God's Will and the World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Three Spiritual Children as a
Foundation for a Family

May 13, 1983

O ne thing I am really concerned about today is the decline in religious life. Such a decline tends to occur when practical matters become more important for you. I worry very much about that. If you focus only on external activities, your religious life weakens. If your religious life declines, then you will have absolutely no assistance from the spirit world, and eventually, you will have no relationship with the spirit world, either. It is essential for you to seek spiritual assistance whenever you gather together.

According to the principle of creation, the relationship between the spirit world and the physical world is like the relationship between parents and children. This is true of me, also. Living such a life as this, I always go to a quiet place to prepare myself internally. In this way we are training to return to the course of the original mind at any time in a 24-hour day. Whenever I catch a big fish, I assume that the fish was from God and I immediately offer it to Him. I am always setting such conditions. This is the essence of the religious life.

We are fighting against Satan. We must constantly be equipping ourselves in this fight by checking our original motivation. You need time to pray and practice correcting the original motivation. One thing is very clear, whether from the viewpoint of the Principle or traditional religious reasoning: we are all fallen people. Therefore, the Hegelian dialectic is wrong. Hegel, seeing the conflict between the conscience and the ego centered or physical mind, concluded that such a "struggle" existed from the very beginning. He assumed that from the beginning, there was struggle in God's created world. He never understood the concept of the fall.

This became the fundamental problem: The Hegelian dialectic never presupposed an original humanity existing before the fall. But the reality is that the conflict between the conscience and physical mind came about because of the fall, and therefore, the fall was the origin of struggle. In the beginning, there was no contradictory nature within humankind. After the fall, however, it has become essential for us to lead a religious life in order to maintain the course of the original mind and attain the original standard of God. You must remember the concept of the fall.

Within each individual the conscience and the physical mind constantly struggle. The ultimate extension of these two struggling powers is the free world and the communistic world, and also spiritualism and materialism.

Since human history began with the fall, we must return to the standard of the original person who has perfect unity between mind and body. Only with such absolute and eternal unity can the spiritual world unite completely with the earthly world.

From the standpoint of the Principle, mankind originally was supposed to stand at the center of God's heart, with' absolute unity between mind and body. Once you are in the core' of God's heart there can be no deviation' or disunity between mind and body. Therefore, you need to remember the concept of the fall, and you have to realize that you are living in the midst of the fallen realm. Then, when the time is right, you have to separate from the fallen realm, starting at the individual level, advancing to the level of the family, the clan, the race, the nation, and eventually the world. By separating from the fallen world at each level, each one of you must establish this absolute foundation as a tradition. Otherwise, you will encounter big problems in the future.

Because this world is the fallen realm, we cannot reach God through a worldly lifestyle. More than 80 percent of our lives is a reflection of the satanic way of life. In order to return to the original position, we must realize what our nature is and examine to what degree we have become accustomed to that fallen way of life. Then, we must deny the fallen way of life. Otherwise, we may face the destruction of our own life. Do you follow me?

In this world, all relationships — such as relationships among brothers and sisters, parents and children, and among nations — have been established as a result of the fall. Relationships among children, having been established on the foundation of the fallen lineage, have expanded to family relationships and then to clan, tribe and nation. This is why we must think about spiritual children.

The absolute necessity of three spiritual children

W hat is the meaning of "spiritual children"? They signify the three supporting archangels.

Since Adam and Eve could not gain the cooperation and support from the three archangels, Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel, the human fall took place. We must indemnify this failure. Accordingly, three spiritual children symbolize the three archangels. They must be in the position to serve Adam even at the risk of their lives. You are in the position of Adam and Eve toward your spiritual children. Spiritual children should create a realm of heart and love in which they could even give their lives, without regret, for the spiritual parent. They should be educated so they can establish such a relationship.

The three archangels were created to educate Adam and Eve until these children of God were heartistically mature enough to become a family. Following the marriage of Adam and Eve, the archangels could have been given permission to marry. However, the archangel known as Lucifer fell before that happened and brought about the destruction of God's ideal.

In order to indemnify Adam's failure to unite with the three archangels, you must first secure a position above that from which heavenly law was violated, and then gain three spiritual children who can give their lives for you. Only in this way, can restoration of heart be completed. Do you understand?

It is because of this restoration process that three disciples of Jesus should have been ready to die for Jesus' sake. Jesus was like their parent; they were like his three spiritual children or archangels.

