God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Total Indemnity

April 3, 1983

T oday, let me speak about total indemnity. Total indemnity involves religion, history, and the human race in general. It includes not only the physical world, but the spiritual world as well.

God's original ideal for the world was simple. He envisioned a world which would be completed when Adam, Eve, God and the angelic world became totally one. The ideal came from God and was supposed to be passed on to our first ancestors as the True Parents of all humanity. Starting from that original point, the ideal should have extended horizontally to the entire world, to form a totally united universe.

At the center of everything is God's love. God needs love, man needs love, and the angelic world also needs love. If the world had been centered upon God's love from the beginning, it would have been not only an ideal beginning, but the direction and the final results would have also been ideal. God, man and the angelic world would have formed one perfect world, freely communicating with each other centering upon God's love.

Accordingly, man becomes perfect not by being rich or by acquiring secular power or knowledge, but by love. This love is not secularized love as in the fallen world, but original love. Everything is completed and perfected by this love.

We have five senses that enable us to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. These would have been used centering upon perfect love, and eyes, ears, nose, hands, and mouth, each with their senses, would have all become perfected by centering on love. To experience things with our five senses centering on love is an exquisite state. It is like a state of intoxication, only with love. You feel intoxicated by the environment, experiencing a reciprocal relationship with every other being. One never feels alone. Every being reaches to eternity, and each being expresses itself in a unique way. The intense beauty of the ideal world would be found through the reciprocal relationships developed among all the things of creation.

The power of true love can be extended to infinity, and at the same time can be condensed into one infinitesimal speck. This is heavenly love. Therefore if we look through the eyes of love, everything has value. In a small thing the value is condensed, and in a big thing it is enlarged. God wanted to create such an ideal world of love. He wanted to be in the position of ruling everything by making love the center of all things. Love is the realm through which God can control the universe beyond time and space. Accordingly, to be in control of the universe, God Himself absolutely needs this love. By thinking in this way, we can see that no being has value without true love.

God's ideal was lost by the fall. How did mankind fall? Through love. The beginning point of love is not the eye or the mouth, but is the sexual parts of man and woman. The connecting point of love is the place where all the sensations come together. The real standard of love was lost at this point, so the male and female relationship was the cause of all the problems of the entire universe.

Because of this, everything has to be restored or recreated. How can we do this? One major result of the fall is that we came under two lords, or two subjects. If we had only one subject and one lord, it would not be such a problem to restore everything and return to the original state. If God were still the only subject, every creature could become harmonized with Him and there would be nothing to oppose such harmony. But there is another subject, whose direction is totally the opposite of God's. That being took the subjective position by rejecting God. As a result of the fall, the opposing power of love that pulls man away from God became much stronger than the power that leads man back to his original source. Thus, the power of love came to be divided into opposing camps of internal and external. Satan is connected to the world of love centering upon external power and God is connected to love centering on internal power. So two subjects came to stand over one object, man. Satan became the external subject, while God became the internal subject.

Each of them is in a plus position — internal or external — therefore, they repel each other. This is manifested in the struggle between the physical needs and the conscience of fallen man. They are supposed to be united but they are repelling each other. Man is pulled in two different directions as if he had two repellent bodies. Thus man became a being of lost direction. Sometimes he drifts to the external side and sometimes to the internal side. Since man fluctuates, everything around him is affected. Adam and Eve became such a man and woman. The children they bore also inherited such a nature. If there are 10 people, they have 10 different directions; they are scattered. The world became a world of confusion as the consequence of the fall.

Why Satan must be denied

W here is the world of God's original ideal? We have to search for the original ideal and rearrange the fallen world. This is not easy. To do this, Adam has to deny himself and Eve has to deny herself. If there are 10 members in a family, and all 10 of them try to make unity by asserting themselves, unity is impossible. If there are 10 members in a family, all 10 must deny themselves. Before anything else, God must ask for self-denial in the fallen human world. Before He seeks for the ideal, He must seek the denial, the denial of the fall. Man has no foundation to assert himself. This is God's viewpoint.

Then what is the order of such denial? It is from the external to the internal. In the fallen realm, there is the external world of nation, race, and clan, as well as family. Also there is the couple — man and woman together. We must deny ourselves beginning from the outside, from the external side. The point we finally arrive at is the denial of our own body and our thinking. We cannot but go this far. We live in the fallen world, so to seek God's will, to seek the point of self affirmation on earth, we must deny the fallen world completely. The new starting point begins only after setting this standard. This is logical.

Why do we need the indemnity taught by the Unification movement? We must know the reason clearly. None of you in the Unification movement understands clearly the meaning of individual indemnity, family indemnity, clan, race, and national indemnity. Why do we have to do such a thing? This is a serious matter.

For God to make a new start, He must clean up everything. There must be no other subject being, no Satan. God must be the absolute and only subject. God cannot set His new starting point unless Satan's position is completely removed. For man to deny himself is not that much of a problem. The problem is to deny Satan who controls man. Accordingly, after man completely denies himself, God has to set the standard that completely denies Satan. Otherwise there still remain two subjects. Even if man denies himself, still Satan remains. If an alien subject, who is centered upon the false love, remains in the presence of God and the universe, there are two standards, and the starting step for perfection cannot be made. How can we deny Satan? This is an absolutely necessary condition in order to make a new starting point on the earth for God and humanity. We must see the denial of the false god. God Himself can stand as the subject only when He stands on the foundation of that denial and is able to take His position as the subject of love. Do you understand?

Condition of absolute denial

T hen how is this condition made? The fall began with one individual, Adam. Since the individual is the center of the whole, in order to restore this fallen world, we must move forward step by step; it cannot be done all at once. The problem of sin has expanded through eight stages: from the individual, family, clan, race (or people), nation, world, cosmos, and God. Man, who is seeking for the ideal world, cannot find his way back to God, the original subject of love, unless he solves these problems. If one stage is reached, man has control below that level, but he cannot reach the ideal world beyond that level or completely unite with the. absolute God. If an individual reaches a certain stage, people in spirit world who have reached a corresponding level of growth can assist him, and he can communicate with them; however, it is difficult for him to communicate with the original God. How can the environment be enlarged so that an individual can communicate with God? This point is the worry of God Himself, as well as the concern of man who is in the fallen sphere. These two worries are made more difficult by fallen man himself. Fallen man is dominated by the archangel; it is absolutely impossible to change this by the process of affirmation but only through denial.

Then, what is restoration through indemnity? One who desires to reach the absolute unique subject must fulfill the condition of absolute denial in relation to everything in one's environment. For this, absolute denial is required. Then at what place does restoration through indemnity become fulfilled? Even one iota of a condition for self affirmation cannot remain. It must be completely in the realm of the denial. The condition of indemnity is paid by fulfilling the condition of absolute denial. When this standard is fulfilled in all eight stages, from the individual, family, clan and so on, one can reach the ideal world at the consummation of human history. You must necessarily go through the process at each of the eight stages. Otherwise one cannot reach the ideal where he can communicate with God.

God is working out the reality of the fallen world, trying to create one model first, rather than working to restore the whole. To reproduce on a large scale, we create the pattern first. On the individual level, we create the pattern for the individual. Then we should create the family pattern for the family level. From clan, society, to nation, we should think in the same way. According to the principle of creation, we must go through the three stages of formation, growth and perfection through human history in order to create the pattern for the individual. We must create the environment and set the reciprocal standard of love. The center of this reciprocal realm is man, and the center of man is love. Man must first indemnify himself on the individual level. To set the standard for the individual is not easy.

Throughout history up until now, why have women been excluded from full participation in the religious world? So far, the dispensation of the God of love was carried out centered upon men, and women were largely excluded. Why was this so? To create the model of the perfect individual, the pattern of the creation was this: first Adam was created, and afterwards, Eve. This was the pattern. But the model for perfection is not complete by man alone. The angelic world participated with God in the creation of the original pattern of man, centered upon heart. Therefore, God is the center of heart and the center of the spiritual world. Man can stand in the position of model only when he can digest the entire sphere of all things and be absorbed together with God.

