realm of indemnity on the worldwide level has been created by expanding the foundation. That is the third worldwide course.

Individual perfection requires Cain and Abel. When you joined the Unification Church, you could begin to receive the love of God in a more direct way. The person who receives the greater love of God is automatically in the position of Abel. But Abel's position cannot be created by Abel alone; Abel cannot be created without Cain. Cain was born before Abel, and Cain has certain elements of evil by which he opposes Abel. By the same token, the archangel was born before Adam.

Just as the archangel invaded Adam, you will be attacked individually if you are standing in the position to be loved by God. Throughout history Satan has been persecuting religious people, particularly followers of Christianity. He persecutes families and clans which are religious. Therefore you too will receive persecution on the levels of the individual, family, clan and society That is how you can win and make advances — by being persecuted.

If you as an individual receive persecution on the worldwide level, the complete victory of the individual is won. Your persecution cannot be limited to just one small village; it has to be on the worldwide level. Thus even if you are receiving persecution within one small village, you will be receiving persecution on the worldwide level. The aim of persecution on the world level is the attack on life itself. If your life is attacked, that is certainly a personal thing but it is also on the worldwide level.

If you dedicate your life for the sake of building the Kingdom of God, when you receive persecution from an individual person, you will be standing in the position of Abel on the worldwide level. So dedicate yourself to God, even unto death.

During the time period of dedication of seven or even 21 years, you cannot look back. If you begin to think, "Maybe I shouldn't have joined or gotten involved in doing God's will," then you will get invaded and hooked by Satan. If you have that kind of attitude, then it will require another seven years to complete the course of restoration. Even Jacob needed 21 years in order to gain his family from his uncle Laban. If you cannot fulfill in seven years, it will require a 21 year course. The Unification Church is in a 21 year course from 1960 to 1981. Even world famous historians are saying that a new era has dawned since 1960.

The third True Parents

S ome of your ancestors may have killed their own parents; some killed their brothers; there are many kinds of people in your lineage. There has been killing among clans for many thousands of years. At this time the past history of thousands of years of sinfulness is being manifested; everyone is becoming individualistic. God does not exist for many people and they do not care about their society or their world. All they are interested in is themselves. That is the condition of today's world.

All of you are influenced by this, too. Generally speaking, the more developed a nation becomes, the more individualistic it becomes. Individualism is the locomotive that pulls everything to Satan's side. The individualistic world is the archangelic world. The more a society becomes individualistic, the more people lose touch with the nation, the family and God. The world is disintegrating through self-centeredness and individualism.

Therefore, in order to walk the path of indemnity we must go from the level of the individual, to the family, clan and tribe. We need at least 12 families to create a clan. The clan then multiplies into a tribe and into a people. After establishing one tribe, you aim for the creation of a nation. In the fallen world, God's people have to win over another people to establish their own nation. That is the way of restoration. But in order for God's nation to come about, God's people have to break through the dominion of the satanic realm. In the satanic world, a new nation cannot be born unless a ruling group is overcome by another group.

Likewise, the course of restoration goes the same path. One people of God has to be created in the midst of the satanic world, which can gain victory in the face of those who oppose them, in order to create the new nation of God's principle. In the same way, Jesus could have created an excellent nation, surpassing any nation in the satanic world, which could have subjugated the Roman Empire, which was Cain on the worldwide level. That would have been the final point in the providence of God.

Jesus was the second true man, sent by God to the world to become a true parent, due to the fall of the first parents. At this time, we have to restore the failure to receive that second parent, in order to receive the third parents in a victorious way. In order to achieve a victory, the second parent was supposed to completely restore the failure of the first parents, Adam and Eve. But Jesus had to die without doing that. That is why the providence had to be postponed to the third time. Christ at the Second Coming is in the position of the third parent. He must physically and spiritually restore the position of the first parents, as well as Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who came as the second parents.

It is necessary and natural that the children have to go through the indemnity course. The reason the restoration of Cain and Abel is so important is that the coming of the True Parents is so important.

My speech today is entitled, "True Parents and Ourselves." True Parents are the embodiment of the ultimate hope in human history, as well as the ultimate victory. All the peoples of the world have to seek for this central point of historical hope. You Japanese people must not be too attached to Japan. Japan is something like an inn that you stop by on your way to the destination. The goal of history is neither the nation nor the world. The core of the providence is of course to save the world, but in order to save the world, the Parents of goodness have to establish the perfect foundation on this earth. Without the True Parents, there is no way to save the nation and the world in a perfect way.

