Belvedere International Training Center
October 24, 1999
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks
based upon Rev. Peter Kim's translation

Jae Sa gwa Adam Kwon Shidae Dorae
The Arrival of the Era of the
Fourth Adam's Realm

Headquarters will send messages about which speech to read for hoon dok hae on a given day or time period. Wherever Father is, will be the world headquarters from which this instruction will come. All the members in the world will read the same message at the same time. Therefore you have to have the hoon dok hae books in your hands, especially the 12 volumes. To develop our spiritual life, the hoon dok hae volumes are like food. It is inevitable for Father to set this tradition because he is reaching 80 and before he goes to spirit world he wants to make sure that all humanity will take his tradition seriously, otherwise the future of humanity will not be that great. It is not the time to follow the footsteps of spirit world; rather, the spirit world will follow our tradition of doing hoon dok hae, as long as we keep this tradition intact. Therefore, we must be aware of the reality that we are living with God and True Parents together in this physical world, otherwise we cannot build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The original world, without the fall, is the place where we attend God and True Parents in our family. We have to build this world on earth in our lifetimes or we will not see the Kingdom of God.

[The assigned speech for today is "The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity," which is found in Godís Will and the World.]

We know how desperate we are to secure three meals a day. We remember its taste, so we are desperate to find food and we long for it. We have to think seriously about the comparative degree of our longing: for physical food to sustain our 70 years on earth, or the spiritual food that will sustain our life in eternity. Just as we awaken each morning, before breakfast, we wonder what food our mom is preparing. In the same way, we should be eager to know what Father will speak about when we come to a gathering such as this. What will this bring about? We have to understand that the degree of longing for Fatherís message will determine where we will be located in spirit world when we go there. Is hoon dok hae good or bad for us? [Good.] How good? [Excellent!] Which is greater: the celebration of American independence in your hometown, or this hoon dok hae tradition by which we attain joy and spiritual food? [hoon dok hae!] You understand the meaning of hoon dok hae, donít you?

If we dig into the meaning of hoon dok hae, following the Chinese characters, the first letter, hoon combines two Chinese characters. The first stands for word and the second stands for river or stream. This means Godís word is flowing, like water must flow in order to be the origin of life. A small stream joins the river and the river the ocean and all things can gain life. Suppose we are a tank that stores the words of God. Is your tank keeping the words inside, or are the words in your tank flowing out for the sake of others? Do you want a small tank or a big one? [Big.] There may be different size tanks, but if you receive more words, thousands of speeches, they must flow out of your tank in many directions to help other people. The size of the tank doesnít matter; even from a small one it can flow out. This is because you are responsible to raise up the lives of all things around you. As water flows out of your tank, it will provide water for plants and all things, and maybe evaporate and form clouds and give rainfall to all things; this circulation will take place. It will sustain the life of all things.

Can the teachings of True Parents be found in secular libraries? [No.] What about in the spirit world ó can you find such a library in the spirit world? [Yes --- No.] If they are there, donít you think that they started this hoon dok hae tradition in the spirit world? [Yes.] What is the significance of the spirit world taking after the physical world doing hoon dok hae? Who came first in the history of doing hoon dok hae? [The physical world.] You say physical world, but in this world there are thousands of scholars and libraries that do not know this tradition. Father was the first one to start it. This hoon dok hae material, before True Parents give it, God cannot give it. True Parents give it on behalf of God, because the hoon dok hae words can create thousands of Ph.D.s in love. True Parents are the only ones who can start this tradition. We did not know how precious it is.

Those who have confidence that you know True Father, show your hands. [One person.] What do you know? [He sacrifices everything.] How do you know? [Because Iíve seen you for 26 years.] You say you witnessed it, but during those 26 years, how do you know Father didnít lie to you? The secular world thinks I am a bad person. [I can see it in your face.] We can compare this way: the secular worldís knowledge is like pitch darkness, and your knowledge is like looking at me through stained glass. Can you still say you know me well? [Yes.] People go through stages of schooling; from kindergarten to the Ph.D. Can you say you know the president of a university just because you studied there? [No.] What is the meaning of studying? If you want to claim that you know the president of your university, you must dig into his personal history, educational background and his personality, then you can finally claim it. Who is the one who clearly, really knows the principal of the school? The principal himself or the person who claims to know him? [Someone else: His wife.] The person who can teach the tradition to that person is the one who knows him. If you are in kindergarten, then you have a kindergarten stage of knowledge about your principal. You do not know all the results. You may think you know, but the size of your knowledge is small.

Even in the Unification Church tradition and knowing my teachings, what level are you at? [High school.] You can decide what your knowledge level is. Do you know the textbook of that high school level? [hoon dok hae book.] We are talking about something big, (not just hoon dok hae). We easily claim that I am a Unification Church member for twenty or thirty years and I know the Unification Church, but we do not know ourselves, even. We donít know what kind of label we have on our forehead. How can you know Father? So this hoon dok hae material is big enough to embrace the cosmos, even to embrace the kingís position. Therefore we have to study it hard. The Unification Church leaders may say "I know Father more than anyone else, but even Rev. Kwak, Dr. Hendricks, Rev. Yang, do you know Father?" [Not enough.] You will not know for eternity. In spirit world there is a lot of work waiting for you. You do not know the spirit world. Without my help, you are doomed to fall into hell.

I see a lot of oriental faces here. [They are the Japanese sisters.] You Japanese missionaries, why did you come here? [Laughter. Father called us.] Father called you? Of course I called, but why? We are all on the road, heading for the Kingdom of God. Therefore we have to take a certain course. You have to go beyond your own nation, Japan, and even cross America to the world. [Father speaks in Japanese with no translation.]

