God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Message at the Unification Ceremony

January 31, 1976
Seoul, Korea

A s you know 1976 is a historical year. The Yoido rally last year prepared the national foundation spiritually and established the substantial national standard. Because Jesus died on the cross the nation of Judea and the Jewish religion could not be united. Last year was the historical period for restoring this through indemnity. At the time of Jesus, the Jewish people and the government joined to confront him. Last year the Unification Church and the government together confronted the established churches and turned the situation completely upside down.

Unification Church members from 60 nations came to Korea representing many nations of the world. Looking at the national point of view horizontally, we can say that the democratic world has the spiritual mission of Christianity; therefore, the International One World Crusade (IOWC) was organized in order to give our movement a spiritual foundation on the worldwide level. The Western team members brought along the victorious spiritual foundation of all of Western Christianity.

Last year's events also created an opportunity for the Asian and the Western cultures to be united, since many spirit people who had come to Asian nations while they were on earth and many Christian spirit people who had sacrificed themselves here helped us. They had tried to achieve that unity on earth, but never succeeded. This unity has now created an opportunity for making contact between good Asian spirit people who had been loyal patriots and good Western spirit people who had done good deeds for their cultures.

Korea is a nation which has paid the historical indemnity condition representing the whole world; therefore, it must establish one unifying teaching representing the entire world. The spiritual unity in Korea means that both Christianity and the Unification Church are uniting, as well as Western culture and Asian culture. Now the spiritual foundation of Christianity must be connected to the world centered upon the Unification Church in Korea today. There is no way we can reach out to the world physically unless we have all the blessings of worldwide Christianity centered here on the spiritual standard, and can connect those blessings with the physical foundation in Korea.

The Yoido rally was a historical event that established these conditions. The participants came not by their own will alone, but were moved unconsciously by the entire spiritual world which was mobilized for the occasion. This rally was unprecedented in Korean history and established a world record as well.

This shows that now is the time to jump forward according to the fundamental principle centering upon the nation. Thus I have established certain conditions in the United States. In the third year of my course in the United States the media began to attack me severely. But I know that by this April we will go over the peak and take the offensive.

It makes me feel good that the communist accusations that I do brain- washing have all been dismissed. A recent court case clarified this, and our accusers were sentenced and had to back down. All the American news media have been opposing God's providence since the time of President Nixon, and they are now trying to kick us out, saying that the leaders of the Unification Church are coming to the United States and are influencing the entire nation. They contend that a stranger appeared and began attracting young people away from the affluent American way of life.

We know our activities are sacrificial deeds for God's providence, but the news media sees them as something to be accused. They say that members are forced to sell flowers or raise funds on the street. But Unification Church members are voluntarily doing this as a sacrifice in order to bring life to the world. The world esteems people who work faithfully eight hours a day for themselves, but how can we save the nation if we just imitate what people of the world do? Theoretically it is reasonable that we should do more than they do if we are working for the sake of others and the whole world. This is our point of view, which they do not understand. This is why we get up early in the morning and come back at midnight or 1 a.m. Americans consider this overworking.

Some people thought that the Communist Party was assisting me and using me to gain control of the United States. So they investigated through the CIA, but they could not find anything. If I had not initiated Victory Over Communism (VOC) activity, a lot of problems would have developed. I initiated VOC activities in Korea and other parts of Asia and have been considered the authority on anti-communism. No one can ignore that fact.

Thus they are very concerned about me. They are trying to create a situation in which they can catch me and accuse me. From an ideological point of view, I am not a member of the Communist Party; from a religious or Christian point of view, I am in the leading position. So they cannot find any condition to accuse me.

The Yankee Stadium rally

O ur activities were all done in order to meet the dispensational time conditions. We are now working in the spiritual Christian cultural realm, since the United States is the central Christian nation of the world. My three-year course in the United States that ended last year established a victorious spiritual foundation, which connected Christianity and the Unification Church. We have control over the spiritual foundation no matter how much noise the democratic world or established. Christians make. The foundation we established in Korea has set the national and substantial standard both spiritually and physically. This was the purpose behind the three-year course in the United States. We must work to set the national and substantial standards in the United States through 1976,1977, and until April 1978. Then the United States will certainly enter a whirl of great confusion centered upon me, but that confusion will decline after the second year.