The attitude of the life of a truly religious person is one in which he is completely absorbed; It is perfect obedience; therefore he cannot assert his will or his opinion above God's. He must follow God's will absolutely. It is the sphere of perfect self denial, but also he must be completely absorbed by God. If man claims his subjectivity he takes a plus position before God, which repels God. This leaves a person within the sphere of the subject which is opposed to God, who is Satan. That means he becomes Satan's possession. Accordingly, he can never reach the ideal sphere of God.

At this point in the religious world, absolute obedience is necessary. European members must understand this point clearly. Why is obedience needed? To follow your own thinking leads you to stand in the position of having a second subject. The second subject is Satan, so you become Satan's object. If you insist on your own thinking as your foundation, it sets the condition for Satan to dominate you. God and Satan are in opposing camps, struggling for dominion over the fallen human world. The original purpose of human existence as well as the original purpose of the archangel is for the sake of the perfection of the ideal. Satan knows this as well

The sphere of denial through persecution

G od originally created us with the ideal of perfection as His goal. Satan knows this and he does not deny it. To establish the complete condition that will enable us to reach the ideal of perfection is not easy. It requires the state of absolute self denial. We cannot do this if we insist on our own viewpoint.

Looking at the world, where can we find an attitude of self denial? It is difficult to find it in the Western mentality, which is characterized by the love of freedom. The ultimate result of such freedom is that only the self remains. Husbands and wives live together, but both claim their own ways. In that case, there are two claims for freedom. If there are four people together, they have four individual demands. If there are 10 people, there are the claims of 10 people for their freedom. In the end, they go their own way and become isolated and scattered. There can be no unity within families, or nations. Although a person strives to enjoy his original nature through freedom, in reality he loses everything and falls to the depths of despair. Finding that he cannot satisfy his individual desires and ideals, he gives up on himself. This is the reality for many in the free world today! particularly in America. But despair is not a part of God's will. In such a world, there is no standard of perfection which God desires.

For this reason, Oriental thinking, rather than Western, holds a possibility for God. Within Oriental thinking, there is the principle of absolute attendance to the parents, and at the same time the idea of following one's elder brothers and sisters When this idea of attendance is expanded, it can reach to the clan leader, the society leader, or the representative of the nation. Thus we can gain the foundation based on the perfect system of attendance. Otherwise, we can never have a family, clan, society, nation, or world that God desires. You must understand this clearly.

Then how can God create this kind of environment? He cannot do it by saying, "You religious people must achieve self denial all by yourselves!" No, we can't do it that way. The standard of self denial must be created within reciprocal relationships. If you are pushed into the position of being denied by somebody else, it is the same as self denial. Since we cannot create the sphere of denial by ourselves, God Himself creates it. Therefore, a religious person will be opposed by everybody. This is the deeper meaning of persecution. When one believes in God and in religion, often those who are closest to him, such as his parents or loved ones, will oppose him. In such a case, Satan, as the second subject, is attacking the first subject God. When someone strikes a righteous person unjustly, it sets a condition that must be repaid. Because of this repayment, the development of religion is secured. Do you understand why persecution occurs?

Within the sphere of religion, God must enlarge the practice of self denial from the individual level to the family, clan, society, nation, and world. People cannot do this by themselves. In restoration through indemnity, a person tends to think that the standard of individual self denial is enough, but that is not true. The standard of individual indemnity must be directed to the indemnity on the world level; that foundation of self denial must be created. Man himself has not realized. this, but God and Satan know it.

People do not know the full standard of denial; therefore, Satan, who does understand it, attacks man to prevent any denial of the individual that is directed to the world level. Religions developed in the course of history until now precisely because they practiced self denial and received persecution. This was so, although nobody knew the reason why. Now I am telling you the reason. Since one cannot practice self denial alone, God allows Satan himself to deny man instead. And if man gains victory in the realm of denial, then he can claim victory over Satan. He can belong to the true subject, namely God. As the result of persecution, or absolute self denial in front of God, man can enter the sphere of reciprocal relationship with God. Thus God can intervene for him. This is why religion has developed the most through persecution.

For this reason, a person cannot find religious perfection by leaving this world and going up into the mountains to meditate. One can achieve perfection only by standing in the midst of the world and taking on all the persecution from Satan. But in order to achieve oneness with God, a person must overcome Satan's attacks. He cannot be crushed in the persecution.

Accordingly, God has tried to work through many people throughout history yet had to give them up in the end. God may have used some people in His dispensation for decades or even centuries. Yet in the end, they had to stand in the sphere of persecution. If someone gains individual victory over persecution, the individual victory can remain. Yet if he cannot go over the sphere of family persecution, he will be crushed. In that case, God must find another with whom to proceed in His dispensation. If someone is crushed, there is nothing God can do for him. God is forced to find someone else; this was the miserable course of the history of religion until now.

By understanding these general things, you can also understand how to proceed with restoration through indemnity. You cannot deny yourself all alone. Accordingly, you must endure the condition of denial through persecution. Therefore, persecution is absolutely necessary in God's religious dispensation and there is no way to go back to God without passing through that course of persecution. There is no exception to this rule. The world religions, such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Confucianism have all passed through this kind of course. That is why they are standing on the level of world development. The religions themselves have not understood this reason until now. They could not explain why religious people had to go through suffering or persecution, but now you have understood this point.

It is the logical conclusion that the total perfection of which I am speaking is not achieved without total indemnity. To guide everything into the perfection realm, we must go through the process of total indemnity. This is absolutely necessary in the history of religion. Therefore, it is wrong to think that one will have an easy life by following religion.

Who is the Messiah?

W ithin Christianity, there is the belief in the Second Coming of the Messiah. Who is the Messiah? The Messiah is the one whom God loves most. Which position is most loved by God? There are many people who are standing in front of God as representatives, for example, of the nation, the society, or some other organization. What kind of a person is the Messiah? The Messiah is the first person who has the same mind of love and the same direction of love as God. The Messiah is the first born son of God. Jesus was God's only son, His only child. To be an only child means to receive the parent's total love, from the beginning to the end. God is the absolute subject and the Messiah stands in God's sphere. Their relationship is the relationship of parent and child. He is the one who is born as God's first son and receives the fullness of God's love given to the individual, family, clan, society, nation, and the world. He is qualified to receive the love transcending all these spheres. This is the Messiah. He is God's beloved child.

But what can he do all by himself? The beloved must find his spouse. And where can he find her? He can't get her from the heavens. Since man has been lost as a result of the fall on the earth, he must be recreated on the earth. What does religion do? Heaven is in the plus position and the earth is in the minus position. People desire the Messiah, who knows heaven. This human world deeply desires its proper subject of love and this yearning is the Messianic yearning. The Messiah must be welcomed on the world level, beyond the individual, clan and even national levels. The entire world will be able to be united with a man of God's love, as the absolute subject. There will be no reason to oppose him; there can be only absolute attendance. Self-centeredness cannot exist anymore. To create the environment so that one exists only for the sake of the Lord was the mission of the Old Testament age and of the New Testament age. The mission of both of these ages was also to create an Eve, a spouse, for the Messiah. Once Eve absolutely follows the Messiah and that sphere of obedience is expanded, opposition to the Messiah will diminish. In this environment, the entire world will be automatically connected to the subject of love at one point. To create such an environment on the world level was the mission of the Old Testament age and of the New Testament age. Accordingly, present day Christianity and Judaism must completely follow the Messiah.

Christians and believers of Judaism who have been keeping their faith are supposed to offer everything when the Messiah comes. Their faith teaches perfect obedience to the Messiah. Yet what is the reality of today's Christians? What about Judaism today? Instead of the spirit which God desires, they are completely opposed — 180 degrees. If a religion desires only its own success on the earth, and disregards the returning Messiah and blocks the victorious completion of God's dispensation, it will be a total failure. Any religion with this kind of attitude will be completely broken in the Last Days, as if hit by God's heavenly hammer.

In this period of the Last Days, Christians in the world are looking for the Second Coming, but if we analyze the motivation of their desire, it is usually, "I want to be saved:" There is no concern for God's victory on the world level. They may say, "I want to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, and I want my family and my country to be saved." The furthest limit is usually the country. But they must go beyond the country to the end of the world; they must enlarge their concern to the spiritual world. Yet most cannot go beyond their own self and this is a success for Satan. As long as this standard remains, God's world cannot be born.

