God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The Significance of July 1, 1973

July 1,1973
Tarrytown, New York

T oday is July 1, 1973. This is also a holy day, Sunday. It is also a most significant day for us as members of the Unification Church. This morning at five a.m. in the main house, there was an assembly of blessed couples and the leaders of our church from many nations and states. We had a significant ceremony and a message was given to them. I would like to give you the same message.

My subject today concerns July 1, 1973, in relation to the current three year period in America. The years 1972, 1973 and 1974 are the last part of the second seven year period in the second 21 year course of our dispensation The first 21 year course of the dispensation was the personal course. Most of this speech refers to the second 21 year course, the course of the parents, which overlapped the first course. This is a very rare, very important and vital opportunity for us, that I have come to America so that we can work together here in this country. You and I started this three year course together in America in 1972. In order to make this three year course possible, I already went through the first seven year course from 1961 to 1967, and I also passed through the first four years of the second seven year course, 1968 through 1971.

We learn from the Principle that history repeats itself in expanded versions. Because Jesus did not complete his mission 2,000 years ago, the pattern of history has to be repeated in our time, and we have to pay the indemnity for people's failure at the time of Jesus. We are in a position to consummate his mission.

From the Principle, we have learned that the Messiah cannot come through an independent nation, nor can he come in a glorious way. Jesus came to accomplish the dispensation, standing upon the foundation of Jewish faith and the nation of Israel. However, the Jewish people failed him and the nation did not accept him. Jesus did not complete his mission, and the nation of Israel and the Jewish people were dispersed. Therefore, the base upon which the mission of Jesus had to operate was lost. God has since prepared a similar foundation upon which the Messiah can come and complete the mission of Jesus. God has been seeking a similar nation — a nation of suffering — for the base of the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Korea as chosen nation

F or this position, Korea was chosen. The geography of both Israel and Korea and the characteristics of their peoples are similar. Korean history has been repeating the pattern of the struggle between Cain and Abel in various forms. Korea has been attacked throughout history by foreign powers, but never attacked another nation herself. She has struggled both internally and externally. Korea also had the fate of being annexed and subjugated by Japan for 36 years. Those 36 years of tribulation endured by the Korean people were symbolically equivalent to the 400 years of Christian tribulation in Rome, and to the 400 years prior to the coming of Jesus when internal and external confusion were great. In order to compensate and pay indemnity for this period, Korea had to pass through 40 years of tribulation.

As you know, Japan was a nation which worshipped a female god. It is also very significant in the light of the dispensation that Japan has made such remarkable advancement in the last 120 years. Japan has moved up to the top of the world as a first class nation in 120 years' time. However, while Japan was making external advancement to the top of the world, Korea was developing internally or spiritually. First, Korea embraced 80 years of Christian history, then 40 years of tribulation — altogether going through a course of 120 years.

Ever since the struggle of Cain and Abel when Cain slew Abel, history has been dominated by Cain. In this situation, the nation of Japan was in Cain's position and the nation of Korea was in Abel's. Hence, Japan's subjugation of Korea for 40 years in terms of the Cain and Abel positions was fitting. When a new history began in the light of the dispensation, the following 40 years is the period in which Abel subjugates and controls Cain in reverse. In 1960, the Holy Wedding marked the beginning of another 40 year period. God plans to especially make the 20 years between 1960 and 1980 a period of total advancement for the heavenly dispensation.

The 20 years between 1960 and 1980 is symbolically equivalent to the 2,000 years of history since Jesus. It is also symbolically equivalent to the total of 6,000 years of fallen history. The history of God has been divided into three distinct parts. This is equivalent to formation, growth and perfection through three stages: 2,000 years pre-Old Testament, 2,000 years Old Testament, and 2,000 years since Jesus. This is a total of 6,000 years. It is God's plan to have this vertical history of 6,000 years restored horizontally in 20 years by the payment of indemnity. Therefore, in this 20 years, every phenomenon which occurred in the 6,000 years of history must recur either symbolically or directly. Therefore, this 20 years is a time of unprecedented confusion and chaos, and the situation will develop in a totally unexpected fashion.

