New Website - Uralsky Vestnik - Ural FFWPU, Russia

Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 15:03:18 +0500
From: Kirill Petukhovsky <>
To: Damian J. Anderson <>
Subject: New Website

Dear Damian,

I would like to ask you to announce through WorldTies that FFWPU of Urals, Russia, has created a newspaper - "Uralsky Vestnik" - which covers various topics such as family, sex education, AIDS, drug abuse, human rights and more from a unificationist perspective. Now the Uralsky Vestnik newspaper is available on Internet at This newspaper is in Russian and we hope it will serve as a good resourse for the Russian-speaking Unificationist community in Russia and abroad. Sincerely,

Kirill Petukhovsky,
PR Department, Ural FFWPU, Russia