Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The São Paulo Declaration

True Parents' Day,
March 31, 1995
New Hope Farm, Brazil

Through sacrifice and true love following the way of restoration by indemnity, True Parents have brought victory step by step from the individual level to the cosmic level (horizontally) and from the servant of servant level to the level of God (vertically). On the 36th True Parents' Day, Father made the São Paulo Declaration which proclaimed the beginning of the Second Forty Year Course, a period in which all Unification church members worldwide must inherit True Parents' foundation of victory and fulfill their portion of responsibility.

Centering on True Parents' words over the past forty years, especially those given at new year, Father emphasized that the second forty year course is the period during which we must follow one step behind True Parents and accomplish what they have accomplished, and that during this period we have to establish True Parents' tradition as an absolute one. Father spoke as follows:

On the way of God's will there can be no "self". We must reach the level of "zero" existence. There must be no arrogance or individualism. True Parents' life of tradition has been one of loving the earth, loving all things, loving all mankind and loving God, single-mindedly for the realization of God's will. This has been the path of pouring out true love. We must inherit this life of tradition from True Parents. To do this, we should love the earth, the creation, mankind and God, and accomplish the mission of tribal messiah.

The official Second Forty Year Course begins from March 31,1995, on this 36th True Parents' Day. This is the period of our portion of responsibility which should be fulfilled on the level of blessed families, centering on the second generation blessed families. Being those who have inherited the victorious vertical and horizontal foundation of True Parents, our responsibility does not extend to the restoration of the cosmos, but blessed families who have fulfilled the mission of tribal messiah must join together as one for the restoration of a nation. It may not necessarily take forty years to fulfill this. It could be accomplished within seven or even four years according to how well we fulfill our faith and portion of responsibility.

At this point in time, True Parents are initiating the establishment of a model ideal town and nation in South America. This has very great providential significance. The providence in South America is thus bringing and extending the victory and blessing of the Abel sphere, which was established by God, into the Cain sphere. Through this providence, the foundation of North America (Protestantism) in the position of Abel, is shifting and being joined to the foundation in South America (Catholicism). Next, the victory of this united Abel sphere must be connected to the Jewish sphere and they must become one. Then, the victory of this united and expanded sphere of Abel must be connected to the sphere of Islam and thus further expanded in unity. Finally, the victory and blessing of this greatly expanded Abel sphere must be connected to the spheres of other religions. This is the future direction of the providence.

Centering on North America, the worldwide Unification Church should make special effort to support South America. Just as we inherit the realm of victory from True Parents, we have to expand it and invest our utmost effort so that the Cain sphere can receive God's blessing.