God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Ceremony for the Total Dissolution of Resentment

May 1, 1975
Chung Pyung Lake, Korea

W e must turn everything around, centering upon God, because that is the path of restoration. To turn everything around, we must go in the reverse direction from the past in which man fell, centering upon Satan. We must perform a ceremony of indemnity so that we can stand in the position of bride and bridegroom, form a family centering upon an original man and an original woman, and enter the national level by forming tribes and races connected to this family.

How shall we do this? There should not be any resentments against fallen man remaining on God's part. God may work to restore fallen men; however, mankind cannot truly go back to God while standing in the same position from which he caused God sorrow. Therefore, we must perform a ceremony of restoration to resolve that grudge. Furthermore, True Parents also cannot hold any grudge or resentment if they are to stand in the position of parents for the three historical ages — Adam's age, Jesus' age and the age of the Second Coming. All resentment against the world or our enemies must be resolved. God's grudge can only be resolved through those standing in the position of parents. God's grudge can only be dissolved when True Parents appear and dissolve their own grudge. Then, after the dissolution of these resentments, finally, all the resentments of the clan, tribe, nation and world can be resolved.

Restoration of the national foundation

S ince the time of Cain and Abel, the history of restoration has been preparing the foundation on the worldwide level upon which restored Adam and Eve can come. A man grows from an infant to a child and then to a youth and to an adult. Likewise, in the developing ages of restoration, the path of history has been opened by the sacrifice of many sons and daughters of God. When the national foundation is prepared, the person who becomes the Messiah must appear as a representative of the national foundation based on this standard. This providential history of restoration was centered on Israel. The person who came to gain the sovereignty centering upon Israel was Jesus, the Messiah.

Following the death of Jesus, Christianity has been working to restore this foundation for the Messiah a second time. But Christianity has only been able to lay a spiritual foundation. The mission of the Lord of the Second Coming will be to connect the spiritual foundation of Christianity to a new physical foundation. This is the mission of the Unification Church.

Therefore, up until 1972, we took the lead in Korea to set a spiritual standard by becoming the root of this nation. We had to set a heavenly example and direction regarding all national matters. The years 1973 and 1974 were the time when we needed to connect that national, physical standard with the. spiritual foundation of world Christianity. ... Since 1975, we have mobilized the entire movement in a very short period. We held the Day of Hope banquets in January, the International Blessing in February, and the One World Crusades in April. As a result of these events, I have become known to many distinguished and prominent Koreans.

This period has been one of international blessing. Certain historical indemnity had to be completely paid by the end of April this year on the lunar calendar! which is May on the solar calendar. During this period, I also appeared for the first time in front of the nation of Korea. Blessed families ultimately must appear in front of the nation and entire world, and afterwards all the members of the entire Unification Church must also appear before the world.

What kind of phenomena can be expected as a result of these big revival meetings? The entire nation must become one with us. This has been a most significant time period. If we look back at the situation centering upon Judaism, we see that the Jewish people and the Roman sovereignty united to kill Jesus. But, this time, it went the opposite way. This time, the Unification Church and Korea became united while Christianity remained opposed. This is historically very important. That this kind of thing could happen meant that we were going beyond what was needed in accordance with the standard of the Principle. The police did not even understand why they were helping us. People came from all nations of the world. If we had not been welcomed on the national level, it would have violated certain conditions. If something were to have happened, if anyone had been beaten or shed blood, for example, it would have become a world political problem. This can become the kind of thing whereby the nation itself is accused by the embassies. Therefore, the police had to protect us to protect themselves. The fact that Korea protected us symbolizes that we completely met the national standard and went beyond it by the principle of the restoration through indemnity.

Today, our movement celebrates its 21st anniversary. This is the last period of the second seven-year course. It is April on the lunar calendar and I, as an individual, am going beyond 30 years of my ministry. This is the period in which we must perform the ceremony of the dissolution of resentment.

Dissolve the resentments of history

W e must first dissolve the resentment of God. Next is the dissolution of resentment of True Parents. We must also solve the resentment of Mrs. Won Pok Choi, who is celebrating her 60th birthday. Mrs. Choi stands in the position of a mother and true woman in the fallen world. In this ceremony she will establish the condition to indemnify all the failures of women in history. So the spiritual world and the fallen world up until today must all be indemnified centering upon Mrs. Choi.

