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December 10, 1999

TO: All Members
FM: True God's Day Organizing Committee
RE:  True God's Day Information

We are blessed with the golden opportunity to host our True Parents for the 33rd celebration of True God's Day, the millennial True God's Day, in New York. To make this event a total success bringing joy to God and our True Parents, we know that all members want to invest their hearts and resources. A small number of dedicated staff will do their best to take care of almost 7,000 members, including children.

Our facilities will be very crowded, in the midst of a city that expects over 3 million people to celebrate New Years Eve in the streets outside our Hotel. It is vital that our security and ushering be perfectly organized. We cannot allow cameras or tape recorders in. To help you prepare, and make the event the most wonderful one for all to enjoy, we are sending this important communication.

We want you to enjoy a wonderful pre-midnight music and meditation program, the Midnight Prayer, the Holy Day Main Ceremony and Members' Pledge Service, the True God's Day historic speech, the world-class performance, the Pledge and speech on the Day of Victory of Love, and the International Leaders meeting. Best of all, we will be the family of True Parents and True Family on this cosmic occasion. It is the best way to begin the third millennium.

Thank you
The True God's Day Organizing Committee

General Schedule

Event/time  Location Overflow  Notes

Dec. 30-31
All day
 New Yorker 2nd Floor  Registration for Leaders Conference Participants

(Note: Participants must be on the list submitted in advance by your Continental HQ)

Dec. 31
6 p.m.11.30 p.m. New Yorker 34th Street entrance  Registration for all who are not Conference Participants

Dec. 31
10 p.m.
 Doors open at Manhattan Center
Friday, Dec. 31
10:30 p.m.
Ballroom 7th floor Manhattan Center Music, guided meditation and prayer
Dec. 31
11:50 p.m.
 Hammerstein Ballroom  Doors close to the Hammerstein Ballroom Midnight Prayer. No one will be allowed to enter after that.

Midnight prayer
Saturday, Jan. 1, Midnight
 Hammerstein Ballroom
 7th floor Manhattan Center
 No tape recorders or cameras.
 7th Floor Manhattan Center
  Available for sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. But you must be cleaned up by 6 a.m. because Pledge will be there at 7 a.m.

Main Ceremony
Saturday, Jan. 1, 7 am
 New Yorker Grand Ballroom
 Crystal Room for those in holy robes

7th floor for General Members pledge service

 The General Ceremony will watch the Main Ceremony by closed circuit TV

The Main Ceremony is mainly for those coming to the Conference, plus invited couples.

No tape recorders or cameras.

Jan. 1, 7 a.m. 7 p.m.
 New Yorker 34th Street entrance
  Registration for those who did not register on the 31st.
After Pledge
 All locations  Light breakfast is served
True God's Day Address
Saturday, Jan. 1, 9 a.m.
 Hammerstein Ballroom
 7th floor
New Yorker Grand Ballroom  Children over 10 admitted.

No tape recorders or cameras.

After the True God's Day Address
 All locations  Light lunch is served
Jan. 1, 5 p.m.
 Manhattan Center
  Doors open for Evening Entertainment
Evening Performance,
Saturday, Jan. 1, 7 p.m. Hammerstein Ballroom
 7th floor
New Yorker Grand Ballroom
 All ages admitted.

No tape recorders or cameras.

Day of Victory of Love Main Ceremony
Sunday, Jan. 2,
7 a.m.
 New Yorker Grand Ballroom
 Foyer and Crystal Room
 Seung Hwa attire: dark suit, white tie and gloves for men; light dress and gloves for women.

No tape recorders or cameras.

Day of Victory of Love Address
Sunday, Jan. 2,
9 a.m.

International Conference
Sunday, Jan. 2 Monday, Jan 3
 New Yorker Grand Ballroom
 NA Father said that Leaders can depart beginning the morning of January 4.

Jan. 2
 New Yorker Crystal Room
  Lunch is served

Ticket Price

To cover the budget, the American churches and businesses are donating two to three times their usual Holy Day donation. In addition, we are charging $120 per adult (21 and older). Age 20 and younger is free.

What You Receive with that Ticket

Admission to all events until the beginning of the International Conference (Main Ceremony for invited guests only; others attend the Members Pledge Service).
A light breakfast after Pledge on January 1.
A light lunch after the True God's Day speech.
All printed programs in a neat and historic plastic bag.
A new Holy Songbook (English language)

To Pre-Register

If you live in the following areas, please call the corresponding phone number or visit the center in order to pay and receive your receipt. YOU MUST bring your receipt to register on the 31st and gain admittance to all events.

Manhattan  212 869-6935   Upstate New York  914 752-3007
Harlem  212 678-0910    Connecticut  203 332-1489
Bronx  718 365-5532     New Jersey  973 916-0329
Brooklyn  718 421-5932    New England  617 227-2305
Queens  718 445-8700    Washington DC  202 462-5700
Long Island  516 481-7322      Westchester  914 366-6171    

If you live outside these areas, please call Makiko at (212) 997-0050 ext 215, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm EST, Mon - Fri before Dec. 24th.



Accommodations for Conference Participants

All members who are on the official list from your Continental HQ for True Parents Conference (from Korea, Japan, America and all continents) will be assigned a room in the hotel through Go World. Occupancy is 3 - 6 per room. Some rooms will be sleeping bag rooms we appreciate those leaders who can bring a sleeping bag. We will have a supply on hand for those who cannot bring one.

There is limited space available for invited American leaders to stay at 43rd Street. Please contact Kanae at ext. 283 if you would like to apply for a space.

As a basic rule, each participant must pay for his own room. Sleeping bag rooms will be very cheap and perhaps free of charge.

Please bring your own towel if you expect to stay in a sleeping bag room.

Accommodations for those who live in the New York area

We request that all members who live in the greater New York area NOT plan to stay overnight at the hotel.

Accommodations for all others

1. Stay with a friend who lives in the New York area.
2. Bring sleeping bags because there will be floor space and rest room facilities available namely, the 7th floor of the Manhattan Center, and other areas if we can find them. This will not be tremendously comfortable but it is the best we can offer.
3. There will be no charge for that floor space and rest room access.
4. The only requirement is that you are totally packed and groomed by 6 a.m., because that room will be used for the General Members Pledge Service at 7 a.m.


New York is expecting 3 million people to come for the New Years' Eve celebration in Times Square. Allow plenty of extra time and use public transportation. We recommend that those who drive in park in a safe place and come into Manhattan by bus, train or subway. We have heard that there will be no vehicles allowed in midtown Manhattan on the 31st.