Jesus was crucified because his situation was reversed after the second year. However, today we are going in the opposite direction — up. Therefore, the three-year period from 1975-77 should connect the victorious worldwide spiritual foundation with the victorious physical standard. The victorious national condition set both physically and spiritually at the Yoido rally has made this possible.

Because I know the absolute authority of the Principle — that no one can ever get victory over us no matter how they attack us — I am fighting with great confidence. Now a big battle will begin centering upon Yankee Stadium.

All the Unification members will attend. Among them there are many kinds of people. Our course until the Washington Monument rally will be our second major battle centering upon the Madison Square Garden rally. If we can meet that standard, a historical turning point will come after the Washington rally.

Those who oppose us are disappointed; they are questioning what kind of person I am. They are so worried about being at a disadvantage that they are now attempting terrorism. Terrorists attacked the Unification Church in Paris. The same phenomenon can happen in the United States as well. There was a threat to blow up Belvedere, and we talked to the local fire station and the police. The New York Times officially reported that the incident in Paris was carried out jointly by the established churches and the Communist Party. Now, the American people cannot refute us when we claim that the Communist Party is working behind people who persecute us.

We are marching on with these advantageous conditions. Now, with this Unification Ceremony, the unification line has been set for the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, and world. Do you understand? We have never held such a ceremony before. Previous ceremonies were all related to the past; we never had a ceremony to establish the horizontally unified front line. The fact that the Unification Church could cross the peak of national indemnity, gather together all the blessings of the world, and carry out this ceremony indicates that the Unification Church is marching to the determining point of eternal victory. You must know this.

The new era

I n the speech at the beginning of this year I announced that schools of thought must be unified. The prominent professors of the Korean Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) are now aware of the greatness of the Unification Thought which the Unification Church is teaching. The Korean Department of the Interior and the Department of Information had been offering programs of ideological education, but recently they asked us to take it over. After our seminars, 98 percent of the participants recommended that this be developed as the education for the whole nation. Such a response convinces us that this nation must surely be equipped with this new thought, and establish a foundation to be able to harmonize things on a new dimension. All things, internally and externally, are coming together.

Now you understand the time we are in and what is going to happen. The Unification Church, centering on my family, has only one way to go — that is the way of the Principle. So far, we have been walking complicated paths. However, now we must guide ourselves based on the principled standard. This time I did not come with Mrs. Won Bok Choi. From now on things should be guided centering upon the family. There are many problems in the family, internally or externally; we have to deal with many things, such as education of children. We have been fighting on the front line; from now on, mothers also have to stand on the front line. We have to establish an internal and an external order.

We had never been able to establish a clear order or position. Why? The position of unfallen Adam is a unique position in relation to the world. An individual cannot secure his position without paying indemnity for the worldwide historical indemnity condition. This is why the position of an individual has not been established. I have done many things in order to establish the worldwide historical indemnity condition, so now the position of an individual can be established in relation to the family, tribe, nation and world.

Unification Ceremony

W hat does unification mean? So far Cain has been hitting Abel. Evil has been attacking good. From now on, that era is over. Good can smite evil, but evil may not hit good. You must know that today is the historical turning point. Therefore, we call this ceremony the Unification Ceremony. Do you understand?

Unification Church members need to completely unite their body with their mind, and guide their mind by the public thought. This hasn't been done yet. The body must unite with the mind, centering upon the purpose which our mind desires. No matter how difficult our circumstance may be, the goal for our mind and body never varies. No matter how miserable the condition in which I was placed, I overcame it with this thought. I never wavered.

You too must become willing to sacrifice your body in order to achieve unity with the mind, centering upon God's will and God's ideal of creation. There is no accusation by living that way. When you go against that way, however, you will certainly become sick or have to pay certain indemnity.