Therefore, what is the true hope of history? It is not for a nation or even the world, but it is for the True Parents. You really must understand this very clearly. You cannot be nationalistic or hold on to your own world view. Even though you may have concern about your own race, you are allowed to do so only after you have inherited the lineage of the True Parents. Only after you inherit the blood lineage of the True Parents can you create your own clan, your society. Without receiving the True Parents, nothing can be accomplished. Please understand this very clearly.

The Japanese Unification Church does not have a mission just for the sake of the nation of Japan. You may think that your country will become the central country of the world; all people want that for their own country because they want the very best for their country. But merely wishing will not bring about the goal. With that viewpoint, there is no hope for the country; darkness will come instead. People will realize when they come to a dead end that they made a wrong decision and will have to turn around. But in order to turn around, they will have to use a new method and find a new way.

God has been using the Unification movement to push those who don't know the way toward perfection through restoration, beginning with the individual and through the clan and the nation. Democracy cannot save the world and neither can communism. But they keep on going, and as they do, they experience more and more confusion and chaos. So they have to realize that they do not know the way to go. Everybody, including the people at the top and those at the bottom of society, has to go back to the original point to find the new direction. God wants to establish the foundation for the restoration of the individual, clan, society and nation behind the scenes, while the world is going through this confusion and mess. He wants to make the bridge for the world to come to the level of the foundation for restoration.

But when the people of the world finally realize that this is the only way and they rush this way all of a sudden, that might be the most difficult time in history. Why is that? Because when everyone wants to follow the way of the Unification Church, there might be many accidents as they crash together! People will desperately want to get in, but we will say that nobody can get in without a permit. That kind of time will come.

Embodiment of victory

W hen you observe the reality of the world around us, you can see without a doubt that these are truly the Last Days. The Unification Church members have learned that the world will become like this. But the True Parents are not like some rich and famous parents in one of your villages. Though there are masters or leaders in every nation, like the emperor of Japan, they are only temporary, like the innkeepers of a hotel in which you stay overnight. In order to unite the world and mankind into one, we must welcome our True Parents. The True Parents are the embodiment of the historical hope. By paying the indemnity for everything, they embody the victory for everything. You have to realize this. You cannot replace the True Parents with all of America.

Those who contributed to the providence of God in the past are all in spirit world; you people living now did not accomplish this. Those people in spirit world are also seeking the True Parents. But they cannot have a direct connection with the True Parents at this time; access to the True Parents is limited to those people on the earth. Those who have gone to the spirit world play the role of the angels. Therefore, the people here in the physical world who receive their aid are equivalent to the world of Adam and Eve at the time of creation.

In order to prepare for the True Parents to come, many people have been mobilized for the restoration through indemnity. Because the archangel fell, the realm of the archangels must be restored for the sake of Satan, the fallen archangel. Therefore, those spirit persons who have restored the realm of the archangels can be regarded as the archangels in the realm of servants. Not only the spirit persons but also you yourselves are in the position of the archangel. The mission of the archangel has been carried out by three main religions. An example is Islam, whose symbol is the Koran in the left hand and the sword in the right hand. This doesn't reach the essence of religion. It is a Cain-like religion.

The main three religions can be considered to be three archangels. In that realm, Jesus is taking the central role. So the time has come when, in our battle against Satan, Jesus can be the great general to drive out the satanic spirits, and we can establish a foundation on earth. The Blessing has been given now to Christ, and the Blessing has been given also to the people in the position of Cain. Through this, for the first time on the earth, we established the victorious foundation to be able to drive out satanic spirits, by mobilizing all the spirits who can influence people on the earth. In that way we can bring those who are under the control of Satan closer to the direction of God.

In a short period of time, the world will turn around. So far there have been numerous religions, each going through a difficult path. But that was the preparation to establish the foundation for the True Parents to be born. The True Parents are the perfected Adam and Eve; therefore everybody who was born before them is in the position of archangel. That is why all the religious movements which were born prior to the Unification Church are in the archangelic position. Therefore, isn't it wonderful to be in the Unification Church? Although you may be persecuted for being in the church, what you have here is very wonderful.

You may be just a tiny bird but you will gradually grow up to become an eagle; you will have many feathers and you will be able to fly. You can fly all over the world and see it all beneath you. Because you are just a tiny baby right now, many things could shake you; but after you grow and we are able to establish one nation, nothing will be able to shake you.

