Teachers for Sun Moon University

Lynne Kim
Friday 15 November 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The application forms for the English teaching positions will finally go up in English at the Sunmoon internet site probably from tomorrow. Please check the internet site: sunmoon.ac.kr over the next few days, download the forms, and fill them out. If you are not in Korea, send them in by e-mail to make sure you have applied before the deadline, and then also send things by mail, if at all possible before the arrival deadline of December 4, 2002. The starting salary range will probably be between 22 million and 26 million won per year depending on eduation and experience. I will not be able to make decisions alone, so I wish you good luck in the application. You can send them by email to lynnekim@sunmoon.ac.kr or lksunmoon@yahoo.com.

Sincerely ITN, Lynne Kim