Announcing Tanzanian Unificationist
Web Site in Kiswahili

by Jean Pierre LAURENT

Dear Damian

Though this news is far from interesting for the whole unification world, the Tanzanian church is very happy to announce a new birth on the net, the Unification church site in Kiswahili (so for east Africa mainly).

Actually it took 9 months after a first try (Total Indemnity speech April 99) to mature enough. After a lot of tribulations and efforts (as mothers know) it is here. As you know babies don't come to life perfect so please brothers and sisters from Kiswahili speaking countries, let us work together to make it perfect.

You can join me at and the site at:

(Be careful it is "kiswahili_2000", don't forget the small line between kiswahili and 2000) You can help with more translations of DP or HDH speeches so we can realize TP's vision of translating DP and HDH into all languages. We would be very happy to have it also added to Unification Home Page in the languages section but as l told you 9 months ago you have to be patient and explain beat by beat how to do it.

Asente sahna

Jean Pierre LAURENT