UM Artists Attention - Akinlan Mailing List
by Kyle A. Toffey
Thursday, December 9, 1999


This is to announce a mailing list for Unificationist artists and those brothers and sisters who have a keen interest in fine art. It is our hope that this mailing list will deal with issues not necessarily of our faith itself, but more on how that faith can be expressed through our art.

A few years ago a group of Unificationist professional artists from around the world formed the Akinlan Art Alliance. We held some international art exhibits and discussions on "The Theory of Art" from Unification Thought with a desire to create an international art movement. Our original statement of purpose states in part, "An artist is a person who has developed a special ability to see the Divine beauty, value and love of the universe and manifest this for others to appreciate. Through art, people can experience ultimate creativity and taste freedom."

Now is the time to take this alliance to the Internet. Along with the mailing list, we have private chat rooms, a communal calendar, a place to post links and place information. List members will be able to put any art events they are involved with on a calendar. Once you subscribe, you can check out the Akinlan Art Alliance at:

There are far more artists out there that we are aware of. Let people know about this mailing list. Also we are more than happy to have our 2nd Gen artists join in too. This will be a great place for those who are impassioned to do art as well as explore ways of bridging that passion into a profession. This kind of give and take is very valuable to those just starting out as an artist as well as the more seasoned artist.

Hopefully this electronic forum will facilitate a dialogue that will help us become a true international art movement.

Kyle Toffey (List Master)

P.S. Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions.