Letter to the Washington DC Family Church

Dear Washington Family,

I sincerely thank you for your support for the Interreligious and International 144,000 Clergy Couples blessing. The Washington Community was responsible for the central event in the world. I'm happy to report that Father proclaimed yesterday that the Blessing was a total victory. Therefore the Washington Region together with the National Messiahs and missionaries made an offering that was received by Heaven.

I am very grateful to everyone for your efforts. Without that combined cooperation there could have been no victory. Thank you to Rev. In Hoi Lee, Rev. McCarthy, Rev. Lykes, Rev. Marshall and our Associate Pastors and community event coordinators. The prayer breakfasts and home meetings were wonderful experiences. Let's continue with them. Also, I want to thank all the heads of organizations in the Washington area for their support. Thank you to Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo.

Special thanks to Rev. Michael Leone, Keiko Burton and Rev. Joe and Debbie Taylor and Wendy Herstein, Rev. Bayo, James Stewart and Libby Henkin, and many others who worked worked full time night and day.

Also thanks as well as all the ministerial outreach coordinators. (I will recognize them all latter. They are the backbone of the clergy outreach). The last two weeks were amazing. We were flooded with volunteers. Especially the American sisters. Thank you American women !!! Thanks to Rev. Jeong in Va, Rev. Hwang in Baltimore, Rev. Pak in DC, Rev. Yong in MD and Rev. Eu in Norfolk.

Please thank each and every minister for their support. Whether they could attend on Saturday or not don't worry. The foundation is set and there will be another blessing ceremony soon. These pastors are becoming one with us.


  1. Our follow up will consist of small prayer breakfasts leading up to Sunday May 19th at Union Temple Baptist Church with Rev. Willie and Rev. Mary Wilson, in which we will have a GALA celebration for all the clergy couples and their congregations which will feature a full concert performance of the Mighty Clouds of Joy. We want True Family Values to be taught in each of our Christian churches. The pastor should be the teacher. True Family Values materials and more advanced lectures are being prepared.
  2. We want to involve the pastors and their youth with our second generation and families in the service for peace movement. Together we will bring 10,000 families and Christian youth for the Service for Peace rally in June.
  3. Please quickly collect testimonies from the clergy that participated. There are many miracles that occured.

Sunday service with True Parents was a once in a lifetime experience. Father felt so young he pole vaulted off of the stage and then he asked Antonio Betancourt to sing and all the couples came out to slow dance together!! What a memory. We could see the manifestation of the power behind the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God.

Let us sacrifice to create the America that God longs for.

Thank You Washington Family.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
Senior Pastor
Washington Family Church