True Parent's History for Children #26
An Encounter with the University
by Linna Rapkins

In Seoul, there were several universities where young students studied for their careers. One of these universities was for girls only. (Or we can call them women.) It's name was Ehwa University.

Mr. Eu was witnessing to everyone he knew; and one of these people was his relative, Mrs. Yang. She was a music teacher at Ehwa University.

When he first told her about Teacher Moon and the new revelation, she didn't want to go. After all, university professors are very important people. They have to think of their reputations. Still, she was curious about the changes in Mr. Eu 's life; and one day, her curiosity got the best of her. Mrs. Yang was a rather spiritual woman. She could sense what was going on around her spiritually , and she could often feel whether something was good or bad, whether it was from God or not.

She listened to Mr. Eu's lectures politely, but skeptically. As the minutes and hours passed, however, she felt a strange excitement growing inside her.

"I feel God in this place," she was thinking. "And the teaching makes alot of sense."

When the last lecture came to an end, suddenly without warning, she jumped up before the little group and sang a song. She had never heard this song before, and neither had anyone else! Spirit world was singing through her.

It was like the room came to life. Everyone caught the feeling of joy and felt like dancing and laughing and singing. It was a great moment.

Mrs. Yang's life was changed that day. When she returned to the university, she told many people about her experience. Even though she was a respected professor, she didn't care anymore what people thought of her.

The word soon got around at the university that a young fellow in a dilapidated house was teaching something interesting, and people were getting inspired. Students started investigating. They told others about it, and the numbers multiplied.

Those who came felt something spiritual happening in their lives, and it became hard for them to concentrate on their studies. They returned again and again when they should have been studying their lessons.

Soon, the teachers began to notice a change in their students.

"Why are so many of the girls absent lately?" they asked each other. "Is there a sickness going around?"

"I don't know of any sickness," said one. "Anyway, they never stay home just because they're sick."

"True, true," responded another. "Besides, their minds seem to be off somewhere else all the time."

"Yes, and their eyes sparkle," complained still another.

"One of them told me she is visiting a man who teaches new things about the Bible--and something about the Messiah coming to Korea-- now."

"Sounds like some wild-eyed fanatic!"

"It certainly does," they all agreed. They decided to report it to the officials in charge of the university

The president and the administrators talked it over then. How much should they be worried? After a big discussion, they decided they would take a wait-and-see attitude. Perhaps the students would get tired of going there, especially since many of them were in their final year and were looking forward to graduating.

Then, parents got word that their girls were spending time with a very strange man. It was a great privilege to attend a university. The parents had worked hard during all those years of war and had made many sacrifices in order to send their children there, so they didn't want anything to go wrong now. They were VERY upset and went straight to the university president to complain.

"We didn't send our girls here to run off with some crazy man," they stormed. "We want you to put a stop to it--and NOW!"

"Yes, yes, of course," agreed the president. "We'll take care of it right away." He certainly didn't want the university to get a bad reputation.


The very next day, an announcement was made, "Students may no longer go to Moon Sun Myung's house. It is off limits starting today."

Some of the students obediently stopped going. But by now, many of them were on fire for God. All their lives, they had been taught to obey their parents and teachers; but for the first time, they understood that God should be obeyed first. So they continued going to Father's little church, sneaking out of the dormitory every chance they got.

Soon they were outcasts at the university. No one wanted to sit near them. No one wanted to be seen talking to them. Everyone seemed to be afraid of them. You would think they had leprosy or something.

Meanwhile, the administrators decided to try another tactic. They would send one of their teachers to hear the lectures; then this teacher could explain logically to the students what was wrong with the teachings. Intelligent students would listen to reason.

When the chosen teacher arrived at the little church, she listened very carefully and took many notes. By the end of three days, however, she got so inspired that she became a member herself!

The officials at the university were in a rage. How could this happen? What was going on anyway?

They decided to send another professor. Again, there were the lectures, the notetaking, and the three days. Then the same thing happened--the professor joined the church!

The frustrated administrators still didn't want to give up. What to do? What to do? They decided to send one of the most important people at the university--their respected Dean of Students.

Again, God worked. This lady's heart was moved, and she became one of the most devoted and most loved members ever. Her name was Mrs. Won Bok Choi! The administrators just couldn't believe this was happening! They talked it over at length, and decided to try just one more time. They chose a professor who had studied the Christian religion and other religions. She had graduated from three seminaries and was very intelligent. She was also the type of person who was logical, and didn't get emotional about things. She was expected to become president of Ehwa some day. This woman would NEVER get swept off her feet by some crazy preacher. She was Miss Young Oon Kim.

