Request for help in the translation of
Rev. Sun Myung Moon's 300 volumes
of speeches into English

by Damian J. Anderson

October 24, 2000

Hello everyone,

What I am asking about is a project dear to my heart. I would like to be able to continue the work that Mike Inglis left off some years ago to translate the 300 or so volumes of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's speeches from Korean to English. The trouble is, the project ran out of steam, money, inspiration, something, and has not been continued. I am looking for competent translators who can translate Korean into GOOD English, preferably educated native speakers of English.

There are various western Unificationists who speak excellent Korean and English, and I would like to ask if there are any of you who would take up this project as a labor of love, to bring Father's words from 1960 on to the English speaking world. If we cannot get people to do this as a service, or a mission, what would it take in terms of budget to pull it off, on a per book basis? If we can get people interested in doing this, it is possible to pull a budget together from donors or somewhere, or even get some money out of church headquarters. One way or another, I want to get this done. Anyone who sees this message and knows someone who could help, please pass it on. Is there also someone who could volunteer to lead this project? I could do so, but I am wondering if anyone else in seeing this message feels a particular calling to do this.

In addition to old speeches, I would very much like to see a system in place for transcription and translation of current speeches. The ideal would be to have the Korean transcribed and then to have the written Korean translated. Any takers? If there is any part of this process that you would like to volunteer to help in, please let me know. As I see it, these are the steps which would be required:

You can reach me as always at:

Thank you.


In our True Parents' Names,

Damian Anderson