How many of you Japanese sisters understand English? [None.] Without knowing English, it is hard for you even to beg for food. But without such knowledge, did you come to witness to people, to win their hearts? How absurd. Your answer as to why you came here was that you came to witness, but you canít even beg for food. Are you sane or insane? You are crazy. [Laughter.] Think about it from a secular point of view. One morning you leave your husband and children and home behind, and go to another part of the world, and appear, and then leave again; itís crazy. Between crazy and strange is a paper-thin distinction. Crazy is just one step beyond strange. It means that I am the king of all the crazy people. If you understand the real meaning of king, you have to go through the stage of being a crazy king. Standing as a king and going the kingís way requires being crazy here and there.

So you know the meaning of hoonó"the word is flowing." The symbol representing "word" is composed of God and two or three people, with the peopleís mouths being united into one. This makes the letter, hoon. If we study Chinese characters, we see that each has a deep meaning. People usually think that Chinese people came up with Chinese characters, but there are many scholars who believe that the Tong-I tribe, which was an ancestral Korean tribe, invented them. They were noted as archers. This original Tong-I tribe was brave and always won their battles, but they got tired of fighting and retreated to the northern part of the Korean peninsula and settled there. Because of that tradition, Koreans win archery competitions in the Olympic games. I am good at aiming also, aiming with words, the truth, shooting the contents of Godís will at every target.

I have mastered all the books of prophecy, and my mind and body are completely one, so I know all those things. How many times did I test my words before I give them to you; you do not know that secret. So, can you say that you know me? [No answer.] Quiet, huh? If you know or donít, you should answer. Do you know Father? [No.] Then if I give you a high level of teaching, can you understand it? [No.] So, keep yourself humble in front of the word; then you can absorb it. You have to be like a sponge that can absorb water. Your eyes can absorb, utilize all five senses to absorb the teachings. Do you like Father? Show your hands. [All do.] Does this make me feel good? Even when I see your hands going up, and you answer that you know me, there are many different scores, 10, 20, 30, etc. Do I still feel good about it? [No.] Yet you still want to hear my message, donít you? I have 300 volumes of speeches, covering 50 years. In those books there are detailed directions for your lives. Do you know them? Can you recall ever living according to my teaching, 100%? Do you think my teachings are just my own creation, based upon my intelligence, or that I am delivering the original message of God that has to be stored and practiced by humanity? [The original.] But you donít know what is the original and what God likes.

There are many words and teachings in the world, but what is their origin? Is it what you can see, smell, eat, hear or touch? What is the origin? If your hand likes to touch something, is what you touch the origin for your hands, or what you see for your eyes? If we have five physical senses and five spiritual senses, 10 senses, whatever they all agree to desire in common, that should be the origin. What is it? [Love.] What do you think is the original thing that woman likes most, woman or man? [Man.] Does woman like man most, or woman? [Man.] Itís a serious issue. We have to know what we should like the most, that is our course. Who has the original thing that woman likes most and has to seek for eternity? Does man possess it or woman? [Man.] You say man; you are all thieves and scoundrels. What of the origin of origins that man must like most; who possesses that? [Woman.] Your answer is correct.

Then what is the origin of origins that both man and woman like most and must seek for eternity? [God. The love organ. True love.] What is it? [The love organ.] You say, true love. Where does it originate? The love organ. It is the place where true love in its male and female expressions can meet. Where is the meeting place of true love? [Sexual organ.] Sexual organ? What is the sexual organ? Is it concave and convex? I donít know. What does convex mean? Protruding or indented? There are only two shapes. Both man and woman shapes, where true love can be combined and connected, is this organ. Does everyone have one? Touch it! Make sure it is still there. Is it on top of your head? Put your hand on it and make sure it is still there. It is in the center of your body.

When these two types of organs meet together, they should produce circular motion. Why do people have big hips? In order to keep the love organ standing straight, vertical, you need a cushion. So you need the hips to support it. Have you thought about this? Just through kissing, can you produce circular motion? Between lovers, husband and wife, when they put their organs together, are their hands and legs motionless, or do they make circular motion following the love organ? You mobilize your hands, arms and legs to support the circular motion. Have you thought about this? What is your experience? When you make love, have you thought that your circular motion is smooth, or is there some squeaking sound? What stage have you experienced? Have you smoothly made the circular motion, or an irregular and rough motion, making noise? How can I make 100% equal in making the love relationship with my spouse, with no flaws in making circular motion? You should be able to speed it up with no fuss, and reach the climax and fly. Once you start flying, the circular motion will continue for eternity. Donít you think you should reach that level of lovemaking before you die? Or do you care? Have you experienced that level of lovemaking in the past? It is dangerous, in that if the speed in increased, if you make any small mistake, it will be broken. So it is the most ideal place and most dangerous place.

Nothing can compare with this place. God produced us for this, and has been waiting for this. No one has made that goal, that power to travel everywhere. God did not find that beautiful couple, that ideal couple. Is that true? Compare the ideal with your own couple. It is a miserable situation. Every love relationship is breaking down, going down to hell, to the bottom of hell. Thatís why religions teach not to marry but to live an ascetic life. They know somehow that in the last days the Messiah will come and give the marriage blessing to humankind, so they encourage people to be single. The messiah will come as True Parents and repair the broken machines and make them perfect. That is the blessing of marriage.

When you stand next to your spouse, as a husband, where does you hand go? In which direction does it move? Does it move to touch your own love organ? What is your tendency? Or does it move toward your spouse's love organ? What about your spouse's hands? Is she the same, or opposite? [The same.] Why? Because both man and womanís hands want to touch their spouseís organ the most. Is there truth or falsehood here? [Truth.] Where is the truth? The five senses are all of them truth, the human body is truth, everything truth. How can they make that kind of value, making true love, tying to the place of oneness?

Crazy hand, crazy five senses, you must protect and secure them, your hands, your eyes, your body. They are very precious. Donít let them fool around. Only your spouse can welcome your entire ten senses being activated fully. Do you understand what that means? Welcome your spouseís ten senses taking action, becoming one in partnership. Of course, you have freedom to utilize your ten senses however you want, but you must follow the law of love. If you misuse any organ once, you will be doomed to fall into hell. Have you thought, as a wife, when your husband makes that move toward the 100% utilization of his ten senses, are you ready to fully accept 100%, or 80%, what level are you at? Can you accept 100%?

