Ministers' Workshop - Reflections from The Final Day

By Rev. Mary Anglin
Tuesday 29 October 2002

The final day of the ministers' workshop in Ocean City Maryland was very rich. Read during HDH were two of Father's recent speeches, "The Life of Jesus", from the Washington Times 20th anniversary banquet, and "God's Fatherland and the One World", presented to the world leaders attending the IIFWP conference on 9/21/02. The prior HDH readings were Father's public speeches of the early 1970s. Again, very well-received.

As we were gathering for our first presentation, Rev. Tessie Willis from Texas entertained us with an incredibly beautiful rendition of our elder brother Jon Shuhart's "Precious Light'. It is so inspiring to hear these ministers singing the deep songs we grew up on in the movement.

Wisely, scheduled for the entire day were presentations on the Fruits of the Movement. These presentations were given by our brothers Mr. David Caprara, Dr. Frank Kaufmann, and Rev. Greg Carter. These presentations were really icing on the cake. The attendees had days of deep Divine Principle content, then were able to see Principle, true love, in action, through our movement's many various activities. I hope you can some day hear these presentations, they were such an inspiration.

Dr. Yang, our beloved Continental Director, presented "Rev. Moon's Life Course'. He shared his testimony of joining the movement as well as many of his experiences with Father. A number of ministers commented on his deep heart of love towards them, and his humility before and loyalty to Father.

One minister wrote in his reflection that he wants to become like Dr. Yang. Four ministers offered testimony at the end, followed by Rev. Edwards, Bishop Stallings and Rev. Jenkins. Rev. Rico Diamond said "It doesn't matter what we call him, his ministry and calling won't change. This is the most ridiculous and outrageous seminar I've ever attended -- ridiculous like Jesus!" From Minister Ronnie Bailey, "If we're going to serve Him we have to pay the price. Don't shy away from your suffering; it will only bring you closer to the Lord. You should sell everything you have to possess a beautiful pearl.' Brother John (a white Southern Baptist minister), "This is an incredible truth! I've been looking for you for 15 years. There will soon be millions of ACLC ministers walking this land. I thank Rev. Moon for this vision and you for sharing it with me.' Sister Price was so spirit-filled as she exhorted us to march on, dropping what we don't need so as not to have any weight or burden to slow us on this race to the kingdom. Rev. Jesse Edwards told us that the trials he's going through are not because of Father or the ACLC. All of us have to go the course of Jacob and Esau and lay their own foundation for the messiah. So what God gives you is between you and God.

I cannot begin to record here the final messages of Bishop Stallings and Rev. Jenkins. But they brought great inspiration as well as the urgency of the times.

As we were finishing our final meal and preparing to board the buses, Rev. Jenkins announced that we'd meet at 7:30 in the morning for breakfast. A minister at my table commented "but what about hoon dok hae?!' Another ministers said "yes, we can't miss our 6:00 o'clock service!' We would all say that, right?

I had the blessing of helping to go through the ministers' final evaluations and letters to our Founder. They were so beautiful. Comments were such as, "I want to join 100% this Unification movement and all related organizations', "The Messiah is on the Earth, I want to be a messiah-ee.' "I love you Father', and my favorite, "I will die for you Father!'

There was so so much richness and depth to all these presentations and experiences, I repent that I can't truly convey them to you through this writing. Please search out someone who attended and get their reflections on this workshop. God bless you!