A man whose mind and body are united, and a woman whose mind and body are united, should form a family. When a man and a woman love each other, they have to do so centering upon God's ideal of creation. The husband's love for his wife or the wife's love for her husband are insufficient by themselves; their loves must be united with the love of the ideal of creation. The love of the ideal of creation is the love centered on God, binding together husband and wife.

The position of True Parents is secured only when vertical love is established within the realm of horizontal love, and horizontal love is established within the realm of vertical love. Then children can stand in a position inseparable from their parents' position. If they break away, they certainly will have to pay indemnity. Also, children must be united with each other centering on their parents. Just as Cain hit Abel, elder brothers have been hitting younger brothers in Cain's position.

Children should serve their parents faithfully with filial piety centered upon God, and brothers and sisters should be united centering on God's will. For this to happen, parents have to educate their children. Until now children have been educated in school. From now on, however, parents must take responsibility for educating them. Father and mother must be united and be examples for their children to follow. For instance, the father should demonstrate how a man should live and how he should care for a woman. We must establish this kind of tradition and must create new families.

Such a family can be the model for their neighbors and relatives, starting a unified circle. If people value our way of life, they will come to believe in the Unification Church and want to live centering upon the love of God's ideal of creation. Then neighbors come spontaneously to such a family to ask for advice. And relatives will come to them for counseling when difficulties arise.

All things will be united

W e have been involved in ecumenical activities. When ministers listen to the Principle their attitudes naturally become softened. In an atmosphere of love, all the elements in ourselves will harmonize and become tempered. To make all our dimensions harmonious, we should keep them free. When elements are kept free, they can be united into one. So when we create an atmosphere of love, people will begin to open themselves, even unconsciously.

Such a family can unite its neighbors and relatives. They will tell you all their secrets and you can listen to them and comfort them. After that, if you guide them in a good direction! they will come to trust you. In this way unity will be realized in a clan and in a nation. Let's say Mr. Kim's clan becomes united with his family and the clan becomes better; that means that the nation also becomes better.

Nations also must be united. A nation means a state and a sovereignty. We must certainly have the determining point for establishing our Fatherland. Sovereignty represents God. A God-centered state — the state whose sovereignty represents God — was a task that Adam and Eve were supposed to have accomplished. They fell, however, and left the indemnity to be paid on the worldwide level; therefore, some nation in the world should indemnify and accomplish it, going through the necessary suffering course of indemnity.

To be established in the position of a son, a nation must pay all the national indemnity. Korea was divided and the communist nation of North Korea was established. If the two halves — South and North Korea — are united and become the new Israel, it will be an example for the world.

If an ideology that can overcome communism appears in a nation confronting communism face to face, that ideology will become world- wide. Then any democratic nation that does not like communism must learn the thought of this nation, because it is a bulwark against communism. That way, a condition to forgive even Satan will be established. We can say to Satan, "You helped to prepare the way of unification; therefore, I will forgive you.

Thus we can see God's dispensation to save mankind transcending all peoples, all races and all ideologies. Since we are equipped with anti-communism theory, we can be united with nations that are threatened by communism. On the other hand, communists also attack us.

Time for victory

W hat communists want to crush is not the government but me. As a result, people will naturally come to our side. We are entering a time when we can develop our movement more in Asia. From the dispensational point of view, the time from now until April is a peak. The first year of the crusade activity ends this April. The second year starts from there. Then a big change will occur both in our nation and in Asia. You must understand the importance of the ceremony we are holding now in order to bring glory to God.

All the 36 Couples, 72 Couples, and 124 Couples should form one team. We cannot have branch families. The 36 Couples represent the ancestors of history. The 72 Couples represent children, sons and daughters. The 124 Couples represent nations of the world, and the side of Cain. They also represent 12 branches on the worldwide level. Thus the ancestors and Cain and Abel can become united and the 12 branches also become one. This is the history of restoration. The key point of the history of restoration is that when the parents become united they transform bad Cain and Abel sons into original children of God and guide them into unity. The 72 Couples are the Cain and Abel branches of the 36 Couples. Therefore, they must become united. But family unity is not yet the horizontal foundation on the world level. The 120 apostles (124 Couples) are the representatives of the 12 branches reaching out to the world. In other words, the 120 apostles are the archetypes enlarged to the world level.