At that time, she was quite ill from a kidney disease, but she agreed to check it out. She found the little church, and taking off her shoes, she entered without a word. Her face was serious as she sat down for the lectures. Father sat beside Mr. Eu, his eyes lowered in silent prayer.

In the next room, many of the members, especially the students and teachers from Ehwa, had gathered to pray for her. They had drilled a little hole in the wall, so they could take turns watching her. This would be a crucial set of lectures, because, if SHE went to the president with a negative report, that would be it for them. They would be forbidden to attend the church forever.

They prayed really hard all through Mr. Eu's lectures. She listened politely. What was she thinking? No one could tell. On and on went the lectures--one hour, two hours, three, four. Nothing happened. She just listened and took notes.

Then Mr. Eu came to the part about spirit world. As he described the spirit mind and spirit body, life after death, and so on, she looked a little more interested. No one knew that she had been trying for years to find out more about spirit world. She had been greatly inspired by a man named Swedenborg, who had written a book about the spirit world. It was a great book; yet it did not answer all the questions she had. In fact, she had found no one who could answer them.

Now, Mr. Eu was answering all her questions. On the outside, her face looked interested but calm. Inside, she was feeling growing excitement.

After the lecture, she hid her excitement and asked many questions, and even debated with Mr. Eu, trying to prove him wrong. But he had a good answer for every question. When Father spoke to her, she felt even more inspired.

As the three days went by, she noticed that, while she was at the church, the pain from her kidney disease disappeared. When she went home in the evening, however, the pain returned. In the days ahead, whenever she doubted the Divine Principle and argued with Mr. Eu and Father, the pain got stronger; but whenever she believed, the pain went away.

Finally, she had to admit this was God's answer to her lifelong prayers. She decided to join this little group of people who said they would change the world.

Meanwhile, the university president was anxiously awaiting her return. When she finally arrived with her report, it wasn't what he wanted to hear at all.

"I have studied the Bible for many years and prayed for answers," she began, "and now I know it was all for the purpose of finding this man, Moon Sun Myung. It was all preparation to follow him and help him. It has been made clear to me that he has been sent by God to do even greater things than Jesus." When he heard these words, he was greatly disappointed, to say the least! You just didn't say things like that in a Christian school. "Good-bye, Kim Sun Sengnim," he was barely able to utter. "With you or without you, I will end this craziness."


That very day, he summoned the students and professors who had joined Father's group.

"Students and teachers at Ehwa are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable manner at all times," he said. "And YOU are a disgrace to our university--the scum of the earth. I should just kick you out here and now, but; out of the kindness of my heart, I have decided to give you one more chance. I'm giving you a choice. Choice number one: if you stop going to Moon's so-called church today, you may continue to attend the university. Choice number two: if you do not stop going, you will be expelled from school, effective immediately."

Now, this was a most difficult choice. Attending a university in Korea meant earning lots of money and having a comfortable life. It was right after the war, and they knew what poverty was like. Some of these young ladies had studied very, very hard for many years, just so they could attend university. Their parents had made big sacrifices for them.

They talked it over with each other, and many decided they couldn't give up graduation, after all. Out of a 100 or so students, there were fourteen brave women who decided to stand by God and True Father.

"We love Heavenly Father, now. We love Moon Son-sengnim, and we believe the Divine Principle is true," they affirmed. "And no university president can force us to give it up." They were expelled from the university.

In the case of the five professors, they were fired. Their positions had paid well and gave them much respect, but now it was unlikely that they would ever have another chance to teach in a university.

As they walked out, their heads were held high, and they smiled. They felt as if they were being decorated by heaven. A gold star from heaven is a million times more valuable than a diploma or job at Ehwa.

When they arrived back at the church, they were received as heroes. That night, there was a great prayer meeting, and God touched each one of those brave women. As they prayed, they were given the gift of speaking in tongues and prophesying about the future, just like the early Christians after the death of Jesus.

They could never fully explain to anyone else exactly how they felt; it was such a deep feeling. But whenever they looked into each other's eyes, they understood each other. And whenever Heavenly Father and True Father looked at them, they understood--and loved them dearly.