Rev. Sun Myung Moon

New Hope Farm Declaration

April 3, 1995
New Hope Farm, Brazil

True Parents made the New Hope Farm Declaration at 5:00 am on April 3, 1995, in front of representative leaders of 160 nations gathered at the New Hope Farm in Brazil. This is one of the specific projects geared to the practical application of the Sao Paulo Declaration. It details the establishment of a model for an ideal society and ideal nation. Following is the essential content of what was proclaimed:

Today's world is confronting a human crisis of sexual immorality, breakdown of families, and surging individualism. In addition, environmental pollution threatens the very existence of human life on our earth.

All mankind needs, now more than at any time before, a movement of people living together in mutual cooperation and true love, and a movement to protect the environment; that is, to love and preserve nature. Most importantly, this movement should be led by religious people.

From the early days, True Parents have taught us that "Unless a person loves nature, which was created for mankind, he cannot say that he loves mankind. And unless he loves all people, who are created to be the true children of God, he cannot say that he loves God." It is natural that whoever loves God must love human beings, who were created to be God's children. Furthermore, how can a person say that he loves mankind and God unless he loves nature which was created for mankind?

In an ideal society or nation, the people, transcending national and racial barriers, will cooperate with each other to live harmoniously and in happiness. They will be conscious of being God's sons and daughters and one extended family which can meet as brothers and sisters centered on True Parents. This is the place where all the blessed families who have restored their blood lineage, the realm of ownership and their hearts under True Parents' language and culture, will accomplish a world of freedom, peace and unity. All people will coexist in coprosperity and common cause in this culture of God's heart. Therefore, this world will have nothing to do with corruption or injustice, or with war or crime. Mankind will eliminate the causes of pollution in the global environment, and love and protect nature as a true owner.

In this ideal model world, all of life's activities and labors will be expressed in the practice of joyful service for the sake of others based on a heart of love. Therefore, there will be equality in standards of living. For education, all the modern facilities of civilization will be utilized. On the foundation of blessed families, education of heart and norm will take priority over academic education, physical education and technological education. Accordingly, this will be education for the purpose of raising up people of goodness who will follow the heavenly way.

The realization of ideals in this way is impossible without True Parents' thought, namely, the ideology of true love for the sake of othem. Adam lost faith through the fall, and all people are destined to pass through the way of restoration for which they need absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. God's providence has been working through religion to accomplish this. The absolute faith of providential figures such as Noah is therefore precious.

True Parents became the embodiment of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, gaining victory in the severe battles they faced not only on earth but also in the spirit world. True Parents are bequeathing their victorious foundation to us. We must imitate this tradition of True Parents in practice and resemble True Parents in the way they love the world, all things, mankind and God, so that we can establish the model of an ideal nation.

The New Hope Farm is the training camp for practicing precisely these things. It is where we invest and invest our love again, loving the earth, the water and nature. Many people of the world will come together as brothers and sisters here and practice the building of God's nation. By showing all people what we accomplish here we can educate them in how to establish a community of love transcending skin color, culture and nation. We can also show the standard of how to love and care for the creation. At the same time, we can awaken everyone to the fact that the global environment needs to be controlled internationally under this ideology. Here on this farm we can show mankind a model of how to rid the world of war, hunger and crime, and how to live in happiness and peace.

The 160 mission countries of the world will support this project with materials and manpower, and also with prayer. Youth from around the world will receive training and gain practical experience here. Then, they will return to their home countries and become the front line leaders in building ideal nations. At first this project will be supported at the continental level. As a first step, five people from each of forty nations will be sent. From May 1 of this year, the first two from each nation will go to participate in this historic movement.