To establish that one nation, we don't choose from just one race; we will mobilize all the races of mankind, all over the world, including black, white and yellow people. For that reason, the nation of America has been chosen as an archangelic nation. America has had 200 years of blessing. In 1976, the nation of America will celebrate its bicentennial. But the blessing of America has a 200 year limit. It is the Principle point of view that a crisis will come to America after the year 1976. Without God, America could not have become such a leading nation in the world within 200 years. Her 200 year history symbolizes the indemnity of the 2,000 years of Christianity.

America has developed herself as a world power and transcends nationality and race. Thus the Japanese people can immigrate and become part of the American people instantly. America is to become the Kingdom of God in the future. Soon you will be able to get into the Kingdom of God and work as the people of that nation. If Christianity had welcomed and united with me, it would have been restored as the realm of Abel at once. However, established Christianity persecuted me and struck the side of God; therefore, it was vulnerable to be struck by Satan. This is why communism was able to gain power and attack the Christian world.

The People's Republic of China is standing in the position of satanic Eve. Japan, who is in the position of Eve on God's side, restored itself economically to the worldwide level in the past 20 years; likewise Red China, in the position of satanic Eve, became a part of the world scene in 20 years. In 1950, the United Nations condemned Red China as an invader. But after 20 years, she was accepted in the United Nations and came back to the world scene as a welcomed nation. The reputation and treatment of Red China was completely reversed in just 20 years.

We can look at the Unification Church from that point of view; we may go the same path within 20 years. The second seven year course will end in 1974. It is the Principle point of view that the Unification Church will come to the worldwide level after the second seven year course is over. In that time period, the world will go through a lot of turmoil. Centered on Japan, America and Soviet Russia and Red China will struggle against each other In that kind of turmoil, the one who has to row the boat and bring it into harbor is the Unification movement. We are trying to survive and not be shipwrecked. The person who controls the boat is the True Father. The world has been influenced by the standard of the True Parents. Everything in God's providence has been influenced by the standard of the True Parents. God Himself needs the True Parents. Without them, terrible things could happen. The True Parents are the highest hope for God. The outside world doesn't realize what a wonderful world is contained within the Unification Church, the world of the True Parents.

Necessity of True Parents

W e can come to the conclusion that every one of you needs the True Parents. I know this principle very well, even though you don't. How much do you need True Parents? Although God is an omnipotent God, do you know how much God needs True Parents? He needs them absolutely. How much do you think those billions of spirits that are in the spirit world need True Parents? They need True Parents absolutely. Until True Parents are born on the earth, the spirit persons in the archangelic world must do everything they can to help the earth. They will be in tears, waiting for God to send the True Parents. The mission of the archangel is to pioneer the way of indemnity. Before Adam was perfected, the archangel fell. That is why we have to establish the sphere of archangels who are perfected and who did not fall in the providence of God. When we talk about restoration, it is not only the restoration of Adam and Eve; we have to restore the archangel as well.

From now on, we will have the foundation to go forward into the future without sadness and mourning. There will be no foundation of indemnity to sigh about or moan about. Your descendants will be in a wonderful position. Actually, there is a deadline. Those who didn't enter the Unification movement by a certain time will cry with so many tears that their eyes will hurt. In God's providence, there is always a conditional time period. That is why the first, second and third seven year courses are very important. All of you have to realize this.

To be united with the True Parents, each one of you has to cleanse your past sins on your own. If you have a lot of past sins, it will be difficult. Please cleanse all of your past sins very quickly. Those who have sins cannot be united with the True Parents. You have to cleanse the historical sins first. You have to cleanse the stains in your blood lineage which were inherited historically from your ancestors. You have to examine yourself in the course of your life of faith in the church and compare it with the course of God's providence. You have to repent for whatever wrongs you did, and cleanse yourself of them. Then you can become the ancestors of goodness for the future. In order to become the ancestors of goodness, you cannot leave any burden of your sins to your descendants. If you become an ancestor who leaves a burden of sins to your descendants, you won't be able to enter the realm where our True Parents can take dominion.