An archangel has no right to have children, but, because of the fall, man came to be a child of archangelic lineage, inseparable from Satan. Therefore, in order to regain the original position, heaven allows man to have spiritual children, even though he is in the position of archangelic son. This is known as Abel's course.

So, first of all, three archangels need to maintain a standard of unity with you, and support you in preparation for your Blessing. This is why you cannot conduct your life in the Unification Church without three spiritual children. Do you follow me?

Without three spiritual children, you cannot stand in the position of having complete support from three archangels; your position remains in the fallen realm and you are liable to Satan's claim at any moment. Also, the three archangels should attend Adam and Eve for three years, in such total unity that they would sacrifice everything to see the day of your Blessing. When that three-year period is over, Adam should receive God's approval and say to the archangels, with God's heart, "Please let me receive the Blessing with my spouse-to-be, since I have grown to maturity." This is the principle of the Unification Church. It is logical that you cannot receive the Blessing without three spiritual children; it is absolutely impermissible. Whoever becomes married without three spiritual children will remain in the fallen realm.

Good times have come. You can witness even by giving things of the creation to people. When Jacob came back to Esau, he gave money, things of the creation — everything — and then he subjugated Esau. So we, too, can subjugate people and lead them to heaven, using things of the creation horizontally. For this reason, we will be materially blessed. The Unification Church will receive such blessings that it will become the richest in the world. If you only try to become the richest person in Japan, for example, the spiritual world will not help you at all. But if you are convinced of this theory, and practice it to bring many people to heaven, you will become the richest person in the world! Unless this theory is mistaken, you will become, regardless of any opposition, the best. in the world. Whatever I do is in the practice of the standards of this principle.

Therefore, is it absolutely necessary to have spiritual children, or not?

In the future, opposition and persecution will be over; grandfathers will become grandsons, fathers will be sons, sons will be fathers. Everything will be completely reversed. Different people will be masters. Satan, who was always pulling humankind to his side, will be separated from humankind forever. Instead, people will turn to God and enter His Kingdom.

In order to see this accomplished, you have to undergo the reverse course, which is called indemnity, and establish an impenetrable wall of heavenly logic to protect you and separate you from Satan. After that you can force Satan to retreat. This is the truth in the course of restoration. Therefore, without three spiritual children you cannot receive the Blessing and conduct your life. If this is not fulfilled yet, you must correct your situation right away; you must do it within seven years.

After you are married, three archangels will want to support you as a couple; Up to that point, the three archangels, spiritual children, have been supporting an individual, but not a couple or a family. To create a foundation for that support, a three-year period is necessary. Do you follow me?

The seven-year period for establishing a family

A fter you establish that foundation, a couple can become one, so that the three spiritual children of each spouse also become as one. This creates a foundation of eight people. The people in the position of archangels can thus fulfill the condition whereby they become one with the parents. On this foundation, the eight members of Adam's family (Adam and Eve and their three sons with their wives) will restore the tradition of Adam's direct lineage.

A man and a woman who have spiritual children are matched, and achieve the standard of being one in true love. Then they should reach a position free of any spirit of rebellion against God, even though their lives might have to be sacrificed for God. Reaching such a position, they can enter the true realm of life with God, and the three archangels will enter the realm of God's adopted children.

The eight members of Adam's family fell into Satan's realm as his direct sons. Therefore, all fallen people have had the wrong blood lineage, and cannot be accepted as children in God's lineage. They can reach only the position of adopted child. Children in the realm of adoption must unite with their parents at the top of the growth stage, and have to climb up from there for seven years. You have not reached the level of perfection, yet. To enter God's direct dominion, you must pass through the level of perfection; this is the teaching of the Principle. Adam's family fell from the top of the growth stage; therefore, you should climb beyond that level as a family. This has become the seven-year period for setting up your family.

How can you become an adopted child? First, you should become absolutely one with Adam and Eve, and not rebel against the Principle. Then, you must establish the standard of giving the whole value of your existence to Adam and Eve. That is how you enter the realm of adopted child and, at the same time, secure the realm of husband and wife before the fall. Do you follow me?

Because Adam's family fell, the entire world also fell. For this reason, you should make a family which is united with spiritual parents and which lives for the sake of world restoration. The fall involved a family of eight, which were taken by Satan into a realm outside of the Principle. When spiritual parents and spiritual children become one and climb back up on the reverse course, the descendants of the fallen archangel will be separated from the descendants of archangels in the position of adopted children. The former will decline and the latter will prosper.

These eight people must become one. This is the Principle. Do you understand?