In the dispensation centered upon Jesus as well, the 72 disciples were supposed to become united centered upon Jesus and work to accomplish the restoration through indemnity. Jesus established the representatives through the 12 apostles and 72 and 120 disciples. They should have accomplished certain conditions, but they failed.

In our restoration through indemnity, we are able to advance by establishing these three stages of families. That is why 120 couples and leaders of the nine districts of Korea participated in this ceremony. The nine districts of Korea represent the nation and the world; and the district leaders symbolize tribal chiefs. This ceremony — held on the second floor of the headquarters of Korea — has worldwide significance. Invisible border lines had separated the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, and the world. From now on, however, everything will be on a straight line. This Unification Ceremony has created this alignment. This is the most precious ceremony in the Unification Church.

The fortune of the True Children

A ctually, I tried to hold this ceremony with Hyo Jin and Ye Jin, but they had to attend school. So I did it with Kwon Jin.

The 'Hyo' of Hyo Jin's name means filial piety. Blessed families can win victory by serving with filial piety. The 'Heung' of Heung Jin's name means prosperity, and the 'Hyun' of Hyun Jin means rising. He will rise after the Blessing. Kook Jin will appear in the nation; that is his responsibility. Kwon Jin will appear in the nation and bring the power.

Each of the True Children has a distinct nature. Kwon Jin smiled the 17th day after he was born. Usually babies are glad when they are held at all. But he never enjoyed being held for only a short time. If someone picked him up, he had to hold him for a long time. He has a unique and wonderful nature, and is very wise. The Unification Church is marching on with Kwon Jin. Dispensational meaning coincides with his name, Kwon Jin. Since Kwon Jin was born in the United States and has its citizenship, he represents the United States. Through him, the United States and Korea can be connected. That's why I brought Kwon Jin with me this time.

You should exemplify the meaning of unification, creating unity in the family, the society, and the country. You should be unchangeable centering upon one purpose, the realization of the unified nation and the unified world. Otherwise, you will have to pay indemnity from now on.

There are three stages of paying indemnity. You may suffer a lot materially, then your child may become ill, or you yourself may become sick; In the Old Testament Age people paid indemnity by making offerings. In the New Testament Age, indemnity was paid through children — sons and daughters. In this Completed Testament Age, indemnity is paid through parents. Therefore, you have to suffer physically and materially. You must conform your family to God's providence. Otherwise your children will pay indemnity. But if you are still obstinate and do not repent, you personally will suffer. After being punished on the three stages of formation, growth and perfection, if you still do not repent, that is the end. This is the law of indemnity.

If you understand this principle, your mind and body must become united, your family must be united, also the church, nation and world must be united. It is the heavenly principle that a family must be unified even at the sacrifice of an individual. This is the way of goodness. If we can save our relatives at the sacrifice of our family, we must go that way.

To sacrifice the nation for the sake of oneself or to sacrifice relatives for the sake of oneself, or to sacrifice one's wife for the sake of oneself, these are totally opposite to the heavenly way. A wife must sacrifice herself for the sake of her husband, and parents must sacrifice themselves for the sake of the family, the family for the sake of the clan, the clan for the sake of the tribe, the tribe for the sake of the nation, and the nation for the sake of the world. Accordingly, if the nation of Korea is to receive the blessing of God's kingdom, it must stand in the position of son on behalf of the other nations and set the tradition of sacrifice for the sake of the world. If Korea does so it will never fall. This is totally opposite from the usual way of thinking.

