BC Wins $2900 In Scholarships Due To RYS Service

by John Doroski
Tuesday, 6 June 2000

American, Charmiane Doroski, 18, born in Australia, the daughter of John & Nanette Doroski won on Monday $2900 in scholarships for college. Although she has been constantly on honor roll there were many students ahead of her in grades. In spite of this she beat them out of at least $2900 in scholarship money. HOW? She served Heavenly Father.

She receive $2,550 of the $3,000 due to her Religious Youth Service activities last summer in Guatemala. All year Charmaine works, as does her sister Simone, to earn the monies for RYS and PLA; cashiers and waitresses. Well, her spending a years worth of earnings to participate in RYS paid off and you other blessed children can DO IT TOO!

Towards the end of the senior year there are many scholarship applications in the high school counselor's office. As she did, you can fill out the forms and explain your service to community and humankind. We included photos and news clippings. For example she won: Rotary Club's "Service Above Self" for $250; North Fork Lions Club's $500; Kiwanis $500; Friends Unlimited $250; EESCO Foundation $500; Josten's Service Award $50;PTA $250 and lastly and most importantly the usually left leaning Environmental Citizenship Award for $500.

We were much prouder than some other parents whose children won scholarships merely based on intellect. I am sure my daughter has learned deep lessons through this experience of working all year and then spending her precious money to participate in church service projects and too her surprise receiving back her hard earnings. GO FOR IT!

John D