God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon


January 13, 1980
Tarrytown, New York

W hen someone says "I," he is. not thinking of himself as a solitary individual. Each person understands himself within the context of a certain background and set of circumstances. When I think of myself, I think of my family, parents and surroundings. Each of you is aware of being a citizen of America. A man of deeper thought thinks of himself as part of the world. If he is truly religious, then he will feel connected to God, who created everything around him.

In various situations, there are some good people, some bad, some happy and unhappy, all put together. A person may assess himself as good, or as bad but trying to improve, and as generally happy or unhappy. When each of us thinks of "I" we think in connection with all these surrounding conditions. That "I" exists now, but when did it begin? You might think, "Well, I am 30, so I started to exist 30 years ago." In addition, you know that you have been and always are increasing in age.

You also realize that you didn't just abruptly start from nothing, but received certain things from your parents. You didn't begin to exist from yourself but from your parents. Your course of thought traces back to your parents, their parents and so on through your ancestry. If you have a good imagination, you might trace it back to the beginning of energy, which has been passed down through your ancestors. If you pull yourself in a certain direction at this point, you are not pulling yourself alone, but all your lineage as well. If I pull one thin hair on your head, the rest of your body had better follow along if it doesn't want to feel any pain. When you dance about the floor, the whole lineage that is connected with you is also moving around.

No one wants to be isolated, but desires instead to be proud of representing everything that is connected to him. Would you choose to be isolated and independent, or to represent many more people than just yourself Everyone wants the second choice. Why should you feel like that? Why do we tend to think of ourselves as the center of everything surrounding us? Is it because we want mastery and control? Whatever the reason, the fact remains that an individual will try to protect himself from invasion. Also, you want your eyes to be the best of all eyes, your nose and even your hair to be the best. You want to protect even external things that change, like your clothes. Where does this quality come from?

Everyone wants to advance, whether he is of low or high capability. We can state that the force of the conscience urges the uplifting of the individual. Why does each person want to make himself better? Where does that action of conscientiousness come from? It is derived from a cause-result relationship. No action is initiated without purpose; all actions have some purpose. The bird sings and the bee hums, the butterfly flies, the wind blows — all of these have their purpose. When your eyelid blinks it certainly has a purpose, doesn't it? Your breathing has a purpose. When you smile, it is not for yourself, but for some reason. No action takes place without purpose.

Is force or energy first?

S cientists maintain that the universe is made up of energy. Energy exists everywhere, as well as force or power. Is force or energy first? Does the Principle teach that force comes into being by give and take action, or does give and take exist after the force exists? We should examine our thought carefully to see whether we are not taking the answer for granted. Seen from different angles, both viewpoints seem entirely correct, so it is important to know which is the correct answer. What is your opinion?

Action certainly must come from a definite source. The subject and object precede action. If we pursue this a little further, we can say that if God is omnipresent, then He must have both subject and object qualities. God's dual characteristics are not just conceptual or abstract; they are very real and important to our lives. Ever since the universe and individual entities came into being, subject and object were the beginning of the existence of self. All things in the universe are made up of these two different qualities or parts, and each is involved in give and take action.

The force, or the result, is the consequence of the subject and object having give and take action. Let us take the simple example of parents having give and take of love; their child will be the result. The child is like the force that results from give and take action. What causes that? God is the cause, and that process follows the pattern of God's creative process. The force in turn has within itself the possibility of give and take action because it is the result of give and take. When we think of force, we recognize it involves the two qualities of subject and object, cause and result.

When you think of your existence, you think of the power within yourself, but prior to that you realize the give and take action within yourself. You have a mind and body that form a subject-object relationship, and when they have give and take you can't help but feel the resulting power within yourself. Therefore, you are the subject body of force. You are very powerful. When you draw a line down your front, dividing yourself in half, the two parts look alike externally. Why is that? Because if the cause has that quality, then the result has to be that way. That's a very logical reason.

