Liberation Ceremony for Seven Generations
in São Paulo

by Christian Lepelletier
May 26, 1999

On Sunday May 16th, our National Leader announced after the sermon that Mrs Hyo Nam Kim (Dae Mo Nim's medium) will visit Brazil and perform a special ceremony for blessed families to liberate seven generations. The unexpected news came, through a phone call, from Mrs Cipriani the korean translator for our National Messiah Rev H. T. Kim in Jardim. Without much details the Brazilian members attending the regular sunday service heard that they were invited to attend that ceremony on the 26th of May, the conditions to participate would be to register before May the 21st and to pay a participation fee.

The next day, a few leaders gathered, at the 5th floor of the São Paulo HQ, for the regular Monday breakfast meeting, questions arose, and more information was provided by the elders who already went to Chung Pyung and from previous memos and reports. Mr Wilson, President of the FFUWP of Brazil, issued a special memo to inform leaders and members nationwide by fax, phone and mail. That memo explained the necessity to prepare internally through conditions of prayer, "kyung bae" or morning fasting for 21 days.

To encourage Brazilian members to participate, it was decided to divide the payment of the participation fee up to five times. First, members around São Paulo started to register, other states sent faxes or registered by phone. Day by day the list of participants grew in numbers to reach about 600 couples for the liberation of seven generations and 150 individuals for the liberation of evil spirits. Three buses from the region of Jardim, one from Curitiba and many others travelled individually sometimes several days to converge on São Paulo.

Two days before some members started to arrive, one office was set up for registration, one sister was answering numerous incoming phone calls of inquiring members about the liberation ceremony, most Brazilian Unificationists heard about Chung Pyung Providence indirectly, they asked how and what will happen, who can participate and so on.

Finally on May 26th, from the morning one line was formed by the members waiting to fill out registration forms, the seven generations lists and to pay the fee. The administrative process was slow and those arriving late had to queue a long time. The participants started to enter the Temple at 5:30pm, one band was on the stage practising the Holy Song "Grace of the Holy Garden". At 6:30 pm, instructions were given to prepare the singing and the clapping, how to tune the FM radio to receive the Portuguese translation.

At 7:00 pm the ceremony started with a video presentation about the life of Dae Mo Nim, the Temple was still filling up with the late comers with about 2000 persons sitting on the floor and on the mezzanine. Then the singing and clapping cession started with the same song repeating over to prepare for the speech of Mrs Kim (medium of DMN). Rev H. T. Kim gave an introductory speech for DMN and he explain how he could make it possible for her to come to São Paulo to perform this liberation ceremony outside of Chung Pyung. The content of her speech was basically the same as usual. (see the WorldTies on March the 1st, notes from Mark Bramwell).

After the speech one more clapping-singing cession, and finally a loud unison prayer to call the seven couples of ancestors to proclaim their liberation, forgivenes of their sins, they will be free to go to a better place in the spirit world and to attend a 100 day seminar with Heung Jin Nim to receive education and the Holy Blessing.

To conclude Rev Kim announced the liberation of some famous Brazilian patriots and many ancestors of all races including the African slaves and Indians. It was the largest revival meeting for the members from all over Brazil who gathered for the first time in several years, an historical event for the Brazilian Unification Movement.

Christian Lepelletier