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Thursday, 26 October 2000
Michael Inglis

HSA Publications is proud to announce the publication of 3 new groundbreaking texts:

12 Books of Prayer. by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

A lifetime of conversation with our Heavenly Father. Collected by subject on the topics: Hope, Entreaty, Resurrection, Heart, Faith, Filial Piety, Loyalty, Determination, Devotion, Restoration, Victory, and Unification.

656 pages. Hardbound. 10x12. $40.00 (Shipping $10.00)

40 Years in America: 1959-1999
An Intimate History of the Unification Movement.

This book recounts the history of the Unification movement in America. With a historical narrative by Dr. Michael Mickler and hundreds of testimonies and photographs we tell a story of perseverance, faith, challenge and victory; a story of love.

624 pages. Hardbound. 10x12. Full color. $70.00 (Shipping $10.00)

Family, Church, Community, Kingdom. Dr. Tyler Hendricks

How to build a witnessing church for working families. >From recommending 'culturally relevant' Sunday services to fellowship and family friendly 'small groups,' this book is based on a life of frontline living and academic research. Tells you how to do it.

142 pages. Paperback. 6x9. $10.00 (Shipping $3.00)

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All 3 Books for $99.00, Shipping free

$99.00 or $33.00 /month for 3 months on your credit card

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