Having become one, you should not decline but should go the way of sacrifice for the sake of world restoration. Satan fell by sacrificing others around him for his own sake; but you should sacrifice yourselves for the sake of world salvation. Satan fell, centering around himself, and destroyed the world. Therefore, you should sacrifice yourselves and save the world instead. It is logical, isn't it? Do you follow me? This principle is unshakable and unchangeable. As the family of eight members is reorganized, the world will be divided into two: the world of fallen families and the world of restored families.

How to attend a child

A fter that, what should these spiritual children anticipate? They should long for the coming of the baby of their spiritual parents, as if they were waiting for the Lord of the Second Coming. Do you understand? These spiritual children should not be worried about anything. The only thing they should long for is that their spiritual parents will bear and deliver a child. They should respect and revere the true child even while it is still in the mother's womb. Archangels were created to respect, inform and support Adam and Eve. From the time the child is conceived, spiritual children should love and revere it more than their own life, longing for the day of its birth with the highest standard and greatest hope of their lives.

In addition, after the birth, unless the spiritual children dedicate all their resources to the child and serve the child, archangel-level ownership cannot be restored. Why did three wise men from the East visit Jesus at his birth? As the minimum condition for Jesus to be connected with the standard of the world, men of high spirit came and offered gifts to him. These wise men were the ones who had longed for the Savior even before Jesus was conceived. Once they found out about his birth, they sacrificed everything and traveled any distance so that they could attend him. Thus, the appearance of the three wise men from the East is in accordance with the Principle.

Even Jesus, who was followed by three main disciples, had to walk this path, regardless of life or death, because of this principle of spiritual children. Since people have not comprehended this principle so far, Satan has been dominating this world, bringing all things of creation into disgrace. Thus, the archangel who did not properly love Adam and Eve and never loved any child of theirs is Satan himself. In order to restore an archangelic realm, spiritual children should love Adam and Eve, who are spiritual parents, and their child, even when it is still in the mother's womb. After the baby is born, the spiritual children should continue being responsible to Adam and Eve's children until the day of their own marriage. This is the way of the Principle. For example, in my own family, it is not I who should educate my children. Three families should take care of my children.

The birth of the child of your spiritual parents carries a great joy and hope worth more than the entire universe. You should welcome the event with as much joy as you ever felt at any success you ever had. As the years go by, you should watch that child grow up and be married, and then help him or her to settle. By fulfilling all these conditions, you will be completely separated from Satan, centered on the standard of perfection, because you are fulfilling the condition that the archangel could not fulfill, namely, to truly love Adam and to love Cain and Abel. There is no other way to make Satan turn around.

You always talk about restoration through indemnity, but when will you have. achieved that restoration? Only by following the principle centered on the family level which I have just explained. Therefore, spiritual children are absolutely necessary. Do you follow me? For this principle, I have given my life. I have been fighting to make the spirit of our tradition reach the standard of national tradition and even beyond. I have been fighting to implant this tradition in all nations of the world. This is what I was doing in the third seven-year course. Do you follow me?

Since I have completed the Blessing of 6,000 Couples, Satan cannot oppose the Unification Church in the world. From the spiritual viewpoint, ancestors of all nations surely went through great difficulties to arrive at this point where so many could have been blessed. However, some who received the Blessing may think, "I hope that I can get married and have a family so that I can enjoy a happy life." But I tell you, it can never happen this way. There still remain the evil and tragic foundations and traditions which Satan has established throughout human history. Racial discrimination, family breakdown, separation between parents and children, vandalism — these are among the many problems you have to digest.

You yourselves should establish a new tradition in Africa and other parts of the world as missionaries from the Eve nation of Japan. These are 'not merely my own words. It conforms to the viewpoint of the Principle. Setting new traditions cannot be done by one person; a nation representing Eve's position is necessary. Even though you are fulfilling important missions right now, it is wrong for you to think you are great. You cannot be arrogant about the help you receive from the spiritual world. Rather, you should be grateful. You should work to fulfill the condition that the Eve nation must meet, with the attitude of a little girl. Regardless of the persecution and tribulation you encounter along the way as long as you uphold the spirit of this tradition, any nation that opposes you will be divided. Everything that faces you will be divided into a Cain side and an Abel side, because God is working directly with you.

The United States is no exception; it is now divided over me. The world is divided into two parts as well. One is standing for me and the other against me. Sooner or later, the satanic side will decline and God's side will prosper.