In the time of the Old Testament, people offered sacrifices through animals. During the New Testament, man (the son) became the sacrifice. Then, in the last part of the history, the consummation or the True Parents have to be in the position to pay indemnity. The beginning point of the new history is the appearance of the True Parents. The history of the Unification Church also began at that point. The entire vertical history now is to be enacted horizontally at one time, to be indemnified and then restored.

The age of the True Parents

The first part of God's history stressed denying the material, because the material — the things of the creation — were sacrificed at that time. Therefore, in the first years of our movement, we emphasized the denial of material things. Later, in the second stage, we emphasize the sacrifice of man and the son, or denial of self. The final stage is the time for the Parents to pay the indemnity. Therefore, the True Parents are in a position to go through untold tribulation in that final period. The history of restoration can be consummated only by having the True Parents pay the entire debt. So I have to be in a position to negate, to deny everything. When I am in the sight of God, I am in the position of plus or subject, and my family is in the position of minus or object. So my family has to suffer, as the object to me. The object has to pay indemnity too.

The nation which receives the True Parents has to be in the position of object as well. That nation has to suffer. Therefore, the nation in which the messianic mission begins must be in the position of suffering and has to go through untold tribulation. That nation and all her people must be in a position of despair. Then the new hope of truth will appear to the people and the nation together. With the new acceptance of the truth, there will be new hope, new life and a new history. With the liberation of Korea in 1945, hope came to that suffering land. This year, as far as Japan was concerned, was a day of doom. But as far as Korea was concerned, this year marked a day of hope.

Therefore, it was my mission at that time to connect that new day of hope to the family, the people and the nation. In such a way God can restore His people, His nation, His tribe and His family. This is the promising situation in which Korea is placed in the position of the restored Israel. Since Israel was the nation where Jesus lost hope, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes, he will gain hope and restore his nation to order. Jesus died because the people did not have faith in him. The way we regain that lost foundation is by having hope and faith, by accepting the Lord of the Second Advent.

Christians unable to unite

I n Korea, it was very important for the Christian population to actually serve as a base on which to accept the Lord. At that particular time, every nation of great power was in a position to protect this little country of Korea. Therefore I intended to start my public ministry by developing good relations with the people in the highest positions of power But within the most important groups in Korea at that time, there were several Christian leaders who violently persecuted us, and I was thus unable to carry out my initial plan.

I am giving you a message that was never given and will not be given again — this is a unique message to you today. So I would like to ask your fullest attention.

Those Christian leaders on the highest levels not only influenced other people in the highest level, but they also influenced the entire Christian population in Korea. God's preparation was done in three years time, 1945, 1946 and 1947, until South Korea's independence in 1948, I was, on the surface, just one man, just an individual. Nobody in Korea knew of my vast historical significance. Since I knew the cause of Jesus' frustration, I developed my tactic to perfection. I developed such a wise tactic so that I would not repeat the fate of Jesus. At the same time, God knew that my path was not going to be smooth, so He prepared, in His own way, many spiritual groups who would testify to me. It was amazing to know how precisely God planned everything according to the Principle. But no matter how much God prepared the path of ministry for the Lord of the Second Advent, there was a certain period in which man had to fulfill his condition of faith just as in the time of Jesus. The Christians and the Korean government rejected me in disbelief, the same failure that happened in the time of Jesus. Therefore, I could not go through the original course. I had to alter my direction.

At the time of Jesus, the Jewish religious leaders as well as the government used their power to persecute Jesus, and they had him crucified. When this history was repeated in Korea, the Korean Christian population used its power to destroy my life. I had to face the persecution of the Christian population. When this division occurred, the nation had to be divided. Seen from this perspective, the communist invasion was inevitable. Externally I had to go up against the God-denying power of communism. God had prepared Christianity to accept the coming Lord. When it failed to fulfill this mission, the Korean Christian churches were doomed to new persecution.

Communism became strong and aggressive and began sweeping into the Christian community. The communist march has become stronger and stronger — for the purpose of destroying not only democracy, but ultimately the Christian churches and Christianity.

Meanwhile, even as communism advanced against Christianity, the Unification Church has been growing inwardly, and is now rapidly advancing. We are growing in strength parallel to the communist aggression. We are in a position to restore both the democratic ranks and the Christian churches. We have to organize sufficient strength to stand against communism.