When scientists examine the development of life forms, they conclude that energy randomly evolved into higher and more complex beings, and this is how man came to exist. This theory is not rational when we really examine it. It is more reasonable that subject and object together would form an entity, which in turn would become a subject and take an object. Together they would create some higher life form as subject which would also take an object, and so on, forming greater and greater entities.

In our social life, we want to broaden our sphere of Influence, increasing our areas of activity. When you become a subject on one level you want to find an object on that level, and then, when you are united, you find that together you become a subject on another level. Scientists explain the formation of new species through random mutation, saying it happens by chance. We can immediately see that is false reasoning, but they have not come up with some better theory so they stick with this one. It does not stand to reason to say that a small thing could just suddenly become big. Even a non-scholar would find the subject-object explanation more reasonable.

Purpose precedes interaction

H ow could a bigger entity come to exist? From where does the original force come that can cause a small cell to grow bigger, that can enable a small group of cells to become bigger, and enable each step to develop? A force is the result of give and take, but there must be some purpose preceding that give and take. Nothing happens without purpose. A chemistry professor trying to mix a plus element and a minus element of unrelated qualities will never get a reaction. But if he prepares a compatible subject and object and merely brings them close together, then give and take will automatically happen. This explanation based on give and take describes science more adequately than theories of probability or random occurrence.

In the beginning, I pointed out that each person wants to become greater and greater in his life, and becomes angry if he cannot do so. Does that happen at random, too, or is it inevitable? We know now that it has to happen like that because the conscience is at work. Everything comes into the realm of subject and object, and is a collection of subject-object relationships. This means that "I" exists within a broad universe, and lives only within a broad purpose. Therefore, one's conscience always directs him to become bigger and greater. We have to be aware of the purpose for that.

This is explained through the four position foundation. In order to have circular action, there must be plus-minus, plus-minus — not plus-minus, minus-plus. Can you name one thing that does not move or turn? When anything stubbornly refuses to move, it ceases to exist. Each cell is vigorously active, and the collection of these cells, which is you, is even more active. The whole universe if full of vitality. You can accept that, can't you?

Our conclusion is that this big universe moves with a certain purpose, not haphazardly. Even one of the billions of tiny cells in your body has plus and minus and is an inseparable part of the universe, and so it wants to become as great as the whole universe. Even a tiny cell will rebel if the large organism no longer wants to become greater. This is why each person has hope for greater happiness in the future. If a person is restricted to living in one situation for the rest of his life, he loses his will to live.

The source of action

W hat existed before force existed? The action of subject and object. And where does action come from? Action derives from a subject and object, and the whole thing takes place because of the larger purpose of creation.

There are dual purposes here: one is to maintain oneself, and the other to become part of the large self, which is the universe. A man's purpose for finding a woman as an object is to preserve and perfect himself, and then become one with her, and then, their purpose is to have children. In this way, they stand in the same position as their ancestors.

Let us look at the example of our eyes. The eye has the purpose of self-existence, but also that of serving the whole body. The ear has to operate automatically, but it also helps the whole. Everything from particles to the largest creation has a right to exist, but if there was only the purpose of the individual, how could the universe be interrelated? It is because all individuals have dual objectives: one is to protect the self and the other to make sure the self combines with another self to make a bigger self. The theory of evolution understands the individual purpose of self preservation, but it does not grasp the ultimate purpose of the whole.

Conscientious scholars today have no answer for the question of how the universe is perpetuated or what its purpose is. Their conclusion is that it has no purpose, but just goes on and on and will perish at one point. But we know this is not true; something may seem to perish, but as it passes away, something else will be formed. This happens because everything has a purpose. The same principle applies to every aspect of the universe. Individuals gather not only to meet individual needs, but also for the purpose of forming a greater being. If someone wants to have great character, he must be available as an object to the whole universe as his subject. He must be worthy of it.

