Fall 2002 Educators' Conference at UTS

Brian Sabourin
Posted October 3, 2002

October 2, 2002

Dear Educator,

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Fall 2002 Educators' Conference.

As a result of Hyun Jin Nim's Kodiak educators' workshop, there has been a groundswell of requests for more information about the educational material that was shared in that workshop. To accommodate these requests, a shorter conference for educators - Sunday School teachers, public and/or private school teachers and administrators, second generation youth ministers, those involved in higher education, and those involved in the creation of educational materials - has been organized and will take place at UTS from November 1st to the 3rd.

This conference is being organized by the World CARP Education Division and the Second Generation Department for the purpose of:

  • To convey the key insights from Hyun Jin Nim's Kodiak educators workshop.

  • To get to know and appreciate one another as educators.

  • To coordinate our efforts in regards to the education of second generation.

  • To improve our effectiveness as educators.

  • To create a network of support among educators.

  • To create a forum for sharing resources and best practices.

  • To begin a process of ongoing staff support and development.

Knowing that you have worked for many years in the area of education, we would like to encourage you to bring your educational resources and best practices to share with other conference participants.

The basic conference details are as follows:

  • Date: Friday - Sunday, November 1 - 3, 2002
  • Location: Unification Theological Seminary
  • Registration: Friday, November 1st, 4:00 - 7:00pm (dinner 5:30pm)
  • Orientation: Friday, November 1st, 7:30pm
  • Closing: Sunday, November 3rd, 1:00pm
  • Cost: $120 per person - Early Bird rate by 10/21/02, $130 Regular and On-Site after 10/21/02

For more information, see conference fact sheet attached to this letter.

We appreciate all your efforts in the realm of education and we look forward to seeing you in Barrytown.


Tony Devine

Vice President of World CARP Education Division

Conference Fact Sheet

  • Date: Friday - Sunday, November 1 - 3, 2002
  • Location: Unification Theological Seminary

    10 Dock Road
    Barrytown, NY 12571
    845-752-3000 c/o Chris Corcoran, UTS conference liaison
    Completed forms should be mailed, emailed, or faxed to:

    Fall 2002 Educators' Conference
    C/o Second Generation Department
    4 West 43rd Street
    New York, NY 10036

    Fax number: 212-391-0222

    The deadline for pre-registration is Monday, October 21st

  • Payment: $120 Early Bird Rate by 10/21/02 (covers all food and lodging costs)

Please make checks payable to: HSA-UWC Second Generation Dept.

All payments must be postmarked no later than October 21st to lock-in the Early Bird rate. After October 21st, the regular and on-site fee is $130 to be paid at Barrytown during registration.

On site registration will take place on Friday, November 1st, 4:00 - 7:00pm in the student lounge.

Please mail the Early Bird payment to the conference address listed above.

Conference Registration Form
Fall 2002 Educators' Conference
Barrytown, New York/November 1-3, 2002

Name: Email:

Last Name First Name



Home Phone: Work Phone:


Early Bird Fee $120.00 by 10/21/02

Regular & On-Site Fee $130 after 10/21/02

Make check payable to HSA-UWC Second Generation Department