IFA True God's Day 2000 Party

On God's Day the IFA held its yearly holiday party. It was very well attended, having had almost 100 people, including children of all ages. Couples, of one spouse Japanese and the other foreign, came to Pledge, and hear a short service focused on children and given by ... We had a big meal prepared by all the families. They included Korean style bulgogi, cake, refreshments. We ended with a game of Yute. There was a lot of excitement, and it was a joy to see all the families participate. We look eagerly forward to the next get-together.
Here are a few pictures of Japan IFA members. Some were taken during this celebration, others are not.

Second Generation Learning about God and True Parents.         Food for All.          Enjoying a game of Yute.
Children were treated to an elder's speech. They enjoyed hearing about God and True Parents. During the celebration there was a lot of food for all. All participating families contributed in the Korean-style buffet. There was enough for all to take some home, too. We ended the day with a rowdy game of Yute, in which most attendees participated.