Report on the Seung Wha and Won Jeon
of Young Jin Nim in Korea

by Lynne Kim <>
November 12, 1999

Hi all,

I had been asked to be on hand in case anything needed to be translated at the Seunghwa Ceremony, but in the end nothing came up. But at least it made me actually get there.

It was beautiful, flowers everywhere, the casket was raised high surrounded by layer after layer of flowers. A large picture of Young Jin nim was at the back of the stage and a smaller one on a table in front with urns for incense and a place to put flowers. The ceremony was solemn, the holy songs sung much more slowly than usual. Several of the True Children were in attendance, but True Parents attended only the ceremony at the actual Won Jeon, not the one at Little Angels. I could not go all the way to the Won Jeon, so I did not see them. It was also mentioned that several other of the True Children had "seen him off" from Nevada and that a service had been held with American members before coming here.

Reverend Kwak gave the address. He stressed mostly the same providential points as in Rev. Yang's address which has already been made public. Peter Kim was to talk about Young Jin nim's life. He mentioned that he was the second son to be born in America and the sixth son. He also mentioned that his birth had been difficult due to his having a large head and that True Mother had had to have her first C-section with him. He talked about what a good student he was and what a good brother and son, but I don't think he mentioned his blessing at all.

He was very direct, however, in that he tried to talk about the actual death, which no one else did. He asked people to please not misunderstand, no matter what ideas were being thrown around on the Internet or in the papers. He stressed that Young Jin nim was not in Reno to play around. Nor was he depressed.

Three months ago he had talked very seriously about hotel management and he knew that the best university for it was the University of Nevada which has campuses in both Reno and Las Vegas. He got permission from TP in August to go and check the schools out. He was living in a humble apartment and cooking for himself. He had talked frequently and enthusiastically with the apartment manager about management. He had driven 8 hours to Reno, had asked for a room with some special warm water ??? (couldn't quite understand this part) but there were none left so he got an ordinary room.

He rested for a while, ordered dinner, and went out on the balcony probably to do some exercises and fell. The wall was low compared with his height. Mr. Kim went there to look at it himself.

The wife of an American church leader received a message from Young Jin nim in which he said, "Now there are no more boundaries. I didn't mean to end my life. I leaned out to get a better view of the neon lights and then the angels caught me and brought me here to spirit world." (I couldn't catch the next part ... something about feeling personal freedom and not suffering during the fall ... [the fall from the balcony - not a sexual fall!) Peter Kim also mentioned that this is the view of True Parents on the matter, also.

There were also farewell greetings to him from Rev. Hwang Sun Jo, a Japanese leader and Rev. Yang, and offerings of flowers and incense by various representatives, and finally a moving prayer by Dr. Bo Hi Pak. Buses were provided to go up to the Wonjeon, but not enough for everyone, and since I don't know the way well enough to go alone, I couldn't go.

Perhaps someone else will have news on that ceremony.

I have to admit that although I really believe we live eternally, I still felt sorrow, especially as the True Children offered flowers and incense, and actually as I was coming home and imagining them and TP coming home from the Wonjeon and its physical finality -- even if it is a new spiritual beginning. Are the trials of Job beginning to look pale?

Love ITN,