Today, white people tend to stay together, ignoring other races. But their true purpose is not only to be with whites, but to embrace all other colors as well. Individual purpose must always follow the purpose of the whole. Conscientious people wonder why big fish eat little fish, why some animals are carnivores, why the powerful eat the weak. They may see this as a chaotic situation. But according to the principle that the smaller things exist for the larger purpose, the lion is justified in eating the rabbit. This is the key to the whole problem. The small purpose exists for the purpose of the greater existence, which is ultimately the whole universe.

We exist for the larger purpose

A mericans don't know that they exist for the purpose and betterment of the whole. Who says so? God says so. More objectively, the universe says so. Unification Church members are the most consistent people in all history because they know the individual should exist for the family, the family for the tribe, the tribe for the nation and the nation for the world. We not only think that way, but we live it. Why do we do that? In a sense it is for a selfish reason, because by going on to bigger and bigger levels we make ourselves available to become really big individuals.

Young people now do what I call the kisko dance; "co" means "nose" and "kis" means "kiss," so "nose-kissing dance." For whom do they dance — America, the world, or themselves? It contributes nothing to the whole and limits them to the individual purpose, so it stops their development. It is even worse than a lion eating a rabbit — it is a sin. For the betterment of the whole we want to get rid of whatever harms the whole, but we know that kids won't listen if we just say outright, "You shouldn't do that for all the following reasons."

If I gave you some money and free time, would you go disco dancing? But if it were for your betterment and the world's betterment, then you would disco 24 hours a day, right? The Soviets are visibly closing in on the free world, and if disco dancing would halt their advance, we should disco 24 hours a day.

People today, from the lowest to the highest level, don't know what man is or who the individual self is. All their confusion arises from ignorance. First we must teach them, then demonstrate how to live, and then we can restore order in the world. This principle explains all phenomena from the past, and we have to apply it consistently all the time. You cannot learn this in school because the teachers don't know it. I am the first teacher of this knowledge. This is the beginning of a new culture. By knowing this, you can comprehend the Principle even better, and know why there are three stages, subject and object, how give and take occurs, and why there is a purpose. Now the Principle is no longer conceptual, but something you can put into action in every circumstance. Now you will never forget, because the Principle is you.

When you think of force, what do you think of? Action. And when you think of action, you immediately think of plus and minus, subject and object. When you feel powerful, you know that some give and take action is happening, and that your mind and body must be in harmony. You must be smarter than to think it begins with you, and remember that God, your Father, gave it to you and you resemble Him. You then remember that He has the whole universe under Him, and you are a small part of that universe; you are a small minus to the universe, which is the biggest possible plus.

God is a big plus and you are a small minus, but this small minus has the purpose of becoming as great as the plus. This is why you want to become great. This is perfectly logical, and something that stands to reason is reality itself. Each of us has an urge to become great, but until now you didn't know why God and the universe also wanted you to become great. They want to pull you up like a big winch.

If you go to the top of a mountain, you can actually catch up with God better. In other words, if you have a broader, deeper thought, God can love you and encourage you to go higher and higher. What is God's thought? His thought is to manifest power according to the Principle and to realize the ideal world. Will He do that by force? Is God going to make the world great because He has all knowledge? Could the strongest man on earth make the ideal world? Harvard professors are proud of their knowledge, but could they do it? What is the essence that can make the ideal world? True love.

Love is long, very long

T he other day I paraphrased love as being "long, very long." You think you know English, but you didn't know love was long. Love should last a long, long time. How does God want to make the ideal world? If you ask God where He wants to be at any given time, He will say He wants to be at the center of the universe. If you ask which center of the universe He wants to be at — whether of knowledge or power — He will say He wants to be at the long, long center. Is this stretching the truth too far?