Now all the nations are trying to use other nations, such as the United States, for their benefit. Life in the Kingdom of God is totally opposite. In order to establish the world that God wishes, we should sacrifice our nation beyond what any other nation has sacrificed for the sake of world happiness and God's kingdom — regardless of the opposition we may face. When we sacrifice our nation for the sake of the world, we are guiding it to become the world's leading nation. That way we will establish a historical tradition and gain true achievement. In this fallen world, only the achievements attained with a sacrificial spirit, only good achievements, can remain. Those who lived that way are regarded as saints and historical figures — central figures and people of merit.

Therefore, to sacrifice oneself for the sake of others is reasonable. It corresponds to God's position. To throw oneself into something is to create one's second self. God threw Himself into the work of recreation as well as creation. That is how indemnity is paid in the history of restoration, or recreation. Indemnity will be paid only when one invests in it the power of recreation. Without this, the history of recreation cannot begin. The conclusion is drawn theoretically. It applies to me as well.

The way of sacrifice is the formula course

W e gather money here and sacrifice our nation, sending the money to the United States. The United States is a rich and affluent nation, but in the history of recreation, we have to save the United States at the sacrifice of Korea and Japan. So we have thrown everything into the United States. God threw Himself into the creation of Adam and Eve. God invested the archangel, all things, and His entire spirit into the creation. Creation requires total investment.

For this reason Korea should become the first nation to throw itself into God's providence. If Korea does become such a nation, it will never perish. Nations supporting Korea will naturally appear, and Korea will receive the blessing and prosper. Other nations will follow the direction of this nation. Thus the way of restoration, the principle of unification, can only follow the course of indemnity. Restoration and unification cannot be accomplished without self-sacrifice.

We must make an effort to unite our body with our mind even at the sacrifice of our body. When we confront difficulty, we must overcome it, consoling our mind even if our body aches. This formula matches the Principle. This formula applies to an individual, a family, a clan, a tribe, a nation, and the world, as well as the spiritual world. The formula course that we should go is the principled one. An individual exists for his family, a family for its clan, a clan for its tribe, a tribe for its nation, a nation for the world, the world for the heaven and earth, and heaven and earth for God. When we do this we can receive the fruits of God's sincere investment. This is the Principle, the way of heaven.

Then who will become the master? The person who sowed seeds and cultivated the crops becomes the master. In the spiritual world it is the same. He who enjoys a good harvest in autumn is the one who sowed the seeds in spring. This is the heavenly principle. Accordingly, one must sow seeds with sincerity and cultivate with sincerity.

This formula is the foundation for achieving perfection. This is the Principle. Speaking about the ideal of creation, we must earnestly fulfill the ideal that God implanted in us with His sincere heart. The perfection of the ideal of creation means accomplishing the ideal on the worldwide level.

Speaking about unity, ask yourself whether you have achieved such unity in your activity. You know the answer well. If you say you do not know, you are telling a lie. You know whether you are a genuine person. Only when you face yourself can you make progress. Your conscience knows everything and you can learn from it.

Both husband and wife know whether they are truly standing in a principled position. When parents fulfill their responsibility to their children, they know whether they are taking care of children in a principled way. A family knows whether it is fulfilling its responsibility for its clan. Because your conscience guides you, you should be able to practice the principled way, almost as if you had already been taught. Thus, people can receive God's blessing through practice. If people cannot practice the principled way, even after being taught, they have to take responsibility for it. That is the heavenly principle. You have a conscience, and through it the spiritual world teaches you.

Any effort leads to development

U p until now the way had not been opened for a family, a church, a nation,. the world, and the spiritual world to be united. Even if an individual or a family had achieved perfection, true perfection was left unaccomplished until the worldwide standard was established. No matter how loyally or sincerely an individual or a family served, they remained on the level of individual perfection, since the way through the clan, tribe, and nation was not opened, and individuals could not stand on the world historical position. That is the reason why people could not live the ideal life in the spiritual world.

I have now opened the way for you to go to the world starting from the individual level, through the family, clan, tribe, and national levels. So once you join the Unification Church, if you make certain effort you can make rapid progress. You are living in such a precious time. Do you understand?