What is the Unification movement?

N ow we must begin a new movement on the earth which divides the world into two sides. We must complete God's will for the perfection of the world and enlarge it to the entire cosmos. If a religious movement with this ideal doesn't appear, God's dispensation cannot be fulfilled. It would be the same as if God did not exist. Therefore, if God exists and if He is trying to accomplish His will, such a movement must be created on the earth. This conclusion is logical. What is this movement? It is truly the Unification movement. The Unification movement must have the ideals and motivation which I have just mentioned. First of all, it must enlarge self denial from the individual to the world level. When the Messiah comes, if Christianity completely follows him and perfectly unites with him, it has achieved its goal. When the Messiah comes and proclaims himself, then everybody must unite with him. But they cannot do so until he comes. Therefore, God has been prolonging His dispensation through the fallen history of hundreds of thousands of years up until now.

God exists, yet so does persecution. Why did God allow the early Christians to be persecuted for 400 years in ancient Rome? Reviewing the Principle, we know that persecution continued until the standard which was applicable throughout the world appeared. Accordingly, Christianity came to this level after 400 years. Centering upon the foundation laid by Christianity, the Unification Church appeared on the earth after World War II.

Christianity must listen to the word of the Messiah viewed from the total perspective of God's dispensation. Whether or not they will listen to him is a matter of life or death for Christians. If one believes in the Messiah's words, he can find spiritual survival; for this purpose, one must deny oneself. One must be able to deny everything: his own past history, his own family and his own past standard of faith, as well. If he can see that the Messiah is the person he had been looking for, as viewed through the eyeglasses of biblical history, there is no problem. But for many, their eyeglasses do not fit. They are looking at things through individualistic eyeglasses, therefore they do not know the Messiah when they see him. The Messiah comes on the cosmic scale; therefore one cannot measure him by one's own scale. If you only listen to or see the Messiah with your personal point of view, you cannot understand the contents of his message. The Messiah deals with things on the eternal level, discussing events perhaps 20 or 30 years ahead.

If a small point of view predominates among Christians, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes, they will oppose him. If they do oppose him, they will automatically fall within Satan's sphere. The Messiah is the one who is born as the substance of God's eternal love on this plane called earth. The one who leads the opposition to God is Satan. Anyone who takes the other subject's position, namely by opposing the Messiah, will become a part of Satan's sphere at once. Although there may be large numbers of people there, it is still Satan's sphere.

Those who were supposed to create the foundation for the acceptance of the Messiah, on the contrary turned their guns on him and are now standing at the front of Satan's army. They have come to deny Christ himself. Immediately after World War II, the Christian cultural sphere of the world, centering upon the nation of America, had gained its greatest strength. There has been only one time in history when the world was completely leaning toward the religious sphere; that was the time right after World War Il. A small portion went to the side of the Soviets, while the rest of the world became a part of the democratic sphere, the Christian cultural sphere, completely centering upon America. If America herself, who was the subject of the external world, completely followed the Messiah, what would have happened to the world? The world could have easily become God's world. But what would happen if that didn't occur? The world would again return to the satanic sphere and as a result they would make a total attack on the central person of God's dispensation.

Perfection of the restoration through indemnity

F rom heaven's point of view, what is my mission? I have received ceaseless persecution from the individual level to the family, clan, society, nation, world, and cosmos. There has been nothing else like this in history. Who has received the worst and the greatest persecution in the history of religion? Your answer is not because you are members of the Unification Church; even those who do not belong to the Unification Church reply that it is Reverend Moon. The people in power in America would certainly answer in the same way. Even communists would answer in the same way.: If we ask Buddhists, Christians, or any religious person, "In the history of religious leaders, who was persecuted the most in his lifetime, from the individual level up to the world level?" they will certainly answer that it is Reverend Moon. How many years will this continue? Sixty years? I will go the way of indemnity in the condensed manner for 40 years.

God is looking for a person who speaks the truth about Satan, the world, and God, not for his own sake but for the sake of the world and God, a person who can take responsibility for leading the world and for teaching the way of sacrifice. If there is such a person, he must certainly take responsibility for the course of God's dispensation and the course of indemnity. We cannot speak about individual perfection without the perfection of indemnity, since individual perfection cannot be achieved within the realm of Satan. Once we can accomplish this, it is the end of the satanic world.

Within the idea of perfection, the perfection of indemnity is automatically included. Perfection of the individual must involve the perfection of indemnity. No one in this fallen world can achieve the perfection of personality. From God's point of view, the perfection of indemnity is the perfection of restoration. Therefore, restoration is accomplished through indemnity. So indemnity becomes an adjective that defines restoration and vice-versa.

A person who does not appreciate restoration through indemnity is the king of satans even if he is a member of the Unification Church. How about you? As you have been going through the course of restoration together with me you may have said, "Oh Father, we have gone the course of restoration through indemnity, and more restoration through indemnity. How many years, must it continue? It has gone on for 10 years, and then another 20 years and now after 40 years, we still face another 20 years!" That is true. If we are not successful in entering into the sphere of perfection at once, our own course is prolonged three times. That's the teaching of the Principle. If we can't do it in seven years, our course becomes 21 years. Those 21 years were divided into nine stages. Why is that? If we approached it all at one time and we were defeated, then we would lose everything. But if we go step by step, from one stage progressively to another, then we cannot lose everything at once. We can connect them and if we gain victory on each stage, we can go up to the next level. We have been following this strategy so even though the process may look confused, God's dispensation is relentlessly moving forward toward its consummation.

Satan is very wise and his ways are deceptive. Because he's smart, he can manipulate God's methods to put himself at the center. There are many people who manipulate situations centering upon their own desire. That kind of person does the worst damage within a religion. The starting point of all the church's activity is God, and such a person will speak about the purpose of the nation or God, yet he will disregard that and do things for his own benefit. Anyone who collects someone else's money for the public purpose and uses that money unscrupulously for himself is a thief. The same applies to anyone who claims public things as his own belongings without getting permission. That kind of person will be destroyed from within.

Please understand clearly that restoration is accomplished through in- demnity and that this is the road to perfection. How about you, the members of the Unification Church? I always speak in a public manner and I may chastise a church leader during a speech. That is an example of restoration through indemnity. When I chastise that person in public, he is representing the world, and if he listens to me and accepts what I say, he is able to overcome the problem. When I do such a thing, certainly the problem becomes apparent. That sort of public chastisement is the best example of restoration through indemnity. What is the purpose of indemnity? It is for the sake of perfection — perfection of the self, perfection of the family, the clan, the nation, the world and the cosmos. And what is the result of the perfection of the cosmos? The ultimate result is the liberation of God.

Tradition for those who follow God's will

B ecause I understood this, I have totally focused on pioneering the path of restoration through indemnity. My way of life has been to disregard the snow, the wind or seasonal changes; my life can be summed up in one word — misery. I am walking a path which nobody except God can understand. When you pray sincerely about me and the will of God, you cannot help crying again and again. If you ask heaven who I am, you will cry out and a storm of tears will flow over your face. You will feel such a pain in your heart — a pain which causes that kind of water to flow. But why is this? Originally I was supposed to stand in such a different position. If the Christian cultural sphere had welcomed me, within seven years — during my 30s — I could have returned the world to God's domain. The things I am teaching now did not begin recently; I started along this path by uncovering the very origin of this truth. I laid the foundation then, and have been bringing accomplishments throughout my life until this point now when I am teaching you these things. This is not just an abstract idea. I have actually done what I am teaching you now. I could not speak to you before I had done this, or you would be led to Satan's world.

