Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Declaration for the Blessed Family

New Hope Farm, Brazil
April 7, 1995

True Parents made the Declaration for the Blessed Family on April 7, 1995 at an early morning conference for worldwide leaders gathered at the New Hope Farm in Brazil. Connected to the Sao Paolo and New Hope Farm Declarations, this is the third declaration. It explains the significance of the Blessing and the mission and lifestyle of blessed families in this age when we are beginnning the Second Forty Year Course.

The victory of the First Forty Year Course is the foundation for cosmic victory accomplished through God's suffering over thousands of years, and True Parents' sacrifice throughout their lives..

Until now, the family was not the traditional unit of salvation in Christianity. The realm of the family has not been the direct object of the history of salvation in other religions. God's providence of salvation is to restore, through the Messiah, God's ideal of creation - that is, the ideal of the Heavenly Kingdom through the True Family -- by restoring the realms of elder sonship, parentship, and kingship from Satan. The Completed Testament Age is the age of the perfection of the family ideal centered on True Parents, and especially with the beginning of the Second Forty Year Course, the age of the portion of responsibility of the family unit centering on the second generation is opening.

The meaning of the Blessing, granted by God, has been taught extensively in Father's words up until now. The ideal of the Blessing is the most precious ideal of humankind. The family that has driven out Satan is the blessed family. To inherit God's true love, true life and true blood lineage is the Blessing. Blessed families must go the way of achieving the restoration of the blood lineage, the restoration of ownership and the restoration of the realm of heart. The liberation of all people is only possible through the Blessing, and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth can also be realized through the Blessing. For both individuals and nations, the Blessing is once and for all.

With the beginning of the Second Forty Year Course, blessed families worldwide should first settle their personal accounts; that is, they should seriously examine themselves as to whether they are going the way of tradition with mind and body united. They should bury their old habitual lifestyles, and should live with a unified mind and body centered on God.

Second, they should make a new beginning as a family. Receiving the Blessing is not merely for the sake of the family but for the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven. The mission of the blessed family is to live for the sake of the providential unified fatherland centered on God, and also to form the family foundation leading to one world. The worldwide blessed families must absolutely learn the language and tradition of True Parents. Father, living on only two meals a day until he was thirty, devoted himself through this sacrificial lifestyle for the sake of mankind. Blessed families should follow the tradition that has been established: the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in front of Heaven.

True Parents are completely bequeathing everything of themselves, their absolute authority and power, to the blessed families. True Parents have given us a hammer made of diamond, stronger than a rod of iron, with which to confront the world dominated by Satan. With conviction, take control of the satanic world!

Satan is destroying the families of the world. He is using strategies such as homosexuality, free sex and the destruction of morality to ruin peoples' lives. Only True Farents' ideal of the Blessing can defeat the strategies of Satan and establish the original ideal of creation.

This year's 360,000 couple Blessing has great significance. The number 36 represents the whole of history and humankind. With the heart to embrace and give life to all mankind, God and True Parents have planned to bless 360,000 couples. If this blessing is successful, Satan's foundation on earth will be greatly weakened. Please inform the highest leaders of the world, university presidents and academic leaders about the ideal of the Blessing.

Each leader within our church organizations, and each blessed family, will be called to account for how much they have fulfilled their responsibility towards the preparation for the 360,000 couple Blessing. In the same way as the Israelites were notified about the exodus, blessed families everywhere must declare the ideal of the Blessing so that all people can be awakened, receive the Blessing and march toward the Kingdom of Heaven.