by Damian Anderson <>
June 1, 1999

Hello everyone,

I am sending this message out to World Ties as well as Unif-Evangelism in the hope that some people on World Ties will be interested in joining in brainstorming on Unif-Evangelism regarding Father's directions, or sharing testimonies and reports to be published online and sent out on World Ties. Here are a few of the things I am interested in:

  1. Ways to fulfill Father's direction to give the Blessing to 7000 young people per family. Our goal is to introduce pure young people to the matching and to have them receive the Blessing of True Parents. We need serious and dedicated prayer so that good ideas can come our way.
  2. Ways to promote the purity movement.
  3. Ways to promote outreach to ministers so that they can bring their young singles to the Blessing.
  4. Testimonies of Mother's tour from countries not yet reported on to be put on the web and distributed to members worldwide.
  5. Testimonies from the Jardim or Chung Pyung workshops to share with brothers and sisters worldwide. Ray Mas is also collecting these for publication. He is on the list and will get any of these.

Let's raise the level of discourse on the net, and stop the chatter which is way off the focus of God's and True Parents' hearts. Let's think this way: "What is God's biggest headache today, and what am I doing about it. Don't worry about what your brother or sister is or is not doing. What am I doing?"

Most of the material I get for publication online comes from the contributions of our worldwide Family Federation membership. If God has spoken to you in small or big ways and you think this could be an inspiration to others, please share it with a view to publication on the net. It can be in the hands of brothers and sisters within minutes of my putting it online. The speed with which good ideas and testimonies can flow accelerates the providence, by enabling our members to succeed. God always raises up an Abel who brings success and then shows the way for others to go. Please pray hard and blaze a new trail so that others can follow in your successful footsteps. Challenge yourself in something you feel competent in accomplishing, and then help others to break through.

The whole pre-Blessing providence in America succeeded based on the sincere and desperate prayer of a few sisters who broke through and then spread the word. Other countries like Ukraine, Taiwan, much of Africa, then Korea had great success, and their reports motivated others to do the same. The Internet gives us the ability to work as a global team, by giving reports which can help others. Let's do likewise with the blessing of single young people. Let's start early and have a great victory to report to True Father so that he can take it easy for once, and see the reports of great successes pour in.

Please remember to pray especially for the success of Father's pending declaration on June 14, 1999 of the liberation of the spirit world from Satanic dominion, as he requested of us at Belvedere this weekend on May 30, 1999.

In True Parents' Names,

Damian J. Anderson <>