Suggestion for supporting overseas missions

by Bruce Dubuque <bruced4@CSTONE.NET>
Thursday August 12, 1999

Dear brothers and sisters in the U.S. and overseas missions

As you can begin to see, there are many needs in foreign missions. You may follow my fish tail to the deepest levels of commitment for our wonderful brothers and sisters overseas. Go to these U.S. auctions and buy the needs of your brothers and sisters overseas. Anyone with a firm and loving heart, will find building computers for others a delight, and a challenge. Computers are only the most recent success at auctions, and from the looks of things perhaps short lived, as supply begins to outweigh demand, which could mean great personal gains, but very few profitable gains. All the more potential for use by those in need, instead of those in want.

If you have other more challenging paths to per sue, That is great! However; you will never know the thrill of sharing, hand to hand commerce, with true love, for your fellow man in an auction environment unless you try!

Why not give the auction idea a try, you can supply many things to your home church area, with but a few wisely placed dollars. Just because the DoD pulled out of a few places does not mean you cannot reap the benefits from other auctions in your area. Who knows, you might enjoy it, you can generate the same spirit of true love on a horizontal level with other good people from your community that you might otherwise only generate in fund raising. This can also boost your witnessing contacts, not to mention personal resources through who is who, in your community.

There is a gold mine of opportunity out there with ... books, machinery, furniture, medical equipment, tools, automobiles, the list is everything from A-Z! Sure it needs to be restored, but isn't that what the age of restoration is all about? With love we can restore all things, auctions can help us get to those things. Remember the what I said much earlier as an auction tip, cause it has to do with restoration with true love. Do not say to a thing; "I must have you, come with me." Instead be very watchful at an auction and love the people, as well as the things with true love. If you do this, the people will be pleased to see you every time, and the things will leap from others hands to be in yours, or hide away just for you to find.

As an example of this success, I would like to share with you two stories. One is what I experienced first hand, the other one I observed over the course of several auctions by two men whom one worked for the other.

  1. I was once at an auction, and I was paying particular attention that day. Computers were being bought right and left with everything else. I was still experimenting with computers that day, and had no particular pile (stack, pallet) in mind, I was trying to learn the secret of numbers in reference to the bidding that was taking place. Each thing has a number, and you can often gleam the True potential Value of a thing by looking at it's number. I selected a few numbers practiced true love with my neighbors, and bid on my items more or less oblivious to what I had actually chosen to bid on. As the bidding went on, I never WANTED a thing so bad that I had to have, as a result I spent little or no money that day, I was there with a heart of a child. Lo and behold one of the pallets I had bought out of true love for things, "Just to give it a nice home". There was a 17" Dell monitor in the stack. Now I only paid $20 for the whole pallet, I bought it for parts mostly. The 17" Dell I have to this day, I am writing to you from it at this time. Now the best part of the whole fishing expedition was that because it was on a pallet with other things. I easily sold the other things for over $100, so in truth, the 17" Dell digital monitor cost me zippo! It could easily be counted as a restored thing, due to the heart, and the circumstances surrounding it. It came in love, it is being used with love, and it is serving for love.

  2. There were once two brothers of the black race, who had a common goal in mind. To use the auctions, for the benefit of their race, and make a little profit at the same time. The elder brother was teaching the younger brother the concepts behind auctions, and computers. The younger brother watched in awe as the elder brother made successful bid time, after time. The elder brother showed compassion in his Heart for both his fellow man, and the things. Letting the things come to him through love and humility, at the sacrifice of his fellow man. He bought many goods for low cost and was very Happy.

    Several months later after a few auctions had passed, and I had first viewed the two brothers. The youngest brother came to an auction all by himself. He was all excited, and raring to go. He had spite in his heart for his fellow man, and demanded that the things come to him because he had money, and was on a mission. Needless to say what happened. His fellow man resented him instead of sacrificing for him, the things all tried to stay away from him. He paid two or three times what it should have cost him, he got half as much, and went away unhappy wondering what the elder brother was to say about all the money he had spent.

    Now I know there is more than one moral here to this story, but the central theme should be to go out and restore all things. Remember you can acquire whatever you like, but don't ever let something not be used when there is someone waiting to Love it for you!

May everyone enjoy the scent of spring, and be happy.


Bruce Daniel Dubuque