Instructions from True Parents Day and World Leaders Meeting

by Sun Jo Hwang
FFWPU International Seoul office
April 14, 2000

I pray that the blessing of the Parents of Heaven and Earth will be with you, leaders of each country of the world, who are making efforts for the restoration of the Kingdom of God. The 41st True Parents Day celebration was held successfully, attended by Korean national messiahs who are working all over the world, leaders from Korea and Japan, and members.

In his prayer during the morning Pledge Ceremony, Father said that the entire world, which has followed the length of the six-thousand-year historical path of indemnity, has now entered the era of settlement where people can make a new start centered on God's love. Father thanked God for His grace and leadership for allowing us to reach this position in relation to the cause of South-North unification by which we have to conclude the settlement of family, tribe and nation. Father offered a sincere prayer, asking God to allow each and every step forward -- which we have made in the belief that this victory's realm of liberation has been realized amidst God's absolute protection -- to be continued for the day when we can offer a strong realm of victory to God with courage, and for the day when, in front of the universe, we can proudly sing a triumphal song in honor of the restoration of the fatherland.

At the Commemorative Service that began at 10 a.m., True Parents said that the focus of Unification members of the world should be on the unification of South and North Korea, which is the final hurdle. True Parents said that through realizing God's country, True Parents' country, and the True Family's country and the worldwide heaven on earth -- whereby God can reside on earth -- we must become princes and princesses who work hard on the foundation of the efforts of God and True Parents. In addition, they emphasized that members should pledge to become brave warriors in front of their call to go forward, like a reserve corps that can restore the unity of South and North, the fatherland and hometown, and work for the restoration of our eternal fatherland where people can live eternally centered on God and the heavenly kingdom.

Following are the instructions given at the world leaders meeting held at Hannam-dong on April 6, 2000.

Instructions from the International Leaders Meeting

  1. Cosmic True Parents Federation
  2. Family Center for Universal Peace and Unification (official names still to be confirmed) The Cosmic True Parents Federation and Family Center for Universal Peace and Unification must hold education for the completion of the Cosmic True Parents Federation. To accomplish this, all families must achieve perfection through Hoon Dok Hae.
  3. Unification of East and West, and South and North Unity should be achieved centered on the unification of South and North Korea, transcending party lines and inter-regional ill-feeling.
  4. National Messiahs

    National messiahs should be at the forefront of the South-North unification movement.

    All Korean national messiahs are mobilized to Korea and will work until the year 2004 for the movement for South-North unification, to break through on the grass-roots community level and restore the fatherland. Korean national messiahs will still maintain their national messiah position while engaged in these special activities directed by True Parents. This being the case, I would like to ask them to offer their full devotion to bringing success.

  5. Strengthening the Organization of Headquarters

    We will strengthen the worldwide CARP organization and, in particular, we must augment the ideological education for young people of 12 to 24 years of age.

    The CARP president of each country should attend departmental meetings with the position of vice president of that meeting. Those responsible for the churches should support those responsible for CARP.

  6. Strengthening the Blessing

    Our various activities are very important, but the blessing activity is the main activity. The Blessing is the authority to liberate heaven and earth.

  7. Strengthening Education

    Education must be centering on the Family Center for Universal Peace and Unification. Please utilize the texts of Father's 80th Birthday speeches for education. We must focus our education more on women.

  8. Settlement

    Preparation for settlement is for those who have completed the ideal family education at Jardim. I need to receive information regarding those who have done the 40-day workshop at Jardim held under the direction of True Parents, and regarding blessed couples who have made the Total Living Offering. Leaders of each nation are asked to send a report to the World Mission Office as indicated below:

    1. Who to include in the report
      • Those who attended the 40-day ideal family education held at Jardim Ideal Family Education Headquarters, whether or not they took the picture with True Parents to register their family.
      • Those couples who offered more than 10% of the Total Living Offering (though they have not yet completed the 40-day workshop) and promised to attend the ideal family eduation.
    2. Report Form No. Name Sex Nationality Blessing Completion of Education Amount Offered
    3. Report Date : Please report by April 20, 2000, and include the couples who made more than 10% of the offering by the date of report
  9. True Parents' Speaking Tour

    True Parents plan to do a worldwide speaking tour in addition to their speaking tours of Korea, Japan and the United States. We will give you more information through the continental directors in due course.

  10. International Itinerary Workers

    Father appointed Itinerary workers to work in each continent
    Overall Director: Rev. Zin Moon Kim

Leaders all over the world!

Father has victoriously concluded the providence of restoration through indemnity through his life's path of blood, sweat and tears. On the victorious foundation of celebrating True Parents' 80th birthday, and centering on the 40th anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding, True Parents instituted the second 40-year course and directed a new start in a new age. Father is encouraging us, in principle, to do activities away from our homes for three days (that is, sleeping elsewhere), and then return home only on every fourth day.

Moreover, the church in Korea has committed itself to a special 40-day period of dedicated effort and activities from April 16 to May 25. According to the situation of each nation, the leaders of each nation should set up a special 40-day period of dedicated effort and activities, and carry out activities such as the Hoon Dok Hae (community) groups and blessing activities. I pray that the divine blessing of God and True Parents will be with each of you leaders in your hard work.

Sun Jo Hwang
International President