Rev. Jenkins (3/1/2003 11:08:32 AM)

The "2400" Cheon Il Guk Activity and
Extension was victoriously completed

Dear Family,

Yesterday, on February 28th, the North American movement completed the Cheon Il Guk activity in Korea. Our brothers and sisters that stayed behind were able to continue holding rallies in each Myun allowing for a couple hundred more meetings to be conducted.

Also many members made a very serious effort to reach out to Christian churches. The Christian church in Korea must eventually be won over into a "friendly" relationship. Father is directing us now that to achieve this we must reach out and develop Christianity in America through the ACLC and the education of 12,000 and creating a movement to end the era of the cross.

Here are my notes from Rev. Peter Kim's translation of Father's words from a breakfast meeting with several key ACLC clergy last Friday.


By removing the cross, Jesus who was rejected by Israel will be liberated. Jesus came as the King of Israel but was rejected. That course must be rectified. Jesus should be recognized by the first Israel. When the cross is removed the 1st and the 2nd Israel can then unite together and support the dispensation of the third Israel.

Father's mission is to clarify these points so that the barriers to unity can be removed. In Matthew 11 we see the story of John The Baptist and the fact that he clearly was Elijah and yet he didn't understand his role. We must clarify the truth at this time. This will remove the barriers. We must understand our role. Father's teachings reveal the hidden truths of the Bible. (The clergy present, three Bishops, said strongly AMEN !!)

(One key ACLC leader responded with his experience of taking down the cross in his church). The Bishop said, "Father, I took down the cross just before midnight on December 31. Dr. Yang encouraged me and I felt that it had to be done before the end of the year. About 2 hours before midnight I was up on a ladder and working on taking down the cross. One member walked in and said, "What are you doing?" I said, what does it look like I'm doing? I'm taking down the cross. It's time has passed we are now in the age of resurrection!!! Father, I took down the cross and it created a lot of controversy in the church but now I've been able to educate my parishioners on God's suffering heart and pain concerning the cross and now things have changed." Rev. Peter Kim asked, "what did you do with the cross?" The pastor said, "I hid it in the back room because if the members found it they might crucify me with it!!!" Father was really laughing (as was everyone else).

Then Father said, "Actually we should bury the cross, it is a source of great pain to God. Jesus turned it into a victory but originally he was to be coronated King of Israel. Israel was to receive him and this must be restored. If you bury the cross a massive Resurrection centering on Jesus will occur. I wish I had you (to that Christian pastor and the other pastors) with me 30 years ago in 1973 and 1974. Think how different America would be if we could have begun the work we are doing now with the Blessing of Christians and the church back then. America would be totally different now. The key speeches that help ministers understand are the New Future of Christianity and the Future of Christianity that I gave publicly at that time. With those speeches the clergy can understand everything. Father wishes you were here 30 years ago.

Father said to Bishop Stallings: "When I see you jumping over the pews I feel good. I feel like you can fly to accomplish God's will." Because of the Cheon Il Guk Blessing of True Parents and the Coronation of Father as King of all blessed Families this "Kingship" can be extended to the local Blessed Central Family.

Now we are standing in a totally different era. Our authority is great. If we go forward now courageously we will win very quickly."

Dear Beloved Blessed Central Families: We are proud of you. Please have home meetings and link up together in everyway to keep the fires of the 2400 burning.

Beloved, 2400. WELCOME HOME. Please keep sending your testimonies. (Log them on the website on the "Submit testimonies of Cheon Il Guk Activity Here" at the top of the site). Father is clearly guiding us that the next step is securing the Fatherland is through the education of 12,000 clergy and the movement to "Tear Down The Walls" by ending the era of the cross.

All 2400, please rise up like you did in Korea. We will work together state by state to bring our ACLC clergy to the Four Major Convocations. Then we will bring about 100 per state to One Day Luncheon Programs on Tearing Down the Walls. Then we will create a revival force that will liberate Jesus' pain. God has prepared the foundation for us. Rise up and help each other now. We must move the 2nd Israel to fulfill the next step. Then we will expand the Blessing Movement with Christians and all religions. (We are discussing two national blessings with Dr. Yang.)

2400 Victory !!!

Thanks America.

Love and Blessing to you and your family.