Sunday Morning Address - May 28, 2000

May 28, 2000
East Garden
Simultaneous interpretation by Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

[At first Father spoke in Korean and Japanese, with no translation.]

[In English] Western members, do you understand my words? No. Why? Because humankind is still separated, with separate cultures. This is because of Satan. No matter how we fit together externally, we have to fit together internally, tightly. [Father indicates by putting his hands together in different ways.] Taking inconvenient action. Looking, not so good, thinking, acting, not so good. Natural attitude, environment, how can you do that, American members? Looking at that, okay, okay, looking the same, same atmosphere, connecting to Satan's world, looking at that, acting, activity, Satan. Satan's action, seeing hearing, tasting, touching, just like Satan's feeling. How can you deny, American people? Just like Satan's atmosphere. So good? So good? Ten times, ten times. Cannot solve. God looks down on all the American atmosphere, cannot erasing, deny everything. Looking, smelling, everything gone, five senses, 180 degrees, everything, taking action.

Every woman, what kind of place of sin do you have? Diamond ring? Necklace? In woman, this is sexual organ. Everywhere. Woman, sexual organ. To whom? Proud of the sexual organ. To whom? Man, only one man. Two ways, or only one way? One way course or two way course? Forever one way! Who changed? Fallen woman. Satan's blood lineage, conveyed to all humankind. How can that sexual organ? That hidden concept. Clear understand. Taking action. Father caught everything. No problem. Misuse, one time misusing, after that, rolling down. Natural phenomena, isn't it? You too. One time, mistake, taking action, everybody, one day going down, everywhere, forever. American women, is that true? So guard that secret place, is, down, right, left hips, every place, connecting, cover, cover, cover. Need a wall, Satan cannot. Both man's perfection woman's perfection, connecting their life. Satan cannot occupy that, forever. Is that true?

How, American woman, after understand Divine Principle, how can protect my sexual place? Making fence, that cannot come across. Sleeping time, playing time, any kind of time, they cannot get over, occupy. Is that true? Clear? American woman's sitting down, opens like that (legs) Bad, you need this way. Man opens like that. It's true. Do you understand? Mankind's most valuable place. How's that? Not the eye. Sexual organ. Including five senses. All five sense following that, going way, one way, sexual organs going one way, following behind. Is that true? Yes, or no? Really yes? Mediocre yes? Completion, yes. One time you understand that, completion, any kind that being cannot break up. Every time you have to have that kind of prospect, king's queen's place, that sexual organ. King does not use that sexual organ, the people spit out.

I am what kind of content talking about? Fearful sexual organ. Misusing it, bad outside world. Upside down world. Behind following that way forever, true love, everyone looks at true love, following that, true owner forever, in the spirit world too. Raising man flowing and eating and teaching and ownership. Do you understand. So I last time visited, talking about one place.

Inconvenient means experience more true love.

[Father has Dr. Yang read "The Course of Life for the Princes and Princesses of God," in Korean and English.]

To be a prince or princess of God, we have to pass this course.

[Father asked Dr. Yang to give a report. We practice "choguk" (good morning) "kwangbok" (good afternoon) "haebang" (good evening) not hwae bang, which means "disturbed"]

Dr. Yang: I just returned last night from Korea. We were there one week with 124 top ministers. We did many unison prayers, very strongly, so my voice is still recovering. We had many meetings and good things centered on True Parents. Father recently bought UPI. Even the headquarters of UPI is located in Washington, DC, but many Koreans knew about it and asked me the reason and what happened. We are not professional about that area, so we cannot imagine the worldwide impact of this purchase.

Also recently from North Korea, 101 North Korean style little angels visited South Korea, as a return to our Little Angels going there two years ago. Soon, President Kim of South Korea will visit North Korea, Pyongyang. The North Korean dancers came to congratulate this top leaders' conference. Everyday, the dance group in on the front page of the newspapers, as well as foreign reporters. It is a big issue.

When they arrived on May 24th, we invited those children to the Little Angels School, and the Little Angels performed and we had dinner. They performed five times in the National Theatre. It has only 2,500 seats. We tried to get tickets for the American clergy, but it was too late. They could allow only ten.

North Korea and South Korea have been divided for fifty years. So these dancers are ambassadors of peace. Especially people from North Korea missed their home. Everyone knows that True Parents are behind this great event.