You Japanese members must now reflect upon your lives. You have been working hard up to this time, following me, and months, years — in some cases 10 or 20 years — have passed. When you look back upon your life of faith, what do you find? I have been climbing up the summit of indemnity, higher than the Himalayas, a more difficult ascent than any other in man's history. Now I am throwing down a rope from Japan to the rest of the world. All of us are doing tremendously hard work. If possible, you who are in the position to do so should pull the rope with me and help me so that you can loosen the tension of that rope. But have you ever tightened that rope instead? Haven't you complained centering upon yourself, and criticized, saying such things as, "Father is just the Father of Korea"? If I only thought about Korea, what would have happened? I would have been taken into the spiritual world a long time ago. Such a person is of no use to this world. Only after the restoration of the whole world through indemnity, after you have cleaned everything up, can you return to your original point and think about your children, your family or your own nation. This is the only way for a person who has decided to go the way of God. This is from the dispensational point of view. If you think about things centering only upon yourself, your family or your nation, you will not be able to help the world.

Can you truly be proud of yourself in front of God? I have been leading this way as the world pioneer of restoration. What has been your standard in relation to me? Unless you can see yourself clearly and are able to change today, you cannot be the standard bearers for tomorrow's victory. On the national level, Japan is standing in the position of the Eve nation in relation to the Adam nation. This being the case, you should not have even a bit of doubt or worry, or give any difficulty to me. If we remember that the true historical tradition was destroyed by the fallen Eve, you must not give the slightest pain to the True Father's heart. You are representing the world and the totality of humanity; that's the position of Japan as Eve's nation. Do you understand? My message to you is that you should not complain but should witness and stand on the front line of God's will.

Even if we cannot achieve the standard of perfection at this moment. in time, we can guarantee that in the future we will be able to accomplish it, because we have this Principle. And what about you? Do you want to accomplish this sometime in the distant future, or would you prefer to achieve perfection during the age when I am living? To do so you must work at the risk of your life. Those who were born in the past and believed in religion cannot be born again in this modern time, even though they want to be. Therefore, they are anxiously waiting and watching from the spiritual world, knowing that this is the most precious time in history, not replaceable by any other age. When you understand this point, you must be very. grateful for the fact that you are receiving words directly from me on the earth. You are receiving education directly from me and are accomplishing God's will.

The summit of persecution

T he final and highest peak on the world level of persecution was in 1976. We reached the summit during the time of the Washington Monument rally. Since I understood this point, I sent missionaries to the entire world in 1975. If all of the missionaries had been Japanese, they would have been a strictly Oriental team. If they had been all Americans, they would have been a strictly Western team. Therefore, I organized them so that they could represent the entire world. To each mission country, I sent a Japanese missionary who represented the Orient, a German who represented Europe, and an American who represented North and South America. Then they were representatives of the world, as well as of Reverend Moon of Korea. Japanese, Americans and Germans all shared a common environment and all three were called Moonies.

If there were no direction from me, no doubt they would have fought and separated. The Japanese missionary might have said, "Japan received the blessing first, so I'm in the Abel position." The American might have said, "America is the leading nation of the democratic world, so from the cultural point of view, I am the best." Then the German might have said, "Nonsense! Germans are the smartest. We are the best organized, we are analytic and intellectual." Each of them would claim that he was the best and therefore the subject. Therefore, the policy had to be that there was no subject. If no one claimed his own subjectivity, then God could certainly assist them. So I clearly said, "If the three of you are totally united, God will absolutely help you and you will develop. If you fight, you will never make progress." And the situation showed exactly what I said. According to the reports from the itinerant workers, that was exactly so. There is no mistake in the: Principle. The missionaries have gone to the whole world and the Principle sphere was enlarged to 130 nations. So persecution has spread over the entire world. like an umbrella; many Americans were calling for the deportation of Reverend Moon before the Washington Monument rally, but it didn't happen. I fought and gained the victory. In 1976, the peak time of historical persecution against me, the world welcomed a new era. Then on Feb. 23, 1977, centering upon True Parents' birthday, I declared the new era.

How can I say this? It is because at the summit of world persecution, I accepted suffering and marched forward for the sake of heaven and for the sake of the world. Then the communist world became divided. Five years from that time, Japan advanced to the world level. When Eve is lifted up, Adam is also saved in the same way. God was wise to elevate Japan first.

The mission of Japan as the Eve nation

W hen God looks around Japan to find some people to whom He can give responsibility, He notices the ones who are so humble looking, the ones who seem useless to the other Japanese. Those are the Moonies. When we get to know them, we see that they are very honest and they are internally very noble. They offer everything and work with each other for the sake of the nation and the world, yet they never ask for recompense. So people begin to feel that they are indeed precious.

The mother must take her providential responsibility. Japan is Eve, and Eve must feed her children. To whom did fallen Eve give her milk first? First to Cain and then to Abel. Her daughters were not mentioned. Although women existed, they were treated as if they did not exist and up until now they could not complain. Those children who grew up on the milk of Eve fought with each other because they had conflicting natures. In the restoration through indemnity, Jacob and Esau fought within their mother's womb. The Cain-Abel relationship must go back to the mother's womb and be restored from that point again. Therefore in the course of restoration, when a woman in a dispensational position was pregnant with twins, they were not supposed fight within the womb, but rather embrace each other. After they are born, one should not try to get milk first. They each should say, "You go first." When they take turns to receive milk many times a day, they should love each other without complaint. Eve must give birth to such children.

By setting this condition within Eve's nation, the conditions for restoration on the world level can be set. Both the Cain and Abel types among the Japanese listen to my words very well. The ones who listen the least are the Germans. In the past, Germany was the subject over Japan. When the elder brother is pushed into the object position, he doesn't like it. The ones who most resist being objective are the Germans. Furthermore, in the Abel camp, the one who has the most problems, who claims his freedom while calling out for God, and has the most spiritual ups and downs, is the American. Who represents the world? The Germans and Americans who stand in the twin's position are not really very friendly. In fact, they are traditional enemies and their mutual histories have been histories of conflict. In this sense America and Germany fit the Principle view of being enemies. Adam's nation, Eve's nation and the archangel's nations are also enemies. All of them were divided at the point when they were supposed to become one. To rearrange them once again, we must start from a similar situation. Korea, the Adam nation, was the enemy of Japan, the Eve nation. Japan and America were enemies; America and Germany were enemies — all of them were enemies. I gathered these historical enemies and told them to unite into one by receiving one mother's milk, centering on the power of love! You Americans, Germans and Japanese cannot go back to Adam's position unless the three of you become one. This is the Principle view according to the restoration through indemnity.

Through the fall, God, Adam and Eve became enemies. Adam and Eve became enemies and Cain and Abel became enemies — father, mother, and children, all became enemies. When the realm of each of these enemies expanded, they produced the same fruit. What eventually happened was that an Adam nation appeared in the satanic world, as well as an Eve nation, and an archangelic nation. In opposition to them were the Adam nation on God's side, as well as an Eve nation, and an archangelic nation. Those two camps fought each other in a world-level conflict during the Second World War as the Axis powers and the Allied powers.

The Axis powers on the satanic side initiated that war. Japan, who was the satanic Eve nation, occupied the Orient, specifically Korea. The idea of the Great East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere came out, preceding God's ideal, as a challenge to God's original ideal by the satanic side. Japan's Shinto religion recognizes the "eight million deities," but the founding deity of this Eve nation is Amaterasu-Ominokami, a female deity.

On God's side, England was the Eve nation. America was born from England, so America is a child of Eve, and always follows her. But if America continues to follow England all the time, it is not good. An example was the war in the Falkland Islands. America should go her way independently of England. In the future she must stand up as the Adam nation centered upon the heavenly standard.

In World War II, the restored Eve nation was England and the restored archangelic nation was France. Against this, there was the satanic Adam nation of Germany, the Eve nation of Japan, and the archangelic nation of Italy. Together the three of them formed a four position foundation centered upon Satan's ideal in the top position, while the Allies formed a four position foundation centered on God. The Second World War was the decisive battle on the world level. After the heavenly side gained the victory, the satanic world could be returned to the heavenly side. In the final stage of the satanic side on the world level, communism came to exist.

What is communism? Communism is Satan's attempt to mimic the ideal of the Lord of the Second Advent, before God can establish His world. When we look at what Stalin did, we can clearly understand this point. He tried to unify the entire world. But communism has now gone through eight generations, from Marx, to Lenin, Stalin, Malenkov, Bulganin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Andropov, who is the eighth generation. They have reached the end; from the point of eight, all they can do is decline. The Lord of the Second Advent brings the spiritual ideal for the unification of the entire world, while communism, based on materialism, presents the goal of unification of the world on the level of flesh.