The Holy Wedding

I n 1960, 14 years after I began my public ministry, I performed the Holy Wedding — the marriage of the Lamb that the Bible predicted. In 1960, therefore, the first heavenly family was established upon the earth. That was equivalent in significance to the very moment of the crucifixion of Jesus. Christians as well as the government together tried to destroy us in 1960, and untold phenomena occurred. Until just before the day of my Holy Wedding, there was tremendous persecution. In particular, 12 members who were the satanic imitation of the 12 disciples of Jesus banded together and tried to destroy me, even at the very moment of our Holy Wedding. There were nothing but enemies in front of me at that time. There were many people who had fallen from the church and who had become enemies.

The high peak of this time came on April 11, 1960. This was a life or death matter. Under very adverse conditions, I won the first and most important victory. I consummated the heavenly plan. This was the most historical day in the history of God. This was the day that the heavenly son came to earth, restored the base, and welcomed the first bride of heaven. Therefore, on this day God has had His first true base on the earth from which He could continue to expand — He had His one focal point.

Jesus died on the cross without having restored a bride. Therefore, the base was not formed at that time on the earth — this was restored in 1960 by having one heavenly bride restored on the earth. After his resurrection Jesus restored the spiritual foundation in 40 days. However, in our movement, I am in the position to restore both the spiritual and the physical realms. Therefore, the history of the Unification Church began at the time of the Holy Wedding. From that day, the new ministry was begun and God now has His true base on the earth. Now He can open up His heart and welcome the children into His heart.

The vertical history, the formal history, has to be restored in a horizontal way. Therefore, this became the new beginning of the entire restoration history, and is symbolically equivalent in importance to the time of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve never gained the opportunity to be blessed. But this is the time of the blessing of a true heavenly couple.

At the time of Jesus, God had brought restoration up to the formation stage. Through the New Testament age, God restored the growth stage. However, the perfection period was still in the domain of Satan. Therefore, we must expect difficulties, which can be divided into three separate parts — 21 years of three seven year periods consisting of hard struggle. These three seven year periods will end in 1981 — 21 years. In these 21 years, we are restoring the entire fallen history in a horizontal way.

At the time of Moses, God directly intervened in human affairs. This is almost inconsistent with the Principle because Old Testament history was only the formation period; yet God directly intervened. Why did God do this? Because He had to show His pattern to Moses, so that Jesus could follow Moses' pattern. In turn, Jesus' pattern is the pattern we have to follow. Do you understand? So this horizontal restoration — the first seven years — is equivalent to the first seven years of the formation stage in which God directly intervened to show Himself. By the same token, the leader has to show the pattern to his followers through his own example. This is the meaning of the first seven year course. In this first seven years, I had to do away with all satanic conditions, any situation that Satan could invade through. In other words, I had to eliminate all possibility of satanic persecution.

I am paying the indemnity for Jesus' followers, setting the example so that all people of the world in this time can follow and be restored. Also, my ministry is on the worldwide scale to make the link between all people and all nations. This was done through several levels of the Blessing. In the Blessing, we go beyond the boundary of nation, race, and creed, and we are able to be purely united as children of God. By 1967, this base was formed and completely consummated. The Blessing was conducted in several stages, the most recent one being the 777 Couple Blessing. All nations and races were included in the number 777, so we went beyond the national base and well into the worldwide scale. In other words, I laid the foundation for all races to be victorious because they all sent representatives to participate in this holy Blessing.

The age of establishing the family

T he second seven years is the course that the blessed family has to go. It is the age of the children. According to history, the first period is equivalent to the Old Testament era and the second seven years is equivalent to the New Testament era. Jesus did not restore his own people; therefore, this period is the period to restore your own people — your own family, tribe and nation. Jesus could not have his own people because he did not have his own family. Therefore, he could not truly fulfill as a son. In our time we already have heavenly couples all over the country, and these people are in the position that Jesus never attained. We are in the position to restore our own family, tribe and nation.