We had 124 clergy from 12 denominations. We arrived Monday night. Tuesday morning until Saturday we had a three-day conference. We made each day a special subject: New Vision and Love, Unification and Love, and Repentance, Prayer and Reconciliation. We selected the candidates seriously. They had to have qualifications, such as being a bishop, or department leader, or large congregation. We made a statement of purpose. "As humanity enters a new millennium, [there is much hope] and yet [there is much despair]. [The purpose of the conference is what religious leaders should do now in America. America is a super country but is in a crisis and we should solve it.] Korea is the final front line of the Cold War. The entire human family is interconnected. We join in prayer for Korea to become one nation and confront the final barrier to peace for humanity. The division of Korea represents the division of the world. We work for the healing of Korea and of America as well. The community of faith must become one in heart and purpose. We religious leaders must set the example and lead the way.

Father closed the Unification Church and started the FFWPU. Doctrine divides denominations. According to the WCC, there are 600 denominations, under one Lord. Without unifying that, how can Heavenly Father establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth? True Father emphasizes that we must demolish the walls, for that he made the IRFWP. In the 60s he made an ecumenical movement in Korea, and he has never changed that direction.

Division comes from America to Korea. America is the root of the denominationalism. So unity in America will lead to worldwide unity. For that we selected from 12 denominations. Because of their positions, it was not easy for them to take one week. Now we have a ministers outreach coordinator and team in each Region. These coordinators are united centered on Rev. Jenkins. Also we are focused on growing our church.

The purpose of ALC is to invite many kinds of leaders, but this ACLC is particularly for Christian leadership. We can directly discuss God's providence and be Bible-based, and pray together. There is no difficulty with this, and they become serious when they hear Father's directions. Satan is gaining power and religious power is going down. No one respects religious leadership. They cannot stand up because they cannot show their lives as a standard. Therefore to be a great leader they need to first repent so that the Holy Spirit can work with us.

Some of the guests were a bit old, not retired, but over sixty, and they got jet lag. Every morning we started at 6 a.m., and most participants seriously attended. And we read hoon dok hae. We brought five landmark speeches, and added a reading on Jesus Christ. UTS professors [actually it was Dr. Andrew Wilson] developed a text of Father's words on Jesus.

The first day, we went to Little Angels school. Dr. Pak kindly explained the history of the Little Angels and the result. 4,000 students are studying there, with 1,000 faculty and staff. Then they had a one-hour performance for our guests. They felt Father's love and that they are heavenly ambassadors of the original human nature. This is the foundation for the Kingdom.

Then to the Segye Times, and heard Rev. Jae Suk Lee, the president of the Korean ecumenical movement, a president of our church and 36 couple. He wrote an article for this meeting, translated into English. Everyone felt it was so significant. Also Rev. Hwang gave welcoming remarks and reported what True Father is doing in Korea. Dr. Dae O Son hosted lunch and explained the meaning of the media providence. The best way to change this world, the most important way is through the media even though it requires a financial sacrifice. The media is like a submarine to eliminate Satan's power and establish the Kingdom. Another key point is the university, education from kindergarten to graduate school.

SMU is in the first ranking according to the Korean government. Then we visited the Chungpa Dong old church, which was the location of True Parents' blessing, 36 and 72 couples and many matchings. Many ministers went inside and a staff explained the history of that church including Father's deep prayer. They went to the second floor also, and the ministers looked, corner to corner. From there, Father established the worldwide foundation.

Goals: to officially organize ACLC, and to pray for world peace. We went to the 38th parallel. We made a DMZ Declaration for Peace, spoken by Dr. Hycel Taylor. He is a professor and minister in Illinois. He prepared a five-page declaration. He analyzed the meaning of the division of Korea, relating to racial, denominational etc divisions of all things, even. Once we solve the division of Korea, all the other divisions will be resolved. With God's authority, he proclaimed it. He described the martyrs for freedom, and mentioned down to Martin Luther King, and connected them all and offered them to True Father. It is by Jesus' authority, who was the Lord of Sojourner Truth (list of black leaders in America), who inspired Rev. Sun Myung Moon to launch a movement for world peace, we declare in the name of Jesus, not our personal or denominational etc names, in his name we declare that this DMZ be torn down, razed to the ground, and we released 150 doves. It made the front page. And unison prayer. And seven were Korean War veterans, plus two came from Minneapolis to join us. One minister had a vision of refugees coming across the DMZ.