According to the Principle, if Christianity becomes one with the Lord of the Second Advent and if the spiritual world and the physical world are united, the basis for Satan to exist will disappear. God will control the subjective and the objective spheres, so there will be no reciprocal sphere for Satan to control. Communism will eventually be flushed away completely.

If the democratic world had followed the Lord of the Second Advent after 1945, the world could have been united within seven years. But they did not unite with the Messiah and opposed him instead. Therefore they stood at the front of the satanic opposition to God's will. For this reason all the world, including communism, democracy, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and so forth, opposed the Messiah on the individual level, family level, clan level, racial level, national level and on the world level. All of them opposed him. Now we have the battle in court between the American government and Reverend Moon. The plaintiff is America, which represents the entire free world, while Reverend Moon is one person. Who will win? Now is the time of decisive battle, the time of victory or defeat. We have come to the summit on the last stage of battle.

Four important providential nations

T oday is April 3, the third day of the fourth month. From the Principle view, the number 4 represents the earth and the number 3 represents the three stages of formation, growth and completion. April 3 is a wonderful day. And 1983 totals the number 21, namely, 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 21. Therefore, on this day I cannot help but speak on the topic of total indemnity, the total perfection. Since I have taught you these things, it is your responsibility to go this path; if you do not want to go, then don't go.

Where is the center of my activity? Is it Korean Christianity? No, it is America, which is basically a Protestant country. In the Christian world, the Protestants are Abels. At the time of the Reformation, the Catholic Church persecuted the Protestants. Later, many Protestants were driven out of Europe. Finally the country of the independent Protestant spirit was created in America. That was 200 years ago. Counting from 1776, 1985 is exactly the 210th year. A decisive battle must be won, centering upon the 40th president, President Reagan.

At this historical time, I have given a new order of mobilization. Our movement is not a destructive one but a movement for uniting and pulling together the whole world. Therefore, at this point we must accomplish not only the unification of the races, but also the unification of religions of the East and West. All the nations' histories are focused toward this one point. This is the year 4318 in Korean history. Number 18 is 3 times 6, and 6 is the number for Satan. God is a scientist and also a numerical being. Therefore, the restoration through indemnity has proceeded through certain numerical conditions. Indemnity requires a certain time period, a central person, and conditional offerings. Within this 40 year time period, the Unification movement has to make a condition of three great offerings. Through the True Father, conditions must be offered through the Adam nation, the Eve nation, and the archangelic nation. At this point we must make holy offerings on the world level to God. We must restore all the world by getting the signature of victory. Who must give this signature of victory? God does not do this and the Messiah doesn't do it either. Satan is the one who does this.

Four great nations were chosen by God to represent all the nations of the world. Korea is the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation. If it had not been for the failure of established Christianity to follow me, England would have been the Eve nation. At the time of World War II, the Adam nation on God's side was America, the Eve nation was England, and the archangelic nation was France. But Satan invaded the sphere of Christian civilization.

On Satan's side, Germany was Adam and Japan was Eve during World War II. In Korea, because of the rebellion of established Christianity against God, North Korea, where my home town is, was invaded by Satan. Thus, the head was invaded by Satan, but the tail — South Korea — was saved.

Satan is now holding the head of Adam and the tail of the archangel. These are North Korea and East Germany. Korea is divided into north and south, or latitudinally, and Germany into east and west, or longitudinally. Satan is holding North Korea centered on Pyongyang and East Germany centered on Berlin. If the problem of communism is solved in Korea, then it will automatically wither away in Germany. This way, global communism will begin dying out.

In North Korea, Kim Il Sung is called "Father," but in the Unification Church in South Korea, the True Parent is the real Father; thus, at this time there are two fathers and two subjects. This aberration will be rectified if indemnity is paid for the entire world; then the world will become one automatically. If all humanity unites with God and strives to be self sacrificial and serving of others, then the problem of world conflict will be solved. That way the world as it is now will end. In this respect, America is also near the end, as well as England and Germany and other nations.

Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and all religions are reaching a limit, too. All systems, whether economic or political, even families, have become chaotic. The fallen order of love, in which people love themselves more than God and others, has become self-destructive; thus the evil of the world is being destroyed. Therefore, at this time we must establish a new order of love. Indemnity conditions and loyalty must bring forth unity, both in heaven and earth. After the center of love is established, the God-centered order of love is expanded until it reaches the worldwide level. This way the new Heavenly Kingdom is going to be completed on the earth.

The Unification movement has identified central nations which Satan covets most and is striving the hardest to control. From the point of view of world affairs today, Korea is the most important nation in Asia. Japan is the most important oceanic nation. Those countries that are located on the Pacific and wish to be a power on the ocean need Japan. Western civilization must go. to the Asian continent through the Pacific Ocean, and therefore they need a relationship with Japan, which is their route to the Asian continent. Therefore, Japan must be respected. Also, Japan as the Eve nation must educate people from the rest of the world. This is the reason why in the last 30 to 40 years Japan was so abundantly blessed, materially.

To go to the Asian continent, one can also go through the Korean peninsula, but it is not easy to reach the entire peninsula by ship. Hence the project of making a tunnel and a highway throughout Asia. In Korea, therefore, the Unification movement has become more and more necessary and important both for world problems and for domestic problems.

An interesting time has come. Perfection will not be realized without total restoration through indemnity, and that is accomplished through unity. The perfection of the whole comes from indemnity paid by the whole. Therefore, we must conclude that indemnity is paid by achieving unity among enemies.

The end of religion

I f enemies unite, and if they offer their unity to God and God accepts them, then the purpose of religion will be completed. Thus far, only those who were on God's side have been offered on the altar. But today, through the unity of enemies, those who are on Satan's side are also being offered on the altar. Once they are accepted by God, the purpose of religion will be fulfilled. Religion itself will be necessary no longer. Religion exists to accomplish man's separation from Satan, but with perfect unity and love between enemies that need will no longer exist. Therefore, when any such offerings are made to God, He will accept them. We have to do that on the worldwide level.

That is why I must start from the point of loving my enemies. That is the Principle. The foundation for the Heavenly Kingdom should spring from the very domain of Satan. To accomplish that, you must be persecuted by those on Satan's side, and you must love them in return so that they will surrender to you naturally. If they strike you who are righteous, then they must pay for it. That is the rule of the universe. Through such payment, you can ultimately restore relationships. But if you hit back in the same way as Satan, then relationships cannot be restored. When you are struck, you must accept the blow completely. By restoring this way externally, you can restore the most important element inside Satan. Thus, what you sow will definitely be reaped. It is the mission of the master to separate evil from good, and to put what's evil into an evil warehouse and what's good into a good warehouse. On this earth, two seeds were sown, a bad one and a good one. The good seed will go to the heavenly warehouse, but the bad seed will be consumed by fire.

Now is the time of the harvest, and the satanic world is in chaos. Therefore, we must bring forth unity out of the chaos and must unite the people of all races. The fallen world is a world of individualism. There is no unity among parents, children, societies or nations. But the Unification movement is uniting people on all levels. Our movement is going the opposite way of the world. So far in the world, marriage partners have generally come from the same nation and race, but in the Unification Church, just the opposite often occurs. A Japanese would never have dreamt of marrying a Korean or a black, but we are doing that without hesitation. What are we doing that for? To unite the world, and bring back to God the satanic world of disunity, which would otherwise be destroyed.

In this process, who will pay the indemnity? It is the Unification movement and those people who are in its mainstream. I am the spearhead of that movement, and am walking the path of indemnity on behalf of the world. When I pay indemnity on the individual-level, I am doing so on behalf of all mankind. I have started a heartistic movement in which men feel like welcoming even the most ugly woman in the world as their wife.

Unless you pay indemnity by starting from such a humble heart, you can never establish the ideal of perfection as an individual male. Unless all women, including old women, young women, and women in the spirit world, purely love you, then you can never establish the ideal of individual male perfection. You may be hearing such a thing for the first time.