When I asked why you wanted to become greater and greater, you didn't have an answer. Now you know that you want to be great so that, based on love, you can become the companion of the center of the universe and be worthy of being His object. Though we know we are very small, we want to be object to the great universal subject in love. If God wants to be at the center, where would you want to be? At the center of love in the universe. When I seriously ask you where we are going, you have to have some answer. We are going to the objective of love on the universal level. Since God is going there also, we are bound to meet Him. Even though you become very knowledgeable, that will eventually pass. Power cannot last eternally either. But if you are pursuing love and find it, it will last a long, long time.

We have to have some perspective of life, some awareness of our purpose. When we have that in ourselves then we can go there. With this life perspective, you can know why the world has to be peaceful and how that can happen through love, and then your entire plan and idea can come to one focal point. Only a handful of people on the face of the earth know that they should be living with their purpose and direction taking them toward love. If that prevails in the world, then the earth can become peaceful.

Now, when I ask you who you are, you are in a position to answer for the first time, "I am the one who is supposed to go toward the purpose of love on the universal level.'' We know that all things exist for man because man has love. The animals and plants willingly sacrifice for man because he is reaching for the objective of love with God. You like steaks, don't you? Do you eat a steak for your own enjoyment, or do you think that the steak will help you get nearer the love of God? If it were for love, then the meat would be glad to be eaten and say, "Eat me quickly!" That meat also craves love. A stick of celery wants to continue its own life, but when you eat it you can say, "I assure you that through me you will come closer to God's love."

If a person is perfect in this respect, all things will want to tag along and be eaten by him. Money will want to be earned by him. Today, men chase money but the money runs away. If you become a person of original purpose, however, then money will follow you. If another person follows after money, the money will be scared, thinking, "A tiger is after me!" That person will end up in hell. Would you rather follow money or love?

The question of sacrifice

I s it good or evil to sacrifice your own life for the sake of the world? These pragmatic Americans call something evil with one side of their mouths and then call it good with the other side, twisting it around for their convenience.

Throughout history God has seemed to be unjust because it was good people who were sacrificed all the time; but being sacrificed is the best way, actually. What kind of person makes a good president? If a tyrannical, pushy man is the one who works best for the sake of the world and is the most effective in educating Americans and the world, then is it good if he is president? Or does a tyrannical person have no place? It is good if he is doing God's job. Is ML Carter very dynamic? The first thing a politician thinks of is how he is going to get reelected next term, and he makes compromises with justice and righteousness to get along. It should certainly be wrong if a president thinks more about his reelection than about what is right for America.

No matter what the situation is, my purpose is consistent. I work for the sake of God and humanity and never compromise. I keep telling Americans the truth. Americans don't like to hear bad things all the time, but if they have to hear bad things over and over in order to finally change, then the purpose of giving that advice is served.

The Unification Church is not fighting for the Unification Church; we are sacrificing the Unification Church for the sake of the world and God. That is what I have done all my life. That doesn't look very workable to pragmatic people, but actually it is the most effective way. A self-centered person doesn't understand that self-sacrifice is the best way of life simply because God and the universe always protect a person who is working for their cause. An explanation must be consistent, from head to tail, no matter how big or small the situation.

Would you prefer a leader who buys you candy all the time, or one who makes you into a person who is worthy to be object to this great subject, God? Do you think it is easy to convert a person away from evil and make him into someone who is worthy of being that object? It is even harder to do in America because here there is an adverse atmosphere of self-centeredness. I have to pluck someone out of that environment before I can teach him. It is a little less difficult with an Oriental, because that culture tends to consider the larger purpose more, which is God's way of thinking. Here the culture is not group-centered but individual-centered. You have to realize that you can't take individualism for granted.

Even unambitious people are excited and inspired when they join the Unification movement and realize what God's idea is, but the difficulty of everyday life is also great. It doesn't make sense that you can have only things that are extremely enjoyable, but not those which are extremely difficult. Any worthy man in the past has led such a life.

