Copenhagen: True Mothers speaks to overflow hall

by Alf Mønnesland
Thursday 25 May 2000

Dear all

I just came back from True Mothers speech yesterday night in the Radisson SAS hotel in central Copenhagen, Denmark. The speech was a great success with a hall of about 400 filled to capacity. This was True Mothers first ever visit to Denmark. Many guests came and many VIPs including several ambassadors, academics from several universities in Denmark and religious leaders. The Danish UC is quite small, but the members had obviously worked hard and prepared very well. A representative from the Korean embassy presented an honorary plaque to True Mother. Dr. Tor Ragnar Gerholm from Sweden (President of ICUS) introduced TM and 5 second generation sisters from Denmark did the entertainment with beautiful songs and dance. The atmosphere was very good and after the speech TM linked up with True Father in New York exchanging entertainment over the internet. Many members from Scandinavian countries, northern Germany and Poland also were present in the audience. Today TM will continue to Switzerland. A new era for the nation of Denmark has started today.

Congratulations to Danish family members who did a great job.

Alf Mønnesland
Oslo, Norway