The blessed families in the Unification movement have to indemnify everything and start anew. You can be the proud ancestor in the eyes of your descendants because you are pioneering the way of indemnity earlier than anyone else in the course of restoration. You are shouldering the indemnity for the racial and national levels. If one true nation is established for the first time in history, then real peace on the earth and eternal peace in spirit world will be created. At that time, we will be the target of attention of the whole world. All of you have to cleanse all the sins of the past, as well as the present, not for just your own sake but for the sake of your descendants. The best way to cleanse the sins from the past is to fight against Satan. That is the first condition — you have to be the person who can win over Satan. You have to diminish the power of Satan to the point that he cannot come after you anymore. You have to make Satan give up on you. That is what the Principle teaches us.

The Principle teaches you what condition is necessary to subjugate Satan. You make Satan surrender in the satanic world by taking three people in the Cain position and raising them up to be willing and dedicated protectors. The archangel was supposed to risk his life to protect Adam before the fall. Also, the disciples were supposed to protect Jesus to that extent. The position of the true victorious Cain is not achieved when he runs away at the time of hardship, as did the disciples when Jesus was to be crucified.

The true spiritual children cannot be the kind of people who run away from the situation when it gets rough. They have to shield you at the risk of their lives. The spiritual children are the people who must stand up for you, even at the time of crucifixion. They are the three archangels who gain the victory. You must raise up such people. Doing that is actually three or seven times more difficult than raising your own children.

Restoration of love

W ho began false love? It began from the archangel, Satan. In order to restore that love, you have to take it away from the satanic archangel by loving your spiritual children In the archangelic position and by bringing them back to God as True Parents have done. By loving your spiritual children first and by then loving your own physical children, your position as parents can be restored. That love has to be taken back from the satanic domain. Satan took it away from God and you have to reverse that process. You must seek out and gain spiritual children from the satanic sphere, raising them up to be in the victorious archangelic position; they must unite with you completely. Then you can establish the position to love them as God loves them.

Because of the corruption of love in the fall, we lost true love. Thus we have to have the love which is way beyond any fallen standard. How much do you think we should love our spiritual children? You have to love them much more than fallen parents love their own physical children. Otherwise, you will not be able to restore them. Fallen parents have the love of fallen people for their children and you have to have a love of a higher standard than theirs. Without that, you won't be able to pull your spiritual children out of the satanic realm.

Because they were pulled away from God by love, people have to be pulled back by love. Only upon the victorious foundation of loving your spiritual children can you love your own physical children. This is the formula. I have been living that way throughout my life. Even if you have your own physical children, you should not live together with them unless your spiritual children are restored.

At the time of Jesus, God wanted man to restore that standard of love. God wanted to see the spiritual children of Jesus who were willing to go with him to the cross. In the same way, you must establish the foundation of raising up spiritual children who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of your physical children. Without that, you won't be able to love your own physical children. There is nothing more valuable than spiritual children.

If each of you, in Adam and Eve's position, restores three spiritual children, we are talking about eight people all together. Then you will be able to establish the restored foundation for Adam's family with God's love. But they all come from the fallen world; none of them are born from the original love of God. The original world belongs to those who are born from the original love of God. The era of perfection will come only through the children who are born through the love of God.

Then a blessed family will establish Parent's Day for their own family. They will also establish their own Children's Day and Day of All Things. Finally, they have to establish God's Day. I am responsible for the worldwide level, but your mission is to gain the victory up to the level of the nation, through clans and tribes. You may not have realized how difficult the work of restoration was. Because of this difficulty, God has had to work for 6,000 biblical years. There has been no one in history who could understand this formula in such a precise way.

Because the fall of man was brought about by human beings, restoration and indemnity have to be done by people, too. It is the Principle that those who commit crimes have to indemnify their crimes by themselves. The first parents became fallen, false parents; because of that, mankind needs the True Parents. Otherwise, there is no way for history to go back to God. The ones who bring the solution for the whole restoration are the True Parents. The True Parents cannot be replaced, even by a million or a billion other people.

You have to be able to say, "I will risk my life serving the True Parents." Jesus declared the same thing in the Bible when he said, "Whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." That is the starting point, the turning point. Those in the Unification Church who want to be happy will not be able to find happiness unless you feel, "Before I can be happy, my Parents have to be happy." Unless you think like this, your own happiness can never come to you. You have to feel, "Unless God becomes happy, nothing in the universe can be happy."

In order to indemnify your sins according the Principle, you must cleanse your past as well as your present sins. You have to straighten yourself out by the Principle. The most dreadful thing you can be told in the Unification Church is, "Don't witness." The most dreadful thing is if you cannot bring your own spiritual children. On the other hand, that is the most desirable thing for Satan.