Sacrifice for greater love

Y ou know your life should be filled with happiness and love, but you wait three years to be blessed and have no dating in the meantime. Then, you wait three more years after getting married, and even after you are together you do the hard work of witnessing. The women worry also about whether they will be too old to have children by the time they get married. On top of that, there are many Orientals in charge of your activities; plus you go fund raising and you receive no recognition. All put together, you are in a quandary deciding whether this is fantastically miserable or fantastically wonderful. But even when you are full of tears, you know this is the best way. Even if you have to risk your life a dozen times a day, this is still the best way, because it is the way of love.

I am no dumber than anyone else; I knew this principle before you did and have gone this way my whole life without compromise. There is no in between way for either you or me. I thought that probably no one else on earth would have courage or wisdom to do this, and that I would probably be going all by myself, but then I looked back after a time and found hundreds of followers straggling after me, trying to go to the same place. And there were many white people among them who were determined to give their lives! Then there were other white people who weren't happy with me and tried to persecute me. The important question is which side will God and the universe be on.

Now you know better who you are. Confucius said that whoever knows himself will be a success, and wise men have always accepted this. Should we let any circumstance divert us once we know who we are? Once you know, you should be able to laugh off the scorn of even millions of people. This is 1980. This is the year to take off and fly into orbit. You should be confident that you are masters of the universal thought that has been hidden all these thousands of years. There is nothing vague about this.

Now I can give you a little more explanation, which will make it easier to follow. Why do I train you on earth instead of later in spirit world? Why do you have to struggle on earth in order to learn? Of course, you have to restore yourselves, but you must love your family more than yourself because it is a bigger cause. Even though it is painfully difficult and you may not be able to carry it out on earth, you will be given credit for doing your best. Then, when you get to spirit-world the path will be open to accomplish it successfully there. When the family has to be sacrificed for the world and you try your best, even if you are not completely successful on earth, a crude road to finish it will be opened in spirit world. If you don't even try on earth, however, there is no road for you in spirit world later.

You are in hell when you find yourself with no avenues open at all; then you are living in complete isolation and are unable to go where you have to go. You can see ultimate happiness around you and it looks within reach, but, in reality, it is too far away to seize. If you can't get along with a certain person on earth, that relationship will carry on into spirit world and be hell. You . will know you could have experienced happiness with that person, but because you didn't make it happen on earth, you can't do it in spirit world. The most important reason why I work so hard pushing you and trying to inspire you to go the difficult road is that I know about spirit world. If you can unite and follow, then there will be at least a small road open for you in spirit world.

Your accomplishments in love are eternal

I f you are successful in loving people of all races, all spirit world will applaud you and welcome you. Wherever you go in spirit world, spirit men will tag along. Our life here is short, but we can accomplish and settle much in order to claim happiness in spirit world. Your status in spirit world is eternal. This is one of the reasons why we suffer willingly. The purpose of a business is to gain profit by investing some money. If we invest very much pain, then we profit a hundred times more. In the lottery, one dollar can win thousands, but here there isn't even any risk and still we are guaranteed to win.

Taking one step after another, we lengthen the sections of the bridge of love. We are building it inch by inch, and though there are miles to go, we keep going. No matter what opportunities there are for you in life, you would rather follow me, right? Why? I don't give you money or time or power. You say it is for love, but have you seen that love with your eyes? I am like a parent nagging you to study after school, and pushing you to study again even when you have finished. You get frustrated, I know, but still I tell you to keep studying. That's love.

You might be comfortable if you didn't do it now, but for the sake of the greater purpose you choose to sacrifice anyway. That is goodness.

It can be good to spank a child if it is intended to secure his eternal well being. That is logical. True love is worth the hardship.

Now you know about the individual, so let us decide when we would like to be in that position. Ten years or a 100 years from now? Now sounds pretty close to "no." And "no" sounds close to "know." Do you know or not?