Even people who served with their best loyalty, waiting thousands of years, giving their best loyal service, could not accomplish perfection, because the way was closed. The historical indemnity had not been paid; therefore, people could not resolve things in their 70 or 80 years of life. After going to the spiritual world they had to resurrect through their descendants and pay indemnity again. But from now on all the good spirits will push their descendants day and night. Such a time will come. This is the result of today's ceremony.

The spiritual world cannot keep silent; it can cause illness or other things to happen to their descendants if they do not go to the Unification Church. Recently in the United States, too, such phenomena are happening. Organizations will also be pushed. Ancestors can teach their descendants through spiritual works. All the ancestors are being mobilized to push their descendants by all means. That's the time we are in.

For this purpose Lon Sun Halmoni has the mission to liberate ancestors, opening the way for them to come to the earth. This ceremony lays the foundation to dissolve the resentments for thousands of generations of ancestors and open the way for them to resurrect. I have been doing these works through this elderly woman. Do you understand? Leaders may not understand clearly, but ancestors are being liberated. On May 1 of last year we performed a ceremony for the total dissolution of resentment and dissolved the resentment of even Satan.

It is very historical that such a ceremony is performed this year. Now Buddhists, for instance, can make rapid spiritual progress. All providential religions are now being pushed to make new leaps. This is the time for us to encounter the spiritual world. We cannot solve the confusion of the spirit world unless we know the spiritual principle. For this reason if you are not in the course of unification, the spiritual world can attack you.

The good spiritual world represents the good archangelic realm. God, the archangel, and Adam should have been united in the Garden of Eden. Now God, the good spiritual world, and the Unification Church are unifying. This is the same as God, the archangel, and Adam being united. The Cain world should follow in order to avoid destruction. Cain can survive by following. Such a time has come.

I have already set up the condition for an individual, a family, a tribe, a nation, and the world to be able to connect with God and heaven. In fact, I have established the condition for the Unification Church to make rapid progress. We know that is God's will. Knowing this, you should live not for yourself but for the nation and the world. You should try to give a donation even if it is a penny. Especially the 36 Couples and those who have public missions should never live in a private way. Do not use money in a private way. If you use money for God's public will, you will not violate the law in front of God. But if you use money in a private way you will have to pay indemnity.

The principle of unification

Y ou should understand this principle well, and the 36 Couples, 72 Cou- ples, and 124 Couples must be united. The 72 Couples should not criticize the 36 Couples, nor should the 36 Couples criticize the 72 Couples or the 124 Couples, and so on. Even if the 72 Couples do very well, I cannot praise them if they do not appreciate the 36 Couples. Even if the 124 Couples do well, I cannot bless them unless they appreciate the 72 Couples. This is the principle of unification. Therefore, these three sets of families must become united. The 36 Couples are the resurrection of human ancestors, the 72 Couples the resurrection of children, and the 124 Couples the resurrection of the people of the world. Therefore, if they become united, the family, children, and the world can become united. For this reason I am responsible for these three stages of couples. Do you understand? From now on, therefore, you must think in this way.

We must mobilize a nation in order to save the world; I must mobilize my clan, the Moon clan, in order to save the nation of Korea. And my family must save my clan. This is the task of a tribal Messiah. But we must have a national Messiah in order for us to become clan Messiahs. When the clan standard is established, we have to prepare ourselves to keep the principle and be connected with the national standard; then we can go up to the national level. This is the course of restoration through indemnity.

We can face God only when the subject and the object become united. For subject and object to become united, they need a center. God certainly should live there. When subject and object perform give and take action, movement begins. And their motion needs a central point, an eternal central point. If subject and object are not united and do not perform give and take action, they cannot establish themselves as an object to God. This means that they have no relationship with God.

Therefore, husband and wife must be united centering upon God. Parents and children must be united centering on God. Compared to that ideal, I must say that you are living a haphazard life. You should have a substantially fruitful life. You must focus your mind on establishing these relationships in substantial life, and you must bring certain results in your lifetime.