Sun Hak Choir Seeks Contributions
to Make Invitation to
Perform in Korea Come True

by Nancy Calhoun Kubo <>
Saturday, 27 November 1999

Seattle, Washington, for the last seven years, has been home of the Sun Hak International Children's Choir, which has been blessed by True Mother on many occasions. Not only did True Mother grace our group with its name -- "Sun" from Father's name, and "Hak" from her name, she also signed our logo with her precious signature, gave us a grant for uniforms and education, praised us for our extensive Korean song repertoire, and prophesied that out of the Sun Hak Choir will come the American counterpart of the Little Angels School. True Mother said the Sun Hak Choir has given her hope that Blessed Children in America can and will learn the Korean language.

On the secular side of our accomplishments, we sang with Celine Dion in 1998 to a crowd of 20,000 in Seattle, winning the praise of her production team as one of the best children's choir's that Celine has sung with around the country. At this time our Senior Chorus consists of 28 Blessed Children and 4 non-Unificationists, and our Junior Chorus has 9 Blessed Children and 3 non-Unificationists.

The Korean FFWPU has invited Sun Hak Choir to perform in the entertainment for Father's 80th Birthday Celebration, to be held at Sejong National Cultural Center in Seoul on February 10, 2000. What an unforgettable honor this will be for these children!

The choir has been practicing furiously since the invitation came, and is fundraising whenever possible with candy and bake sales to raise the money for their tickets and other travel expenses. But these efforts won't be enough to cover everything, and many of the parents, who work low-paying jobs and devote all their extra time to blessing and matching activities, have no way to pay for their child to make the trip. The cost for each child is approximately $1000, and with 32 children going and 8 adults, the total comes to an enormous $40,000!

Sun Hak Choir humbly asks your assistance to make this dream come true. Contributions of any size, from $5 to a full $1000 sponsorship, would be an immense help, and would be so deeply appreciated by these deserving children. We promise to represent America well on this historical occasion of our True Parents' Birthday! Upon returning from our trip, we will send you photographs and a report of our tour!

We are incorporated in the State of Washington as a non-profit organization. Below you will find our address for mailing checks, payable to "Sun Hak Choir", and our bank information for wiring contributions.

Very truly yours, In True Parents Names,
Nancy Calhoun Kubo,
Director, Sun Hak International Children's Choir

Sun Hak Choir
Attn: Nancy Calhoun Kubo
3007 22nd Ave. W
Seattle, WA 98199
tel: 206-285-9516
fax: 206-285-0642

Bank Info:
Bank of America
acct name: Sun Hak Choir
acct no.: 17777715
bank routing no.: 125000024
Bank Branch and address:
Fifth and Olive Branch
500 Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98101