To set out on his public ministry, Jesus had to give up everything — including his own family, mother and brothers. So in order to restore the family in the first seven years, I also had to disregard my own people. I passed through the first seven year period of the first 21 year course, which started in 1947, with the same spirit as Jesus: "Those who are doing the will of God are my brothers and sisters." No blood relationship could be considered important to me. Because I laid the foundation for the first seven years in this fashion — which is the foundation upon which you are blessed — you are in a most fortunate position. You can reach out to your own family members. You can preach the gospel to your family: your mother, sisters, aunts and relatives. The eventual purpose of restoration is to restore the heavenly family. In order to go out and preach to strangers, it is far better to have first preached the gospel to the people nearest you, which is the heavenly family. So I urge you to reach out to your own parents and people.

However, in my time there was no such opportunity. The first seven years of the first 21 year course was the period of utmost tribulation. There was no family around me. l went into North Korea where there was severe persecution, and I had only strangers to work with. When I was released from the prison in North Korea, I could have visited my parents, who were within one hour's drive. However instead I sought out strangers, and at that time I permanently parted from my family. Since then my beloved mother, who loved me most, and my beloved elder brother became the victims of communism and were never seen again. I denied them and sought strangers. You came, and therefore I came to meet you.

This is the history of the Unification Church. The first seven years of the first 21 year course is that part of the history of the Unification Church during which I went through tremendous tribulation. During the first five years of the second seven year course, 1968 to 1972, I was doing my very best to restore some form of national sovereignty in Korea before I came to America.

The Unification Church is in the Abel position, and established Christians are in the Cain position. In order to win Cain over in a wise way, I wanted to restore a certain position for our national influence in Korea. There are many existing churches in Korea, but by comparison, the only living church is the Unification Church. I am proud of this. Two thousand years ago, Jesus was placed in the position of the enemy, and they nailed him to the cross. But in my time in Korea, I welcomed persecution. I taught the Principle and brought many people to the truth. There were many ministers who came to our church. In other words, the Christian church came into a position to follow us.

Linking the nations

I also prepared a great movement linking Korea, Japan and China. Korea is in Adam's position. Therefore, unless Adam links together with his neighbors in a friendly manner, the worldwide dispensation cannot begin. I have never neglected Japan or Free China, and I have done my very best to win them over, to form a beautiful bond. I linked all three nations together internally and spiritually.

In other words, before I came here to America, I paid all my dues — all indemnity that I owed. I fulfilled my part completely for Korea, Japan and Free China. I gave tremendous advice to Free China. If Free China had followed my advice consistently, she would never have been expelled from the United Nations. I gave advice to Generalissimo Chang Kai Shek through Mr. Kuboki, the Unification Church leader in Japan. Since I am in Adam's position, I cannot deal with that country directly. Free China is in the archangel's position; therefore, I had to use Eve — Japan. The Japanese are faithfully following my directions, and are attacking the enemy sovereignty with their tears and blood. I created this atmosphere by 1971 — this was destined to be, and I have done it. Now my chance has arrived to land in America, since I have done my part in Asia. Even though Free China did not follow my advice and failed, I remained in a victorious position because it was not my responsibility to fulfill — it was Free China's responsibility to follow my advice.

I completed my responsibility in that part of the world, and I was ready to come to America. If Free China is in the position of archangel in the formation stage, America is in the position of archangel in the growth stage. So, the final battleground I have chosen is here in America. America is in the heavenly archangel position, and the battle between the heavenly archangel and satanic archangel, which is communism, must be fought in this land and won on this ground, here in America. The satanic archangel is strong and victorious in many areas, and the communists are proclaiming the ideal nation, their "heavenly kingdom" on earth. Therefore, in 1972 I came to America and a new phase of the dispensation began. I am now here and the showdown is imminent. I have to be here to prepare the heavenly archangel to stand against the satanic archangel, and it is America, not the communists, who have to proclaim the Heavenly Kingdom. Jesus went through three years of public ministry — the confrontation was made during these three years. My public ministry in Korea likewise was a showdown and was completed in three years. Also here in America there will be a showdown in these three years — 1972, 1973 and 1974. These three years are the most critical period of battle — the second year is the most critical, as Jesus' frustration came in the second part of Jesus' ministry. Whether we do it right or wrong in the second year of this ministry will decide the entire outcome.