Don't think of ownership

W e can surpass the level from which Adam and Eve fell, centered on the fallen archangel, by serving and uniting with true children. This involves passing through seven years to reach the realm of heavenly direct dominion. During this period you must work. But even when that level is surpassed, Adam and Eve still have to restore the individual, the family, the clan, the race, the nation and the world, as one connected body of spiritual children. In this way, each blessed family restores the world. Until each family restores the world, they must continue to sacrifice.

During my third seven-year course I expanded the realm of restoration for all of you to family, clan, race, nation and world, creating a representative, worldwide foundation for total indemnification. By faithfully serving and uniting with True Parents, as our adopted spiritual children, you have to persevere until you reach the worldwide level. When the world stops opposing us, we can surpass the completion stage at the worldwide level. Until then, you cannot settle down. You cannot avoid involvement in the wilderness course we are going through. Now is not the time to settle in Canaan, with our own nation. In this sense, we must have no concept of ownership.

Every single thing in the world must be authorized by God before anyone can own it. First God owns it, then it is bequeathed to the True Parents, and after that, you may inherit it from the True Parents

We have not yet restored one nation. We are wandering like unified soldiers in search of one nation. Unless this goal is achieved, there is no such thing as individual property or individual right of ownership.

Take the Israelites as an example. Until all 12 tribes gained the foundation to restore Canaan, they could not claim any portions of land. In the realm of restoration through indemnity, the side of Cain has been developed by sacrificing Abel. But now it is Cain who must sacrifice, to enable the realm of Abel to be established. In other words, the realm of Cain has to support the realm of Abel. This is a different era.

In this manner you must support the elder Korean families. As they receive support, they can support me. You cannot bring everything directly to me. The Israelites first brought all their disputes for Moses to settle directly. When it became too much, he chose elders to assist him. It is a heavenly rule: the way of the Principle is to serve me by serving the elder Korean families. Accordingly, I sent many of the 36 Couples to the United States so that everybody in the world could inherit the heavenly tradition through them. From now on you must establish new heavenly traditions in the United States.

The blessed couples with spiritual children have to set up the standard of indemnity for the world. You have to do this by yourselves as your five percent portion of responsibility.

Home church is our link

I have already become a living plant connecting everything from the root through the trunk to the tips of the stems. Therefore, the seedling will quickly grow into a tree. Although similar trees are in the vicinity of this original living tree, we need a system to link all those trees from the one original root through the trunk to the tips of the branches. We call such an organization home church. In this sense, without home church, we cannot be connected to the original tree. Anyone unable to connect to the original tree cannot be connected to the Kingdom of Heaven. Through this reasoning, we reach the conclusion that without home church, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

I have spent my whole life setting up this indemnity condition for the world. I have already paid 95 percent. As you pay your five percent, the parent-child relationship is set up. Only at this stage can your names be entered into the register of the Kingdom of Heaven; after you go to the spiritual world is not the time to do it.

Admission into the registry of the Kingdom of Heaven should be decided centered on Adam's completed tribe on the earth. No foundation for that registration has yet been established. Therefore, we have to prepare quickly the foundation for registration into the Kingdom of Heaven on the global level. Otherwise the world will be destroyed. Have you registered already? From now on I must establish the heavenly constitution precisely. Many problems still remain, so I am struggling internally for the world and I have no time to rest.

The purpose of the underground tunnel which I have proposed to link Korea and Japan is to connect the fortune of Japan to an eternal, unlimited course. Otherwise Japan cannot transcend the limitations of being an island nation. If we connect Japan to the Korean peninsula, Japan can be united with the continent. One might call it the marriage of Asia.

Three Asian archangels need to become like brothers and sisters cen- tered on parents in the Asian area. It is obvious that Western civilization is following the Oriental. After the Western nations become like three united brothers under their parents, the worldwide family of eight, the ideal foundation for the Messiah, will be firmly established. At last we will finish the course, and Adam's utopia, the ultimate ideal on the earth, will be one with the heart of Heavenly Father.

Everything needed to be done on earth will be accomplished and will connect directly to the Kingdom of Heaven, developing into the ideal Kingdom of Heaven on the earth. We must go this way, even at the sacrifice of everything. If you have any concept of preference for any one nation or race you cannot do anything. You have to offer to Heavenly Father all the results of your direct fight against Satan.

When did you say goodbye to Satan? When did you commit yourself in every sense to the building of the ideal family? You did not think spiritual children were so important, did you? From now on you have to love your spiritual children more than your real children.