Can you go this path alone? Who do you need? Would you rather have a yoke on your neck to be sure you go the correct way? Should I just allow you to do whatever you want? Now we are secure and comfortable because we know the objective, but the problem is only half-solved. You also have to accomplish the goal, and you think you need someone to push you because you can't do it alone. You feel you can be a champion if only you had a trainer. A trainer is someone who gets after you and nags you all the time. At some point, you'll get so aggravated that either you'll confront your trainer and give up, or you'll become the champion. That is the reality.

Don't appoint only one trainer, because you will have free time when he is away, which is not good. Appoint a dozen trainers, one Chinese, one Korean, one Japanese, one American, one German, and so forth. Then wherever you go you will bump into a trainer and he will chase after you. Perhaps you could tolerate one person kicking you, but what about 12 people kicking you at one time? If you are determined to survive, you will be a champion after they get tired of kicking you.

This is no ordinary life, to be lived at whim. It is most serious, not only for our generation but for all history. All Unification Church members know they each have a spirit self that lives eternally in spirit world You have never been to spirit world, so you are persuaded through logic that it is so. Because you start at the lowest part of life there is no place to go but up. The thousands of people outside the church who study us can't figure us out, because they don't know about the spirit world. To some I look ordinary, to some deceptive, to some great. Even many intelligent people all have different opinions about me. They can only conclude they don't understand me.

Training in religious life

A m I going my way by accident? No one is the world has any idea what the world will be like even next week, but we know how the past was and what direction history will take. Our path is basically a religious life, and who is the most strict, most serious of trainers? That's Reverend Moon. This is a training ground and that's why you sit on a cold concrete floor for hours and hours. You are here to be trained, not just to enjoy a sermon. You do that for years and years, and people wonder if you do that because you are scared.

Our training is conducted in the most painful way. We have no such thing as comfortable training. Why? Because we want to shorten our period of training. You have just begun to know a few things, and you have to meet the challenge and go over it. You only have a few years to do that, so I am pushing you to speed up. Even at this moment I am pressuring you. Throughout the '70s you had some complaint, wanting to know why life had to be so difficult, why the hardship couldn't be spread out. But starting at this moment you should give up complaint. Starting this year you should look for the difficult jobs to do.

The members usually feel that fund raising is our most difficult activity. If the fiancé of an MFT [Mobile Fund Raising Team] member writes to say there is an opening in his office and why doesn't the MFT member come to do that easier job, the fiancé is actually acting on behalf of Satan, blocking the other person's training. What he is actually saying is, "Become a third-rate champion." What he should say instead is, "MFT is too easy, so go. to Cambodia to fund raise." Is this illogical? We have to develop according to the Principle for all these things.

If someone asks you for proof of how much I love humanity, you can tell them that I have matched thousands of couples of all races in the best possible way. That's proof of having loved mankind. And even afterward I continued to train them and to care about them as I would my own children, planning how they will support and educate their families in the future. I have no preferences or prejudices; I have loved black people as much as white people and yellow people. When I go to spirit world I will visit hell and no one there will oppose me; I will go to the area where white people are, and no one will accuse me, because they will know they are the ones who did not listen. In heaven white people will want me to stay at their house and sleep in their own bedrooms.

There are 12 pearl gates to heaven, and I can pass through many of them. Why 12? Because that represents 120, and also represents 360 degrees, encompassing every angle. Also it symbolizes 12 different types of personalities. How can you pass through the gates? Only when you tag along with me! There are guards here who will challenge you and ask, "Who are you?" Then you will say, "Reverend Moon happens to be my father." They won't be satisfied with that, however. When they ask for proof, you can say, "Don't you know the Principle? The Principle says so." If he still doubts you, you can say, "Don't you think I look like Reverend Moon? I did the same things he did, so I should look like him by now." If the guard thinks you look like me, then he will let you in.

