Reflections of the first full day of the Ministers' workshop

By Rev. Mary Anglin
Tuesday 29 October 2002

We have seen nothing like this workshop before! It is truly a new day!

Do you remember when people used to walk out on the Fall lecture, even leaving the workshop? On Tuesday as Rev. Jenkins concluded the Fall of Man, he received a standing ovation from this group of Jesus' spiritual children (your spiritual children, these ministers!) They truly understood this, whooping and hollering as he spoke. The ministers genuinely enjoyed the Principles of Restoration as well; they seemed to easily relate to the Cain/Abel situation. As the lectures progressed, the Bishop next to me leaned over and said "the ministers can come now because the Unificationists have paid the indemnity." I was so moved by his understanding.

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At dinner one of the ministers shared at our table that in his discussion group he just had to tell the other ministers "don't struggle over Rev. Moon as the Messiah, after all, it's so obvious." The ministers sit in the discussion groups humbly seeking to understand; and it's the other ministers who are helping to clarify the principled understanding. The job of the Unificationists is much easier than ever.

Tuesday's closing meeting was presented by none other than Archbishop Stallings. Interestingly, he didn't provide proof, he just shared his heart. But this heart came on the foundation of a day of great truth presented by our leaders, Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Schanker. Bishop Stallings implored us to understand who WE are, who I am. If I know who I am and who God is, I don't have to worry or be threatened by who HE is. The Bishop gave testimony to who Father is to him, what he has witnessed and discovered. Stop waiting for the rapture; that's an escape clause. We just want Jesus to come and deliver us! We must engage in the work of Kingdom building with the Lord. God didn't mess it up, man did; so man has to clean it up. What have you seen, what is the fruit? The problem is that we've been so caught up in our theologies that we can't see. Bishop Stallings then declared "Who do I believe he is? I can't tell you because you can't handle the truth!...I have seen him live like Christ so I believe. I believe he's the Lord of the Second Advent! I'm not ashamed to tell you. Jesus saved me and Sun Myung Moon restored me! As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord!!"

By this time nearly the whole crowd was on their feet, and I was sobbing too hard to take any more notes. Rev. C. Phillip Johnson then called the crowd forward to affirm these statements. The men and women came to the front (with the exception of less than 10) and sang and prayed and testified. It was truly a great day for them, and for our members as well, our eyes glistening with tears because we know YOUR blood, sweat and tears that have finally brought this day!