In the original-world, parents would not have been responsible to pay indemnity because good, perfect parents would-not have laid a condition for the fall. As a man, I have been preparing everything up until now; however, since a woman still could not stand alone, everything must be indemnified at one time centering upon this condition by Mrs. Choi. There are many historical resentments to be indemnified. For example, there have been many religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism, and many good soldiers and loyal subjects throughout history. Even now, there are good soldiers fighting for goodness, and loyal subjects united together in many nations. Also, there have been many philosophers and others who did not believe in any religion, but who took a conscientious position. Also, there is a Cain world where people are connected from Lucifer to Judas and Nero all the way through to the Communist Party today. We must gather all of these people, good and bad, and open a path through which they can be subjugated and can follow the Principle. We must gather them to one point and open such a path. Today we- must perform this significant ceremony centering upon Mrs. Choi. The liberation of True Parents and the liberation of God begins upon the standard in which all grudges are dissolved.

Liberation of spirit world

A dditionally, there are spirits on this altar who believed in the Principle and then went to the spiritual world. We must dissolve the resentment of the spirits of these members as well. For instance, there is the late President Eu. We must dissolve the grudge of President Eu and those who believed in the Unification Church on the earth. This is the altar upon which we can connect with those who were accused for believing in the Unification Church, and pay indemnity for them. Upon this altar we must perform the dissolution of the resentment of Christianity, religious people, philosophers, conscientious people, good soldiers and loyal subjects, children of the Cain world, and the angelic world. We must fulfill the dissolution of resentment, placing Christianity on the East, the angelic world on the West, good soldiers, patriarchs and loyal subjects on the South; and the Cain-type satanic world on the-North. Today is the very day which marks the total dissolution of all resentments in history. Because of this ceremony we can overcome many things. Christianity and many-other religions walked their path yet could not complete a ceremony like this. From now on, the principle of heaven is clearly established and the spiritual world can not just act as it wishes. In performing this kind of ceremony, many evil spirits, which were very active up until now, are no longer so free to act. Following the Principle, those in the spiritual realm can pay conditions of indemnity through a person on the earth who has the same level of conscience. The order has been created, and from now the Constitution of the Nation of God is set.

After three years, Korea and the United States, which is the representative nation of the democratic world, must be connected. After this is done, nobody will be able to oppose the Unification Church. Up until now, evil spirits have taken all kinds of measures in order to dominate this world. But from now on that direction will be changed so that the side of goodness can perfectly digest and conquer everything.

By 1977 or 1978, if a substantial national foundation is created in the United States on the same level as that of Korea today, the world will be completely involved in God's dispensation. After the creation of the worldwide foundation, the next opponent will be the Communist Party. One can go to the world level only after the creation of the foundation of the nation. Judaism failed and Christianity re-indemnified it and set the spiritual standard. Today, we are going beyond the national standard after indemnifying the spiritual standard and going up to the physical standard. Centering upon this basic point, we can now go into the world just like Christianity did 2,000 years ago centering upon the 120 disciples of Jesus. In the Unification Church today, three members are going to each of 120 nations. This evangelical work to 120 nations is the strategy through which the four position foundation centering upon Christ will be spread to the entire world. Through this, the foundation centering upon the national standard will come to have a reciprocal relationship with the horizontal world foundation. When such a relationship is created, all the spirits can come to assist the entire world. In other words, a foundation will be created for all the spirits to freely work on the earth as their domain. Do you understand? Let us pray.

Beloved Heavenly Father, we know the sorrowful fact that we could not accomplish the great work of Your creation on the earth. How much did Adam's and Eve's failure give grief to You and how hard You have worked in order to resolve this sorrowful resentment. You made all the sacrifices by leading many saints. You led the way throughout the long history on the earth so that the standard of the True Parents could be set. You set the standard of True Parents, in this land of Korea, centering upon this Unification Church. Thinking about all of this, once more, I am deeply grateful Son Your love. The son and daughter who are here, the two of us, are called in front of You. They fulfilled their responsibilities and came to stand in this place.