The dispensation in America

W hen I sent out the missionaries to America, I divided the country into two parts. To the East I sent a man, and to the West I sent a woman. Then another man came to the Western part of America to assist. The person who came to the East at that time was Bo Hi Pak, who was in Adam's position. Miss Young Oon Kim was in Eve's position in the West, and Mr. David S.C. Kim was in the archangel's position in the West. So in order for the archangel to fulfill his position in America, Eve had to come first. She is the one who prepares and lays the carpet to unite all three parts of the mission in America. However, this unity was not made, and the three were divided. This is a most critical mistake, since it meant that this nation's ministry could not be decisive in victory.

I have a master strategy to win America to God, and they did not know or truly understand my entire strategy. When I landed in America, there should have been troops to join and engage in the greatest battle ever. But that order was not there. So in the entire year of 1972, instead of engaging in the outward battle, I had to reestablish our own ranks myself. According to the Principle, I determined to have this internal reorganization and strengthen our own ranks by the end of June 1973. So prior to this meeting, I asked all the leaders in America to have a church established by the state representative in every state — maybe not substantially, but in form — and a mobile team in every state, also at least in form. This can represent the organization of the church to the whole nation. The state church center is in the internal position, and the mobile unit, the One World Crusade, is in the external position of the initiator, going out and holding rallies and spreading the message externally. It was very significant from the point of heavenly history that I came and did this, and by the end of June, which was yesterday, we arrived at that point of fulfillment.

The destiny of America, upon which the destiny of the world is hinged, depends on you as mobile unit directors and you as state representatives, if the two are able to completely become one. The state representative is in a position to represent us to all the American churches in the religious community, and the One World Crusade unit director is in the position to represent us to the power of government and the social community. Therefore, the state representative is the symbolic equivalent of the Jewish religion at the time of Jesus, and the mobile unit commander is the symbolic equivalent of the government at the time of Jesus. Jesus, the Jewish faith, and the secular community — these three united into one was to be the fulfillment. At this time the same thing is true — unity with me, the mobile unit director and the state representative is the key to victory. In the time of Jesus, if these three had become one, they would have had Jesus as their commander in chief. Then, in his lifetime, these living forces could have moved courageously toward Rome, and Rome would have been won by the heavenly forces at that time. By the same token, if 1, the mobile unit director and the state representative become one, then we can march forward.

Absolute necessity for unity

O nce we have this unity and strength here in America, then the ultimate enemy to overcome is the Soviet Union. The "March to Moscow" is going to be our motto. That new command begins today. The determination of the disciples of Jesus, when they marched toward Rome, would have been such that they would have given their lives. By this same token, our resolution today must be: "We fight with our lives to achieve the final victory." If, at the time of Jesus, with Jesus as a center, the Jewish people and the secular community had been resolved to unite into one, they would never have been scattered — they would all have become the victorious conquerors. But at the time of Jesus, that resolution was not there. Unable to risk their lives together, the people were vanquished and dispersed. Jesus had died by himself; his disciples died separately. When they did not unite with Jesus, they lost the most fortunate opportunity, to live or die for God — which is the true way to live. Jesus said, "He who seeks his life will lose it, but he who loses their life for my sake will find it." This tremendous promise was not fulfilled at that time.

The state representatives and mobile unit directors must realize today that we are very fortunate that God has given us this glorious moment in which we can die for the cause. Then, if we have that resolve, we will never die. The declaration of the first of July is this: "You must become absolutely one with our Father." This is the essential key for our complete victory. There is such a battle to be fought. You must make a resolve that, "I am going to be the front-line soldier, not our Father; let me do the fighting." If you do that, what you will be doing is what the key people in Israel failed to do 2,000 years ago, only now you will be doing it on the worldwide scale. Do you understand me? This is a very serious moment. Whether the heavenly nation stands or falls depends upon this very significant moment.

We have 10 nations gathered in this room: Korea, Japan, China, England, Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, Italy and America — the most important one last. We are creating here a new epoch of history — 10 nations of people gathered together in one room making one common resolve. This alone is very historical. Here we must build a firm conviction that all 10 nationalities can die together for one cause. Therefore, this is an historical moment. Who will say, "I can do that"? If you think like this, raise your hands — only the ones who are absolutely sure. In order to complete the three year course — the balance of the second seven year course — we have one year and a half to go.