Who is an ideal couple? We must think about it. As a wife, you work hard of course, but when your husband is ready to utilize his ten senses fully, sometimes the wife says she is tired, stay away, not tonight. Sometimes you wives have a tendency to say, "You just came home from work, take a shower, brush your teeth." You can come up with all kinds of reasons. Suppose your husband was away for 10 years working in the army or a prison, and today he is coming and you go to an airport to meet him. Will you still ask him to take a shower before you hug him? This wife, waiting for ten years, prepared the best possible outfit, and finally meets her husband at the airport, and he is wearing dirty clothes, will she hesitate for fear of dirtying her dress, or will she jump ahead and give the best possible hug? [Best possible hug.] Why? Because by doing so you become the number one, best possible wife in the world. You would be better than a queen. Do you have that kind of record in your life? Have you been waiting to secure that record in your marriage? [Speaks in Japaneseólaughter.] Do you wish to love your husband the most?

Your husband is the same. He has the desire to give the best possible love to you. Why do we need it? By having that experience, you can figure out your husband all the way to the point behind his backbone, the deepest place. Because of love, humanity emerged. By having the highest-level love relationship, you can figure out the secret of love making. By experiencing this extreme love relationship, when you look at your husband being joyful, you feel happy. When you feel lonely and look at him, you feel comforted.

Is this my sermon, or an introduction? [Introduction.] But this introduction may be more interesting than the main body of the sermon. We are still on the meaning of hoon dok hae. The first letter is "the word of God flowing." The second has "the word of God" and "under the scholar, four peopleís eyes are being supported." It means, "selling." It means that whatever I give you is a sure thing that can be sold. Everyone likes it. We like a cheap price. If there is only one in the world, no matter how expensive, everyone will like it. What is it? The things we sell are a condition to find our partner. Have you sold a lot? While you are doing this, if there are more people who are happy after buying from you, that is good, but if it is a small number of buyers and you are the happy one, then you are a thief. The word of God being sold for others, is the meaning of hoon dok. Hae means "gathering."

So how many words of God do you have in your tank? Suppose your body is the container. Do you need to fill it up completely, or leave some room left over? [Fill it up.] Every opportunity, you have to add more words to fill up your tank. To do so, should you live idly or work diligently? When you are growing up, your parents encourage you to study more. Did you like it? What of the time your parents provided something sweet? Did you like it? You didnít like to be pushed to study, because you did not understand the taste of study. If we open the beggarís bags, we can find the most precious things that came from ordinary trash cans. The beggars cannot afford things, so they dig the precious things out of the trash can, precious in their mind, and keep them. What position do you wish to take: that of loveís owner or a beggar of love? [Owner.] How valuable it is to be the owner of true love. Once you secure that position, you are totally free and even can call God your elder brother or uncle. You can call Him anything and He will respond positively. Because everything, humanity and all things, like true love ownership. Do you like it? [Yes.]

[Father has a dialogue with Mrs. Erikawa in Japanese. Laughter. Extended speaking in Japanese.]

So, do you understand the meaning of hoon dok hae? Who is the Unification Church hoon dok hae champion? [Father!] There are millions of fathers. Whom do you mean? Being True Father, I truly like true hoon dok hae. Who should like it more, True Father, True Mother or True Children? [True Family!] When you say, True Family, True Family must set an example to be called True Family. When you say True Parents, they have to set the example to be called that in front of the True Children. And True Father must set the example to be called that in front of True Mother. In the future, who will put more effort into hoon dok hae, True Mother or me? [True Mother; laughter.] If she is pushed and pushed to do it more, will she welcome it or run away from it? [Welcome it.] If she doesnít, then True Daughters should welcome it. Do you want to take the position of a true or false daughter? I feel you have good ears, because no matter what I say, your ears select well and give back good answers. So you are in the position to receive blessings, and God has hope in you.

There are many kinds of tastes in this world. Who is the king of tasting all kinds of tastes best? [True Father.] So True Father should be God. [Yes, the same.] Itís not the same. Cause and effect should not be one thing, but distinct. Do you understand?

We all have a nose to distinguish odors. When God looks upon us, every individual should have a unique smell to provide to God. What kind of smell would God like most? [True love smell.] Do you like seeing or hearing things better? [Father writes a character, meaning "holy," pronounced "song"] Song, meaning holiness, sacred, is made of characters meaning "the king of hearing and speaking." That is holiness. The person who hears right and speaks right is the king. The word represents Godís word or your words, speaking. Haeng is your activities, actions. Shin stands for your mind, heart. Sa stands for the things you do. Haeng shin sa. Your word and behavior, mind and work, should be one, the same. Your word and action are the work of your mind. The work of your mind is your actions and speaking.

Do you have your words and actions equal, always united? If there is a God, the works of His mind are His words and actions. There is oneness there. The word represents your mind, and actions represent your body. That is why where we have our mind and body absolutely united, God visits us. Have you secured this mind and body oneness? Once you do, will your eyes move in different directions? The utmost teaching of the Unification Church is the oneness of the individualís mind and body. Be alert. Wake up. What does that mean? Make sure your mind and body are united. As long as your mind and body are one, God dwells there. Wherever you may go, make sure your mind and body are one, and heavenly fortune will follow you. Even if you end up in hell, you will be saved if your mind and body are one. Hell is where people whose mind and body are not united go.

Is there anyone who can claim that, ever since my birth, I have had oneness of mind and body my entire life? [No answer.] Even in one single day, think of how often your mind and body are separated, struggling, then united again, back and forth. Itís a big problem. We usually blame other people or the environment, but the fundamental problem is in myself; I am the cause. My mind and body should be one. No matter how much you long for happiness, if your mind and body are not one, you cannot achieve it. Can you say your mind and body are like bright sunshine? Like high noon? When the sun is above your head, there is no shadow. That is noon. Like that, between your mind and body, in balance, if they are unbalanced there is a shadow created. In this light, we realize how much falsity is in us and how miserable we are. There is no person who really understands that the real problem exists within myself.

Before I think about family, tribe, nation and world, I have to solve the problem in myself. So even if I go to spirit world, if my mind and body are not united, I cannot comply with the rhythm of the spirit world. It is a world of bright light, like an x-ray that reflects even your bones. If you bring any remnants of shadows, you have to retreat from there because you do not belong there. It is only hell. No complaint is accepted in hell. Its king is "myself." The roadblock is myself. The destroyer of my ideal is myself. We have openings in our face, and if they are blocked, we suffocate. If your mouth is unbalanced, you cannot speak properly. Our mind and body have to be balanced the same way. Who has the best chance to secure oneness of mind and body, the humble and natural looking woman, or the proud one dressed fancy with much make-up? The humble one. You know it.

[Extended speech in Japanese.]

The real sermon begins now. Here is the title and conclusion. Jae sa gwa Adam kwon shi dae do rae "The arrival of the era of the fourth Adamís realm." In general you understand what this means, I think. Are we talking about the realm of the fall? No; we are speaking beyond the realm of the fall. What is the first Adamís realm? It is the realm of Adam and Eve who fell. How can we characterize the era of the second Adam? It was the realm of the chosen people from the time of Jesus. The third Adam is the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. It is an era needing indemnity because there is conflict between God and Satan. What can we say of the era of the fourth Adam? Because of the fall, the original world was turned upside down. Therefore the right side started climbing up, step by step. The meeting point of the left side declining and right side rising, God took the lower position and Satan the upper, but gradually the right side goes up to the right position, through the eight stages from individual to cosmic level. Because of the fall, the mind and body became separated to begin with. Thatís the way Satan took the upper position. But after the crossing point, Godís side will gradually take the upper position and Satan the lower. This represents the entire 6,000 years of the history of restoration through indemnity. Upon this crossing point, which is the point at which Godís side starts to take the right position, the blessing begins from the level of family, tribe, nation, etc., then the left side will be erased.

Originally the crossing point was to have been right after World War II, 1945, and the new heavenly order should have started then. But because of Christian disbelief this fifty years course came about. Because Christianity in 1945 was supposed to have received the Lord of the Second Advent and start building the new world, but failed, Korea was divided, with the North taken by communism and the South by democracy. So the cold war started from that point.

The beginning of the cold war was in the peninsula of Korea, and the cold war will end there, too. The fall of man led to the division of mind and body, and expanded, and we have to make it right side up. Thatís why there were two camps in World War II, the allied nations that believed in God and democracy, and the axis. The allied side represented Abel, Eve and the Archangel, America, Britain and France. The other side was the axis forces. There was no Adam (just Abel), because Adam was chased out. Just as the mind and body divided, there was a division between Catholicism and Protestantism. At the same time, the countries were divided between allied and axis, just like our mind and body are separated and struggling. But this was the culminating point at which Catholicism and Protestantism should have become one, centering on the Lord of the Second Advent. If it had happened then, that was the right time for the entire world to have become one, as the mind and body becoming one. It was the right chance, physically and spiritually securing unity of mind and body on the worldwide level.

The lost true Adam, chased out at the fall of man, both spiritually and physically was lost in the Garden. Because that history of restoration has continued to today, and spiritual and physical unification were to have taken place, and all they needed was to receive the Lord of the Second Advent as the true Adam, and centering on true Adam the new world could have started. From that point, Godís side would have stood at a 90-degree angle upwards, and Satanís side would have followed a 90-degree angle downward. The fall expanded from the individual to the world level. Within seven years of uniting with me, the foundation for blessing that we have in the world now would have been established. Christianity had about 800 million people. Among those, there was no God-centered family, but they were in the position to receive the blessing and begin such families.

But Christianity opposed the Unification Church and took me to be their enemy. At that time, the American missionaries in Korea controlled Korean Christianity, and they opposed me. Thatís why this foundation was lost. It required my 40-year wilderness course, and now what should have been established then has been established. The Lord of the Second Advent is the ancestor of the first, second and third Adam. In order to secure this position, the Lord of the Second Advent should liberate the entire spirit world and physical world, because they all are descendants of the three Adams.The false life, love and lineage started hell in the physical world and spirit world because of the fall, so true Adamís mission is to restore the true life, love and lineage and heaven in physical world and spirit world. We need to know why the first and second Adams failed, and on that basis we can become one with the Lord of the Second Advent and insure that there will be no failure now, and that we will be able to create true families in the world.

If Christianity had united with me in 1945, then one God-centered lineage of True Parents would have started as a race or nation. Following Satan you go to hell; following the Lord of the Second Advent you go to heaven. Satan goes down and the blessing way goes up. Their directions are exactly opposite. This world is the physical hell, hell in the physical world. The border between hell and heaven is our mind and body. We have two minds there. By receiving the Lord of the Second Advent on our level, we have to overcome the borderline between hell and heaven and then our blood lineage can be engrafted into the true lineage of True Parents, and erase the bodyís desire and leave only the mindís desire remaining. This requires absolute faith, love and obedience.

This world is not trustworthy, so we have to deny it completely. Because of Adam and Eveís disbelief, the fall took place, so we have to deny this world absolutely and have absolute faith in God. We stand, then, above the borderline of the separation of mind and body. Because Adam and Eve could not give absolute faith, love and obedience to God, they fell, so we have to go 180 degrees opposite. Repeat after me, "Absolute obedience." [Absolute obedience.] In the secular world they do not have this concept; they say they have freedom, but it is a false freedom that acts as the shield of Satan. We have to stop it. By denying this satanic world completely, we can become one with God again. We can stand on Godís side. Is there anything to be saved from the American nation? [Nothing.] Is it heavenly or satanic? [Satanic!] What would we say of Christianity? It is on the same side as communism, in a way.

If you are a son or daughter in a family, can you be extremely individualistic? There cannot be any individualism in a family. There is a hierarchy and order and you cannot ignore that in the family. But in English, the same word, "you," refers to everyone, father, mother, daughter, son. It is a horizontal society. Who created it? In this flat culture, the way to receive God was eliminated. Who made it? Not God, Satan! The owner of absolute individualism is Satan. How can we explain that the central nation of Christianity has become the king nation of satanic power? Is America looking from Godís viewpoint? We should be ashamed of it! We have to deny it. When I first came to America, I was told that everyone is Americanized within five years, but I have been "moonizing" America. What does that mean?

Sunnie, Moonie, Kingie. What are they? They are Godís top gun concept. If Christianity had united with me, communism would have disappeared long ago, and may not even have emerged. Even Stalin died in 1953, three years after my release from Hung Nam prison. Because of the opposition initiated by Korean Christianity controlled by American missionaries, which expanded to North Korean communists and American democratic world leaders, all jumped on the bandwagon and opposed me. Kim Il Sung became North Koreaís president at age 34.

If Jesus had survived to 34, he would have taken control of the Roman Empire and Israel. Kim Il Sung was six years older than I was. At age 40, I could have had a grip on the world. That was the right time. Donít you think I had the ability to have done a good job with that? Godís word and all todayís content was ready to be shared at that time. Fifty years ago, I gave the same message I am giving today. We realize this through hoon dok hae study. Even the sovereignty of Korea is struggling now. They have their eighth president and probably this is the end and I will have to help them. Because of their failure to unite with me, Great Britain, France and America started to decline. Because of their failure to unite with me, the Abel, Eve and archangel nations, together with 6,000 years were lost at that moment.

My mission is what? In the Old Testament era, circumcision was the condition to separate from Satan. It means bleeding from the manís love organ, taking the archangelís blood out. That is why religions demanded that people live without marriage. At the time of Jesus, the baptism was the condition. In the New Testament era, the entire mind and body were to have been cleansed through baptism. Without unity of mind and body, cleansed, they could not receive the blessing. The era of the Lord of the Second Advent the condition is the blessing, the change of blood lineage. Youíve done the 3-day ceremony. Satan occupied the Old Testament and New Testament eras, so we have to come out of them. All things and the children, humanity, belong to Satan. Through the 3-day ceremony, the wife gives new birth to the husband, the man. Without going through that, you cannot become a true husband. But on the third day, finally, the husband takes the upper position, the subject position.

Human history has been one of offering, sacrificing and abusing women. Women represent earth. In the Old Testament era, all things were sacrificed. The New Testament era saw the sacrifice of the children. In the Completed Testament era, there should be no road to the cross. This is the era of the realm of the indirect dominion, the completion stage. Because of Christianity's failure, the Lord of the Second Advent could not start his dispensation from the top level. The powerful nations had already disappeared in his eyes. He was cast out into the wilderness, to rebuild beginning from the Old Testament era. The foundation was there to receive me on the world level, but because of their failure we lost everything. There was no foundation left. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent chose the nearest enemy country, Japan, the Eve country, to do the dispensation, in place of Great Britain. In preparation for that, God somehow had prepared Japan just as He had Great Britain. For example, both countries drive on the left side. Culturally, French, English and American culture all exist in Japan. Japan inherited English culture and Roman law and German military force. It became the strong nation in Asia, like Germany in Europe.

The enemy country to God was Japan, but I chose it. What of Abelís country? What was I supposed to choose? [America.] Why? The Lord of the Second Advent cannot abandon the Old Testament and New Testament eras, which are represented by Judaism and Christianity. On that foundation, restoration can take place. So the Lord of the Second Advent had to secure . . . What position did America, Japan and Germany take? Did they welcome me or oppose me? They opposed. But since 1997, America has been changing. But this chance in America did not come by itself. It is the result of 27 years of my blood, sweat and tears in this country. The former Soviet Union had a grand scheme to take over the free world by 1984. Since I knew that, I inspired the blocking of Gorbachev from speaking in Congress, the SDI initiative and the declaration to the world that the Soviet Union was an evil empire. That was the climax of the fight between communism and democracy.

But the enemy had to be embraced by me again, in order to liberate the Soviet Union. It was not CNN or ABC or the CIA who brought the end of communism, but God, centering on my ministry. The history of modern culture must remember and record this. What benefit could I gain by fighting world communism? I did it in order to save world Christianity. Centering on Christianity, the Unification Church was the vanguard of the fight. The foundations for England, France, Germany and America were lost, but I chose those nations to work in Godís dispensation. Thatís why I brought all the people from those enemy nations to this nation of America, in which Christianity was lost. Why did I have to do that? God is not in the position to choose twice a nation that failed. Therefore, it took me to choose America as the chosen nation to build the foundation to work with all the different religions and nations, beyond the level of religion and nation. So I brought young people from the enemy nations to rebuild the foundation that was lost in 1945. The strong foundation has been laid here, through relationship with different religions and denominations, and the Blessings took place, and like 1945 the foundation is ready.

America is Protestant and South America is Catholic. They are brothers but are like enemies, like mind and body. America is Abel, an independent nation. Opposition to the Unification Church has decreased and acceptance is increasing, so it is like 1945; the ground is ready. During the 40 to 50 years since World War II, America has been helping many countries in the world, but only one country met Americaís expectation: Korea. Also, Israel, which also became independent in 1948, is in this rank. If America lets Korea go, America will decline rapidly. It cannot let Korea go. If they do, they will lose Asia and the world. So America is assisting South Korea to persuade North Korea not to use missiles. If America departs from Korea, the peninsula will unite with Russia and even India and they will become the strong counterpart of America.