You Japanese women loved me like a father or brother or even like a heavenly husband before you married, didn't you? That is a spiritual phenomenon. Through the spirit world, you could experience walking hand in hand with me. This is because one man has to restore and unify three different loves; namely, a mother's love, a wife's love, and a sister's love. All of these were lost through the fall of Adam; therefore, they all have to be sanctified. Through one purified Adam, the historical indemnity conditions to restore individual perfection must be established on the worldwide level. Therefore, all different kinds of women must come to purely love him in order for Satan to be dominated. The pure Adam must guide all women correctly. He must even reform prostitutes by teaching them the true path. He must be welcomed by them as a true man. Although he may be tempted, he must not give in; he must instead triumph over that. No matter how beautiful a woman may be or how hard she may try to seduce him, he must not fall. He must establish that kind of tradition. Otherwise, he can never achieve the ideal of a perfected individual man.

Creating individual perfection

A fter Adam's individual perfection is realized, Eve should be recreated, because Eve was originally created after the model of Adam. Because Adam was not able to fulfill his responsibility when Eve was falling away, Satan was able to succeed in corrupting her. A restored Adam must now take Eve back from Satan. God prepared the earthly foundation for that. The new Eve had to be less than 20 years old, just as was the original Eve. Therefore, True Mother was an innocent 17 year old when we were blessed.

The first seven years of our marriage were the period of Mother's absolute obedience. In every way, she had to obey me. Through this process, Parents' Day, Day of All Things, and God's Day could be established. Until God's Day was installed, the True Parents had to be afflicted by all kinds of internal problems and had to pay indemnity to overcome Satan's accusation. God's Day meant the start of a perfected Adam and

In 1968, based on the foundation of God's Day, the Unification Church sent all couples up to the 124 Couples to every corner of South Korea for three years, and they were intensely persecuted. I ordered all the families to go to the front line to proselytize for three years. This was family indemnity on the national level. Some children had to be sent to orphanages, and others were sent to the homes of members' parents. Centering on this three-year indemnity and on the perfection of the foundation of the family on the national level in Korea, I was able to come to America.

This period was initiated in order to indemnify all the family problems of the past. Because of this, I was persecuted, even by families within the Unification Church. They said, "We have just begun to live a married life. We have managed to get a small house and gathered a few pots and pans, spoons and chopsticks and furniture, even though they are not very good ones; but you are going to destroy it all. Why are you chasing us out this way?" This kind of complaint arose, but I responded, "Go out." Why was I so harsh? Because of the Principle. Unless you pay indemnity on the society level, you can never establish the foundation for a family. And unless you lay the foundation for the family you can never lay the foundation for individual perfection. Unless you pay indemnity on a higher level, you can never live comfortably as an individual. That is an iron rule.

After the three-year period was over, I blessed the 777 Couples in order to connect the foundation made by the families to the entire world. After that connection, I was able to come to America. Satan knew well that those foundations had been laid. After leaving Korea by air, I stopped in three nations — Japan, Canada, and America — which, together with Korea, made a four position foundation. I arrived in America on Dec. 18, 1971. At that time, the Little Angels were playing at Carnegie Hall. No one knew me; and no one but God and myself knew I would go to America. Even President Kim [Young Whi Kim, who was president of the Korean Unification Church at that time] did not know. However, if you read my sermons given at that time, you can see I gave hints of leaving.

I had to restore the suffering path of Jesus. Within 3½ years in America, I made a nationwide speaking tour aimed at reviving Christianity. In 1974, I was warmly welcomed; I was given some 1,200 citations and awards, including keys to many cities. Christianity in Korea had rebelled against me, but Christianity in the United States welcomed me, thus paying indemnity for that earlier failure. The Christian churches of America welcomed me in my tours.

After such a welcome, what did I do? On April 1, 1975, I sent IOWCs from the West to Korea. These IOWCs started their activities in Pusan. Two thousand years ago, Rome and official Judaism got together to kill Jesus. But now the reverse has occurred. America and Korea got together to unite with the Unification Church. Restoration through indemnity took place in Korea. In the Yoido Island rally, 1.2 million people gathered together. On this foundation, we held the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument rallies in 1976.

America: in need of help

A t those two rallies, I said that America must listen to me. I said that America is on fire and needs a fire fighter; someone from outside the nation must save it, and that person is Reverend Moon. Likewise, when a person gets sick, he needs a physician. In order to cure America's disease, the ministrations of the Unification Church and Reverend Moon must be received. Because I said this directly, Americans didn't feel comfortable; they even got angry. Hence came the period of attacking Reverend Moon. Thus, the activities of the Fraser Committee began [the U.S. House Subcommittee on International Organizations, chaired by Rep. Donald Fraser, a Minnesota Democrat, in 1977 and 1978]. From 1977 on, a period of intense activity by the Communist Party began, as well as the Fraser Committee, which was fought by Bo Hi Pak. He had been married before his Blessing so he was in the archangel position. His was also one of the Adam families, one of the first blessed families. Someone in his position had to bring forth victory. The hearing was truly a war. He was fighting directly with Fraser and the Carter Administration. No such fight took place before in human history.

During the four years of the Carter Administration, my sermons always attacked President Carter's programs, saying that he was selling out the democratic world and advancing the cause of communism. The Carter period was a hard one. That administration accused me of being nothing but a secular political activist and a foe of America. As a result of this, Unification Church members throughout the world were denied visas. This happened in Japan and Germany but within three years that will change.

The Unification movement brings a very strong ideology. College pro- fessors and other foremost intellectuals are now rallying to my support, while communist movements working on university campuses are largely in chaos. Even during the hectic time of the court case, I mobilized support from the media, economists, and lawyers on the basis of the power of Unification thought. You throw a net to cover thousands of fish and you let the rope go, and when the time comes you wind it in with a winch. The rope with which you pull is the philosophy of the Unification movement. All the fish are pulled in by that rope. The goal, of course, is to lead all the fish back to God.

This is the period of throwing out the net, so on March 1, 1983, the command was given in America for total mobilization. That was the beginning of the three-year period of training before entering the land of Canaan. These three years are equivalent to the three days in Egypt when the Israelite people were allowed by the Pharaoh to go into the wilderness in order to sacrifice to Yahweh. During this three-year period you should work in a serious, intense way. And just as the Israelite people were seeking to express their loyalty to God for three days, you must live your three-year period with dedication and love.

In the wilderness, 600,000 people of the first generation died, after becoming the prey of Satan, but the second generation entered Canaan. Today in America and in Japan, the first generation has opposed the Unification movement, but the second generation may not oppose us. We will educate the second generation.

We are now in the three-year period in the wilderness. Even though our environment is hostile to the point of our being killed, we must love our nation, we must love our fatherland; we must overcome all hostility. We must have the passion and conviction to do that. That is the purpose of the three-year period. Without their training through hardships in the wilderness, the Israelite people would have had no possibility of overcoming the seven tribes of Canaan. In the same way, unless we are trained, we will not be able to overcome communism. We members of the Unification movement must wear the helmet of heavenly heart in the wilderness in order to conquer evil. We must become soldiers who can battle unrighteousness in these three years.

Therefore, wherever you are in the world, always fly the flag of victory 24 hours a day. Run it up in every town, every city, every province, every village, and every house. You must be victorious. You must fulfill your mission in accordance with the will of God. Otherwise we cannot fulfill this providential course we are walking which is parallel to that of the Israelites. You must clearly declare to the whole world that the Unification movement is on the path to the land of Canaan, and that I, the leader of the Unification movement, am in the position of Moses today. Within these three years, we have to overcome all opposition and offer ourselves totally to God and to the world. We have no nation yet, and we have no secure environment for the blessed families yet, in spite of the fact that there are many nations and families in the world. Therefore we must entrust everything to the will of God, and we have to listen intently to Him. We have to offer everything for the sake of God and His ideal and for the sake of loving all of humanity. Through absolute attendance, we must become one, transcending national allegiance, and march forward to Jericho. This is what is meant by the period of the three years.