I have met the leaders of this country and many senators and congressmen — about 60 — in the last year and a half. This also comes from this one course strategy and purpose in my mind. Last year, I first organized the public speaking tour of seven cities in America, and this year I will speak in 21 cities, and next year, 50 cities. Through these three years, we are going to proclaim that all the people of America must know the Principle and the coming of the Lord. This is the course of the third restoration into Canaan.

We have to save this country and its people, and lead them into Canaan together. Our ultimate goal is a march to Moscow. You must have that conviction. Communists are now pursuing their goal to win America. But this plan has to be reversed. Where will we meet this force of aggression? We will meet them in Asia — in Korea. A critical situation has developed in Asia which cannot be explained in any other way except through the Principle.

Spiritual and physical outreach

D uring these three years, I have to become correctly known to the intellectual people in America. There again the existing Christian churches may be in a position to persecute us. But even so, once the intellectual people know the truth about us, we will not be defeated; we will be the victors again. So I am making preparations to invite famous college professors from the Ivy League schools to come and learn about us. I plan to distribute our literature to the entire intellectual community of America: college professors, ministers, priests, celebrities, VIPs in all walks of life. We are going to distribute the material on Principle analysis of communism, and Unification ideology. I plan to distribute these books freely. I assume that will be more than 400,000 copies. Suppose each book costs one dollar. Already it will cost $400,000. This is an historical decision.

As Abel, what can we give to people? We have to give them the internal truth — spiritual food. We also have to give them external service. For these three years I am giving the spiritual food, the truth, myself This is the first experience in my life of speaking publicly. The stage of the coming of the Messiah is not limited to one nation or any one geographical section. He has to come on a worldwide level. His public ministry has to be on a worldwide scale. This precious three years must be fruitful. This moment is going to make the strongest impact in human history.

In our public speaking crusade, all 10 nationalities must work together as brothers. We must begin the prayer for the October crusade. Everyone must possess the conviction that we are going to win, that we must win. The entire spiritual world is with us; they are going to support us. Since we have physical bodies, we are important to them. Inwardly, I, the state representative and the mobile unit director must be united to make a core. In this way we can pay sufficient indemnity for America. In these three years, internally speaking, I will be directly giving spiritual food — the message to all people. This is a tremendous thing, really. We must deservedly win the heart of America, the public opinion of America, and then the whole world will come to us.

The victory over Goliath

I n the last seven months since my arrival here in America, many significant events have occurred. The Christian community is now declining, and democracy is falling down. But in the heavenly center, our church movement and our mobile unit crusade are now booming. In numbers we are small compared to the millions of Christians, but this group has the power to support and stop the falling of the Christian community. Our real enemy is communism. However, the American government and the Christian community are not yet on our side; we are still isolated. In a way, we are defenseless — the government, the communists, even the Christian community can attack us. But in the strength of our faith, although those powers seem to be incredible, they will not lay a finger upon you. This is equivalent to the battle of David against Goliath in the United States. I am like the shepherd in the desert to the American people.

In this vast land of America, no one really dares to say, "I am going to take the responsibility to restore this country and stop communism." No one dares to bear that responsibility, not even in the Christian community. The communist power is now growing daily and seems to be invincible. The communists say, "You God fearing country of America, how much power do you have?" Communism, as a formidable Goliath is now approaching us. America is now in the position to ask, "Where is David? Where is the man who can stand up to communism?" God, however, has things ready. David, you will remember, did not have any armaments; he was dressed humbly but he stood up to Goliath. I am sure that the communists are laughing at us because they think that the size of our Unification Church is so insignificant and our Victory Over Communism (VOC) work is so small.

However, God will persevere and wait until the very last moment when things look bad. He will persist until the very last moment. That's the way God makes His victory dramatic — He goes from extreme to extreme.

Therefore, America's David is you, the Unification Church. We are summoned. David is standing in front of Goliath. Now Goliath is laughing at David, but David, however small, knows that God is with him. He has firm belief that God is with him and has untiring faith that God's power is working within him. He never fears. With God with him, David becomes an invincible and fearless person. David is waiting for the final command from God and as soon as the command comes, he will fight with one stroke, and the decisive victory will be won. How perfectly identical our position is to that of David! However; we must be better than David. At least David had his own nation — Israel. But we do not even have our own nation. We are emerging out of our wilderness and coming into our own power.

Our battle could be even more dramatic than the battle of David. We have formed our power in the wilderness, and have come against a giant more powerful than Goliath. Our victory will be a victory for God. The command to march forward against Goliath is coming today, July 1. I only hope you are ready — in your spirit, your faith, your determination, and your well-being. We must realize what kinds of situations are waiting for us at the end of this battle. We are in a position to pay the indemnity for all the worldwide problems in the final day. If we fail this battle, if we become a defeated David, then untold tribulation is ahead for this country, the people of this world, and you. We have no way to pay, except by our blood and flesh.

We have come this far in the history of the Unification Church, making progress since 1960. We come to the present three year period and the key to victory is in your hands. The mobile unit director and state representative must unite with me. Actually, I have been waiting for this battlefield, waiting for this moment. True Parents have been waiting for this final moment of battle in order for us to go over and go beyond. We have only 18 months, and we must do our utmost best.

A matter of life or death

We are in the position to face death either way. If we retreat, death is waiting for us. If we march forward, death is also waiting for us. What shall we do? You have to decide on that point. Those who have that resolve raise your hands. This day determines whether we achieve hope for the world, or disaster for the world. This is a life or death matter, and your life or death will be decided by you on this very day. Don't worry about the surroundings. Don't worry about what the enemy looks like — these are not the factors to decide victory. The key to victory is within you; it is not external. All that I fear is that you may disobey God; I have no other fear. I am glad I am here to be able to make this proclamation, this declaration. This is already a step toward victory, since in order to make this declaration I had to make certain preparations.

I am not speaking to you at random. This is the absolute truth and the world will follow this pattern. There is no other way. The great crisis is at hand here in America. In the next seven years, up to 1978, the most catastrophic and chaotic situation will persist in America. When we've fulfilled these three years, we can turn the history of the next seven years to our favor. We can then promise new history, new hope to this land of America. In this particular period, we are doing a total restoration equivalent to the 200 years of American history. This 200 years of American history must conclude when these 20 years of our Father's life and the 20 years of the Unification Church make a most successful conclusion together. These three years, in a way, are the preparation for the final seven years which will be ended in 1981. In the Principle, you learn that all the great dispensations undergo a three year preparation. These three years are critical, and preparation is so important that this will, in fact, decide the final seven year course.

The final seven years is nothing but a straightforward pioneering path. In these three years, if America does not listen to us and follow us, then America is destined to a doomed fate, and our fate will be no better. So we have to fight this battle, and win this victory. When you look at the world situation today, don't you feel this urgency? If it is so apparent on the surface of the world, then you can well imagine how hard God has been working in order to have this opportunity ready for us. More than any other great saints who have come to America, we are here to fulfill for this country. We are doing the greatest amount for this country and for the world. Our heart is an historical heart in which 6,000 years of history have been dwelling; thus, we have to have this feeling for history. God labored so hard for 6,000 years. Now He wants to reap the final crop.

Whether you like it or not, God has given you this mission. It is now up to us to fulfill our task and win for God. Love is a two-edged sword. If we fail, the first ones to be punished will be us. As you know, in order to come to this particular mission, I walked a more miserable path than any man ever walked. There is no second chance, no way to redo it. If we fail, there is no restoration beyond us; without us, how will the world be restored? It wouldn't. God will throw out this world, because this world will be no good to God anymore. If God abandons our world, then this world will become a world of beasts in which there is no ideology, just everyone beating and fighting each other. This would continue eternally. The human race was not destined for that struggle. Truly, this is a serious moment.

Now you must think of yourself as a representative of God, as a champion of God, and willingly accept this responsibility. Let us fulfill our goals and return glory and joy to God, becoming true sons and daughters to God. This is the message of July 1, stressing the importance of these three years and the significance of today. In order to win the full love of God, we must become the victors. Shall we pray?