God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The New Cosmic Spring Will Prosper Eternally

April 18, 1976
Tarrytown, New York

S pring has come. Plants, grass, trees, insects, birds, animals, all of them are welcoming spring. What happens when spring comes? In nature everything stirs. Spring is the season of love. Birds are singing songs of love every morning. God also is seeking a spring when He can sing a song of love, a song of spring. Nature sings a song of life and prosperity. Everything is in that melody. The Creator and the creation are one. Accordingly, God is also preparing to sing a song for spring. But is God in a situation where He can sing now?

One day can be divided into four seasons. Morning expresses spring, noon expresses summer, the evening expresses autumn, and night expresses winter. Human history as well is following the same seasonal path. Human history started from the sorrowful spring caused by the fall of man. Later it moved into the sorrowful summer, which was manifested by the cultures of Egypt and China. Then civilization prospered in countries such as England, the United States and Japan, and so moved into the tropics. These modern civilizations correspond to the autumn of human history, the season of cultivation.

The cold season, the winter of civilization, is coming. That is the threat of communism, centering on the Soviet Union. In a shivering, frozen culture, only a tree with good roots and seeds can survive. What can survive in cold civilizations are the things which have a life force inside, and the source of its life, the seed. We must have the root. That is God. A man who has this root can survive in a cold civilization. A seed which has energy can survive. The seed itself has the root and branch within. This bud is a small cosmos of life.

If you really understand the plan of seasonal history, you know that winter is not the very end. A new spring will come. Since God knows the direction of history, He prepares a people for spring, and sends them out as pioneers to the world. God has been preparing them over a long time.

Religions are headed toward paralysis and destruction. They are not following their predestined purpose. The crisis of democracy is reflected by the crisis of Christianity. God was hoping for evergreen trees, with Himself as the root. But the trunks of today's religions are paralyzed. The sign of new life must rise from there. The new sign must appear despite all kinds of cold weather.

God is the root

I f the new spring reaches the cosmic level, who will welcome it? It is not the dead, dried branch or trunk but the small twigs and the small branches. The small branch which came out from the root is evergreen and is growing even during the winter. The branch may be small; however, it is connected to God who is the root.

God is trying to prepare the cosmic spring. For spring He is raising princes and princesses. Finally, when the preparation is made in which spring can bring life, God cuts out the rotten branches and trunks. This cutting occurs on all the levels such as family, race and nation. All the energy coming from the root is given to the evergreen branches. Yet this branch is bringing benefit to all levels. The Unification Church is like this small branch. However, it is growing from the family level to the national level and moving toward the world level. Once we move beyond the world level, we can realize that the cosmic spring is awaiting us. When spring comes, the atmosphere will automatically change. The cold weather of Siberia will die away.

Today communism has a big crack within itself. The early ideal of international communism has already been destroyed, and they have fallen back to the national level. Satan's trees are still growing, but their leaves are falling and their branches are withering. The golden age of communism has come to an end.

When will the turning point come? The year is 1976 and the day is June 1. Once we achieve a distinguished record at Yankee Stadium, the free world will enter into the cosmic spring and will make effort for the purpose of its prosperity. We will receive the respect and trust of all the world.

Since God is very powerful, He will soon bring forth a great tree. This evergreen tree will be made hard by the wind of Siberia. It will grow quickly when spring comes. When we bring spring to the free world, the same spring will give a warm climate to the cold civilization of communism.

Wherever we go, we can see the world feels no hope. Yet the world does have hope. The seed is bringing a new life. You are made hard by cold climates, but you have the glow of life burning inside you. The warmth of spring can break the shell. As a result, the evergreen tree will bring forth new leaves.

The civilization for which God has been longing is not in bloom yet. As you know, God is not really savoring the joy of history. Past civilizations centering upon past religions could not go beyond the limit of the nation. Accordingly, the new evergreen tree must begin on the international level. Neither could past religions overcome the obstacles stemming from different skin colors. But we know that God is color blind.

Embracing the entire cosmos

C ommunism could not overcome materialism. On the other hand, religions have centered on the spiritual world and put minimal value on the material world. Both of them are one-sided: however, the Unification Church embraces the entire cosmos of spiritual world and physical world. Let's think about how different we are. Other people worship God in order to receive His blessing, but we are trying to set God free. If you understand this is the truth, there is nothing higher or greater than our ideal.

Comparing yourself with the you of the past, you are a totally new person, spiritually and morally. Your face is the same, but your thoughts and mind are different. The mysterious invisible power that changed your thoughts is indestructible. You have become men and women who are full of energy. We have the formula for perfection. What you have to do is simply to apply this formula and extend it. Twenty years ago members of the Unification Church were working on the individual level. Now the activities of the Unification Church are the same, and the formula is the same, but the range has been enlarged.

Americans used to have a lot of pride. But now that pride has been lost, and 50 is their purpose. If Americans can find a new hope, the rest of the world can follow them.

The Yankee Stadium event is something like throwing a large rock into a huge lake. After the splash the wave moves from the center outward. Our impact will be felt throughout the entire world. It is the same in the communist world. God is testing us by seeing if the wave can move or not. Therefore, in March there was a hurricane of negativity which opposed us. God is hoping that we are strong enough to be able to bear such a negative event as the bombing of our church center in France. I hope that you have guts. When I sent my representatives to 120 countries, I said to them, "You are the seeds of Heaven; you must be spread. You must prosper. The seed grows a root. The root penetrates the earth, and you will grow." They have guts and confidence.

God is secretly preparing the huge cosmic spring. For this reason, God is preparing one select group out of the cold weather. This group can survive and bring the new civilization to the world. The ancient, subtropical and communist civilizations have been judged. The new cosmic civilization of spring will come, and it will prosper eternally.

Covered with evergreen trees

W e have been struggling during the winter, but the time has come. Now a spring is smiling over us. By 1981 the cosmic summer will come. When we go into the cosmic summer, nature will be covered with evergreen trees. Do you want to be the persons who welcome the cosmic spring?

Your smile is very big, and contains a joy that has no precedent in history. Your smile reaches to the end of the world, so God also smiles broadly. God and man will embrace each other and everything under the sun will sing a song of spring — nature's grasses, trees, insects, and birds.

Spring is a season that love can visit. Why is the power of love immortal? Because it makes separate things into one. Love generates life. The power of love is so strong and so warm that it can melt the universe. The power of love will bring a blossoming spring on the earth.

The God of love is dominating us beyond the limit of nationality or race. We will march forward in order to welcome the imminent cosmic spring. We have been chosen by God as the harbingers of spring. We are marching forward toward Yankee Stadium in order to declare the spring. What a joy this is!

New York is the city of despair. We must bring a revival to New York. We will create a spring atmosphere. Yankee Stadium will become the place of the welcoming spring banquet for the entire universe. Just as spring visits all places, you must visit each street and each home in New York. You must show the sign of spring to all places, in each small part of town and on each street. Raise your hands, those of you who truly wish to become the harbingers of spring.