The tearful way

D o you want your own physical children? Do you need physical children? Without them, mankind will perish. Nothing will remain after you are gone. It is the natural formula to become parents and then pass your life on for the sake of the future. That is why people get married — in order to leave behind descendants. But if you cannot love your spiritual children, you have no right to love your physical children. That is the way of restoration.

In order to subjugate Satan, you cannot be forgiven by just asking, "Heavenly Father, please forgive me." You have to shed tears in order to return to God. You have to feel pain of your face swollen from crying. You even have to feel the pain in your stomach. This is the realistic situation. You have to shed tears in repentance for your sins. That is very important for each one of you. We have to go this way not just for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of our country and for the sake of the world. We cannot escape the path of suffering in order to gain victory over the nation. We cannot escape from struggle, either on the internal level or the external level.

The Unification Church has to go this way from the individual level, the family level, to the clan and national level. You have to realize that, before our time, much sacrificial indemnity was paid by the many Christians who shed their blood and tears for God's providence. You do not know how many tears the True Parents have shed. But you cannot help shedding tears if you realize that the True Parents are still in that difficult position. The situation of the True Parents is also the situation of God.

You have committed your sins in the past and the present and you might weep because of that, but you haven't felt repentance deeply enough. After repentance, you should cry tears of deepest gratitude because you are going back to God to be restored. Without such tears, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

This is the way that God and mankind can meet. If you lost the True Parents, you would surely feel deep pain. God had a tearful heart when His son, Jesus, had to go the way of death. Then he sent the third Adam, the Second Coming of Christ. God has been centering His providence on Christianity for the past 2,000 years. The history of Christianity has always been a history of shedding blood. There has been great persecution against Christians everywhere.

Holy Wedding

B efore I performed the Holy Wedding in 1960, I held the engagement ceremony for three families among the 36 Couples. And at the time of the Holy Wedding, I also gave the Blessing to those families. That signifies the condition being set for Peter, James, and John, to stand in God's ideal realm, centering upon Jesus. The victorious, inseparable foundation was made. But we received the most severe persecution and opposition at that time.

Jesus was persecuted by the nation, by the priests, by everyone. Unless we are in the same situation as Jesus was, the restoration cannot be done. This is why the entire Korean nation was mobilized to persecute us. The entire nation and the entire people tried to destroy the Unification Church, but we were not destroyed. Until the day before the Holy Wedding, people kept writing letters to the department of state security and the police requesting the arrest of Reverend Moon. But in cooperation with President Hyo Won Eu in 1960, the Holy Wedding was held. The environment was like a battleground, not a peaceful kind of setting to return joy and glory to God. It was a real battle. We held the Wedding while hearing voices opposing us from outside the gates. By doing this, the Unification Church gained the victory in the midst of battle. Good won over evil. If we had not done so, God couldn't have rejoiced.

With the three families, we have established the foundation which Jesus wanted to establish 2,000 years ago. The three families are the central families which indemnify everything in history.

In this period, I have to indemnify everything from the time of the first Adam and the second Adam. My mission is to indemnify the completion spheres of the Old Testament age, the New Testament age, and the Completed Testament age. Therefore, I cannot ignore history, particularly from Adam's family to Jacob. At the time of Jacob, the sphere of the adopted son finally began. Centering on the sphere of Israel, the Messiah could be sent. Before the sphere of the chosen people there was the sphere of the adopted son. Before that, there was the sphere of the servant. In restoration through indemnity, I have to indemnify the age of the servant and the age of the adopted son. I have to indemnify all of history.

History includes, first of all, the course from Adam's family through Noah to Jacob's family. The extension of Jacob's course was Moses' course. The extension of Moses' course was Jesus' course. Therefore, the first foundation was Jacob's and that was the foundation of the adopted son. Before the Israelites could welcome the true son, they had to go through the age of indemnity on the racial level. The person who represented this age was Moses.

The Israelites had to gain victory on the racial level, not just on the family level. The people of Israel were sent to Egypt and they had to create the victorious foundation. Moses' course was the foundation of racial victory which inherited Jacob's victory on the family level. In Jesus' age, the national foundation was created, which was the enlargement of the racial level. This is the way history develops; the most important thing is the restoration of all of history.

The first 12 families symbolize the Old Testament age, the second. 12 families symbolize the New Testament age, and the third 12 families symbolize the Completed Testament age. The Old Testament age families symbolized those who had been married before God's blessing. The New Testament age families symbolized those who wished to be married but could not be. The Completed Testament age is the age when God's desire for the Blessing is completed.

The starting point is the family. God dispensation of restoration traced back to the age of Jacob. Jacob's age was the age of suffering. I must first restore the level of servant and the level of adopted son. The national level of the sphere of the adopted son was the time period from Moses to Jesus. The true son — Jesus — did not totally succeed. He was standing in the position which symbolizes three things — servant, adopted son and true son. My victory is not only for one generation. It is the perfection of the family that encompasses three ages.

The 36 Couples restore Adam's family and the 12 generations centering upon Cain and Abel up until Noah. They also restore Noah's family and the 10 generations centering upon Noah up until Abraham, extended to 12 generations through Isaac and Jacob. The righteous ancestors between the ages of Noah and Abraham could not have established this age if they had been taken by Satan. In Jacob's family, for the first time, the individual level was restored vertically. Jacob's 12 families were the first ones to restore the formation and the growth stages on the earth.

What is the significance of the 36 Couples? It is as if our ancestors came to earth again with physical bodies and got the victory they did not accomplish before in the course of restoration. As the result of their victory, they have indemnified the heartistic aspect of history, which had been stained by Satan. From the point of view of restoration, the perfected man must be The one who has inherited the blood lineage of God, that is, God's heart. The ancestors of mankind should have established such a standard. Now the victorious restored human ancestors are the 36 Couples.

Foundation to unite Cain and Abel

T hen what are the 72 Couples? In order to restore the family completely, Cain and Abel families must become one. In order for Adam and Eve to be restored before God perfectly, they must stand on the foundation of unity between Cain and Abel. The position of Adam and Eve is the position of parents. For the position of the parents to stand in front of God perfectly, they must first restore the foundation of Cain and Abel. The 36 Couples stand in the position of ancestors. The ancestors must stand on the foundation of a family in which Cain and Abel became one. And the Cain and Abel aspects of the 36 Couples are the 72 Couples. The 72 Couples correspond to the 70 disciples of Jesus. The 72 Couples become the foundation in which the sphere of indemnity on the earth is completed.

Since Cain and Abel's family became one centering upon the ancestors' family through the Blessing of the 72 Couples, we completed the restoration required in the family level in history. By this Blessing, for the first time on the earth, both stages centered upon God were established on the earth. And if we line up the three stages of restored families, they become the four position foundation, centering upon God. Therefore, the center of the standard could be established. By the victorious unity of the 36 Couples and 72 Couples, the central point of God's dispensation has been determined. Since they have accomplished the victorious realm of the central ancestors, restoration could be achieved horizontally.

Centering upon this standard, the Blessing of 124 Couples was performed. After the crucifixion of Jesus, at the Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came down. At that time, 120 disciples gathered, united and prayed. As a result, they could welcome the Holy Spirit, who could come only on the level of the nation. This is the foundation of a spiritual national level. Therefore 120 symbolizes 120 nations.

We were establishing these foundations until around 1967 to 1968. There is no accidental indemnity in history. Everything is worked out internally and externally through significant numbers. The number 124 symbolizes the world's nations, the formation stage of the world level. The Blessing of 124 Couples means the foundation of the ideal family, combining everything into one. The number was originally 120; however I added four more couples. The four couples represent families who were already married. If I had not done so, married couples could not have found the way to go back to God's Kingdom. So there were 124 families, including four blessed families who symbolize the gates of east, west, north, and south.

Until now, religions have been longing to fulfill ideal family relationships. But actually, religions have encouraged the single life. The ideal of the family appeared for the first time in this age, and has been expanding to the national and worldwide levels. When the victorious foundation is extended horizontally, it becomes the 124 Couples.

Jesus' three apostles, 12 apostles, 70 disciples, and 120 disciples could not form ideal families of God on the earth and they all passed away. When we restore them by paying indemnity on the earth we can complete the sphere of the first Adam and the second Adam on the earth. Since all material things were lost through the fall of man, we had the task of choosing 120 Holy Grounds on the world level in 1965 through which all things can return to God's side. We dedicated Holy Grounds through praying and implanting stones and soil from Korea in them. Without the foundation for all things, the stage of God's activity could not be set. The 120 Holy Grounds established the foundation of the victory of 40 years centered upon 40 nations; they became the foundation for the True Parents' victory on the world level. By the establishment of 120 Holy Grounds in 40 nations, the way to restore all things and reach heaven was opened on the world level.

