Message to National Messiahs
who are living in North America

Directions Regarding the 40-Day Workshop
for the 4 Groups of National Messiahs

by Sun Jo Hwang
FFWPU International Seoul Office
(via Washington DC Continental HQ)
January 11, 2000

I pray that the blessing of the Parents of Heaven and Earth be with all leaders of each nation of the world in the new year and new millennium.

Since, on January 7, True Parents gave a strong direction for all National Messiahs of four types (Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel ) at Olimpo Training Center, I am informing you of its contents. All National Messiahs are requested to participate in a workshop, as follows:.

  1. Contents of workshop : National Messiahs 40-day fishing workshop (for those who have not yet caught 160 fish)

  2. Who are to participate : All the national messiahs from Korea, Japan and Abel-type and Cain-type nations

  3. Period: Forty days from Feburary 20 - March 30, 2000 (True Father even mentioned about staying on until goals are fulfilled)

  4. Fees: $1,000 US and special fund $500 US (Total of $1,500 US)

  5. Things to prepare: Fishing rods and equipment, sleeping bags, books for Hoon Dok Hae, other usual things needed for a workshop (participants may be camping)

  6. Venue for the workshop: Olimpo Training Center, Americano Hotel (in Nabileque )

  7. National messiahs from nations, such as Japan,  not having a no-visa pact with Paraguay should prepare Paraguay visas as much as possible

May God bless you in your preparations.

Sun Jo Hwang
FFWPU International