PLA blessing Follow-up

by Tyler Hendricks <>

Dear Church Leaders and Tribal Messiahs,

Your activities in giving the candy and pure love pledge blessings are very successful. This means that PLA headquarters in New York is receiving many many inquiries. People want to know about programs that are local to them.

The PLA office is not able to handle these requests, obviously. They can provide general information but nothing local and specific, especially they have nothing to tell those inquirers who want to VOLUNTEER or attend local programs.

In high-level consultation between PLA and HSA HQs, we have determined the following general request:

  1. When you hand out the flyers, make sure there is a sticker with LOCAL contact information on the flyer or pledge card or whatever.
  2. Create programs! This is a new PHENOMENON--the people are responding. So we MUST create follow up programs, quickly!!! It can even be to tell them about the next rally in your area, that they can join, or at least they can come to the literature table.
  3. PLA will do their best to refer inquirers to the Family Church/FFWPU nearest them. For example, an inquirer from New Jersey will be referred to the New Jersey church. But the PLA office is very short-staffed and cannot handle the volume efficiently.

For more information and ideas, call Irina at the PLA office -- 212-382-2402 ext 200.