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Damian Anderson Damian.Anderson@gmail.com

Hello all,

The Unification Home Page now has a new search hosting service with Master.com. The search is able to find twice as many articles as the previous search engine, picosearch.com for several keywords that I have tried. You will see the search box as the first item on the top of the Unification Home Page at:


or you can go to the special search page at:


Try it out. You will find more on the Unification Home Page than you ever found before. It also permits you to search the news, stock quotes and the web.

If you have a church related non-commercial project and would like web space, please e-mail me.

Also, if you need promotion of a project of the same nature, or have church news or a good story which you think will interest worldwide Unificationist readers, please send me news articles to post on World Ties.


Damian Anderson