True Parent's History for Children #3
The Boy and the Bully
By Vicki Henry

When Father was a little boy, even though he was so young, he understood goodness and wickedness very well. Father could not stand to see wickedness. Whenever he saw something bad happening, such as someone stealing or being mean to somebody else, he just had to stop it. Sometimes, this meant he had to fight with his fists, even though he didn't want to. First, Father would always try to talk with the person who was doing something bad. He wanted them to understand that it was wrong to do those things and stop doing them. If the person would not listen to him, then Father felt he had no choice but to fight.

The only time Father would fight was if someone was very evil. You see, only goodness and righteousness belong to God. There should be no room in the world for anything evil, because God wants it to be a nice place for everyone to live. And Father wanted the same thing. Also, Father would only fight someone who was stronger than himself. It would not be fair, he felt, to fight someone who was weaker than he.

At Father's school, there was a very mean boy, who always hurt the other children or made them cry. He was known to every one as the school bully, and the smaller children were afraid to go to school because of him. Father tried over and over to convince him to stop hurting the children, but the boy would not listen. He just laughed at Father with a very mean laugh. The bully was four years older than Father, and so he was much bigger and stronger.

One day, Father decided he had no choice but to fight with this boy. The bully was very willing to fight, because he thought it would be easy to win, since Father was so young and so much smaller than he. But Father knew he was right and that goodness must win over such a wicked person.

The fight began. They fought and fought, punching and wrest ling. Father was hurt very badly, and the fight had to end.

Still, Father would not give up. Instead, he decided to get some very special training. He would have to become tougher and stronger. So he began going to the mountain above his village. There, Father found a strong and solid tree. He pretended that the tree was the bully and fought with the tree! His fists became sore and tender. But he kept coming back for more until they were tough and strong. Father got strong, so strong that the tree actually broke! Then he knew he was ready to face the bully once more.

Next morning, Father got up, packed his lunch and set out for school as usual. But when he arrived, instead of going to class, he went to look for the bully. Father was not going to let such an evil person be free to do bad things to the other children any longer.

Father soon found him, marched up to him, and once again told him he must stop hurting the children. The bully just laughed his very mean laugh and did not listen. So Father had no choice but to fight with him.

Again the fight began. The bully was soon surprised to find that Father's arms had become very strong and his fists as tough as nails. The bully got more serious, and tried to finish Father off quickly. But he had met his match. This time Father won the fight. After that, as long as Father was around, the bully could never hurt the other children or make them cry again.