New PLA information email list

by Allen Shaw
PLA Web Team

Hi everyone! This is Allen with the Pure Love Alliance, writing to let you know that our Web team is initiating a new update list for folks interested in the work of the PLA and other aspects of the pure love movement. As the official email newsletter of, this list serves up InTouch, our weekly commentary on pure love in the real world, plus updates on PLA activities, developments on the web site, and the Really Bad Joke of The Week. It's a one-way email list, not a discussion group, so subscribers can expect no more than 1 email per week.

In order to avoid sending tons of unwanted email, we need to ask subscribers to subscribe themselves. The fact that you're receiving this email -- or that you might be a subscriber to another one of our lists -- doesn't really mean you're subscribed, so if you'd like to stay in touch with PLA InTouch, you simply need to visit, enter your email address, and select which list you'd like to subscribe to.

If you're concerned about the very real challenges faced by kids who want to stay pure, or if you're inspired about the equally real movement of young people who're pure and proud, you'll probably find something in InTouch that will grab your interest. Maybe inspire you. Maybe even give you something to pray about.

Please don't miss this chance to stay in touch with a movement that's changing the lives of thousands of kids! We're waiting to hear from you!

Allen Shaw
The Pure Love Alliance Web Team