The first seven year course ending in October 1967 laid the perfect foundation for fulfilling the purpose of creation. In 1968, standing in the victorious position of unity with God and with the True Parents, we could establish God's Day. So in seven years we welcomed God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and The Day of All Things. By paying indemnity we could return to the original position and enter into the worldwide era.

Conditions to connect the world

C entering upon me, members are trying to do their best in every country of the world. You Japanese cannot establish your condition as an Eve nation unless you work hard wholeheartedly for three years by uniting material things, yourself, and heart, and by restoring the victorious foundation which I created in the Adam nation. The Unification Church of Japan must indemnify on the national level Jesus' inability to welcome Eve in his three year course. Before this time, I never gave orders to the Japanese members. After the three year course, I am thinking about building apartment houses to solve housing problems for the blessed families and other practical things. We must solve many things by 1974.

The Blessing of 430 Couples set the conditions to connect the world. Prior to the 430 Blessing we indemnified things within the Unification Church in Korea. However, we had not yet established the indemnity condition on the national level. For this purpose of national redemption the Blessing of 430 Couples was held. That Blessing fell on the 4,300th year of Korean history; 430 also corresponds to the 430 years the Israelites suffered in Egypt. I longed to restore the ideal of the liberation of the people of Israel.

Blessing 430 couples opened the way for the entire people of Korea to be able to stand on God's will. It is the path to fulfill ideal family relationships. The way centered on the individual ideal is not the focus for religion today. We, in the Unification Church, must spread the ideal of the family throughout the entire nation and must pay the historical, substantial indemnity in one generation.

Four and three become 12 when multiplied and seven when added. The number four corresponds to the east, west, north and south. The number three symbolizes the formation, growth, and completion stages. Since I made the national standard, I had to create the foundation for ideal families in foreign countries as well. In 1969, during the second world tour, I blessed 43 Couples and connected Korea to the world. These 43 Couples from 10 nations expanded the ideal of the family to the world.

The world will move ahead step by step by entering into the fortune of the Unification Church. In 1970, I blessed 777 Couples. It would be no good if I gave only Koreans the Blessing. That was the first Blessing for 777 families on the world level held in Korea. Centering upon the ideal of the family, the way was opened for any nation in the world to return to God and share in the fortune of the Unification Church. It doesn't matter whether nations to the north or south or on the left or right come against us. We will continue to multiply.

Theoretically speaking, we no longer even have to witness. Without witnessing the world could still be restored. We could take everybody to one state in America. It is not necessary to sweat, to shed blood and to do such hard work. We could have children, form a new race, and establish the national level. A nation will naturally come about. Our children will be blessed and the foundation of the new blood lineage will spread beyond the race and beyond the nation.

In the future we can assemble blessed families and educate them to overcome differences between East, West, North or South. I am thinking about creating schools for blessed children as well, from kindergarten through college. A blessed child's highest desire will be to study in his homeland. If Japanese parents create such schools, it will be their greatest historical pride. Then the new culture, and the new world will be born.

We have had to go the way of indemnity on the world level centering upon the True Parents. You have completed the standard of indemnity on the world level internally and externally, although you were not aware of it. I have raised the flag before the world. Even if I died now, I have completed what Jesus left unfulfilled. Even if I die, God's world will certainly overcome the satanic world. The world is my stage, and it is my destiny from now on to go the untrodden worldwide course.

After all, the True Parents are the perfected Adam and Eve, and they must perfectly restore the standard of the first parents who failed, and complete the standard of the second parents which Jesus began. Jesus made only the spiritual foundation, not the world level foundation. I am opening the unification realm on the world level both spiritually and physically. In three years, if we unite and work hard in Japan, Japan will become a country which is recognized by the world. As the Eve nation, Japan will develop substantially from now. In order to bring this about we have mobilized the crusade team and we need to train members quickly. Japan represents a woman of loyalty and filial piety. If I have to worry about her she cannot fulfill her mission for me. It will be embarrassing if we become unstable people. Those who vacillate are not reliable people to God. Therefore, never change.

Standing on such a wonderful foundation of historical victory, what else would you want? You must distribute the treasures you have gained to the world, and you must be proud of yourselves as beings of unlimited value. Become people whom God can trust. With such a confidence, you will have no hesitations. From now on, don't waver. If you are confident, raise your hands. I believe in you.