Toward the explosion of heart

S o you must never hesitate. Invest everything. If you have any energy, exert it all. You have to be ready to give your life for God's love. You have to empty yourself, with the conviction that a loving heart is eternal. Each of us must understand that we are standing a hair's breadth away from the ultimate destination of God's providence. In this situation, we must never be defeated. To be vanquished would be tragic. Members of the Unification movement of East and West must be kindled and explode together in heart throughout the world. Such a heartistic explosion will bring about the resurrection of the world. Even God Himself will be resurrected because His heart will be liberated.

We are like soldiers marching forward to achieve the restoration through indemnity. We must clearly know that. We also have the goal of unifying world religions. This year we are sponsoring the third annual God Conference. We are guiding youthful future leaders of all religions toward unity. The Unification movement is a global movement; it is inter-religious as well as interdenominational. It is also an interracial movement, as we can see in our marriages. Furthermore, the Unification movement is an interdisciplinary movement, sponsoring conferences that combine various academic disciplines. Because of such activities as these, many intellectuals are realizing that Reverend Moon is the only person thinking and acting on the worldwide level. Many people are coming to recognize that only Reverend Moon can handle all the problems of the world.

If we can fulfill our missions in these three years and establish victorious foundations which God can support, then the media will reverse their way of writing about us. That's my belief. If that is the case, the period of persecution which requires restoration through indemnity will evaporate, and wherever we go, we will be welcomed with great applause that will reach all the way to heaven. If that is the case, then we will have established the heavenly tradition, based on the foundation of the family. The purpose of our work is to establish the world of unity, the world that has one sovereignty, one land, one culture, as is written in "My Pledge." It is one lineage centering upon the one couple of the True Parents. We become ideal successors of that tradition, fulfilling "My Pledge."

We are going to fulfill the words "love your enemy" in the Bible. Christians have believed that one's enemy is simply an individual person, but that is not entirely true. The Unification movement teaches that one's enemy could be a nation or even the world, which you should then love. Our enemy countries become the starting point of our Heavenly Kingdom. Unless our kingdom starts from within the enemy nation, then the Heavenly Kingdom will never be realized. If we establish our tradition this way, then throughout the future no greater ideology will arise. This will be the consummate ideology.

Four great enemy nations must begin the Heavenly Kingdom out of this victorious heavenly tradition, creating a worldwide foundation of love. If that succeeds, then the Heavenly Kingdom on the earth can start. Therefore, we are now in the three-year period in which a complete foundation of indemnity must be made. Unless we are successful within these three years, the work will be extended another three years. We have six years in which to do the job, but a complete foundation of indemnity should ideally be established within three years. We are pursuing restoration through indemnity, and what are we trying to restore? Perfection on many levels. Adam's individual perfection is the basis of the perfection of the family, clan, nation, and world. After I pay all the indemnity necessary to gain victory from Satan on the broadest level, then you, together with all humanity, must also establish the victory in more localized ways. That is the purpose of your home church activity. Through it, you will be able to claim part of the restored land of Canaan as your own.

Where is the Canaan of today? It is the entire earth. We are already accomplishing the conditions for the success of God's providence on this earth; the expansion of home church activity transcends nationalities and ideologies. We are even working in communist countries. Through home church activity, we restore Canaan, and we "inherit" a part of the world by claiming credit for having substantially restored a neighborhood. If the fall of man had not taken place, each person would have had the right to be an owner of the universe. Your home church will become the conditional object whereby you can possess the cosmos all things, all people, the parents, and God — by establishing a foundation of love. Therefore, without home church you cannot establish the foundation to become one with the True Parents and with God. You cannot go to the — Heavenly Kingdom without succeeding in your home church.

Full indemnity and home church

I n my life I accomplished full indemnity and established a victorious foundation. On this basis I announced the beginning of home church activities. This is the best of all possible good news for mankind. From home church, the Heavenly Kingdom on earth, the liberation of God, the ideal nation, and all ideals will be realized. We inherit home church as our daily life. God has given you such a precious thing, but you are reluctant to go to your home church areas. There are even people who have no areas. Unless you have your own home church area, which is your own Cain-type tribe, you can never restore your Abel-like tribe. Before you can restore your Abel-type family, you have to restore Cain first. No one has ever understood this point so far.

It's important to love your enemy. Why did God make efforts to teach us that loving our enemy is important? Satan says to God, "In order for You to be God, You must always maintain the standard of ideal, eternal love." God replies, "Yes, that is true." Then Satan says, "God, when You made me the archangel, did You do so just in order to love me temporarily, or to love me forever?" And God says, "Forever." If God loved only temporarily, then He would be like Satan. By the same token, if one has no standard of loving forever, he cannot show God's dignity to Satan. In order for God to be God, He must love Satan no matter how much Satan is opposed to Him.

Satan says, "I fell and became evil, but You who are good can never change, and You can never do the things I do. I enjoy attacking and fighting, but you hate fighting. You must be silent even if You are beaten." Hence, God cannot forcibly resist Satan's aggression. Why? God cannot crush Satan just like that. He must love him unchangingly so that Satan will finally come to say, "Oh, indeed You are God. I surrender to You." No matter how much suffering you may have to experience, you have to love the archangel until the ideal of heaven is completely established in this world. God's hands are tied by that demand. As you go on your way to the Heavenly Kingdom, Satan will test you. Just as God must love Satan and let Satan surrender to Him in that way! so God's children must love the archangel if they want to go to the Heavenly Kingdom.

How much love would that take? Even though you are persecuted by all of this world, which is the realm of the enemy, you must love the evildoer with your whole heart. That is the condition you have to fulfill. God is most concerned about that condition, so those people who are striving to be God's children should also be most concerned about it. This standard of loving might appear simple, but it is the very boundary line between God and Satan. No one has fully understood this before. In order to go beyond this boundary, God cannot even regard His enemy as an enemy, and He must not take revenge.

The conclusion for us is to love our enemy. When Jesus prayed for those people who were killing him, it was the greatest victory. If he had hated his enemies when he was about to die, then the providence of God would not have been successful. But as Jesus overcame his difficulties through love, Satan began surrendering, and Jesus obtained the qualification of God's perfected child. You have to come to the point where you are able to say, "Satan, don't you agree that I am a child of God?" and have Satan concede, "Yes, that's true." You must be able to say confidently, "I'm following God's direction, expanding His sphere of love from the individual level through the family, clan and nation, to the worldwide level. You have no objection to that. Right, Satan?" And Satan must say, "I have to agree with you because it's the Principle."

This is the way God has proceeded with His dispensation, centering upon Christianity. It has been the path of sacrifice and martyrdom and, through its bloody history, Christianity has been a movement to expand God's love to the family level, the societal level, the national level, all the way to the worldwide level. Through the standard of Christian love, which loves the enemy, enemy nations can be conquered; Cain is won over. By following this way, the Unification movement has spread worldwide.

Love and the Japanese people

F rom a secular point of view, Japanese people ought to be my enemies. They subjugated Korea and did many evil things to the Korean people, killing thousands from 1905 to 1945. Nevertheless, I love the Japanese people. When Japan surrendered in World War II, I loved my defeated enemies. This is the reason young Japanese members are now following me at the risk of their lives; it is in accordance with the principle of cause and effect. It is because I established the foundation of heart by loving the enemy nation, Japan, with God's heart, beyond nationalism. The Japanese policemen who beat me nearly to death would have been executed later if I had implicated them. But I forgave them and sent them off to Japan with their luggage.

Moreover, it is a great thing that Japanese members are now shedding tears, sweat, and blood to save the United States, once Japan's enemy. In this way, Satan is being forced to relinquish his territory on the worldwide level. Young Japanese members are now working hard at the risk of their lives for the United States, the enemy country of just 37 years ago, in order to save it and unite it with heaven. This is a wonderful event, something never seen before in history.

For what purpose are the Japanese members doing this? They are working not for the United States alone, but for the world. Thus American people should not live in accordance with selfish traditions. I clearly told an American Unification Church leader recently that all American members have their own traditional way of thinking. With such an attitude, you cannot accomplish world-scale activity. Instead, you should sacrifice yourselves with the object of saving the world. You should realize that you can establish the worldwide tradition of love only when you have overcome your self-centered desires. You should work harder than the Japanese members, your former enemies. It is to your shame that your ex-enemies are serving you more. You should not be defeated in love by the Japanese.