Without me, Japan, China, Russia will easily occupy Korea. How can America create world peace without me? Pacific culture world. Japan, China, Soviet, America too. How are they going into the future? Family kingdom, going up and up. Becoming family king. No one took that kind of kingship, only one man, me. I am the king of all humankind families. Amen! [Applause.] America does not have this kind of power. They cannot protect me. Russia, China cannot do it either. I am occupying the top place. Only God and I know what I have done, not even True Mother. I have expanded to that area, including spirit world. We have to lead the spirit world too.

In 1945, if Christianity had united with me, this foundation would have come then, and by the age of 80, the True Children would have been leading the entire world. The new millennium, the next 1,000 years to reach 7,000 years of human history, will be the era of Reverend Moon, the era of the family. Covering the world, no problem, always connecting to my foundation, organizing everything, everywhere flat, the settlement of the family, waiting for Reverend Moon to come, they will follow me forever. Families have been waiting for me for a long time. Do I have the power and ability to do so? Have my predictions come true or not? [True.] Do you consider yourself a person who can teach and rule the nations of the world, or who will receive guidance from the satanic world? [Leadership.] Do you have confidence in this! [Yes.] You are happier then me, then. Think of my life. Consider what I have come through, the suffering, pain and agony that I have endured to secure this. But you didnít do anything special and are receiving this. You are like the children of a wealthy family that did not do anything to develop the wealth. So you all need re-education through hoon dok hae.

I came through the first Adam era to 1957, then second . . . now the fourth Adam era has started. The former is eliminated and a new era comes out of it. Do we retreat or march forward? [Forward.] What is that? In order for us to be able to march forward, we should eliminate the fight between mind and body, between Satan and ourselves, and liberate ourselves. This will lead to the world with no national boundaries. Who created them? Satan. He is the enemy of all humankind, of ideal nations and the ideal kingdom. He hates it. Does God need a visa to come to America? What of people in the spirit worldódo they need a visa to come to America? [No.] What about Lincoln or Eisenhower in the spirit world, do their guests need an American visa to come? America means number one car country. Only car power. How can they push down undeveloped countries? Who made the phrase, one nation under God? Does God want that? He wants one cosmos under God. One nation is manís idea, the American peopleís concept. So if you say one cosmos, they will get stirred up.

I am giving this strong judgmental statement regarding America, but am I right? You may not love the CIA, but they may be here or a cousin of one. Everyone is related. My viewpoint is cosmic and it comes out as soon as I open my mouth. So you need to memorize it.

Upon the restoration of the three Adamsí eras, I established the realm of blessing all the way to the infant stage. This is where the 4th Adamís era begins. Not God, but only True Parents can declare this. This is because we are in the position to liberate God. To liberate the parents with unfilial children requires more than just filial piety. Once we reach this completion of the restoration of the three Adams, we will continue to go up, centering on the centerline, the movement will continue for eternity. The first marriage was false, opposed by God, but this is the true marriage, approved by God, going up on all eight levels.

Yesterday, October 23, was the 13th day after October 10, which I declared to be the double ten day. Number 13 is 10 + 3. Jesus died at age 33, but by adding 10, 10 and 13, we reach 33, which is the restoration of Jesus Christ and the start of the 4th Adam era. In America, 13 is a bad luck number. The 13th was the day of Jesus Christís crucifixion, but 13 has been completely restored, the unification of the physical world and spirit world, and east and west, and north and south. All those blessed couples in the world are in the position not just as restored Adamís family without fall, but connected to thousands of years of history being restored. Satan is completely taken care of. So liberation is accomplished and I declared the 9.9 day and 3.10 day. By doing so, all these things are completed. So in the 4th Adam era we pray in our own name. In Eden there was no religion; we are entering into that era.

Thatís why the Unification Church sign came down. We transcended it with the Family Federation. There is only one thing of which we can be proud, and that is the liberated, completed, God-centered families. Our tradition is to love the blessed couples worldwide before we love America. Itís the same for every nationís people. Ever since I came to America, I have been educating Americans who are in the midst of fights between white and black and among denominations. I finally sent the leaders of America to Japan and even Korea, and they learned the tradition, and loved the mother nation, and came back to America and practiced this, and loved their enemies more than their own families and own nation of America. They have returned. Was it good or bad? Was this a subjective or objective action? [We stood up.] Did you learn to love your enemy nation than your own family and nation? [Yes.]

[Father speaks in Japanese to the Japanese sisters.]

Originally mind and body were divided, but here in the 4th Adamís era it is all united. The 4th Adamís realm begins here (pointing to diagram). This point requires a mansei. Do we need a mansei or not? Once we reach the completion of the individual level it equals the completion of the world level, and of the family level, cosmic level. Each completion has the same value. This is the territory of true love, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in heaven. True love territory, I made up that term. Repeat it after me, True love territory. Whose territory is it? [Godís.] No, no ó mine. The individual sacrifices for the tribe, and so forth until you get to the point of sacrificing for the sake of cosmos and God. God is for the sake of whom? Me. This is all one. God is mine. The history of restoration was there for my sake, not Jesusí. For myself. So therefore it is the realm of liberation. cntering on True Parents and God, the 4th Adam era started and the realm of liberation is there. My family represents God, heaven and earth. We act on behalf of God, loving all things. Counting from yesterday, we have 70 days until January 1, 2000. The 7th millennium begins there. So we have to liberate all things, the world and spirit world. So what do we do?

