Unification Church members bravely march to parliament
to protest state ordered ban

Tuesday, 16 November 1999
by Mr R K Tiro <tirork@noka.ub.bw>

This very afternoon our three core members defied a 14 year old state ban on the Unification Church activities (1700 GMT).

The core members got frustrated with this long-going ban against its religious activities. The national leader has already appeared in several newspapers since the beginning of this year saying: "It's high time this government lifted this ban, otherwise we will defy it", which they did this afternoon.

A government statement came saying the UC is free to contest its case in court, February this year, but the leader is confident that this case could be talked out outside court. "It's our constitutional right to worship freely", he said."Therefore there is no need to go to a civil court. The government would still defeat us."

A group of police officers came to take them away seconds before the President of Botswana Mr. Festus Mogae was to leave the parliament building where an opening session was due. The members were waiting with high-lifted banners next to his official car, with the message: "Unification Church freedom of worship Mr. President." The police had not yet pressed charges at the time this article went to press.