Working with Japanese Sisters for Witnessing

October 9, 1999

Great ideas coming forth working with our Japanese sisters: extracted from meeting on October 9, 1999 with Associate Pastors, Community Ministers and Department Heads in Washington DC Area Family Church.

  1. Russia House Program - Friday night had 8 guests, 4 Japanese restaurants donated sushi for the program. The Japanese missionaries were amazed at the quality of the food. For future cultural nights: Korean, Thai, Spanish, etc., can contact restaurants and ask if they can donate. Mrs. Duggan had no relationship with these restaurants, they were all cold contacts. The environment is very professional, it is a place to bring even a diplomat. One professor from a local university came by a notice on e-mail.
  2. Video Center at the Ozaki's holding discussions on "Successful Marriages" Sunday evenings 7:00 p.m. Most of the guests are coming from the neighboring apartments. The more western brothers and sisters come to help out the more they get inspired to bring guests. The key is working together.
  3. Find out from each family in community what they would be able to contribute: one family is donating chickens to feed the Japanese sisters, someone can provide transportation, cook a meal, answer the phone, go out witnessing with them, speak to their guests, give a lecture, etc.
  4. Having a bridge ceremony with the guests and the Japanese sisters at your evening programs.
  5. Collect the birthdays of the Japanese sisters, have a party. Finding ways to give joy to one another.
  6. One sister had a health situation, took here to a health food store run by Mr. Paul Bulow in Bowie. Within a few days with natural remedies the sister was much better.
  7. Anne Ulvestad developed a well-designed approach book for witnessing/blessing 2000. It is on powerpoint if anyone has an interest.
  8. Using the talent of our Japanese sisters, palm reading, oragami, the sisters singing together touches the hearts of the new guests and our brothers and sisters.
  9. $2,000 spent by one individual for advertising the Pure Love Pledge on a billboard on Annapolis Road 450 near Route 301, across from a large church and near the oldest seminary in PG County.
  10. Rotating the homes in which to have the daily evening programs.