Because of the false lineage, everything is in the world of lamentation. So we need to liberate all things, the world, spirit world, man and woman, mind and body, children, including 3 generations. So we have to create the family representing the world, so thatís why I am mixing these families worldwide. Wherever you go there will be Japanese wives in place of your mother figure. You can build brother-sister, parent-child relations wherever you go. We can be totally free. If Americans go worldwide, you will be in the elder brotherís position. So keep the tradition of the Father and Mother nations and practice it as elder brother. Thatís the meaning of the 4th Adam era. We need to reach the smallest units of village and town, to the precinct (tong ban) and neighborhood. Three stages ó family, village and town. By doing so we can conquer the town. In our towns, there will be no liquor store, no homosexuality, no free sex, no incest, only absolute love and absolute sex, absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. No divorce. Those who have divorced cannot enter the kingdom. We are not living for ourselves or by ourselves. We have our ancestors and descendants with us. So three generations should live there.

Without being taught we have to know where to go and what to do. In our world there are no obstacles anymore and no complaints. That is why we pray in our own name. But without results, we cannot say a word or pray. We can pray only with that result, because the prayer is our report. No more begging to God. God gave us everything. No we have to utilize it properly. It is not ours. It belongs to God, history and eternity. We should not waste it. Do not use it all necessarily.. Be conservative, even with water. Have you thought about loving and conserving water? Have you loved grass? For whom did God create grass? It was for us. It is like a treasure for them. The masterpieces of art worth millions of dollars are not as valuable as one blade of grass created by God. Nature is immeasurably valuable, that we deal with each day. These are things God created by Himself as a gift to humankind for us to be proud of for eternity. If we go to bed, we should be able to say to the sun and nature, good night, I have to take a rest until tomorrow morning, so please take a good rest. As owner, I take this step. As owner, I have to give more love than God. God always loves them, but my love should be added to that. Appreciate the grass, trees and weeds in your garden, even more than the animals. Be full of that gratitude when you go to sleep. Have you felt that way?

When you look at the sun, you should be able to ask, "Oh my dear sun, how many of those Israelitesí faces have you seen? How many suffering faces? No one could understand your sorrow looking at those people, but I can and I will comfort you." When the winter comes, the sun goes far away. Have you really been waiting for it to come back closer, counting the days on your fingers? The sun is going south, but what about you? Have you been longing for the sun? Even though the trees and grass are longing, are you as a human being? They are not owners, but they are longing. You are owner, arenít you? Whose sun is it? Does it belong to Adam and Eve? Through restoration, God wants you to be better than Adam and Eve, so canít you claim those things? When you look at a mountain, if you have a heart of ownership, the mountain will open its arms and welcome you. Have you loved the millions of insects? God created them because He knew Adam and Eve needed them. Even to the poisonous snakes, love them, feed them frogs. Even poisonous rattlesnakes may prepare to attack when they donít know you, but after many times, they relax when I approach. If I bring a frog; will it bite my hand or just take the frog? If someone wants to kill it, the snake will strike. In that sense, the snake is smarter than we are.

After offering love, we should take the ownership position. I love the ocean, fishing, and mountains. Do I catch the animals and fish just for food? No. In that sense, I am the best scholar studying nature, because of the amount of love I have invested. Without loving nature, you cannot truly love human beings. It takes steps. In your body, what do you love more ó your eyes, ears, nose or mouth? God is in the position to like to see your eyes or ears being offered, but He will run away if you offer your love organ. Why? Because if you do, the human race will become extinct. So no matter what, protect it, do not give it as an offering. The five senses should protect it. It is the most precious thing.

[Father speaks in Japanese.]

We must be sure to protect ourselves, because history started in the wrong way and now the history of restoration is being culminated and we have every right to begin a new life as free men and women.

[Father speaks again in Japanese. Much laughter.]

There are three stages of blessing we offer: rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. These represent the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras, as well as all things, children and parents. Thatís why the Unification Church members now have to make an offering, the living offering. It was misery for humankind that in the Old Testament era the offering was divided in half. In the New Testament era the children, then couples in the Completed Testament age. Even I have come through that course. In the eyes of True Parents, all things represent the Old Testament era, children represent the New Testament era, and they represent the Completed Testament era. They all have been sacrificed. My life is the path of the cross, for the sake of your parents, relatives and tribe, I have come this course. Therefore I have tried my best to bring all of you along, but there is a point at which your tribe and nation should protect you.

I cannot be responsible for everything. So you need your spiritual children. Your grandparents may become your grandchildren, and so forth. Everything is turned around. So all those people who are ready to receive the blessing will be treated equally, having the same value. Without the fall, the perfection of the individual and family could have been done in Adamís family. Therefore in the last days, everything should be restored in my lifetime, one generation. True Parentsí holy matrimony took place in 1960, plus forty we reach 2000. This is one generation. No matter what, this is the era to cleanse the entire world, including the spirit world. So I am giving the opportunity even to people in hell to do hoon dok hae. Air flows wherever there is a crack. The power of life has this power to penetrate and infiltrate. It flows wherever it can, to create new life.

True Parents came and gave this precious blessing to the entire world, on the equal level. From yesterday on, the entire 6 billion people are now privileged to receive the three stages of blessing. This yearís motto is The Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and Rooting Out the Satanic Blood Lineage, from the infant stage on. Those who participate on earth will not go to hell, even though their positions will be diverse based upon their actions on earth. The 4th Adam era is that in which we can love our own people, tribe and nation. Until now, in the course of restoration we had to love the satanic world, but now we can offer our love to our immediate family members to begin with, and our relatives and tribe.

[In Japanese.]

By declaring the double 10 day, I have done everything for you. All the rights, privileges and blessings have been given you. We can even bless our own children in marriage. What else do you expect from True Parents? The Korean peninsula is still divided, but reunification will come naturally. We have the expansion of tong ban kyok pah, the neighborhood community building project in Korea. Once the Korean and American presidents become one with each other and True Parents, everything will be fine. Japan will follow but that does not really affect the dispensation. The era of mother-son is no longer; now is the era of father-children cooperation.

[In Japanese.]

