The Western Program of the
Institute of Korean Studies for Foreign Students

Sun-Hwa School
Seoul, Korea

Steve Tamayo

Attention all Blessed Children!

If you are a College or High School graduate who would like to experience being in Korea and working with our program, a great opportunity has opened up for you! If you have ever wanted to experience living in Korea, learn Korean, and be in a position to care for your younger brothers and sisters, then this is definitely the job for you.

We are currently looking for someone who is interested in working here for one year (or more) as a supporting member of our staff. This is a mission oriented program and, as always, there are many responsibilities alongside the many blessings involved in this line of work.

Your work would include (but would not be limited to) such things as: going on field trips together with the students (Chung Pyung, Pusan, Sorak mountains, etc.), attending and (sometimes) giving morning and evening services, being available for students in need, kitchen work, office work (involving typing), some light book-keeping, helping with tutoring in English subjects as well as shopping with the students.

You will also be invited to attend (free) Korean classes with the other teachers. On top of all this, you will also discover that you actually have a lot of free time too! This mission will offer you a broad learning experience and provide you with a strong experience based foundation for later life choices that you make. Another plus is that chances are you'll be able to see True Parents and members of the True Family on several occasions throughout the year. Because of all the diverse aspects of this mission, despite being extremely educational it may sometimes prove to be very challenging as well.

However, please bear in mind that all the work that you will ever be doing here will always be appreciated and you will find your working environment to be warm and supportive, especially if you should experience any difficulties. You will receive room and board plus 350,000 won a month as a stipend. If interested, please contact:

Steve & Jeri Tamayo, or James & Katja Chisholm at Fax# 82-2-456-5745

Phone# 82-2-3436-8431~35 or 82-2-454-9509

E-mail -
Please apply before August 31st if possible!!!!
Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours Sincerely,
Jeri Tamayo (Head Dorm Parent; Western Program)