December 19, 1996

Dear colleague:

The Unification Theological Seminary is about to publish the first issue of its theological journal. The idea of a journal had been under discussion for many years, but there was little movement until this year when Pres. Shimmyo signalled his desire to put his full resources behind it. On November 4, after several preliminary meetings with members of the faculty and administration, the seminary established the Journal of Unification Studies.

The Journal of Unification Studies will be a forum for the intelligent discussion of Unification theology, history, ministry, and social commentary. There has long been a need for such a forum with a specifically Unificationist perspective, as distinct from the purely comparative and interreligious approach of IRF's journal Dialogue & Alliance or the inspirational sermons and testimonies of Today's World. We expect to find subscribers from among seminary libraries, interested theologians, Christian ministers, UTS alumni, and Unification Church leaders.

The Journal looks to publish articles of several kinds. Critical studies of Unification texts, doctrines, and the history of the church can illuminate foundational issues with new clarity. Reflections on ministry can give new insights into the relationship between theory and practice. Analysis of today's pressing issues from a Unificationist perspective can contribute much to solving problems in the fields of theology and ministry, and even in the wider culture. The journal also welcomes dialogical pieces from people of diverse viewpoints who wish to engage with Unificationism's theology and its diverse ministries. Book and film reviews, as well as abstracts of current publications dealing with the church, will be regular features.

You are invited to submit articles for the historic first issue, to be published in the summer of 1997. Please submit paper proposals for the first issue within the next month, and your papers by the end of March, 1997.

A Statement of Purpose and Guidelines for Contributors are enclosed, as well as an invitation to subscribe to the journal.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Wilson, Editor

Journal of Unification Studies

Statement of Purpose

The Journal of Unification Studies, a journal of the Unification Theological Seminary, is a forum for committed engagement with Unification theology and practice, addressing concerns of the theological community and the professional ministry. To clarify foundational issues in Unification theology, the Journal of Unification Studies welcomes commentary and critical studies of texts and doctrines, as well as historical studies of the Unification Church and the life of its founder. To promote dialogue and understanding, it invites papers from diverse viewpoints which engage Unificationist themes, as well as papers which build bridges to other communities of faith. To foster living spirituality, it welcomes essays discussing the relationship between theology and practice. To address contemporary social, cultural, political, scientific and economic issues from a Unificationist perspective, the journal solicits social commentaries and reviews of current books, films, and media.

Guidelines for Contributors

1. Articles submitted for publication must be respectful, constructive, and relevant to Unification theology, faith or culture. They should be thoughtful and well-researched, employing logic and critical reason to deal with the issue at hand. This journal is not the place for testimonies and inspirational sermons which are more suited to other Unificationist publications.

2. Articles should be written in a style accessible to a wide college-educated audience. They should avoid excessive use of theological jargon or technical terms. If such terminology must be used, it should be explained in language understandable to the non-specialist.

3. Essays can be from 5 to 30 pages, double-spaced, in length. Book and film reviews should be 2 to 8 pages.

4. References to scripture and primary Unification texts may be given in parenthesis in the text. References to other sources must be cited in numbered endnotes.

5. Articles should be submitted on computer disk, accompanied by a double-spaced hard copy.

Subscription Form

Initially, the Journal of Unification Studies will publish one issue per year.

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Address: ______________________________
Telephone: ______________________________

Rates: please check one

1 issue 2 issues 3 issues
Individual: $10 18 25
Foreign: 14 26 37
Institution: 15 28 40

Please make checks payable to the Unification Theological Seminary

Mail them to:

Unification Theological Seminary
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