When I traced Your sorrowful heart in this course of restoration which has been full of resentments, and when I thought of the most sorrowful fact of the failure of the human ancestors Adam and Eve, I pledged to inherit Your heart, to change the path on which they betrayed You and to give devoted service to You. Since the day I was born, I have followed Your will, and in my ministry, the days and months of 30 years have passed. During this period there was an internal grief in Your heart and in the mind of Your son which could not be spoken to anybody, could not be shown to anybody. I have wished for the day when I could go beyond the limits of race and dissolve your resentment by all means, to dissolve the resentment caused by the miserable crucifixion of Jesus on the cross.

I am very grateful for the surprising fact that the very day my wish can be fulfilled is May 1, 1975. This day marks the-21st year of the creation of this Unification movement, and this is the time to finish the second seven-year course, the course of indemnity for world Christianity. This is also the place when 30 years of history is coming to an end centering upon Your son. Thinking about the fact that all of this has been carefully prepared in Your course of restoration, I have no words to express myself.

Heavenly Father, You grieved when You had to greet the fallen human ancestors You grieved when You sent Jesus to accomplish Your will, and yet he was crucified. You grieved when the many Christians who followed Your son were killed, and when many religious people had to sacrifice themselves. God, I know how great Your sorrow was to have seen all of these things. The angelic world was left behind and could not help in the perfection of Adam and Eve. I know You have been sympathizing with all these miserable people whose resentment has not been resolved yet. Father, this is the family of True Parents which You have been seeking and the body of True Parents which You have been seeking. This day, here is Your son and Your daughter in front of You, Heavenly Father, and Your children have gathered at this place, centering upon Your son and Your daughter, and we are praying here; so please accept this prayer.

I am grateful for this day when I can offer the lost foundation centering upon the family in front of You, and centering upon the foundation of this nation and race. I pray this-day will become a day to accomplish the dissolution of the resentment of the True Parents and to dissolve the resentment of the angels as well as the resentment in Your own mind. The grudges of God, of True Parents, of the angelic world, of Christianity, Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam, and all the religions which were working behind each race in the entire world are all connected to this dissolution. I am grateful for this day and for this ceremony which allows the dissolution of the resentment of the Father, of the True Parents and of Mrs. Choi. Now we have the authority to dissolve all the grudges of all religious people on the earth. Now on this joyful day, a group is born who can establish the sovereignty of the nation of the Heavenly Father. Please unite other conscientious people, philosophers, good soldiers of each nation, civilians of each nation, and all those many spirits who helped each nation go the path of goodness in order to advance into the Heavenly Kingdom. I sincerely wish You will permit this day to become the day of dissolution of all resentments for which they have been longing.

We have been able to achieve the liberation of the True Parents, the angelic world, the religious world, the conscientious world, and the good soldiers and loyal subjects, but I know that there is also the miserable Cain world, which has opposed God, opposed religion and opposed conscientious people throughout history. They opposed God centering upon Judas and the emperor Nero, and now they oppose God centering on the Communist Party. I know that I cannot judge them from the same place of Your judgment today when all resentments are being dissolved on the cosmic level. Father, forgive them by the dignified and victorious authority which- You have bestowed on the True Parents so that these people can find the way to contribute to You, to the True Parents, and to the many religions on the earth.

Please make this an opportunity to love our enemies, to end our resentment against those who nailed God's heart, crucified Your son Jesus and killed many people whom You loved. I know that the gates of hell can be opened and the path to liberate hell can be prepared by spreading Your heart of love and by liberating our enemies. Please make this a time when the people on the Cain side, who are in the special domain of your grace, can raise themselves to a position to revolt against the evil world, to pledge loyalty to heaven, to dominate all the evil spirits in the evil world, and to pledge to go the way of Your will. I pray the same for the good spirits of children who have been loyal to God and who have walked this path of death. Please make this a time for them to be filled with joyfulness by the special pardon of heavenly grace at a time when the sovereignty of the world is under the control of evil spirits. Let them repent and bow their heads down in front of True Parents, in front of the good angelic world, good religious people, good soldiers and conscientious people. Let them pledge to fulfill this responsibility in front of God in this special time under God's dominion.