We made 12 affirmations after deep discussion. They know that there is no other way, only Father's vision. The next day we went to CPL early the next day. CPL has an incredible foundation, the temple and the entire environment. They went to the top holy ground. Suddenly, there was a 360 degree seven-color rainbow surrounding the sun, and it remained for 2 hours. The sun is Father. Everyone shouted it was a miracle. Even Mrs. Kim and CPL staff never saw such a thing and they acclaimed it. It was while Father was fishing in America. It was a manifestation of his prayer support. And I shared that with the ministers and they felt the same.

We took them to the public bath at Chung Pyung. It holds 300 at once. It features a special stone that radiates something into our bodies and brings things out. The water is special for drinking and taking a bath.

Rev. Bennett, of Washington, DC, was a businessman who became a minister. He felt healed and cleansed by the bath. One pastor drank the water of life and cured his back problem from February, from the moment he drank it. He returned with us and testified about that. One minister wanted to stay for 40 days. Chung Pyung Lake is becoming a secret holy place. We explained about spirit world and blessing.

In the closing time, we gave the special watch that Father gave to each minister. I explained True Father's heart, and everyone was tearful with appreciation and pledged that 120 pastors represent 120 disciples of Jesus. If they had united with Jesus, the Christian foundation would have extended. The 120 are an extension of the 12. They are a team. They pledged to reach 144,000 churches. We made each of them a FFWPU flag that they all signed to make their pledge.

We will make a Unified Federation Church, UFC. Not a denomination. We will march to save the world. They saw True Father's vision and felt his heart and know what they should do. Father gave them incredible love and trust. On that foundation we will go forward. Thank you.

Father: To save the world, the best way is to unite the American clergy and denominations and seminaries. On that foundation, to save the world. That is my vision. [Onward in English, saving America is the one way, then the religious world unites with that foundation, then saving the world no problem]

We feel hungry, but instead of getting food, let's feel that the hunger is grace. Father prepared a good lunch for you. Big Macs. If you don't like that, I prepared rice. I like McDonalds.

America changed a lot. Even though it had a Christian foundation, it has kicked out the Christian foundation and proclaimed that God is dead. It is almost the end. Without my strong challenge, it is the end. Only I have the vision, who else can do it?

When I arrived 30 years ago, they looked down on me. But now it has changed very much. They treated me poorly. Christian ministers should stand up to protect this Christian foundation. They want to meet me, but I do not want to meet them. UB professors invited me to come, but I will not go. In the beginning, many parents and professors were against me, but if they are ready to welcome me on the national level, then I will consider. We have to make that foundation.

Even the American Christian foundation, if they unite and are ready to welcome me on the national level, then I can meet them. Particularly, American women should wake up. These days, [something about investing in the women's area? Two boats in each state? The ocean providence] I am concerned again about training in this area. Do you like ships, boats? It is not just fishing. Also, we have to be concerned about agriculture. We have to pioneer three stages.

The American pioneers crossed the ocean and started as pioneers. By the same token, we also need ... So we also have to overcome those difficulties that our founding fathers overcame, crossing the ocean, fighting to make a foundation. This morning I was up at 4 a.m., but you disturbed my schedule. To reach 5 a.m. there, I had to reach 3:30 a.m. I went to bed at 1:30 a.m. During my whole life, I never slept. So far, I never became sick due to lack of sleep.

Who attended Mother's speech at Liberty Marina? I did it there three times. I am concerned to restart from Ocean Church. They started pioneering from the ocean, not the land. After that, we make the church of the land. Ocean Church represents the nation's church of the Christian world. Who can we bring that? We have to offer three stages of church - ocean church, land church, government church. Then we can establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. So far the ALC ... Three stages. Then we reach the world church. Who can do it? Many are against us, but I seek and challenge. When I went tuna fishing, other fishermen were against us. Usually I woke up at 2 a.m. and it took one hour to reach the fishing grounds. There was no other way to be the king of that work, but by conquering. Within three years I caught what others took 15 years to catch.

