Save Cleeve House

I want to let brothers and sisters know that Cleeve House in the UK is available for workshops and retreats. Also if families want to come here while visiting relatives that is OK too.

True Father started the Go World Brass Band at Cleeve House in 1978. The speech can be found at URL

I am desperately trying to save this house from being sold. I honestly believe it would be a tragedy to lose such a historic building that has seen the spiritual birth of so many brothers and sisters. But the reality is that it needs to be used more and it needs money to improve its facilities. So that is why I have developed the Cleeve House web site,

in the hope that it can attract international interest. Cleeve House is in a truly wonderful location steeped in the ancient history of England, and affords wonderful freedom for the second generation to discover their spiritual roots.

Perhaps for those who received spiritual birth here it is a chance to come back and relive that experience.

Lots of love to you all.

IMON Andrew Johnson