Information of the internet broadcast of WCSF 2000 and the
commemoration of True Father's 80th Birthday
Wednesday February 9, 2000

We are going to broadcast various events of Commemoration of True Father's 80th Birthday and WCSF 2000 as follows, live through the internet. We will be conveying the emotion and grace to members from all over the world who can not participate the event directly, by formally broadcasting The first 400 Million Couples Blessing and various other events supervised by True Parents.

  1. Internet Live Broadcasting URL
    WCSF 2000 advertising home page

    Or you may access to the internet Tongil home page ( and click on the information of internet live broadcasting.

  2. Time table of internet live broadcasting

    10:30 Feb 10, 2000 (Korean time) - True Parents' Birthday Commemoration Ceremony
    19:00 Feb 10, 2000 (Korean time) - Opening of WCSF 2000 and Celebration Banquet
    14:00 Feb 13, 2000 (Korean time) - The first 400 Million Couples Blessing
    19:00 Feb 13, 2000 (Korean time) - Victory Celebration Banquet

    Test broadcasting will begin 30 minutes before the scheduled time of Internet live broadcasting

    For the events which cannot be broadcasted live, we will send you the photographs and news report as soon as they are available. (

  3. What to prepare

    1. Modem (56Kbps or more ) or PC connected through LAN
    2. Sound Card, Speakere
    3. Web Browser Program: Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape 4.0 or better
    4. Real G2 Player (For the method of down loading and installation, please refer to

  4. For other detailed information and inquiries, e-mail to or call 82-2-3271-0667, 0679.

    Depending on the time and place you are accessing from, you may not be able to access in a good condition if there are many internet users at that time.