Beloved Heavenly Father, I sincerely pray to accomplish Jesus' prayer today at this time, the prayer by which Jesus offered his true life on the cross. The True Parents who are standing here went through a history in which they received the opposition of their race, all of Christianity, the satanic world, and the entire nation in their 30 years of public life. I ask you to forgive and resolve all the resentment of the True Parents and of the many people who sacrificed themselves up until now. I ask you to forgive the Cain world, not to make them enemies, but to let them stand in the position to spread God's Principle completely. Let them become the shadow of the substance, to go wherever the substance goes — just like a shadow can not exist without a substance.

Father, I wish to dissolve all the scars of Your mind by fulfilling the standard which Jesus desired. I know that Jesus had resentment within himself too, walking the path of death alone. I know Your resentment cannot be resolved unless Jesus 'forgiveness for his enemies is accomplished on the earth. I pray that Jesus' liberation can begin at this time, and the liberation of Christianity can begin at this time. I offer all the existing things — man and all things of creation, including Lucifer and the many evil persons in the satanic world — as your belongings at this time, in the name of True Parents. I sincerely ask You to receive this offering. Many saints who are serving God in the spiritual world, and many good religious people centering upon the 24 religions who are sitting on God's imperial floor at this time, together with True Parents, are sincerely asking You to respond to the appeal of True Parents. I sincerely ask You to forgive all these sorrowful events of history. I know that this is a very solemn time which enables us to prepare for a new turning point in the midst of the confusion of this world. This ceremony enables us to heighten Your victory.

Father, it is now 8:50 a.m. on May 1, 1975. At this time, please declare this moment to the entire cosmos and the world. I sincerely wish for You to declare it in Your name and rejoice in the dissolution of the resentment of the angelic world. Rejoice in the dissolution of the resentment of True Parents, and rejoice in the dissolution of the resentment of the religious world which you have been trusting up until now, centering upon the True Parents. Rejoice in the accom- plishment of the desire of conscientious people and philosophers, and forget even the resentments of the miserable satanic world and rejoice in their liberation. Now, this son and this daughter, following Your declaration, declare the day of the total dissolution of resentment in this substantial world in the name of God and in the name of True Parents. Because all things correspond to Your Principle, all nations, all people, all the spiritual world, all good spirits, and all good people are now able to correspond to the Principle. God, please forgive all evil people as well; those who are waiting for Your embrace. They can go into Heavenly Father's bosom by establishing one standard of merit in the domain of Your grace, through this liberation at this time.

Now, we are going to have our ceremony to accomplish these conditions. Heavenly Father, please perform it with Your love, with Your joyful heart, by spreading Your authority, using goodness, chasing the evil out, and subjugating evil in front of goodness. Please accomplish everything on the racial and national level-which You have been trying to accomplish by the restoration of indemnity centering upon Cain and Abel. By doing so, I sincerely wish to claim one day when even the communist world will bow its head down in front of the happiness of God and respond in heaven's victorious position. Today, Vietnam was subjugated by the communist camp. I pray that this becomes an offering representing the satanic world and that it will become a starting point to re-indemnify the communist world so that they can surrender in front of God and the world, starting from Korea.

Now I declare the significance of this day in the name of God and in the name of True Parents and the angelic world by mobilizing all the good spirits. I pray that all the spiritual world can be mobilized and all conscientious people can be mobilized so that this declaration will be set firmly like iron. Centering upon God, at Chung Pyung Lake, on this very day, at this very time, in this very place, the entire spiritual world is paying full attention, the entire angelic world is paying full attention, God is paying His full attention, and the True Parents on the earth are paying full attention. All Christianity, all religions, all good nations, all loyal subjects are paying full attention, and the communist world is paying full attention. I offer this on this very day, expecting only that Heavenly Father shall embrace this offering in his bosom. So, please receive this. As I leave it all to you, Heavenly Father, I sincerely wish You to receive this as Your victory, and I declare it all in the name of the True Parents. Amen.