Announcing publication of
"Family, Church, Community, Kingdom"

by Rev. Dr. Tyler Hendricks
June 14, 2000

"Family, Church, Community, Kingdom" by Dr. Tyler Hendricks, is available for purchase. 82 pages, 8.5" X 11" spiral-bound, limited edition. $10 each plus shipping (in USA, $2 shipping for one copy and $1.00 for each copy after that to the same address. Overseas double that.) It's a book that applies Father's words to the task of growing and structuring the church/federation. Send check or money order made out to:

Tyler Hendricks,
Unification Theological Seminary,
30 Seminary Drive,
Barrytown, NY 12507.
Main number: 845-752-3100

Unsolicited review of Dr. Hendricks' new book

by Rev. Henri Schauffler

For anyone seriously looking to DO something about changing our Church / Federation / Group / Whateveryouwannacallit in America, this book is a MUST READ.

Dr. Hendricks' ideas fired up a recent conference of State Leaders at UTS. It scared some (a few Regional Directors) enlightened others and mostly, inspired the Westerners that we CAN and MUST do something to fundamentally change the way our group does things in America if we are to break through, become spiritually healthy and grow.

From recommending delivering "culturally relevant" Sunday services to creating fellowship and family friendly "small groups," this book is based on a life of front-line living and academic research by the author.

Not to be missed by anyone who still harbors hopes to make True Parents' ideas work in America. AND, provocative thought it may be, I assume this book is now sanctioned by the Continental Director. THAT is also exciting that he would allow such provocative ideas to be disseminated under the pen of the UTS President and FFWPU VP for Education.

Bravo, Drs. Hendricks and Yang!

Henri Schauffler