To all people interested in teaching at Sun Moon

Lynne Kim
Monday 21 October 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for showing interest in teaching at Sun Moon University. Forty-four people have responded so far from all around the world. I have additional information about visa requirements which I am afraid will disappoint some of you, but I hope you will keep the university in your hearts and prayers even if you can not teach here now.

The visa the university will initially use is the E-2 visa which is for teachers of English conversation because our teachers will in fact be teaching conversation.

The Korean government requires that recipients of the E-2 visa come from nations which use English as their native language. At this point the Korean government recognizes only the following countries as nations which use English as their native language:

Great Britain (including England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland), Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

However, 14 Korean teachers of English are also being sought. Korean teachers of English must have a Master's Degree or above in English or TESOL. Please get the news out to our Korean brothers and sisters.

I'm sorry I did not know about the nation requirement when I first posted the notice. I apologize if some of you are disappointed. I know some of you may not agree with the government's viewpoint, but please do not try to persuade me. If you are not from one of the above nations, but still feel you should qualify, please ask your government to have your Embassy contact the Korean government to put your nation on their list. We are not in a position to tell the government what nations to recognize yet. And since we are a new program, we will have to do everything according to the letter of the law. I have faith that you will understand our situation.

For those of you who may have moved to America, the visa office requires that the education documents submitted be from one of the countries using English as its native language.

You would have to submit your original university diploma and a copy of it, or if you could not submit the original, the copy would have to be verified by a consulate. That of course would be later after your application to the university is accepted.

Other information: the President of Sun Moon University confirmed that family housing would not be available yet during the 2003 March - December school year. Accordingly, the only housing available would be single rooms.

Future letters will go out only to people from the nations recognized by the Korean government...(unless I'm not sure what nation you're from... though most of you mentioned it.) If you receive future mailings and are not from those nations, please let me know. I'll let you know more about the conditions offered and required as soon as they become set. It may take a while, so please be patient.

Sincerely ITN (IMN), Lynne Kim

Once again, thank you very much for your interest in Sun Moon University. I hope to meet you here one day soon!