I established a special skill to catch tuna. Once I went out, then I caught a few tuna. Because of that, other fishermen were surprised. I know exactly how to hook tuna. Even though several hundred boats were there to catch tuna, but by the time they arrived, I had finished. To reach me, they came out at 5 a.m., then I went out at 3 a.m. They tried 3 a.m., then I slept on the boat. They completely surrendered. I never took a rest. They hated me because they couldn't win. Think about how other newspaper companies hate our company, and our church is hated by other churches. But when you are persecuted, later the persecutor comes to your side.

Ocean church, land church, nation church, then world church. Then the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is the cosmic church. This is a formula. I know exactly. The UN should follow my plan also. Is that true or false? We have to develop the ocean and land. I watch the Hudson River area, all the land, to figure out where to develop. What kind of houses do American's like? Wooden or stone? Most American houses are wood. Why? Because it is convenient to move. That's why we have to pioneer. In the pioneer time, how can we build a strong solid house? So we use wood, just cut trees and make a house. Because of that, some skill of house building the American pioneers had. From now on, if we are going to live safely, beyond the four seasons, underground is best. Many animals live underground in the winter. If you watch from the top of the mountain, to restore, you have to go underground.

America is always trying to be number one, like the Empire State Building. Like the story of Rebekah in the Bible, they left God and divided (?) the woman ... the Germans (New Testament Age?) and Jewish (Old Testament Age?) tried to use English rather than their own language. Also they wouldn't try international marriage, but only the same race. Do we do that? We do international marriage.

Do you think the blessing is precious? The blessing can connect lineage and cut Satan and engraft you to God. Because of that, the blessing can be precious more than anything you inherit from your ancestors. What is the reason man and woman should meet? To love. Love is short, but lineage is long. Through love, you make lineage. Even though husband and wife inherit blood in one generation, many generations can inherit it. Good people respect their ancestors. The most precious thing is the lineage connected with God, by the blessing. Without True Parents, that will not happen.

True Parents are the true son of God. The house of heavenly blood, that is True Parents. They created the heavenly blood lineage. You miss your family, right?

I want to strongly establish the ocean foundation in this area, and finally create a nation. Through the lineage of God we need to create the nation and world of God. Even old ladies should wear short pants and go out. Many American women are concerned about their body and make-up. How about my face? If I stay in Brazil for 50 days, I change color to Brazilian. What do you think, as Unification Church members, as sons and daughters of True Parents, you have to inherit my concern for ocean. Do you have that concept of lineage?

Because of that you miss me, you are connected by lineage to me. You want to go where I go and live where I live. Having that mind, living and working together, we can go to spirit world naturally. If they had not fallen, all descendents would follow their parents' world when they pass away. Do you like me? Like Jesus said, more than your physical parents? Father stands instead of our ancestors, to God. To reach your root ...

Only by love can man and woman unite. The love of God. When they have a strong loving relationship, at that moment, Heavenly Father can dwell there and plant a seed. Marriage is based on the man's seed going to the woman's womb. The man as the father spreads the seed to the woman's womb and it has the father's seed. The seed of the baby stays in the womb and it becomes the son of the Heavenly Father and son of the father. The woman is the recipient. She is organized to receive. So Heavenly Father does not want them to struggle with each other. If the woman cannot make a baby, she cannot connect to that heart of God. And there is no hope in the next world. In heaven, is there any family that does not have a baby? Many white people in the developed world don't have children. There's no way. The love for children should be greater than the husband and wife love for each other.

The woman is concerned about the baby for 10 months, and when it is born she denies the whole world and her husband for the baby. Then she will welcome her husband, after that. It means he should go out to the field, to make the financial foundation to support the children and mother. How can she work when she has the baby? It is the mom's job to raise the baby.

Some couples have no baby and so feel no love for each other. The husband may go out from the home. Even in the animal world, the parents take care of the babies. Even if the baby died, the parents still keep it around. What is the human attitude? Is the milk more precious, or the baby? The reason you have two breasts is not for the breasts' sake, but for the baby. Why do you have big hips created that way by God? Because of the child. If you have small hips, it is not easy to make a baby. Women's hands are soft in order to take care of the baby well. She is most happy when her baby sleeps between her breasts. The baby will never forget that love of their mother.

[At that point the transmission of True Mother's speech began.]