Notes about the Chicago event

Rev. Dr. Tyler Hendricks <>
Sunday, 21 November 1999

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Chicago event -- the 4th True Family Values Annual Awards Banquet -- was a great success. I am sending photographs to Damian Anderson to post for everyone to see, and I am emailing Father's speech. The speech is a variation of an earlier speech, with a new beginning and ending.

I am sure full reports of the event will appear soon. I have no time now to do more than get out these things. Please continue in prayer for True Parents and True Family and for the dispensation to save this world through their ministry. Let's all deepen our faith. I tell you, I have never heard the kind of accolades poured upon our Parents from anyone, "inside" or "outside", in my life. Father and Mother seemed very happy and satisfied. I hope that the photos give you some sense of the spirit that was there. Great congratulations to Bishop Ki Hun Kim, Rev. Michael Jenkins, Rev. T. L. Barrett, Rev. Leroy Elliott, Dr. Hycel Taylor, and all the Chicago members and ministers.

ITN, Tyler Hendricks

Father's speech: Everybody Wants True Love, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Fourth True Family Values Ministry Annual Awards Banquet Westin Hotel O'Hare, Chicago, IL, November 20, 1999

Click on the small photos for the larger images:

True Parents at
Chicago Banquet

Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Sutchar
meet True Parents

Dr. Taylor at
Chicago Banquet


Receiving award from
Congressman Davis

Father Applauding
at Chicago banquet

Pastor Barrett
calls the churches

Chicago Banquet
Cake Cutting