Challenge yourself to love

Y ou said you wanted to start the strictest training now, but actually it will last for the rest of your life, and you have no idea how long your life will be. If you have hated black people in the past, you should fund raise in the most difficult place possible, where you can only earn a few dollars, and then invite the ugliest, fattest black grandmother to go out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Then, over lunch, you can say, "I have a confession to make. I have hated black people, but now I want to love them." You can tell her how you felt in the past, but when you joined the Unification Church and met Reverend Moon, you worked to train yourself as a champion of goodness. Now you repent, and as a sign of apology you sincerely brought her out to dinner When you beg her with tears to eat the dinner you buy, you will have indemnified your hate in the past.

If someone has hated white people in the past, then he also has to repent. Whatever you have bound in the past, you have to unbind now and indemnify it. If a man has been a playboy in the past and made many women sorrowful, he has to find some situation where he can apologize to one woman representing all of them. If a woman has married several times, then she has to apologize to a man in the same way. Everything you have done that was unprincipled, you have to indemnify. That is your main task in 1980, to repent and then forget about the past. Don't let it drag you down, but pray to heaven to help you do away with it. Then look for the difficult thing and tackle it. That will be your best and fastest training.

If you are trying to find some loved ones, more value is added if you go a difficult way. It is not as valuable if you find one in an easy way, and you cannot feel as much value even if you try. But if you go through difficulty, you feel the value even if you try not to.

We all say we love and follow God, but when you say it and I say it, there is an entirely different quality in our words even though we say the same thing. The main difference is that I have gone through tremendous suffering while you have not. Never forget that how we go the path of true love is the real question. Whether you get a passing grade or flunk the course is determined by what difficulties you have persevered through. Are you going to be a failure or success?

Now when you say "myself" you don't think in isolation, but in the context of parents, grandparents and God, all flowing like a big river. When you say "I" their image immediately appears in front of your eyes. You have to feel that the perfection of the world comes through yourself. When the four position foundation is formed, a central point is needed, which is God. The center of the family is love. In three dimensions the four position foundation has six points, with one in front and one in the rear, plus one in the middle, which is the seventh. Thus, the number seven is the number of perfection, but that is formed only after adding the one point of love.

The number 12

A straight line denotes one, and when it is cut in half it actually has three in it. Thus, the four position foundation has the number 12 in it at the same time. The number 12 represents the entire spirit world; for instance, the 12 pearl gates referred to in the Bible. Jacob had 12 sons, Moses led the 12 tribes, Jesus had 12 disciples. The number 12 was necessary to fulfill the important requirements of the universe, so at crucial points they had to satisfy the number 12.

We know that Jesus was the ideal man, and, as such, he had to be able to get along with 12 different types of people. These 12 actually represented people of 120 nations of the world, meaning, in fact, all elements of humanity. This included even the Judas-type of person.

The 12 types are composed of the spring, summer, autumn and winter natures. We need winter-type people just as we need the season of winter. If the world had begun in an ideal way, then the spring-type culture would have been established, but because of man's fall, a summer culture was started instead. Mankind did not see the blossoming of Adam and Eve; man's evolution started from summer instead of spring, with the ancient civilizations in their warm climates. In the 20th century, we entered the autumn culture, when everything ripens. Now the winter-type civilization, centering on the Soviet Union, is trying to invade this culture, even though it knows that it is destined to go through the springtime eventually.

All the autumn leaves have dropped off the trees and are withering now, and only the civilization that has life in it can remain. The winter civilization actually has no place, either, and eventually has to be drawn into the God-centered spring civilization. We call that spring culture the centrally-harmonized civilization, or roundly-harmonized civilization. All the summer, autumn, and winter civilizations will oppose us as we try to go to the spring civilization, which is true life, but we will pull them with us. That's the course of history and the dispensation, so it has to move forward.