The European members, especially Germans, who are blessed with American members should all come to the United States, because America is the gateway to the world. The United States is not a nation for itself; it represents the democratic world. Therefore, I am now mobilizing members all around the world for the sake of the United States in order to make this country the center of the new God- centered culture and the center of the Unification movement in the future.

Even if Japan became a spiritual desert, you could survive if the United States lives. Therefore, you should devote yourselves to spiritually developing the United States. I have brought here some Korean traditions, based on purity and morality, in order to save this country. I have been doing this in accordance with the Principle, developing the Unification movement thereby.

The Eve nation, Japan, should be united with the Adam nation, South Korea, after teaching the Cain and Abel nations the traditions of heaven. In other words, you must teach the Germans and Americans, respectively. This is in accordance with the Principle. If you fail, you cannot unite with heaven. The Soviet Union and China have their eyes fixed on the Eve nation. From this point of view, the defense of Korea is a critical problem for the defense of Japan. This is the conclusion from the providential point of view. In order to unite Korea and Japan — both physically and heartistically — one idea is to construct an undersea tunnel between them.

We have now entered an extraordinarily important period. What I am now working on is the ultimate historical task, the terminal point of history. I am now gathering and uniting the four major providential nations, offering their unity to God as an enormous indemnity condition for restoring the world. When such a unity is realized, the Kingdom of Heaven will start, so this is the beginning and at the same time the end of God's providence. If we continue such a movement toward unity for the next three years, no one will oppose our work.

In South America, people are already saying, "Welcome, Reverend Moon." It is the same in Africa and Asia, as well as in the Japanese and Chinese communities in the United States. If such minorities are completely united, the majority will become the minority. Then their resentment of many years against white Americans must be used not for revenge but should be transformed into love to save the "enemy." That is the attitude based on God's love. If you work with such an attitude, you can establish the complete indemnity condition. Establishing the complete indemnity condition means complete restoration. Then, where does complete restoration lead? It leads to complete perfection.

The four providential nations

I f we can restore the four major providential nations, we can offer to God the fundamental elements that have been Satan's. These four providential nations bring together all of these fundamental elements. What does Korea. have? Spirit and the jewel of thought. Japan has beauty, the United States has power and Germany has technique and expertise. These four nations together have all the things which can bring unity throughout the world.

Starting with the individual level, going through the family, clan, society! and national levels, we have now come to the level of making world-level indemnity conditions. Four major nations which were once enemies are now becoming united centering on the heavenly tradition. Accordingly, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is not far away. It is very near.

Realizing this, you should pull out all the stops, working gratefully even at the risk of your lives. Therefore, you members who are going back to Japan should try to work three times harder than American members. Even if you drop on the street like a toppled tree, you shouldn't complain. You should try to work with such a tireless spirit of urgency for these three years, even with just one meal a day. This is a turning point of history. I'm asking you to feverishly witness throughout the country for three years. To bolster the witnessing, I am thinking of using radio broadcasting. If we also use satellite technology, we could witness to the majority of humankind in a week! Three years are not really necessary to accomplish the mission of the Unification movement. We have to erect a movement so strong that world communism cannot ignore it. This is not just a story; it is an actual fact.

If we can build such a movement, you can mobilize and liberate 70 generations or even 120 generations of your ancestors. People in the spirit world are eager to help the earth. If you mobilize your ancestors, you can attract 70 disciples and then 120 disciples centering on your clan. This is a momentous event. The reason you joined the Unification movement is not that you have such great personal merit or strong faith. You could join because of your ancestors, the thousands of generations of your ancestors' sacrifice, service, and goodness for the sake of God. Therefore, what will become of you if you do not follow me and work for the nation and world? Your ancestors will be angry and accuse you of being irresponsible when you go to the spirit world; you'll have no place to go. But if you accomplish your mission and then go to spirit world, you'll be welcomed and served by your ancestors. Remember that you came here not based on your own greatness; you've been mobilized by the spirit realm.

I came here in order to accomplish a historic task, and God prepared the environment for me. It is in accordance with the principle of creation that the environment is prepared; everything in the world must go through a period of growth. Accordingly, spirit world mobilized you when I came. Therefore, you should not lead an easy life. You should discard your habitual ways of thinking and you should set your mind on goodness; work with all your heart, remembering the standard of spirit which you received from me today.

You should work from now in a different way than you used to. For example, you should make your wife work on the front line and you should dedicate your children to this cause as well. Indeed, you cannot love your children without first loving all other people. Otherwise, Satan can accuse you. You should strive to receive a certificate from Satan, declaring that you love all the people under his dominion. Then you are qualified to go back to your home and freely love your children, your family, your clan, and your nation.

This is the principle that I myself have been living. I have not focused on caring for my children. I have not personally educated my children, even while living at East Garden. After all, who educated Adam? The archangel did. God, the Father of Adam and Eve, did not directly educate them. Therefore, who should educate my children? The 36 Couples, who stand in the position of the archangel. Such a traditional, principled way of education has not yet been established in the Unification Church. If there are members among the 36 Couples who complain about my children, it is indeed a problem. I must resolve such complaints.

You must love Cain on the family level; then you can love Cain on the individual level. But you first need to love Cain on the societal level and on the national level. This is the principle of restoration. Therefore, individual happiness should be sacrificed for the sake of the nation's happiness. Nations should be sacrificed for the sake of the world. I have sacrificed all things for the sake of restoring the world. To this end, I have been devoting myself and the substance of the Unification movement to building up the United States.

After you have made the indemnity condition of love and sacrifice on the worldwide level, then you can return home and give your children greater love than you gave to Gain. The heavenly Abel family and the Cain family must be united in love on the horizontal level. You should love the Japanese people and my children, and after both the Japanese people and my children commend you, you can love your own children. This is the Principle.

If my children went through painful times due to neglect by the 36 Couples, I didn't complain. It was an indemnity condition. I cannot discard the. 36 Couples. With the hope that they will come to attend my family in the proper way, I have always embraced them with love. You should not be critical of them, for Satan tries to attack in that way.

If you can surpass the national level of heart and exhibit the love which Satan must surrender to, then everything will be completed. I have asked a famous scholar of the U.S. Constitution to make a draft of a Constitution for the Heavenly Kingdom. Such a time is now at hand.

Because we are so close to the realization of God's providence, you should understand how important and precious your position is; this is the moment you should correct your way of life. In our lives from now on, we must not repeat the failures of the past, but should press forward successfully to fulfill God's will. That is my hope. Now let us pray, raising our hearts to heaven.

Beloved, precious Father in heaven,

Throughout eons of history, You have established many religions in order to liberate Your grieving heart. By sacrificing many faithful central figures, You have been proceeding toward the ultimate victory of Your love. When I contemplate this history and how much indemnity was paid and how many people suffered, I feel very sorry for heaven.

You have prepared things so that we can welcome the new era. Let this Unification movement flourish on the earth. You made it possible, Heavenly Father, for Reverend Moon to come on the earth and disclose to us today these crucial words. Let us understand this message. We are grateful for You, and for this great world, and we show it by raising both our hands. We have pledged and we pledge again to march forward at the risk of our lives on any battlefield for the sake of Your will. We sincerely ask You, Father, to receive this, our resolution, with joy.

Here, representatives of many nations have gathered, beyond their own nationalities. Please guide and govern those here. You made us unite centering upon heavenly love, and You have melted together natural enemies and have been developing the sphere of love. Now we understand all these things. So we have pledged to You not to take any action which opposes the tradition of Your will, no matter what circumstances we are put in. We are grateful for the fact that we could pledge this. And please continue to encourage us so that we can become people who press on despite any persecution. We pledge to go forward effectively using our time remaining until we usher in the ideal world of Your will.

I sincerely ask You to guide us in the direction of Your will so that we can follow it unerringly. I sincerely ask this, and offer this prayer in the name of True Parents. Amen.