Everything is liberated. What else need I do? [Take a rest.] Resting means stalemate. What is left for me to do? Will people call me robber, or king of kings? [King of kings.] What if I have a hose connected to the liquor supply and it is constantly running through my system for forty days? The waste will go out through the sexual organ, flooding the front yard and filling up the neighborís yard. I have to restore drunkards through indemnity, and it is not a sin. Do you wish me to be that way? We are talking about the course of indemnity, so I used that analogy, but I will not do that, donít misunderstand.

For what condition do you want to be used? The course of getting married and having a nice family life, that course? In order to indemnify something, we have to do the opposite. To indemnify the horizontal, we have to make the vertical. To indemnify the womanís habit of looking down, you have to look up. To indemnify widows who lived their life without husbands, you have to go their course, separating from your husband. If you cannot do in the physical world, you will be separated in the spirit world.

Everything is over now, so what shall I do? Am I pushing 80 or 60? As an 80 year-old man, will I need a cane? If I come to your home without one, will you have one ready? Will you do it willingly, with husband and wife agreeing about it, or with some degree of conflict? What kind of cane will you prepare? Twisted or with a diamond and gold handle? You are laughing because you are not telling the truth in your positive response. Those who are sure you will have a cane for me, raise your hands. Amen! Do you want me to come as a gentleman in a nice suit or as a beggar? Suppose you prepare a gold cane but I appear as a beggar. For that eventuality, you need to have the highest quality suits and so forth. Whoever does that will automatically enter the kingdom of God. Do you want to make the best preparation in Japan? As the Eve nation you have been waiting for the bridegroom for thousands of years. When he comes, shouldnít you do all of that? When I visit your home, will you just offer dinner and chase me out? Or offer a bedroom and breakfast as well? [Everything.] Will it be a better bed than your wedding night and better food than your wedding? Show your hands if you will do that at the cost of your life.

Even if I came as a beggar and you have everything prepared, and I stay overnight, I still need a means of transportation. Will you just prepare a bicycle? Or the best possible vehicle? What if each family I visit offers the best in the world, and you cannot do so. I may just kick you away. Donít you think Iíd want to stay with the best-prepared family? Does this preparation on earth compare with that done in the spirit world? [No.] If you prepare like that in Japan, will I want to visit there again? Do I know the spirit world well or not? If you truly understand the value of True Parents, the entire nation of Japan should mobilize to prepare at least one village that meets my expectation, so that I can stay there for three years. If a nation prepares that standard, should it be Japan or America? Which should be the first? [America!] What of the Father nation, Korea? If a nation like Japan creates one village, then Korea should prepare the entire nation. Japan, after all, is offering so much, but it cannot compare with the palace in the fatherland.

Whose fatherland is it? Mine or all humanityís? [Humanityís.] To where should I return as my hometown. North Korea is occupied by Kim Jong Il; how can I go there? [We can change it.] Who will change it? Who will change South Korea, ruled by Kim Dae Jung? Where can I go? It is a problem. That is why we are obligated to create such a village, and eventually the town, county, state, nation and Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God should be built first on earth, then in spirit world, not the other way around. Who will do it? True Parents alone? [No.] The fallen world began with the failure of the children and mother, so children and mother should prepare this world. Fallen man lost the husband and parents, so you have been waiting for the true husband and father. In waiting, do you want to eat up the fatherís flesh and bones? Is that your position. It is time for us to use our own flesh and bones. Who? The American president? Who? The countryís people. It is our responsibility. We should be better than the people of the satanic world. It is our responsibility to build the palace of the kingdom of God, better than any palace in the world. Unless we have experience of serving and attending True Parents to that level, we cannot go beyond that level in the spirit world. It is time for our mission, for our working time. Do you like it? [Yes.] Even if we lose everything, we have to do this mission.

You look spaced out. [No.] It is not just a simple teaching. I am giving you detailed directions on what and how to do it. Since I have liberated all things, this is the time that we have to make sure that everyone related to us receives the blessing, from infant stage to the eldest. This is not a threat; it is vital. If the worst comes to the worst, Father can go to spirit world anytime. So I need to teach you everything. Do you want to dwell with me in spirit world? Do the Christians wish that too? Jesus Christ is trying to follow me, my footsteps, all the way. He stayed in Paradise, because he did not marry. But I gave him marriage. Donít you want to meet the wives of Buddha, Confucius and Muhammad? They sent letters of gratitude to me from spirit world. They pledge that even if their religion disappears, they will follow me. Can you imagine anyone in this world claiming to have married those past saints? The rings I prepared for their marriage cost a great deal per couple. Did I do that because I am crazy? Did I ask you to donate to cover that?

My 80th birthday will be one of a kind in Godís dispensation, because a new millennium begins from that point. So we need to invest every effort to make a gift. Isnít this wrong, for a parent to talk to his children about what to give him? But you will be humiliated and punished if you do not do it and I want you to become the best possible men and women. When we go over this hill, if anyone has more wealth than I do, you will be stuck there. By now you should be able to offer everything to God. Thatís why I gave the blessing of being able to give the Total Living Sacrifice Offering. So you are in the position of New Testament and your children are Completed Testament, and the offering is Old Testament, all things. So three stages are together offered. So you have to go to Jardim for 40-day education. Without that, you cannot register for the Kingdom.

The conclusion is simple, In the 4th Adam era, I will become a son or daughter of filial piety to True Parents. Raise you hands if you commit yourself to this. Wave them. Thank you. Let us conclude in prayer.

[Rev. Peter Kim prays. Father comes to the board after the prayer.]

As of yesterday, October 23, I declared chong chun joo chuk bok hae bang ilótotal cosmos blessing liberation day literally, the day of liberation through the blessing, or the blessing liberation day of the total cosmic level. That is why I explained about the 4th Adam era today. We have, so far, about 430 million blessed couples in the world. They all represent Adamís position. They each should bring at least one unmarried candidate to the next blessing. Thus the blessing will be done not by True Parents, but by our own blessed couples.

[Rev. Kwak leads four cheers of mansei.]