No matter how strong the communists may boast they are, when the cosmic spring comes, the ice has to melt. That cosmic spring centers on the warmth of love. When love visits, everyone opens the door of his mind. There is no area love cannot pass through. Just as Jesus followed a pattern, so must we. Each individual must condition himself to pass over a certain type of peak. In Western culture, 13 is an unlucky number, but, actually, it is a good number and we must cross over it. Americans are not ignorant people, but they don't know this important fact. Note that it was Jesus plus his 12 disciples, making 13. Also, Jacob plus 12 sons, or 12 gates to reach God. If you are not successful with the number 13, then when winter comes you will die of the cold.

Americans are confronted by communism now and can't wriggle out of it. They are afraid of communism, wringing their hands and wondering what to do, but not the Moonies. You have been taught that you have to go over the winter to enter the spring, so you will just swallow communism and digest it. America needs a leader who has intelligence enough to know this and to lead the nation in the right direction so it can gain victory over communism.

As America perseveres, it can conquer the number 13 and stand right beside Jesus. We are bearing the cross of mankind, just as Jesus did. Now the Moonies are doing it in place of today's Christians. The

letter B is like the number 13 stuck together; everything that starts with B is connected with 13. That's the quality you have to have to survive: be a believer who is brave, bold and bright.

America must win the blessing

A merica is facing collapse from every angle, and the only thing holding it together is the Unification Church. It is incredible but true. The most profound reason we fund raise is so that somewhere along the line we can get the signatures of 12 different people, representing 120 countries. This is exactly what America is one nation composed of 120 different nationalities of people. When a person gives you a donation he is actually loving you and doing the same work you are. Therefore, God will give him some blessing. Then, America, where the money will be spent, will also be blessed. All things will benefit from our fund raising. We do home church in order to find the 12 different types of people. Eventually you have to get their signature of approval. For the time being take my word for this and act on it, and later see whether you can find any evidence to the contrary.

Of course, home church is difficult. If you go knock on the door of the most unpleasant person, you know he will yell at you. You may not want to see his face, but you knock anyway and he yells at you. If you go back three times, I can guarantee that his voice will become lower. After four or five times, he will want to know why you come, and wonder what kind of person you are.

The moment he smiles at you will be the moment the walls crumble and the 12 gates open for you. If you seriously work for that goal, then when the 360 homes of your home church area welcome your cosmic spring will really be at hand. You can know that one day your home church members will be waiting outside to take you to lunch. Some day, the worst person will be waiting to invite you to dinner and to sleep in his house. That will surely come to pass.

That's our objective, and until that day comes you will keep knocking on their doors. We talk about hope and faith, and what higher hope is there than to look forward to the day when they welcome you? When you go around and around knocking all the walls down, you will eventually arrive at the central point you should occupy. Then you will be a successful number 13. At that moment, you will have finished historical indemnity centering on yourself. You will have achieved something no one ever dreamed of achieving and will occupy the central position with God's approval. That's when your rocket of love will take off to the center of the love of God.

I know that many of you, especially the women, study yourselves in front of the mirror and wish that maybe your nose or mouth or ears were different. But I am telling you that they make almost no difference. Forget it. If you are running as fast as you can, then you are beautiful; no manicure or makeup will make you beautiful. You don't have to have position or a degree. If you don't have anything, it is still fine.

How fast are you going to go — like an airplane, a rocket, a bullet? Will you really run in the 1980s? In the 1970s, your mind and body, your eyes and ears, were all going in different directions. But in the 1980s, are you going to assemble everything in one direction? Our only focal point is love. Your eyes will focus on love, your ears hear nothing but love, your mouth speaks about nothing but love. If they go in single file, which should go first? Your mind, then your body — eyes, ears, nose, limbs and so forth.

If you fly as fast as you said you would, then your arrow cannot be pulled out of God's heart. Do you think God will want to pull it out because it's painful? No, God will push it in deeper. You are just thinking about God's heart now, but one day you will be living in it. When that happens, whenever you want to do something God will want to do it too. That's the sole objective we will strive for in the 1980s. We will not look back or to one side, but just go for the goal. Will you do that this year?